Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 1818 - A myriad changes in an instant

Chapter 1818: A myriad changes in an instant

Ling Han and his group of three were battling Beiyu Xiong’s group of eight.

This was an unfair battle. Even if Ling Han’s physique was strong, and he could be considered an immortal monster in the Severing Mundane Tier, his battle prowess was a clear shortcoming. How could he possibly match fourth severance peak stage king tiers?

If there was only one such opponent, he could drag out the battle and kill the other through exhaustion with all his techniques, but now the other side had no intention of fighting with him, and only wanted to get him out of the way so they could make a move on the dwarves. Ling Han could think of nothing to do about that.

The Empress was also limited by her cultivation level, and could only just barely block one of their opponents.

Thankfully, Bewitching Maiden Rou was strong enough.

She was a fourth severance in the first place, and after she had advanced, she had already reached the fourth severance peak stage, so she was no weaker than any king tier here. Added with her Nine Revolutions Charm Physique and the cultivation technique of Purity Sect, she could hold back two fourth severance king tiers.

But even so, there were too many enemies, and which one of them did not have the talent of a king tier?

They had absolutely no intention to win the battle with Ling Han and his group. Instead, their focus was on killing those dwarves. As long as they killed them, and took possession of those staff weapons, all their problems would be solved.

“Giants, I’ll give you my sacred weapon!” One of the dwarves threw out the staff in his hands towards Ling Han.

He was clearly a smart man, and made a decision that could turn the situation around.

“Haha, thanks a lot!” a Holy Son said with a laugh. One of his hands held a rock, while the other hand was pointing at that staff that had been thrown out, and he softly exclaimed, “Exchange!”

Ling Han stretched out a hand to grab it, but space suddenly warped, and that flying staff weapon actually turned into a rock! He quickly turned to look at that Holy Son, and the latter’s hand was holding that staff weapon!

Regulations of Space!

He had never thought that there was another person that had grasped Regulations of Space here, and that person had previously not shown any signs of it. All of them thought that he was specialized in Regulations of Fire.

This Holy Son’s name was Tan Wei, and his cultivation level was third severance peak stage.

“Die!” Tan Wei turned the staff weapon and aimed at Ling Han. Then, he pressed the staff weapon to shoot out the light of death just like the dwarves did to kill Ling Han.

“Banish!” Ling Han lowered a hand. Xiu, Tan Wei’s entire person immediately disappeared without a trace, and he charged out using Lightning Flash. When his figure stopped, Tan Wei just happened to emerge out of the separate dimension.

Tan Wei was a little dazed. He had not thought that Ling Han had actually grasped Regulations of Space too. Without even turning his head, he kicked his foot back. With how sensitive his divine sense was, he naturally could distinguish that Ling Han was presently standing behind him.

Ling Han shot out a punch aimed at the back of Tan Wei’s head. If this punch landed solidly, it was guaranteed that the latter would be absolutely dead.

“Don’t even think about it!” Lin Fang charged over. With a wave of her right hand, she shot out a black whip that wrapped towards Ling Han’s right hand. This speed was extraordinarily fast. Pa, before Ling Han’s fist had landed, it had already wrapped around his hand.

Weng, the whip was tightly pulled straight, but Ling Han’s punch still did not manage to hit. It was only half an inch away from the back of Tan Wei’s head. The strong winds it created had even blown Tan Wei’s hair into a mess, and his locks danced wildly.

Just at this moment, Tan Wei’s foot had also arrived, aiming directly at Ling Han’s lower abdomen.

This kick was very fierce. It was clear that he was intending to cripple Ling Han’s Dantian. The moment the Dantian was destroyed, Ling Han could only choose to give up this physical body.

At the same time, Tan Wei was also turning his upper body, and the most powerful weapon naturally was still the staff weapon he was holding. This was the super weapon that could instantly decide the battle.

Ling Han humphed, and drew the Divine Demon Sword, slicing out towards the long whip.

“Wishful thinking!” Lin Fang smirked coldly. This whip was produced from Two-Star Pseudo-Divine Metal being ripped into shreds and woven together with the tendons of an Immortal Beast. Its toughness had reached a chilling level, and it could be considered an ultimate treasure even among Two-Star Pseudo-Celestial Tools.

‘And you actually want to slice it apart? You must be dreaming.’

Shua, the sword light flashed, and the Divine Demon Sword reached the whip. Suddenly, a series of blinding sparks exploded. True enough, even the Divine Demon Sword was unable to slice the whip apart, but Ling Han had already activated the Divine Demon Sword, which was beginning to swallow the Pseudo-Divine Metal inside the whip.

In essence, even Level 10 Pseudo-Divine Metal was actually only Level 20 Godly metal. It was just that the latter had more layers.

SInce that was the case, what couldn’t the Divine Demon Sword swallow?

Pa, even one-tenth of a heartbeat had not passed, and this segment of Pseudo-Divine Metal of the whip had already been swallowed and corroded. Then, Ling Han suddenly used the Nine Heavens Flame. Boom, the Immortal flames blazed, and the Immortal Beast’s tendons immediately turned soft. Then, the Divine Demon Sword’s sharpness took effect, slicing the whip in two.

This seemed like a long process, but only took the time for one-tenth of a heartbeat. Ling Han’s sword swept past, and the whip was sliced through.

He regained his freedom, and with a sway of his figure, just managed to dodge this blow from Tan Wei. However, the staff weapon had still fallen into the hands of Beiyu Xiong and his group in the end.

Xiu, xiu, xiu. Beiyu Xiong and the others all leaped over, surrounding Tan Wei defensively, and in the only remaining opening, Tan Wei raised the staff weapon, aiming directly at Ling Han.

“Hahahaha!” These eight people were all laughing. In future, it was possible for life-and-death fights to erupt among them, but at this moment, they were united against the enemy.

…Both the Empress and Bewitching Maiden Rou were charming and enchanting, and they could not bring themselves to kill them. Moreover, the two women were not as troublesome as Ling Han. That physique of his practically granted him immortality.

Ling Han sighed. After all, there was still a gap of two minor levels between them, and added with their disadvantage in numbers, in the end, he was still unable to pull strongly against the tide.

“Do you feel regret now?” Beiyu Xiong smirked coldly. ‘You insist on being so hypocritical; just who do you think you are? A king that is the savior of all life on earth?’

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, “Whatever I do, I never regret!”

“Then just die!” Tan Wei howled. Previously, he had almost been killed by a single punch from Ling Han. To him, this was an excruciating humiliation.

As the Holy Son of a powerful three-star sect, when had he ever experienced such shame?

“Everyone, what need is there for violence?” Bewitching Maiden Rou bore an enchanting smile. At this moment, she had to use her charm techniques. WIth her active use of it, she had turned into an exquisite demoness, causing any man to burn just upon seeing her. Immediately, their bones would soften, and their willpower would drop to rock bottom, willing to submit to her every move and smile.

Even if Beiyu Xiong and the others were king tiers, so what? In this moment, their hearts still throbbed madly. They didn’t even remember who they were.

“B****, die!” Lin Fang smirked coldly. She had long since harbored enmity toward the Empress and Bewitching Maiden Rou, and now was her best chance!

She snatched Tan Wei’s staff weapon in a single move, and aimed directly at Bewitching Maiden Rou.

Under normal conditions, Tan Wei would definitely not have allowed her to succeed so easily. However, who asked him to presently be completely enraptured; his reflexes had directly slowed tens of thousands of times over. Realization only dawned on him after Lin Fang had successfully grabbed the staff weapon.

Bewitching Maiden Rou immediately paled. Who amongst them had not witnessed the terrifying destructive power of this staff weapon?

Killing a third severance peak stage king tier was like harvesting grass. Though she was a fourth severance, the results probably wouldn’t be that much better.

“No!” Beiyu Xiong and the others also reacted, and hurriedly called out.

How could such an exquisite, seductive beauty be allowed to be killed?

Lin Fang showed a twisted grin. She admired Bewitching Maiden Rou’s pretty face that had turned pale and the horror in her eyes. Then, without hesitation, she pressed the staff weapon. Xiu, a beam of light shot out.

A figure flashed, and stood in front of Bewitching Maiden Rou in the instant Lin Fang pulled the trigger.

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