Sweet Wife in My Arms

Chapter 849 - The Secret Of Her Infertility

Chapter 849: The Secret Of Her Infertility

The smile on Yan Huan’s face faded away completely.

“Mr. Ye, there is only five percent left.”

Ye Chuji was astounded, and his face was burning up. Yes, it seemed that he only had five percent left. Previously, it had cost him another five percent to convince Yan Huan to change her styling.

“She is still your cousin, can’t you just help her?”

Ye Chuji knew that he could not bribe her with his shares. Indeed, it was always hurtful when money came into play. Now he had resorted to using family ties.

“My mom had no brother,” Yan Huan answered coldly. Even if she was her biological sister, Yan Huan would not sacrifice her own reputation. She could be dressed in an ugly style, she could be a supporting role to Sun Yuhan. However, there was this one thing that she would never relent on. Yan Huan would never use her own reputation to boost Sun Yuhan’s terrible acting.

Ye Chuji was embarrassed by Yan Huan’s reply. As someone who was used to being on the top, he could not believe someone would talk to him in such a manner. How daring of this lowly Yan Huan to do that.

“Yan Huan, do not be too obstinate over such a small matter.” Ye Chuji answered sneeringly. He had given up on any pretense of maintaining peace and harmony.

“Ye family has decided to support Sun Yuhan no matter what. If you oppose us, if you attempt to stop us in any way, then you may have to give up your acting career.”

Yanhuan understood at once that this was a coercion and a threat.

For the first time, she felt that the Ye family was exactly like the Su family. Essentially, they were all selfish and shameless. How could they! How could they!

They only thought of their kids and had no regard for others.

Yan Huan smiled suddenly and pushed all of her sourness into the depths of her heart. She would not cry in front of others. She had lived two lifetimes, long enough to face all kinds of threats. She would not accept nor bend in the face of such a threat!

She stood up straight with a stern face that brooked no compromise.

“I will never use my own reputation to boost your Little Miss Ye. You may shun me entirely, Ye family, heh…you are nothing much. Also, Mr. Ye,” Yan Huan said coldly and lightly as she picked up her bag.

“Before you decide to oppress me with the Ye family’s influence, please let me, the shareholder, know.”

Ignoring Ye Chuji’s cold and murderous look, she left immediately after the conversation had ended.

She had nothing to fear of the Ye family. There was no way the old man of Ye family could shut her off. The Ye family’s airport shares, she herself held ten percent of it, the Lei family owned five percent. Ye Shuyun owned another five percent while Lu Yi held ten percent of its shares as well.

If the day of conflict arrived one day, she held at least 30 percent of Ye family’s shares.In the worse case scenario, they could just duke it out. Who knows who would lose more?

The next day, Luo Lin made an official clarification to the public regarding the truth of Yan Huan and Sun Yuhan’s relationship. They were not related at all.

However, right after the clarification was released, another shocking news emerged on the internet.

It was about the infertility issue of international best actress Yan Huan. The news even included a medical report from the military hospital. Infertile women were unacceptable even for common families, and this was more so for the Lu family who were cultured and locally respected.

In fact, anyone would want to conceal this kind of issue. Nobody knew how this was exposed. This news pushed Yan Huan into the media spotlight once again. There were even rumors that it was caused by Yan Huan’s previous marriage with Lu Yi, and how her affairs had led to multiple abortions that hurt her reproductivity.

Although the news was only available for around ten minutes before it was quickly dealt with, but the news had spread wide and far to those related and unrelated.

“Alright, I’ll go back now,” Lu Yi put down his handphone and stood up. Without any concern of his work at the moment, he rushed out. Even he could see that the people within the procuratorate were looking at him with sympathy.

Lu Jin too was facing the same situation as he received looks of sympathy by his comrades. Even though no one said anything outwardly, he felt downcast as he realized that he would not have any grandchildren in the future.

It was strange that the first thing that came to his mind was not that his son should divorce her, but rather that he would never have grandchildren.

He and Ye Shuyun regarded Yan Huan as their daughter. Even if she was not able to conceive, they would not want their son to divorce her again.

A moment later, all the family members were gathered together, including Lu Jin, Ye Shuyun, and Lu Yi.

“Lu Yi, is this for real?”

Ye Shuyun asked her son in disbelief. The news had spread like wildfire. She did not see the news personally, but her friends who caught the news had informed her. All they had to say was that she should look for another daughter-in-law, since they had divorced once. Actresses were not to be trusted, who knew what happened between her and the other male star.

Their words made Ye Shuyun want to cut ties with them.

Not many people would put icing on the cake when the occasion arises, and it was unlikely that anyone would lend a helping hand during one’s hour of need. Most people would kick a man when he is down, like what her friends were doing. Her mind was already unsettled as she waited for her son’s answer. Was the news true, or was it not?

“Yes, it is true,” Lu Yi raised his head and admitted.

“Huanhuan can no longer give birth.”

“You knew about this?” The look on her son made Ye Shuyun understood that he had known about this long before others did. But why did he not share this with them? If they had known, they would be more mentally prepared.

“Yes, I have known about this for a long time.” Lu Yi was reluctant to talk about it, what more for Yan Huan. This was an emotional wound for him and for Yan Huan. What he still did not know was who exposed this secret. Lu Yi had no time to investigate, so he had entrusted it to Lei Qingyi. He believed that the perpetrator would come to light soon.

It is unbelievable that there would be people who would really rub salt onto one’s wound.

The person must have had a deep hatred for the Lu family.

“Why… How did it happen?” Ye Shuyun felt her throat go sore. How did things end up here?

“It was when Huanhuan was serving in the army…” Lu Yi closed his eyes. When he opened them once again, his eyes were like pitless caves, as if he had swallowed all his emotions. This was his fault and not Yan Huan’s. She was the most innocent person of all.

“Mom, Dad, do you remember the woman grandfather was looking for, Miao Xinyuan?”

“It was her?” Ye Shuyun recalled. At the time, Miao Xinyuan was imprisoned because she had hit Yan Huan with devious means, almost causing Yan Huan’s death.

“Was it because of the trauma back then?”

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