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Chapter 1417 - Arrogance

Chapter 1417: Arrogance

Hell Lava was a level 70 Obsidian Elite BOSS and the average level of everyone, excluding Wang Yu, was only about level 50.

In addition to power-type monsters having an oppressive effect to their attacks, there was a 20-level difference. Hence, the oppressive effect was even more severe. It would only be in their wildest imaginations for them to be able to fight this monster directly.

The fact that Crotch Lord and Asura were not dead after withstanding an attack by Hell Lava was enough to prove that they were indeed experts…

Though everyone present were experts, the only one who managed to match an Obsidian BOSS alone was Wang Yu.

Hence, it was normal for everyone to be surprised by the BOSS’s sheer force.

However, all of the players present were players who went through many battles and they knew what was going on. Fearless commanded once again, “BOSS is restricted by level. Everyone take note of your own position. Archers, control the aggro; Magicians, control the speed and remember to not face him straight on!”

“[Frigid Formation]!”

Asura understood Fearless’s instruction and waved his staff, releasing a crowd control skill, [Frigid Formation].

A six-pointed star formation rose from under Hell Lava’s feet as a blue ice element shot upwards from the ground. It froze Hell Lava’s lower body, making him stay in his position.

While the BOSS was unable to move, Yang Nuo and Ling Longmeng raised their bows and started shooting at Hell Lava.

However, even under a 20-level restricting effect, not only did Hell Lava had high damage output, he also had high defence ability.

Ling Longmeng was not a power-type Archer, hence her attacks on Hell Lava were not effective at all.

Yang Nuo was in independent mode and was not restricted by the level restricting effect. However, due to the fact that Hell Lava was covered in rocks, Yang Nuo’s arrows were not very effective as well.

Hell Lava simply waved his arms and her arrows could not reach him.

Right at this moment, God of Death’s Left Hand took out an arrow and shouted “Hit!”

“Boom!” “Boom!”

A sound from the arrow was made.

An arrow with the thickness of a child’s arm went ahead with a white beam of ambush kill and stabbed into Hell Lava’s right eye.


Blood-red lava gushed out from Hell Lava’s eye, melting the ground with a sizzling noise.

The word terrifying was the only word to describe an attack of this level. Even a powerhouse BOSS like Hell Lava was knocked backwards by the impact of the arrow.


As a BOSS that was 20 levels above his opponents, it was already humiliating enough that two of his punches did not kill his opponent. To make matters worse, he was shot in the eyes. Hell Lava’s aggro was immediately attracted to God of Death’s Left Hand.

After a roar, the ice underneath Hell Lava’s feet cracked and his fists were in flames. He then took a step forward, punching both of his fists towards God of Death’s Left Hand who stood behind the rest of the players.

Hell Lava used a skill on this punch and the ground where the punch went over started bubbling. Evidently, this punch was an AOE skill.

After the two attacks, everyone was forced into the corner, Crotch Lord’s Shield of God had not recovered yet and Asura was injured by the previous hit. There were no players that could withstand Hell Lava’s punch at the frontline at that moment.

Fearless and Pharmacist Pocket still had unused [Invincibility] with them but Fearless’s skill was a single-target skill. Two [Invincibility] would do nothing when there were so many people in the team.

At this moment of life and death, a long pole flew past and stabbed into the other eye of Hell Lava.


Lava gushed out once again and Hell Lava’s left eye exploded as well.

The eyes were vital points to Hell Lava and Hell Lava shivered in pain the moment his other eye got stabbed and that interrupted his current skills.

A figure stood and grabbed the other end of the pole, stepping onto hell Lava’s forehead with beams of light.

Nine Deities Thunder… oh no, that was [Thunder God’s Stomp]!

That figure was none other than Wang Yu!

Even though Wang Yu was not a complete power-type Pugilist, his attributes were not weak at all. Together with the knockback effect from [Thunder God’s Stomp], Hell Lava was pushed a few steps back.

Wang Yu used the impact from his kick to do a backflip and landed firmly in front of the players.

Wang Yu kept his pole behind him and put one of his hands in front. He looked charismatic and towering like a majestic grandmaster that everyone admired.

Quan Zhen Sect was used to Wang Yu’s abilities but the players from Kingdom of Hell had not seen this kind of abilities before.

This fella was a Pugilist that was famous for being a useless job but he could make Hell Lava move a few steps back from the impact of his attack when even Guardians could not achieve that? The Kingdom of Hell players could not believe what they had just seen.

For a Pugilist to reach this level of skill, he would have become a god if his job was a Warrior.

After a full five seconds, God of Death’s Left Hand and his men finally gave Wang Yu and thumbs up and said, “Impressive!”

“More like arrogance!” Fearless rolled his eyes at Wang Yu, “Why did you only come when Old Li was frightened to death? What are you thinking?”

“Psh!” Wang Yu put his pole on his shoulder and replied, “I thought you guys could handle a mere Level 70 BOSS easily but who knew that you guys were so useless? You guys still call yourselves experts!”


Everybody’s blood boiled after hearing what Wang Yu said.

A mere Level 70 BOSS… Was he even speaking human language?

Of course, with Quan Zhen Sect and Kingdom of Hell’s ability, it would not be a problem for them to defeat Hell Lava. However, Wang Yu’s tone was a little too much.

If not for the fact that they really could not defeat Hell Lava, everyone had the urge to beat up Wang Yu.

What a piece of trash!

No wonder Fearless called him arrogant!

Fearless was not angry at Wang Yu’s provocation because he knew that what Wang Yu said was the truth. Hence, he pointed to the ground and said, “We know you’re good so why don’t you take charge of fighting the BOSS!”

“Not a problem at all!”

Wang Yu smiled lightly and jumped right in front of Lava Hell.

“Boss Fearless, will… will this work?”

God of Death’s Left Hand questioned softly as Wang Yu went ahead.

Though Wang Yu managed to kick Hell Lava, it did not mean much to Hell Lava because God of Death’s left hand managed to do the same thing to Hell Lava’s other eye.

Everybody was surprised because Wang Yu managed to do that as a Pugilist. God of Death’s Left Hand wasn’t feeling assured if they made him in charge just because of one successful kick in the eye.

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