Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1786 - An upfront challenge

Chapter 1786: An upfront challenge

Ling Han and the Empress walked out, and saw that a considerable number of strangers had actually boarded the battleship, but all of them were peerless talents, and had an astonishing aura.

The prodigies of the various great sects and clans!

They were definitely all king tiers, none having a weaker aura than Fu Gaoyun, possessing the confidence that came from being invincible.

“… Fu Gaoyun, I heard that you have a subordinate that helped Fairy Rou restore an ancient technique. I have a follower that expresses his defiance, and wishes to consult with that subordinate of yours,” a young man said such.

Ling Han recognized him. It was Qianzhao Tian, the man who had been the first to jump out a few days ago and ask to see Bewitching Maiden Rou.

This name was not good!

Unconsciously, Ling Han disliked this man, and now, when he heard his words, his heart involuntarily became more irritated.

Fu Gaoyun raised his hand with a wave. “Ling Han is my brother, not subordinate!” he corrected, his expression serious.

“Hoho!” Everyone did not believe him. For king tiers and heirs like themselves, even if they wanted to make friends, the other would have to be able to match them in terms of status, and according to the other members of the Fu Clan, Ling Han was only a minor character from one of the subordinate forces of the Fu Clan.

“Gaoyun, since everyone wants to see that Ling Han, why don’t you just invite him out?” a man said to Fu Gaoyun.

His name was Fu Cai, and he was naturally also a member of the Fu Clan. However, he belonged to Fu Xiuping’s faction. Previously, Fu Xiuping’s faction had not mounted any opposition all this while, yet they suddenly showed their fangs at this moment.

…Whether it was Fu Xiuping or Fu Xiuping, they naturally wanted nothing more than for Ling Han to disappear instantly. That way, the four great heirs would be able to return to the previous state of balance. At least, none would have absolute certainty of victory, and before the present clan leader announced his abdication, they could still continue to compete.

Fu Cai was the leader of Fu Xiuping’s team to enter the Hidden Dragon Mystery Realm this time around, and was a fourth severance himself. Furthermore, he had maintained this cultivation level for several dozen billion years, so his battle prowess was incredibly frightening, definitely no weaker than that of any king tier of the same cultivation level, and he could possibly surpass them even.

It could not be helped. If he could not advance into the Dividing Soul Tier, he could only increase his battle prowess like mad on the original foundation. In any case, with an unlimited lifespan, he would still be able to improve himself anyhow.

Fu Gaoyun’s expression was ugly. These outsiders were already enough of a headache for him, and not only did this man, who was supposed to be on the same side with him, not help him with his difficulty, he actually took the opportunity to add fuel to the fire. This was too despicable.

He really wanted to strike him dead with a single palm strike.

“Hoho, who wishes to spar with me?” Ling Han strode over. On the matter of battle, whom had he ever feared?

“Ling Han?” Everyone’s eyes focused over.

They had all heard of that day’s events. It was probable that it was Bewitching Maiden Rou who had purposely let out the news. Otherwise, if they did not say anything, Ling Han and Fu Gaoyun would not be so loud-mouthed and announce it everywhere, so how would these people know to target Ling Han?

This bewitching maiden was repaying his kindness with malice!

Could it be that he really had to take her into his harem, and smack her bottom every day?

Ling Han couldn’t help but imagine this scene in his head, and actually felt a little excited.

His heart clenched. That day, though he had resisted Bewitching Maiden Rou’s charm, the fact that she was a Nine Revolutions Charm Physique was not for nothing. Furthermore, she had also cultivated charm techniques, so she still managed to leave a deep impression in his memory.

As expected of a Divine Fetus; she was capable of causing an imperceptible influence on him.

Ling Han stood proudly, and said, “That’s right. You guys are lining up, begging them to see me. Why?”

Lining up, begging them to see you?

Everyone couldn’t help but explode with fury. Who were they? Which of them was not a king tier of the present generation, the Holy Son of a three-star force, and an heir? To say nothing of Ling Han, even Fu Gaoyun was not qualified to have them line up, just to meet him.

“What an arrogant man!” someone rebuked harshly.

“We need to teach him a lesson.”

“Then let’s play around!”

These people had all requested to have subordinates move out to spar with Ling Han. It was naturally impossible that they would personally participate. Their identity was clear for all to see, so they had to have some measure of reservedness.

“Humph, this is the battleship of our Fu Clan, so when has it been that you can act impudently around here?” Fu Gaoyun asked with displeasure. Did they really think that he was just a decorative item?

“Hoho, what’s wrong with a little spar?” Fu Cai asked, smiling.

“That’s right!” another two members of the Fu Clan echoed what he said. Those were the team leaders that had been sent out by Fu Tonghai and Fu Bingbing.

With three votes against one, even if Fu Gaoyun was the heir of the clan, his objection was ineffective.

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, “If you want a spar, sure, but I never move for nothing. How about this? Let’s wager Pseudo-Divine Metal, and those who cannot produce this stake can get lost. Please forgive me for not wanting to accompany poor people.”

It was rare to have such a good opportunity to earn profit, so it would be a waste not to slaughter these fat pigs[1].

Qianzhao Tian and the others naturally would not cower. Though it was not them moving personally, they did have talented people nurtured by their clans and sects around them who had stayed for who knew how many years at the peak stage of the fourth severance, and even they would have to admit their inferiority facing the battle prowess of these people!

With this, Ling Han still couldn’t be dealt with?

“Then let’s enter into the Black Rain Arena for a battle.” A young man tossed out a small box, and when it landed, it became longer, but it only reached about the size of a chessboard, and looked like a tournament stage.

This was an arena that had been refined by elites, forming a Spatial God Tool. Others could battle within, and even shock waves created by a battle at the level of the Severing Mundane Tier could not possibly seep out, so it could be considered the best location for a spar.

“Then, I will be the first to show my immature skill.” Qianzhao Tian smirked coldly, turned his head, and said, “Elder Yuan, it’s up to you.”

Behind him, a middle-aged man nodded, his expression grave and stern.

His name was Qianzhao Yuan, and he was an elder of Qianzhao Tian by who knew how many generations. Very, very long ago, he had already become a fourth severance, but still had not broken through to the Dividing Soul Tier even after more than 10 billion years had passed. However, on the level of the Severing Mundane Tier, he could be ranked into the top three in the Qianzhao Clan, and even Qianzhao Tian was no match for him.

…At least before Qianzhao Tian himself had reached the peak stage of the fourth severance.

Qianzhao Yuan took a leap, and descended into that “chessboard”. When he neared the chessboard, his figure was also endlessly shrinking, and when he landed on the chessboard, he had already shrunk tens of thousands of times, and was just like an ant on the chessboard.

“Ling Han, it’s your turn!” Qianzhao Tian looked towards Ling Han. He was very displeased. Previously, it was he who had been the first to make the request to see Bewitching Maiden Rou, and that was why Bewitching Maiden Rou had brought up the matter of restoring the incomplete cultivation technique as a test. And who could have imagined that it would have given a chance for Ling Han and Fu Gaoyun to have a rendezvous with Bewitching Maiden Rou.

Ling Han chuckled. “What about the stakes?”

“Humph!” As Qianzhao Tian waved a hand, several pieces of Pseudo-Divine Metal were thrown into the chessboard, and similarly became boundlessly smaller.

Yet Ling Han did not move, but rather said, “Is there anyone else that wants to challenge me? If there is, place your bets quickly. Otherwise, I will not accept any more later! Additionally, if you have placed your bet, you cannot take it back!”

“Will you be able to pass the first test?” Beiyu Xiong asked darkly.

“That is nothing you need to concern yourself with. Even if I’m beaten until I’m half dead, I will still accept the second match and the third match,” Ling Han deliberately said. Otherwise, if others knew of his strength, would there still be any stakes that he could win?

Instantly, some others who did not like Ling Han also threw down some Pseudo-Divine Metal.

Ling Han broke into a grin. Pseudo-Divine Metal was forged from at least two types of top-grade Divine Metal, and this amount could not be small, either, or how would its strength be capable of reaching the requirement of “Pseudo-Divine Metal”?

Thus, one piece of Pseudo-Divine Metal was comparable to at least 1,000 portions of Divine Metal of the same size!

“Anyone else? Anyone else?” He looked around him, wanting to win as much as possible in one go.

Too bad, no one else gave him any more regard, feeling that he would probably be just about dead when he had been beaten madly for four to five times, so there was no need to waste time on him.

[1] [Annotation text missing]

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