The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 105

Chapter 105 What Goes Around Comes Around

The figure that swooped in was exactly Wei Chong, one of the twelve elders of the Qing Sha Clan.

“You rat, you made it back alive! Look at you, fully recovered?” Teased Wei Chong.

He cocked his brow, causing the hideous scar on his forehead to crease.

This uninvited guest seemed to have taken no notice of the other people in the yard. All his focus was on Li Mu. The moment he landed on the scene, he started to measure Li Mu up with a surprised look.

No one knew it better than Wei Chong that how severely injured Li Mu was after he had been hunted for a whole day, because it was Wei Chong himself who almost hammered Li Mu to minced meat. Therefore, half an hour ago when he learned from a spy of the Qing Sha Clan that Li Mu had returned to the county government, he wasted no time to bustle over here in case Li Mu slipped away again.

He thought Li Mu, who had been maimed like that, could never become normal again. In the best case, he might recover half of his power. However, when he hurtled to the county government, he was thrown into utter disbelief by what he saw: Li Mu, who was standing straight in front of him, was free of wounds and quite healthy, obviously fully recovered.

“Well, little rat, I’ll give you a chance to die a quick death. Tell me who sabotaged my hunting by saving you and healing your injuries? And where did you hide the flood dragon blood?”

Wei Chong bawled, bombarding Li Mu with a pile of questions.

He was quite confident now, having no doubt that everything was under his control and Li Mu was already his toy.

Li Mu, however, did not answer him. He just beamed up at this insidious elder.

The one he determined to retaliate against just fell into his laps.

With his current strength, he knew Wei Chong was no longer his match.

That sudden reverse of position made him exclaim for the wonder of fate.

Ever since Li Mu recovered, one of the many things he wanted to do was maul his foe, Wei Chong.

It should be noted that during the healing process, Li Mu had to crumble every bit of his flesh and bones before reshaping them to a new body. The pain he endured was not less than being ripped apart alive, which was totally unbearable. He definitely wanted Wei Chong dead after he put him through that hell, not to mention that he would have been killed already by this ruthless elder if it had not been for his Xiantian Skill.

All the suffering he had gone through was because of Wei Chong.

Further, Li Mu was never a saint who could return good for evil. Therefore, he certainly would let his enemy pay a price.

In truth, he was worried that it might be very hard to locate Wei Chong given that the headquarters of Qing Sha Clan were not close to Taibai Mountain and the members of that clan were rather mysterious. But to his relief, Wei Chong, who was avaricious for the flood dragon blood, had been lurking around in the dark and hurried to the county government on his own accord once he heard the news of Li Mu’s return.

In this way, Wei Chong simply walked into his trap.

At that thought, Li Mu could not help laughing out loud.

Wei Chong’s face hardened at his laughter. He snapped, “You rat, death is around the corner now, but why are you laughing so hard?”

“Hahaha, you’re so dumb. You could have chosen the path to heaven but you didn’t. Now, you’re on the road to hell. Wei Chong, today is your doomsday!” Shouted Li Mu. After that, he adjusted his breathing and the power inside of his body began to surge, especially the internal qi running through his spine.

But in the eyes of Zhao Ling and the other disciples of the Taibai Sword Faction, Li Mu’s laughter was a roar of a wrenched demon. They were more convinced that Li Mu was a despicable freak.

Upon hearing his threats, Wei Chong did not get angry. Instead, he was amused as he said, “Hahaha, scumbag, you can blabber for now. But later, all you can do is cry.”

He flicked his wrist and the chain wrapping around him suddenly began to slither forward like a black serpent. In an instant, the huge hammer started buzzing as a layer of black internal qi encrusted the chain and the hammer. The aura of the internal qi was evil and vicious, almost as suffocating as the black flames in hell.

At that scene, the expression of all the disciples and the other experts in the yard changed drastically.

Because they suddenly realized that the self-invited stranger was an expert with the power so horrible that it was completely beyond their imagination.

“Have another taste of skull cracking!” Roared Wei Chong.

With a flick of his hand, Wei Chong’s huge hammer lunged at Li Mu with great momentum.

A formidable growl of a dragon was heard. As airflow raged, the black huge hammer transformed into a thickly scaled black dragon. It bared its fang and raised its claws, then threw itself at Li Mu.

“He is at the peak of Master Realm!”

Zhao Ling gasped, her face paled at that blood-curdling power.

She was not the only one who turned pale. The rest of the martial arts cultivators on the scene also looked startled by the power Wei Chong demonstrated.

Apparently, the strength of this stranger was even more frightening than their most optimistic estimation.

He could release his internal qi to the outside and materialized it as a magical creature!

That was the symbol of the utmost level of the Great Master Realm.

“Terrific! Now Li Mu is a dead man.” An elder of the Sky Dragon Faction exclaimed with delight.

“With that one strike, Li Mu will be reduced to dust.” An elder of the Huya Faction sneered.

“I can finally avenge my son!” Zhou Zhenhai cheered. The unexpected advent of such a super powerful expert who was evidently hostile with Li Mu nearly made him jump for joy.

At the same time—


A voice sounded from the gate. Then, a waft of cyan wind passed by as a middle-aged warlock in cyan hurried in.

However, it was too late for him to stop the fight.

With faint moans of the black dragon, the black internal qi already enveloped Li Mu, who was still standing on his spot.

Now that the strike as so close and so well-angled, everyone thought Li Mu had no way to escape from it.


The gigantic hammer quaked as Li Mu was thoroughly drowned by the black internal qi.

“Hahaha, as I’ve said, this time you can’t get away. I will torture you and make you beg for a neat death.” Wei Chong cackled. The other end of the cold iron chain was wrapped around his arm, so he could feel the hammer had already hit its target through the vibration of the chain.

Cheers broke out from the young disciples of the Taibai Sword Faction and the experts of the other factions watching the battle.

“Are you sure?”

Li Mu’s voice rang, cold and unflustered.

Shortly, the black internal qi dissipated. People saw the ethereal black dragon began to wriggle in pain. Then, it was punched to the ground and disappeared.

Wei Chong’s pupils immediately narrowed in alarm.

On his opposite side, Li Mu was still standing on the top of the stone steps before the meeting chamber.

The only change of posture was that he had reached out a hand.

That was all.

Then, Li Mu slowly splayed his long fingers, each of which was as smooth as if it were made with pure jade. The five fair-skinned, mighty, and slender fingers, which seemed belong to a god, decisively clenched the black hammer.

“I warned you, you are walking to hell.”

Li Mu said in a very calm voice.

After that, his fingers closed shut and gave the hammer a little squeeze.


The iron-made huge hammer burst open as if it were a clay sculpture. It then shattered into pieces and fell to the ground.


Wei Chong could not believe what he just saw.

“How come it turned out like this?”

“Why did this little bastard get so strong?”

“A few days ago, I was still chasing him like chasing a dog, but now…”

“What on earth has happened during the past few days?”

“Could it be that… he has digested the flood dragon blood and gained its power?” Wei Chong, shocked by his defeat, started to muse.

On the other side of the yard, Zhou Zhenyue, the outer school elder of the Taibai Sword Faction, looked nearly as appalled as Wei Chong. His expression had been composed the entire time. But now, his face was written with incredulity, for he failed to recognize what kind of power Li Mu exercised in that critical moment.

The middle-aged warlock in cyan who hastily went through the gate of the yard was also rooted to the spot, gawking at Li Mu in astonishment.

On heels of that warlock came in a boy wearing a bright yellow robe with dragon patterns. His shining eyes were transfixed upon Li Mu, as if he was going to engrave Li Mu’s appearance in his momery.

As for those young disciples of the Taibai Sword Faction and the experts of factions like Sky Dragon Faction and Huya Faction, well, they had long been frozen on their spot with their mouth wide open, totally unable to believe what just happened.

When the fragments of the cold iron clanked to the earth, everyone’s heart vibrated with the pieces of iron.

Seeing his weapon was destroyed, a hint of grief emerged in Wei Chong’s eyes. The cold iron hammer was a weapon he poured in a great amount of time and energy to create. It had accompanied him for years and almost became as familiar as a part of his body. However, today, to his huge astoundment, it was wrecked in the most unexpected way and at the most unexpected place.

“You rat, I’m gonna kill you!” Flames blazing in his eyes, Wei Chong charged towards Li Mu.

The iron chain held in his hand was whipping dangerously like a poisonous black serpent.

The Zongshi Master-leveled expert moved as fast as a bolt of lightning. The others merely saw a shadow whirling past and Wei Chong was nowhere to be seen.

But the next second—


A rasping noise of air vibrating sounded.

Li Mu instantly vanished from sight.

He was moving, too, only at a faster speed.

His momentum was also greater than Wei Chong.


The sound of a sandbag being broken was heard.

Then, the audience saw Li Mu appeared up in the air, gripping the iron chain with one hand. Suddenly, he began to swing the chain. The movement threw Wei Chong off balance and forced him to fly with the chain.

“You are too weak to fight me!”

Li Mu bellowed in contempt. He brandished the chain again and threw Wei Chong against the ground.


The earth shuddered.

“You’re so weak that even I feel sorry for you.”

Li Mu kept whipping the chain with terrifying force. He tossed Wei Chong, who was on the other end of the chain, from one side to another as if he were the hammer. He let Wei Chong soar high in the sky and then landed him hard on the ground. With a series of whams, he repeated the process over and over again.

That scene was somehow solemn and stirring.

Wei Chong was certainly doomed.

Since the chain was fixed to his arm and he was being thrown in all directions, Wei Chong could not break free from it. Thus, he had no choice but to let Li Mu pull him around like a puppet.

By that time, the expert at the peak of the Master Realm totally became Li Mu’s toy.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous human-shaped dents emerged on the ground one after another.

The scene was too violent, too appalling.

Pieces of the floor tilestone were spattering and pounding on people’s nerves as loud rumbles quaked everyone’s eardrum. The sight of such a powerful Zongshi Master of martial arts dangling on the end of a chain like a toy made the eyes of the audience throb. The breath-taking fight practically put everyone’s mind blank, disabling them from thinking anything.

In the beginning, Wei Chong tried to break free. He howled, wriggled, and launched some far-fetched counterattack.

But soon, he lost his senses after several bad crashes. His protective internal qi was shattered, too. That caused his bones snapped during the repeated collisions, and he quickly started spitting mouthfuls of blood.

“Ow…” With an ear-splitting cry, Wei Chong tore off his troubled arm and finally got rid of the chain.

The overwhelming horror and the indescribable sense of helplessness disheartened this fighter thoroughly.

Now, the only thing he was thinking was how to flee.

But unfortunately, Li Mu left him no way out.

“You’re really… too weak.” Li Mu scorned.

He whizzed past the crowd like a bolt of lightning and stopped before Wei Chong. With a grab, he caught the expert by the neck and pelted towards the artificial hill ten meters away. With a deafening boom, he thrust Wei Chong head first into the colossal rock.

Instantaneously, the rock collapsed.

Pieces of stones and dust scattered across the yard.

Li Mu and Wei Chong were submerged by all the ashes.

As though bewitched, everyone widened their eyes and gaped at the flying ashes.

When the dust fell, Li Mu steadily stepped out of the mess.

Like a devil, he came to the front, still clutching the iron chain in one hand and hauling the unconscious Zongshi Master-leveled expert, Wei Chong, in the other hand, as though he was dragging a dead dog.

At that ghastly sight, all the spectators gasped.

Zhao Ling, the genius young female disciple of the Taibai Sword Faction, was wide-eyed and speechless, as if someone had cast a petrifying curse on her.

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