The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 124

Chapter 124 Patroness, Please Wait for a while

“Amitabha. Patroness, how about the wounds on me?” Li Mu pointed the dense wounds on his body as if it was smashed by a knife, and the wounds covered with light blue frost.

The woman in white let out a sigh inwardly.

She did forget that matter.

Mainly because the little monk had the magic to drive her crazy. She could swear that just within a short time when she talked with him, she had made more lapses than she would make in one or two months in total. Besides, the little monk was nake on the upper body, which especially made her intolerable.

“To remove them with internal qi.” The woman in white answered.

Generally speaking, the kind of frosty internal qi could kill ruffians’ lives definitely. But it was another case for first-class masters who had the ability over Master Realm. After battles, all they needed to do was just to readjust their breath, then they could get rid of the wounds. Judging from their furious fight, the woman in white could feel that Li Mu certainly had the combating power in the level of Zongshi Master. So it was out of the question to dispel frosty Sword Qi.

Li Mu said with a bitter look, “Amitabha. Patroness, I haven’t cultivated internal qi.”

A surprised look took on the woman’s face.

But with more thought, she felt that there had not been any fluctuations of internal qi inside the little monk during their battle just now.

So did he confront her sword triggered by her internal qi with his physical strength?

The woman was shocked about her thought and could not help but think more highly of the little monk’s powerful physical strength.

However, the problem was coming—the little monk did not know internal qi, and how could he remove the frosty Sword Qi in his body?

Did she have to heal him personally?

Although he was a monk, he was also a genuine man. It was improper for men and women to touch each other’s hand in passing objects.

“Amitabha. Patroness. I’ve noticed your swordsmanship and found that it is like flowing shooting stars, dropping water from the sky, and heavy shower beating the banana tree. It is the rarest swordsmanship that I’ve seen now… Before the New Year, when my mentor Jiu Mozhi asked me to go down the mountain, he enjoined me to meet heroes in the world and observe the fighting techniques on martial art. So I have an unreasonable request. Could you please pass on the swordsmanship to me?”

Li Mu opened his mouth and said shamelessly.

In his heart, he showed great envy to the swordsmanship that the woman in white had just shown.

Undoubtedly, it was the most terrible swordsmanships he had ever seen. If he could transform swordsmanship into broadswords, it would be a huge supplement to the integration of his Wind-Cloud Six Moves.

The woman in white thought a little, nodded and said, “Okay.”

She did agree.

In her palms, brilliance shone. And then a silk blue booklet floated from her palms and flew toward Li Mu.

Li Mu raised his hand to catch, and the blue booklet fell into his hand, whose cover read Flowing Wind Swordsmanship.

He opened it and took a glance. There was an introduction on the title page. Unbelievably, it was a swordsmanship book of the fifth-class middle level. The book’s grade gladdened Li Mu’s heart. Flowing Wind Swordsmanship undoubtedly was the one that he had ever seen with the highest grade. Although he had robbed and cheated a number of secret books from Sky Dragon Faction, Huya Faction, and other factions, no one could compare to it. The book was just second to Heart Heavenly Shoot passed by Guo Yuqing.

But totally different from Heart Heavenly Shoot which mainly emphasized on the concept and mental cultivation and was similar to Way, Mysterious Frost Swordsmanship was a technique that could be used to fight and kill in a close distance. Therefore, for Li Mu, the latter one had more reference value.

“Thank you, patroness.” Li Mu did not have too high expectation. After all, Wulin’s secret books were so precious, let alone the fighting technique at the fifth-class middle level. The common sect did not have that technique at all. So when he asked for it, he had been prepared for a preposterous price. But to his surprise, she just gave it to him. It was an unexpected surprise. Thus, he said to her earnestly, “Amitabha, young and kind patroness. Buddha will bless you all the best and a perfect marriage.”

“This secret book is to compensate you for the injuries you have suffered.”

The woman in white was actually unwilling to say more. And when she heard the word “marriage” from Li Mu’s mouth, embarrassment appeared again on her face. More unwilling to stay there any longer, she turned around and left.

However, how could Li Mu let go of such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to consult with such a master?

The woman in white performed as well as Guo Yuqing, and she was also a rare master. So he seized the opportunity, went up and said, “Amitabha. Patroness, please wait for a while. I have a great puzzle in my heart and want to ask you for advice.”

The white woman felt her head was going to explode, controlled her impatience and said, “What else do you want to say?”

Even the woman in white herself felt that her performance was a bit abnormal today.

“I just glanced through the Flowing Wind Swordsmanship and found that there was not any initial approach to cultivating frosty Sword Qi. But why could Patroness demonstrate the movements transformed by frosty Sword Qi transformation?” asked Li Mu.

Although Li Mu could not cultivate internal qi, he spent a lot of thought and time studying internal qi.

According to the mainstream theories in the secret books that he had collected, most of the warriors of internal qi, to condense the internal qi of chilly ice or flame properties, had to cultivate themselves in certain environments of specific properties in the world, where they could cultivate and foster their internal qi. For example, to cultivate chilly ice property needed to go to the place all covered with ice and snow while to cultivate fire property required the parched environment, and so forth.

It made Li Mu confused.

Did it mean that to cultivate internal qi of the soil property required the cultivation in the soil?

And to cultivate the internal qi of the wood property required sitting on the tree branches?

He did not have time to ask Guo Yuqing about this question last time. And now, after witnessing the woman in white’s frosty Sword Qi, he was puzzled by the question again. So he asked the question when enquiring for the secret book.

“Frosty Sword Qi is the result of my contemplation. And it had has nothing to do with Flowing Wind Swordsmanship.” Having finished words, the woman turned around and left.

“Contemplation?” Li Mu asked in surprise.

But it was the first time he had heard so.

He felt he was vaguely grasping something.

“Patroness, wait… Well, how to contemplate?” Li Mu continued to ask questions cheekily.

The woman in white stopped again and said, “You mentor is the host of Dalun Temple of Snow Mountain and the wise man in the world. He can impart you the Buddha’s golden body. Hasn’t he taught how to contemplate?”

“Well… in the Dalun Temple of Snow Mountain, there are no other martial arts fighting techniques besides the Buddha’s golden body.” Li Mu said sincerely on the surface, but shameless inwardly.

What a strange sect.

The woman thought for a while, took a red thick book from the storage bracelet in her wrist and threw to Li Mu. She said, “There are some initial approaches to contemplation on this book. If you’re interested, you can study it. But the premise of the contemplation is to cultivate internal qi. If not, you can’t have adequate spirit. So whether you can learn and grasp it or not depends on your luck.”

Li Mu’s lit up, raised his hand and caught it.

This red booklet named Talks on Contemplation seemed to be a secret book on theory, in which there were common ideas about initial approaches to contemplation, but not a specific elaboration of certain contemplating skills. But it was normal. Judging from the woman’s tone, contemplating skill was rarer than that of cultivating qi and fighting skills. The woman in white could not be so generous and presented others with an advanced contemplating technique at the entry level.

The woman in white turned and left.

Li Mu raised his hand subconsciously and said, “Hey, patroness, please stay. I…”

“Shut up.” The woman in white couldn’t help but reproached him.

She looked at this little monk who seemed to be stupid and could not tolerate he kept saying “Patroness, wait.” The babbling was extremely irritating to the ear. Before Li Mu said more, she transformed into a flash of flowing light, shot out of the hall and disappeared quickly in the distance like a flung star.

Li Mu couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

An interesting woman.

The woman was bound to be born in a dignified family. Otherwise, she could not have presented the swordsmanship technique at the fifth-class middle level without too many thoughts and even left Talks on Contemplation.

Li Mu himself had not expected that he could have such a harvest as he meant to “realise Ma San’s soul from purgatory” tonight.

If all the superiors on martial art in the world would be as enthusiastic, generous and benevolent as the woman in white, it would be great.

Li Mu thought shamelessly.

And then, he began measuring the hall with eyes.

A dozen of ruffians holding military armor-breaking crossbows had been frozen to death on the ground, even an arrow had been shot out. And the chief criminal, Ma San, was seated stiffly on the high chair after the big table, and his chest had been pierced through by a sword mark. Apparently, he had already died without doubts.

All the ruffians in the manor were killed.

“The woman in white is a ruthless woman as well. She killed so many people without a break just like killing pigs.” Li Mu let out a sigh. But as a matter of fact, if the woman in white had appeared, Li Mu would also have killed these ruffians. Because they were scums and would be scourged in the town if they were alive.

Li Mu continued to his observation.

He felt curious. By all rights, there was not a large number of population in Ping’an Town, compared to Taibai County. However, plenty of ruffians gathered in Ping’an County. The number was not normal. Why were there so many young and middle-aged loafing people packing in such sparsely populated town?

Moreover, no matter how terrific Ma San was, he was still a leader of ruffians. How could he organize so many to work themselves for him and own a large amount of military equipment in his hand?

As Li Mu thought that in his heart, he began searching the hall as usual to see whether he could find any secret books about martial art. Anyway, for the secret books, the more, the better.

Li Mu did not have wise means to search. But he did not watch various TV on the earth for nothing. After some exploration, he did find something, some secret organs.

Crack crack!

A gear snapped.

As Li Mu twisted a round pen holder on the table, the big chair under Ma San’s corpse rotated and moved to the sides, revealing a hidden door that allowed one to pass and led to the deep underground. But Li Mu did not know what was in the depths.


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