The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 122

Chapter 122 A Mistery Swordsman


“Don’t kill me.”

Late at night, a scream rose in the manor.

Ma San, who was sitting in the hall, changed his countenance.

“This monk come so soon?” A malevolent look took on his face, and he said, “Soldiers and guards of the government have not arrived yet. Try to keep the monk off. Try every means. No need to wait for the arrival of the government’s people. Just kill him.”

His voice had not faded away when Huang Yong stumbled in from the outside.

“Master Ma, a disaster is coming… Not… not the little monk. But it is… is…”

Before he could finish his words, a streak of bright Sword Qi shot briskly from outside and pierce through his heart from the back.

Huang Yong spat blood and sank to the ground. His body twitched, and soon he died.

Ma San broke into a cold sweat.

At that time, he realized that awful screams outside had completely disappeared.

Not only did the screams fade away, but also any sound were gone outside.

Only over 20 guards left with him while hundreds of ruffians who were guarding various gears and traps outside, as if swallowed up by the night, disappeared utterly without any sound at all.

What had happened?

Was it…

An unpalatable feeling welled up in Ma San’s heart.

Then, a white grateful figure, like a dark faery, came into sight by the wind.

In flowing dress, the figure, like a faery landing on the earth, could move to the gate of the hall from where the rockeries were located hundreds of meters away in a flash. She stepped in holding a chilly long sword in her hand.

“It’s you?”

Ma San was in great shock.

The little monk had not come yet, but the girl in white who appeared in Granny Cai’s vegetarian noodles stand came.

The girl in white clothes turned out to be such a horrible master.

An irrepressible chill struck Ma San on the spine.

As the old sayings went, “if you often walk around the river, you will get sprayed easily”, or “If you often walk at night, it is easy to encounter ghosts, Ma Sa used to domineer and ram amuck in the Ping’an town and never encountered a really ruthless person, so he handled things easily. But at present, he finally realized that he provoked the troublesome person who should not be provoked.

“Sword… swordwoman, calm down, I…” Ma San’s legs felt weak.

The woman in white clothes appeared unhurriedly. The hundreds of ambushes that Ma San had arranged were quiet. There was only one possibility—they had all been killed. From the screams to the present, just a time of enjoying a cup of tea had passed. Just the thought about it made Ma San shudder and terrified.

Not to mention hundreds of well-equipped sturdy men and various military equipment, traps, foggy smoke, and other means, even if they were a hundred of pigs, it still took time to kill them one by one. But in front of the woman in white clothes, his heelers were worse than pigs?

How horrible the woman’s techniques were!

“We… there may be some misunderstanding between us. I…” Ma San trembled and retreated slowly.

The woman in white clothes did not say anything. Night wind stirred her white veil to flow like the cold moonlight.

And the sword in her hand was like the streaming of water in cold autumn.

Step by step, she strode into the hall, like a killing goddess.

A sudden smirk rose on the corner of Ma San’s mouth. His hand suddenly pressed on the decoration of dragon-head shape on the armrest of the chair behind him.


The gear of a trap rang.

A fine steel cage suddenly fell from the roof and enveloped the woman right.


The fine steel cage hit the ground and let out a deafening sound.

In the cage, each fence as thick as a child’s arm was made by refined steel. And the interval between them was no more than one inch, even the newborn baby could not drill out from the interval. The top of the cage was a thick piece of iron that could seal up the cage compeletely.

“Ha ha ha, little girl, you are fooled.”

The shocked and frightened look disappeared from Ma San’s face. Instead, he burst out laughing smugly.

“In my manor, gears and traps are everywhere. Especially the hall has been set numerous traps. That’s why I am waiting for you in the hall. What can you do even if you have high martial arts and ability? Now you are still a bird trapped in the cage. Haha, Bitch. You’ve killed a lot of my brothers. I will not let go of you so easily. I will let you know that in this world, there are more terrible things than death. Hahaha!”

Between talks, the ruffians left in the hall had picked up military armor-breaking crossarrows. Sharp arrows with trigone heads were aimed at the woman in white clothes in the cage. Arrows were clustered ghastly.




Li Mu came to the gate of the manor and found that the gate of the manor had been broken open.

Inside came from a faint smell of blood.

“It should not be the wrong way. It is here.”

Ma San and his heelers were notorious in Ping’an town, so it was not hard to find out their address. Besides, there was seldom manor in the town as large as this one. So there was no possibility of going wrong or looking for the wrong.

However, it seemed that there had been a fight?

Li Mu was a little surprised.

He walked into the gate of the manor, only to notice dozens of figures standing stiffly on the main road and keeping the attacking postures. But they could not be found any trace of vitality but were just like sculptures.

Judging from their clothes and figures, Li Mu knew that they were dead ruffians.

“Swift sword.”

Looking at those ruffian’s wounds, Li Mu could not help but be astonished.

Every ruffian was pricked on the throat. And the wounds were just red dots as tiny as a grain.

What’s even more weird, every wound was frozen and sealed up by a thin icy frost so that blood was unable to flow from the wound. The sheet of frost seemed to be thin, but it had seeped into the corpse. Therefore, all the ruffians’ bodies had been frozen stiff and hard. Even if they had been dead, they still maintained their standing positions and did not fall.

Chilly Ice Sword?

Chilly Frost Sword?

Li Mu had some curiosity in his heart.

The person who killed those ruffians with sword was really awesome, and the sword moved extremely fast.

Li Mu had completed the practice of Dao-Drawing Chopping and Lightning Chopping of Wind-Cloud Six Moves. They were also incomparable fast chopping, but stressed on tremendous lethal power between choppings and required the chopping should be faster than the cultivator’s movement. However, it was hard to achieve the state where the cultivator left little trace just as the swordsmanship.

Because it demanded too sophisticated and skillful control of strength and speed, which Li Mu was unable to achieve temporarily.

“This swordsman’s swordsmanship is definitely the strongest I’ve ever seen. The Sky Dragon Sword of Dongfang Jian and other Fast Swords Masters are not worth mentioning compared to the mysterious swordsman.”

Li Mu had made a rough judgment in his heart.

Why did such a best of masters appear in the manor and attack the bunch of ruffians?

It also made him more curious.

He stepped up and followed the main road to the depths of the manor.

Along the way, he encountered many more corpses and various destroyed traps.

The defensive force and means in the manor were more ticklish than Li Mu had expected, which was just like a fortress. The air was thin with foggy smoke. In some places, quicklime powder was scattered densely; and in other places, fire was still burning with acrid gunpowder filling the air…

Ruffian’s corpses lay everywhere. Some were smashed to death by collapsed rockeries and buildings. Blood flow into small pools. The bloody smell that Li Mu once sensed did come from this area.

“The blood has not dried up yet. So the battle is just over.”

Li Mu took a rough look and had a conclusion in his heart.

He sped up.

Just as a hunter took delight in finding preys, Li Mu hoped to meet with the mysterious master whom he came across by chance.

Fighting was of great benefit to hone his own cultivation of martial art.

In the cave of the Nine-dragons Fall, Guo Yuqing once said to him that Guo Yuqing thought, Li Mu had extraordinary speed and strength, but lacked abundant changes of movements and had poor foundation. Therefore, he advised Li Mu to challenge some masters and to improve himself through more battles and deep comprehension of fighting techniques.

But before encountering the master this time, the most powerful master whom Li Mu once met was just Wei Chong, elder of the Qing Sha Clan. At that moment, Li Mu, driven by his fury, killed Wei Chong only with one hand. So it contributed little to steeling him.

The mysterious swordsman tonight seemed to be a good opportunity.

Li Mu demonstrated the body-lighting skill directly and hurried to the depths of the manor.

The core location of the hall came into sight soon. It was brightly lit, and a shrill cry came out of it vaguely.

“Ah, bitch! You… you cannot escape. Because my reinforcements are coming soon…” A shrilling roar rang. It was no one else but the head of the ruffians, Ma San.

Good, there was still time.

Li Mu was glad to hear that, and his figure, like a gust of wind, dashed into the hall in a blink.


A flash of sword stabbed head-on.

Li Mu was caught off guard and did not expect that he would be attacked since he just rushed in.

The sword was as quick as flash, bearing a momentum of Ninth-heaven thunderstorm and a force of chill frost.

“It is the mysterious swordsman.”

This thought flashed in Li Mu’s mind.

At the same time, his hands had already responded faster than his mind. He made a posture similar to a boy worshipping the Buddha, blocking the sword between the palms of his hands.

How formidable Li Mu’s physical strength was! The sword was caught between palms, and all of its momentum was deprived.

The person, who made the drawn sword, slightly tried to turn the long sword, but it did not work. So the person abandoned the long sword in the first time and used the fingers as a sword and stabbed Li Mu’s eyes straight.

Although the weapon was fingers in flesh rather than a sword, it still generated the sound like a dashing sword.

Sword Qi spurted out from the tips of the mysterious swordsman’s fingers, more powerful than the long sword.

Li Mu was shocked.

The person reacted so quickly.

He opened his palms, and the clenched long sword fell toward him. Then, his right hand ran the mental technique of Heart Heavenly Shoot immediately. The tip of his fingers had faint mental color and directly headed to opponent’s finger sword and blocked it, while his left hand fished backhand, trying to catch the sword.


The metals clashed and clanked slightly.

Li Mu only felt an icy mighty force charged toward him. With a shake on the tip of his fingers, the power of the Heart Heavenly Shoot was scattered off instantly.

Meanwhile, his left hand scooped nothing and failed to hold the falling long sword.

It turned out that the mysterious swordsman preceded him to regain the hilt of the sword.

With the sword in hand, the mysterious swordwoman let out a slight reprimand. Then, from the center of the palms, dazzling light radiated in all directions, and white rays of sword scattered down continuously, like flowers blossoming on the pear trees. Trenchant Sword Qi, like a violent storm, hung over Li Mu.


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