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Chapter 3144

“Heh, old monster Tian Xie Zi, why don’t you take a look at this?”

When Xie Zi, the old demon, wanted to mock Qin Hai, he suddenly heard Qin Hai’s words and was stunned. When he focused his eyes, he saw a golden treasure flying above Qin Hai’s head. It was an exquisite little golden bell.


This mysterious bell started to shake innocently, however, the scene at that time seemed extremely strange. Why would such a strange bell suddenly appear on the field? Could it be that this was some sort of magical artifact?!

As the little golden bell rang, it seemed as if there was a mysterious force controlling the old demon. Even he, a Deity Stage expert, was beginning to be entranced.

At this moment, Qin Hai couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The Demon Absorbing Bell was indeed very useful!

Back in the Southern Wasteland, the Demon Absorbing Bell had helped Qin Hai in killing the great demon flood dragon that had evolved. Now, it was truly effective against the blood demon of heaven, Qin Hai, who had released the Demon Absorbing Bell!

If Qin Hai had taken out the Demon Absorbing Bell at the start, then he might not have been able to use it when Qin Hai was prepared. But as long as the opponent was a demon, even if it was a Soul Formation old monster, if the Demon Absorbing Bell took advantage of the moment when they were caught unprepared, they would still be able to control their mind and take the attack!

The demonic shadow on Qin Hai’s body expanded, and instantly broke through the opponent’s Heavenly Spirit Blood Whip. At the same time, the Ten Thousand Arts Holy Sword appeared, releasing a powerful sword aura. With a wave of the sword, all of the Heavenly Spirit Blood Whip around him was instantly shattered into pieces.

At the same time, almost at the same time, Ceng Yuan noticed that there was a problem with Old Demon Tian Xue Zi. He relaxed his grip on the method and his own move fell to the ground immediately!


Sizzle sizzle!

At that time, Ceng Yuan had tightly grasped his saber move, but now that his mind had been affected by the Demon Absorbing Bell, the saber move immediately struck down as soon as his mana dissipated, tearing one of his arms apart on the spot!

Qin Hai had managed to escape, and at the same time, his arm had been cut off by someone. Old Demon Tian Xie woke up from the pain, and when he came back to his senses, he was furious!

“You two deserve to die!”

“I think it’s you who should die!”

After Qin Hai had escaped, he brandished the Ten Thousand Arts Holy Sword in his hands again and again. Immediately, torrential sword lights swept towards Old Demon Tian Xie Zi, as if they could topple mountains and overturn seas.

Ceng Yuan thought he was dead for sure this time, but who would have known that old monster Tian Xue Zi would suddenly fall into a trance, giving him such a good opportunity. The moment he chopped off his opponent’s arm, Ceng Yuan didn’t dare to believe that he could injure his opponent to such an extent.

Seeing Qin Hai make his move, although he did not know where he had such powerful mana, Ceng Yuan was not stupid. He immediately teamed up with Qin Hai and made his move.

When Old Demon Tian Xie looked up, he saw two different sword lights slashing at him. Especially at Qin Hai’s side, there was a terrifying aura that could topple the mountains and overturn the seas. It scared him so much that his face paled on the spot, and he did not dare to take it head-on.


The powerful Myriad Arts Holy Sword had activated an extreme sword move, causing most of the city walls to be almost broken, while the large number of monsters below were all struck by bad luck. They were inexplicably smashed into pieces by the Qin Sea Sword light that descended from the sky, instantly causing the entire battlefield to become a mess of blood and gore.

In the next moment, on the other side of the sky, the numerous blood-red lights combined into one, transforming into the Old Demon’s true body.

After losing an arm and using a secret technique to escape, Tian Xuanzi’s face turned even paler than before. He looked down and then towards the direction of Qin Hai. Suddenly, he realized that the kid had disappeared.

“He’s gone? “Where is he?”

When the old demon saw that Qin Hai had disappeared, he could not even detect a trace of his aura. He then turned around to look for Ceng Yuan, who had severed his arm.

Ceng Yuan was also an old and experienced person. He knew that if he cut off his opponent’s arm and made a big enemy, the enemy wouldn’t let him go, so he hid his presence and escaped.

In the blink of an eye, the Old Demon Tian Xue Zi was already injured, and the two humans were even smarter. They ran after the fight, so angry that the Old Demon Tian Xie Zi was about to explode.

“You two, do you have balls? Do you really think this sovereign can’t find you? How laughable! This sovereign has too many secret techniques that can track you …”

He could kill Ceng Yuan at any time, but that Qin Hai who used that strange bell magic treasure was a big threat. Not only did he have the magic treasure that controlled the minds of the demons, he also had a powerful magic sword. If he didn’t kill him, it would be too dangerous for them.

He absolutely could not allow such a threat to stop!

After thinking for a moment, Tian Xuanzi decided to follow Qin Hai. He formed a seal and chanted an incantation. Following that, a mouthful of vital blood was spat out. That vital blood actually turned into a blood bird in midair.

This Blood Bird’s Psychic Soul could smell something in the air. It immediately turned and flew in the direction that Qin Hai had disappeared.

Found it!

The old monster, Tian Xuanzi, laughed coldly as he turned into a streak of bloody light and soared into the sky.

It was only when Xue Zi’s old demon figure disappeared into the horizon did a familiar old figure appear from the crowd of people on the city wall. It was the vice president, Ceng Yuan.

This old monster, Tian Xuanzi, was indeed an old monster at the Spirit Transformation level. He was simply too strong, and the fight just now still left a lingering fear in his heart. To think that his full power attack had been easily dealt with by him with a single hand, and since he had injured him afterwards, this old demon would definitely not let him off.

Fortunately, the other party didn’t put him in his eyes at all. He would’ve gone after Fellow Daoist Qin Hai first, or else he would’ve been in for a lot of trouble.

At this moment, more and more demonic beasts flew over from Zhao Yuan City. The city was already in chaos, so Ceng Yuan could only stay here and help the cultivation union to fight these demons.

He hoped that the Great Elder and the president would be able to deal with the Mang Tian Demon King as soon as possible. Only then would Zhao Yuan City have a chance of surviving. Otherwise, based on the current situation, everything would be over.

… ….

On the other hand, after Qin Hai used the Demon Absorbing Bell and the Ten Thousand Arts Holy Sword to get rid of Old Demon Tian Xie, he immediately flew in the direction of Master Chang Yuan’s house at the fastest speed possible.

When the beast wave had arrived, Qin Hai had gone to help protect the city out of good intentions. At the same time, he knew that as long as he could defend the city, nothing would happen to Master Chang Yuan.

At this moment, Qin Hai’s heart was filled with regret. If he had known earlier, he would have stayed there all along. There was no need for him to leave.

He was worried about Ji Wu Hua in his heart and thought to himself, “My good sister, please don’t let anything happen to you!”

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