Martial God Asura

Chapter 4737: The Founder’s Means

Chapter 4737: The Founder’s Means

Chapter 4737: The Founder’s Means


But upon seeing Chu Feng’s determined look, Lu Long suddenly burst into laughter.

“Not bad, not bad at all. You’re indeed a true man, unlike the other disciples of our sect.”

Lu Long looked at Chu Feng with a smile. His previous hostility had vanished without a trace, replaced by appreciation. At the same time, he also retracted the oppressive might he had been suppressing Chu Feng with.

“You are…”

Chu Feng swiftly realized that Lu Long wasn’t really intending to make a move on him. Rather, the latter was just probing him out.

“Junior Chu Feng, pardon me for my earlier disrespect. I don’t mean any ill-will. I just wanted to see what kind of person you are. It’s no wonder why even someone like Junior Li has such a high evaluation of you. There’s truly something different about you.”

As it turned out, Chu Feng hadn’t judged Lu Long wrongly. The latter wasn’t a vindictive and unreasonable person.

“Senior Lu, so it really was Li Muzhi who called you over to help me?” Chu Feng asked.

“It was indeed Junior Li who asked me to look for you. In truth, Junior Li wanted to visit you personally, but he had some matters on hand, so he sent me instead,” Lu Long replied.

“May I know what he’s busy with? If it’s not convenient for him to drop by, I can pay him a visit too,” Chu Feng replied.

“Yes, it’s convenient. We’re already here anyway. Follow me,” Lu Long said.

He seemed to want to bring Chu Feng along with him.

“I’ll be troubling you then, Senior Lu.”

As for Chu Feng, he wanted to meet Li Muzhi once more so as to find out about Yu Ting’s current situation. If he could verify that Yu Ting was in safe hands, he would be able to put his heart at ease.

Under Lu Long’s lead, Chu Feng soon arrived at a residence. This residence was atypical of the others in the sect. Just the doors themselves towered a thousand meters tall, carved with a delicate touch. The walls were forged out of precious metal and infused with spirit power. Above the doors was a huge plaque with two words on it, ‘Li Manor’.

It was truly imposing.

Standing before the door, Chu Feng couldn’t help but appear insignificant, almost as if an ant.

There were ten people standing in front of the door in two rows, guarding the area. It would be one thing if they were disciples, but astonishingly, they were actually elders of the East Dragon Hall!

Chu Feng couldn’t help but think that Li Muzhi was really respected in the Hidden Dragon Martial Sect. It was one thing for him to have such a grand residence, but to think that he had elders of the East Dragon Hall guarding his estate too.

Could this be the privilege enjoyed by Hidden Dragon Disciples?

Passing through the door, Chu Feng found himself met with not concrete buildings but lush fields and clear water. It was such a vast land that one couldn’t see to the end of it.

This wasn’t just an estate in itself anymore but a mini country!

“Junior Chu Feng, make sure not to speak carelessly in here. This isn’t just the residence of Junior Li Muzhi but Lord Li Fengxian’s too,” Lu Long reminded.

That would explain the grandness of this piece of land. Considering the fact that Li Fengxian was one of the Hidden Dragon Elders, it would be justified for him to enjoy such special treatment.

Proceeding deeper into the manor, Chu Feng realized that there were hardly any buildings in sight. Other than the towering doors and walls he had walked through earlier, everything beyond that was mostly natural scenery.

There were quite a few wild animals, monstrous beasts, and ferocious beasts around, forming a complete ecosystem by itself.

Soon, they passed through a jungle to arrive at a sea.

However, this sea was a little peculiar. Due to some sort of phenomenon in the sky, this world had no concept of rising or setting sun, but the water was gleaming golden.

It turned out that the golden light was coming from the depths of the sea, causing the sea to be basked in its radiance.

“A formation?”

Chu Feng’s expression turned serious. Even before coming close, he could already sense some sort of energy suffusing the sea.

The further he proceeded, the more certain he was that the sea contained spirit power. It didn’t seem to be coming from a formation; the spirit power was simply in the sea. Or to be more exact, the entire sea was a formation in itself.

Chu Feng marveled at the grandeur of this handiwork.

“Brother Chu Feng, you’re able to sense the formation here? Are you able to tell how powerful this formation is?” Lu Long asked.

“This formation is unfathomably powerful. I can’t make an accurate assessment of it. Senior Lu, may I ask who is the creator of this formation?” Chu Feng asked.

“Heh. Needless to say, it’s the work of our sect founder,” Lu Long replied.

“Our sect founder? No wonder.”

Chu Feng had already seen the means of the sect founder via the Snowy Heavenly Peak. Without a doubt, the sect founder was an incredibly powerful world spiritist, possibly having reached the top. It wouldn’t be surprising if this powerful formation here was set up by the sect founder too.

“Senior Lu, may I know what kind of formation this is?” Chu Feng asked.

“This is a supporting formation,” Lu Long replied.

“Supporting formation? Really?” Chu Feng was surprised.

“Of course. I’ve no reason to lie to you,” Lu Long replied.

“Ah…” Chu Feng gasped in amazement.

As a world spiritist, who could he not know what a supporting formation was?

Supporting formation was a special type of formation that reduced the burden on a world spiritist in setting up a formation. However, as the name suggested, supporting formation tended to be an auxiliary means, so it was usually much weaker than an ordinary formation.

Yet, the formation before Chu Feng’s eye was boundlessly huge and powerful. Never in his entire life had Chu Feng seen such a powerful supporting formation before.

“Li Muzhi and the others are in here?” Chu Feng asked.

“It’s rumored that he’s in closed-door training, but he’s actually already out. It’s just that he’s busy setting up a formation at the moment. Speaking of which, he sent me to look for you because he has a favor to ask of you,” Lu Long said.

“Does it have something to do with the formation he’s setting up?” Chu Feng asked.

“Junior Chu Feng, you’re indeed a smart man. He’s setting up a formation at the moment in order to assimilate a treasure. He’s preparing this treasure for the Vicious Beast Hellworld that would be opening two days later. However, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be able to finish assimilating it at the rate he’s progressing, so he’s quite anxious at the moment. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have asked this favor of me either,” Lu Long said.

“Vicious Beast Hellworld? Is that a cultivation place?” Chu Feng asked.

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