The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 123

Chapter 123 A Superior Master

“Damn it…”

Li Mu was frustrated by the opponent’s unceasing varieties of killing movements.

Obviously, the mysterious swordsman was quite similar to Li Mu in terms of strength and speed. In this case, where the opponent boasted a superhigh level of fighting techniques close to art, Li Mu’s disadvantages in combat experience and techniques were infinitely magnified.

Shadow of swords fell like fireworks, and mercury dropping to the ground.

At the very moment, Li Mu felt it was inevitable.

Fortunately, Li Mu had a big advantage—


At the crucial moment, he bowed his head, clasped his hands over his head, and curled up like a tortoise. Then he retreated at full speed.

Puff! Puff! Puff!

Just like the rain lashed broken leather, a series of strange sounds rang.

At that moment, a heavy muffled sound rang continuously from the place on Li Mu’s arms, chest and back. This was the feeling that a blade pierced on the body. Each stab seemed to have the impact over 2,000 to 3,000 kilograms, just like a ceaseless heavy hammer beating him. Then, Li Mu was also blown out.

“Stop! Stop! Stop! Please stop! Let’s talk first!”

Li Mu withdrew from the cover of the sword and shouted awkwardly.

Although he wanted to fight with the mysterious swordsman to exchange technique, it did not mean he liked being abused.

What’s more, the person was too mean. Li Mu thought he just came to do a good deed and shared the same purpose with the swordsman. But how could the swordman attack him sneakily without any reasons? It was too unexplainable.

“It’s you? Master Che Duan?”

Another unexpected sound rang.

Shadow of the swords in the sky disappeared instantly.

Li Mu immediately realized who the speaker was.

Because such beautiful voice was easy to distinguish.

He looked up and definitely saw a woman wearing white clothes and a veil standing gracefully in front like a fairy. She was dressed in a white female sword suit, so clean and white that she looked like a figure of bright snow in the illuminative and messy hall. She seemed to reflect the brilliance of the lights, with a ring of white light around her.

“It’s you?”

Li Mu let out an exclamation cooperatively.

And then, he looked down at his arm and the place between the chest and abdomen, only to find that his clothes were punctured. The mighty icy Sword Qi shattered the cloth into pieces and made them on Li Mu in disorder, revealing Li Mu’s packs of muscles which were as brawny and tight as white jade sharpened by an axe.

Li Mu was still very proud of his body shape and muscles.

Having succeeded in cultivating the first level of “Zhenwu Boxing”, he built up himself into a lean but well-built shape. But the problem at present was that besides muscle, his chest and back were spotted with scratches of all sizes, as if they had been deliberately cut with a knife. And blood seeped out from the scratches.

“Amitabha. Patroness, you and I once had a good connection. Why do you want to kill me when seeing me?”

Li Mu regained the stupid look of the little monk.

Good connection?!

An embarrassed look took on her face under her veil immediately.

Since when was it counted as good connection as having the same bowl of noodles in the same noodle stall? If those words had not come out from the little monk, she would have gone ballistic instantly.

“Didn’t we? We helped people together.” Li Mu said.

In fact, he was extremely shocked in his heart.

Tonight, at Granny Cai’s vegetarian noodles stand, Li Mu had found that the woman in white clothes was remarkable in her skill, but he did not expect that she was so mighty.

Li Mu’s physical strength now had reached the extreme of cultivating body in this world. Though stabbed and cut, his body would not be broken. But the sword in the white-clothes woman’s hand was merely a common refined-steel sword. But demonstrated by her swordsmanship, it could prick through his skin membrane and into the muscles…

Well, it seemed that the fighting techniques of martial art in this world could not be underestimated.

As Li Mu said, he shook his body slightly, and then all the torn clothes were open, leaving the sturdy and perfect naked upper part of his body.

“You…” The woman in white called at a low voice with a hint of transient fluster, “Little monk, what are you doing? Put on your clothes now!” After all, she was a woman of status and honor. She had never encountered a man stood in front, naked above the waist.

Li Mu answered sourly, “Amitabha. My clothes are all smashed into pieces by you, patroness. How can I wear it? And I can’t hang it on my body.” It was his well-designed clothes, a limited edition in Taibai County.

At the same time, Li Mu felt that a hint of coldness went on the wound as if some demonic things infiltrated into the bone marrow and blood vessels.

It should be the chilly qi embraced in the woman’s swordsmanship.

At the entrance of the manor, those ruffians were frozen like ice cube zombies by the chilly foggy qi which seeped into his body. How horrible it was!

“Besides, Patroness, please take a closer look. I’ve almost been pricked into a sifter by you. And the cold qi scraped in my wound… Sneeze, I am frozen.” Li Mu looked at sword marks all over his body and shivered deliberately, as he said miserably.

It was imagined that embarrassment appeared on the woman’s face under the veil at that time.

She explained instinctively, “I thought you were one of Ma San’s reinforcement.”

Before the death, Ma San claimed that his reinforcements were coming soon. Just at that moment, Li Mu arrived as quickly as a flashlight, but there was no fluctuation of internal qi inside him just like those dead ruffians. Therefore, the woman in white attacked him, and misunderstanding happened.

“Amitabha. Patroness, please look more carefully.” Li Mu took on a look of grievance and said, “If I am not strong enough, have I become the soul claimed by your sword? Amitabha, patroness, you’re so rush and careless. You must be inadequate in mental cultivation. You almost made a big mistake. Amitabha, patroness. People cannot be resurrected once dead. You need to pay more attention in the future.”

The woman in white clothes was speechless.

She did not think that based on her status, she would be reproached by a little silly monk.

But what the little monk said was exactly right.

“Why are you here?” The woman shifted the topic awkwardly.

Li Mu said, “Amitabha. It is a long story about it. Ma San sent ruffians to kill Granny Cai and her granddaughter. And I happened to discover it, so I came up to punish them and had a ruffian named Huang Yong to tell Ma San that I would release Ma San’s soul from purgatory tonight…”

Then, he expatiated what had happened in the slums along the river.

Upon hearing it, the woman in white could not help but feel fear.

The bunch of ruffians dared to do things in such an unscrupulous and crazy manner.

Tonight, having been delayed by something else, she could hurry to uproot the gangs with Ma San as the leader. But out of her expectation, there was such a story behind the scene. So in other words, Granny Cai and her granddaughter might have died because of the gold that she had given out by carelessness if the little monk had not come across it…

Well, no. There would not be so many coincidences.

In fact, the woman in white was so intelligent that she finally reacted. The little monk with the Buddhist name of Luan Lai did not probably turn up in the slums by chance. Instead, he guarded there secretly, waiting for the windfalls.

In other words, the little monk had foreseen everything.

If she had not appeared tonight and killed Ma San and his heelers, the little monk would also have demonstrated his frightening techniques. Judging from what the little monk had displayed before, he was really able to kill them all.

The little monk was not so stupid as he looked like.

“Little monk, did you kill people?” The woman in white clothes said, “Aren’t you a monk? You cherish the moth by covering the lampshade, and value ants’ life when sweeping the ground. You killed people?” Thinking about the little monk’s foolish appearnce in the noodle stand, she could not believe it. How could such a silly monk kill several ruffians?

“Amitabha. Pantroness, you’re wrong. I am not killing.” Li Mu chanted the name of Buddha.

The woman in white clothes was not a person of many words nor curiosity. But at that moment, although she knew that the monk was talking nonsense, she still wanted to ask, “You’re not killing? Well, you’re saving?”

“Very good indeed! Very good indeed! Patroness does have extraordinary comprehension. You’re right. I am saving them. My mentor is Master Jiu Mozhi, a wise man in Dalun Temple in the snowy mountain and state preceptor of Tibetan Kingdom. The senior sage always instructs me that there is no need to bear any longer if your patience is gone out. Buddha both has mercy for others and punishes the evil. Buddha is both of benevolence and violence. I am eradicating evil deeds, not evil persons. I am killing evil creatures for protecting living creatures…” Li Mu was talking rubbish and then said righteously, “So I am not killing people but saving them and eradicating crimes. The crimes on them. To help them release souls from purgatory and head to the Western Paradise. It is an infinitely merciful act.”

Looking at Li Mu’s sincere face, the woman thought for a while and said, “I got it.”

“Patroness, what have you got?”

“I finally got that your first Buddhist name is Che Dan, not Che Dan.” Her tone sounded ironic. She was wondering what kind of wise men would give his disciple the Buddhist names as “Che Dan” and “Luan Lai” in a row. Or was the little monk talking nonsense?

“Amitabha, my first Buddhist name is ‘Che Dan’. Because my mentor thought I am a chatterbox, always saying something useless.” Li Mu began performing and babbling, “But I don’t think so. Every word I speak out should be of some significance. Many people cannot make themselves understood when speaking. If analyzed carefully, these words are ambiguous. Take a number of Buddhist classics and doctrine passed down by Buddha as examples, I think, every classic embraces its unique Buddhism. But different monks will perceive different Buddhism from the same Buddhist book. That’s because the Buddha has not expounded the doctrines in a specific and careful way. The words are so much that ambiguity is caused…”

“Stop!” The woman shouted directly.

This little monk was really good at talking nonsense.

She had a sense of madness in which dozens of flies fluttered in the ears.

“Those ruffians are all dead. And the things come to an end here. Little monk, let’s meet again someday.” She did not want to stay with this little monk any longer. Her mental state had been cultivated well, but she almost lost her temper when staying with this stupid and talkative person.

“Wait for a moment. Patroness, you forget something important.” Li Mu waved his hands and said in a hurry.

The woman stopped and asked, “What?”

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