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Chapter 643 - King Zhou’s Demise

Chapter 643: King Zhou’s Demise


There was a large explosion and the Space Barrier was shattered. King Zhou’s figure appeared right behind him in the next second.

He did not realize that King Zhou’s speed and power in a burst would be so terrifying.

Not only did he break through the binding of the Demesne of Time, but he also shattered his Space Barrier. He could even attack him with such bursts of speed. He was extremely surprised.

“Time Boost!”

He quickly used his Time Boost skill to envelop himself and his time was forwarded by 10 seconds as he appeared 50km away.

If he was struck by King Zhou just now, he would have died.

After dodging from that attack, he continued to create gods.

He had quickly chosen the remaining dozen candidates, and he was then able to complete the creation of the gods.

“Go! Manuscript of the Gods!”

After all the slots on the Manuscript of the Gods had been used up, he then threw the manuscript out.

The moment that the manuscript flew out, it began to grow as beams of light shone from it.


One after another, golden light flew out from the Manuscript of the Gods and shot toward the ground, and one by one they transformed into the Altars of the Gods.

On the altars were inscribed the names of those who had ascended.


Next, figures slowly landed on the Altar of the Gods. 365 bolts of golden light and 365 figures appeared together. It was quite a majestic moment.

When the players that were fighting saw this scene, they subconsciously froze for a second. And the vigorous World War went silent for one second because of the ascensions.

“Stop them!” King Zhou frowned and ordered his generals.

A large group of generals came forward and attacked the figures that were slowly descending upon the altar.

Unfortunately, no matter how they attacked, they could not breach through the golden light.

Even King Zhou could not disperse the golden light, and he could only watch as the figures within the golden light descended upon the altar of the gods.

The moment that the 365 figures landed on the Altar of the Gods, powerful auras began to center around them.

All of their powers were around Rank One Greater Sacred Master, and their equipment had all been improved to the level of Post Creation Absolute Artifacts. It was obvious how many benefits the ascension had granted the players and NPCs.

Once they appeared, the Manuscript of the Gods once again returned to Jiang Feng’s hands. However, he could no longer open it nor could he use it anymore.


He put away the Manuscript of the Gods and then pointed in the direction of the three nations’ armies. The 365 figures transformed into a beam of light, heading straight toward the army of the three nations.

The 365 figures began to kill once they were amongst the crowd. They were like 365 gods of slaughter, no matter where they went, opposing players would continuously transform into white light and disappear, while the army of the Shang Nation kept on falling.

They were extremely powerful, and the Shifter Nation had gained an absolute advantage for the moment.

When King Zhou saw how powerful the 365 of them were, his face turned dark and he quickly headed toward one of them, thinking of killing him.


Jiang Feng stood in front of him and said with a smile, “Your opponent is me. Our fight has just begun.”

After that, he then summoned Ling Luo, Red Boy, and Jiang Fan all together.

Ling Luo and Red Boy entered the fight against the armies, while Jiang Fan stayed by Jiang Feng’s side.

As soon as he had completed the Manuscript of the Gods, Jiang Fan sent him a message saying that he had formed his Demesne.

As soon as he got this news, he then pulled Jiang Fan over.

With Jiang Fan, he could then use Two Becomes One so that he could fight King Zhou on equal footing!

“Two Becomes One!”

He did not give King Zhou any chance to attack him. He immediately used his Two Becomes One skill, and in the next moment, a bolt of light covered him as his body began to shift.

He transformed into a handsome man with golden hair.

‘So powerful!’ Jiang Feng was shocked and thought to himself after he had fused with Jiang Fan.

He originally thought that after Jiang Fan had formed his Demesne, he would at most reach the power of Rank Five Greater Sacred Master. But he did not expect that after Jiang Fan had formed his Demesne, his power would reach Peak Greater Sacred Master.

And that was not even the most terrifying part, The most terrifying part was the Demesne of Void that Jiang Feng had formed.

It could return all things into the void, even space and time. It was not among the three-thousand Demesnes, but it was even more powerful than the three-thousand Demesnes.

Originally, he thought that at most he could fight King Zhou to a standstill. But now, King Zhou was no longer his match.

“King’s Descent!”

When King Zhou saw the golden-hair red-eyed, Jiang Feng, he could sense danger. Therefore, he used the most powerful attack from the Demesne of the Ruler.


His power kept on climbing and his body kept on becoming bigger. In the end, he became a gigantic hundred-meter giant surrounded by the ruler’s aura, choking the players around him to the point where they were out of breath.

“Nine-Dragon Pierce!”

King Zhou, who had grown larger, attacked Jiang Feng with the giant Nine-Dragon Sword in his hand. In the next second, millions of King Zhou’s shadows appeared, and the shadows were all equipped with the Nine-Dragon Pierce, making their way toward him.

“King Zhou, stop struggling!”

Jiang Feng waved his hand and all of King Zhou’s little shadows instantly disappeared, all disappearing into the void.

‘Haha, I never expected the Demesne of Void to be so powerful. Luckily, it could only affect those who are only one level higher than me at most. Otherwise, this is way too overpowered.’ Jiang Feng thought to himself when he saw King Zhou’s skills disappear.

“How is that even possible?!” King Zhou looked at Jiang Feng in shock.

“Your time is up!” Jiang Feng said as he walked toward King Zhou step by step with Deicide in his hand.

He had been increasing his power day and night just for today. And today, he no longer had to be afraid of King Zhou.

“Nine-Dragon Reincarnation!” When King Zhou saw Jiang Feng walking over, he swung his sword and nine giant dragons were all rushing toward him as they quickly swirled together.


He waved his hand, and the nine dragons all disappeared.

That was just how powerful Jiang Feng had become after he fused with Jiang Fan through Two Becomes One.

“Nineteen Path Kill!”

When he was within 30 meters of King Zhou, he immediately used his ultimate skill and attacked King Zhou.

King Zhou originally wanted to use his repositioning skill to avoid this attack, but unfortunately, time around him froze in the next moment, and so did his body.


Nineteen images of Jiang Feng formed into one, and Deicide and Jiang Fan’s little sword had also fused into one, and they violently pierced through his body and did a very remarkably high amount of damage.

“No… I am the ruler of Silvermoon… You cannot kill me…” King Zhou roared out in pain with unwillingness all over his face. Unfortunately, he still fell onto the ground in the end.

And he dropped great loot!

After King Zhou had died, he dropped one big pile of items.

The Lianyao Flask’s automatic collection ability was triggered, and it took all of them into itself.

With King Zhou dead, the entire Shang Nation fell into chaos.

Shi Long and the Black Widow were slightly stunned when they saw that King Zhou was killed by Jiang Feng, but they did not hesitate to escape before Jiang Feng noticed them.

With King Zhou died, many of the Shang Nation’s generals escaped. However, the World War had yet concluded.

Only by destroying the enemy nation’s National Order Tablet would they claim final victory.

Ding. System Prompt. Congratulations, you have received the right to enter Dragonquarry. You shall be teleported to Dragonquarry in 5 seconds!

After killing King Zhou, Jiang Feng was just about to deal with the other elites from the other nations. But what surprised him was that after he had killed King Zhou, he had then received the slot to go to Dragonquarry and that he would be teleported away in 5 seconds.

That meant that he would no longer be able to participate in all the quests that he had yet to complete on Silvermoon and the World War that was ongoing.

“Sh*t! Seriously?!” Jiang Feng was baffled as he cursed under his breath.

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