The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 133 - One Used to Say to Me Like This

Chapter 133 One Used to Say to Me Like This

“What do you mean?”

Li Xiong looked back at Li Mu and instinctively felt that it was not good.

Li Mu smiled and said, “The literal meaning.”

After that, Li Mu took act.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

As some kind of sound improper to small kids rose, companions of Li Xiong, the First Young Master of Chang’an Mansion, like puppets with broken strings, were slapped to fly out. Consequently, their well-fed bodies made a long parabola in the air. Until they fell in the mud outside the courtyard walls that they didn’t scream.

There was only Li Xiong alone in the original place.

As Li Xiong looked at Li Mu’s smile, his cold sweat flowed down immediately.

“Are… are you crazy?” he glared at Li Mu, said with inward timidity, “If doing like this, you are burning bridge yourself. Do you know who they are? Among them, each family has the power to destroy you, but you…”

Li Mu waved his hand and directly interrupted his words, “Do you know what I hate most?”

“What?” Li Mu asked subconsciously.

“What I hate most is that others are pretending to be powerful in front of me, especially the clumsy exaggeration like you do. Who are you? You dared to talk to my mother in such a manner. Eh? Go back to learn more, and don’t act before me till your acting skill is mature.” Li Mu grinned, revealing his white teeth, and warned, “As a punishment for your failure, you have to be slapped twice…”

Slap! Slap!

Two slaps.

Li Xiong’s figure was then immediately slapped to fly out towards outside of courtyard walls.

“Farewell,” Li Mu said as waving his hands.

However, at this moment, unexpected changes occurred.

A figure, like lightning, came up from the distance in a flash, caught Li Xiong’s body in the air and landed in the courtyard. During the whole process, he moved so fast as was like the the falcon swooped down as soon as the hare was flushed out. His skills were super brilliant.

At the same time, outside the courtyard wall came a loud footstep in the lane.

A large number of black-armored soldiers, armed to teeth, with numerous Chinese broadswords and spears, encircled the courtyard from all sides. Hence, in the floating smoke, the small and low-lying crumbling earthen walls were all pushed down. The figures of the archers and the strong pickpockets, jumping over the clods, rushing into the yard, kneeling on one knee, and straightening all the bows and arrows, targeted Li Mu and other people in the courtyard.

The atmosphere suddenly became very tense.

Zheng Cunjian, who curled up in the darkness, secretly glanced at Li Mu and wanted to ask if he needed his help.

However, Li Mu’s expression was as usual and he did not have any intention for his help.

Consequently, Zheng Cunjian stopped other intentions.

He had recognized that it was black armor soldiers, elites of west-city government organ, that came, and the figure, which saved Li Xiong in the air, was Zhou Yiling, general of west-city government organ in Chang’an. He, 36 years old, was a core disciple of the Sixth-level Sect, Traceless Sect, with unparalleled Lightness Skill and hidden-weapon skill. He was not only the master who could rank top ten in the west area of Chang’an, but also a super-class elite of Master Realm.

As he had seen Li Mu fiercely beat and attack Wei Chong, the elder of Qing Sha Clan, Zheng Cunjian didn’t think Zhou Yiling could fight with Li Mu.

However, Zhou Yiling, as a sixth-level martial officer, controlled 1000 black armour soldiers, with strong power and influence. Although his status was much higher than Li Mu’s, seventh-level county magistrate, he couldn’t defeat him by alone.

Zheng Cunjian waited and saw.

At this time, the young people who had been slapped out before had already returned, and they were covering their faces with hands and with a fierce look. They stared at Li Mu, anxious to cut him into pieces.

“Officer Zhou, you can’t let him go.”

“Archery, shoot him.”

“Little bastard, behave atrociously in Chang’an. Remember that I, “World-destruction Sword “Zhou Yu, and son of the president of Changan Dafeng chamber of commerce, will kill you today.”

“And I, as cold as ice and as freezing as snow, “Peerless Swordsman”Zhang Chuixue and young owner of Heaven Sword Martial Club.”

For the rich and young people, they introduced themselves one by one, and naturally thought they had totally mastered Li Mu’s destiny.

“You really… disappoint me,” Li Xiong, with two clear palm prints on his face, looked at Li Mu sinisterly, but pretended to be sorrowful, saying, “I gave you chances again and again, but you didn’t cherish them. You, in such a manner, will certainly disappoint father. I guess that you need to go to jail for meditation.”

“First Young Master,” Zhou Yiling nodded and said, “My honor, I am late, please pardon me.” Although Li Xiong had no official rank, after all, he was the most loved son of the magistrate of the prefecture, Li Gang, and was regarded as his successor, so he dared not to neglect him.

Li Xiong shook his head and said, “It has nothing to do with General Zhou. I didn’t think that this evil person was so stubborn, nor do I know where he learned the black art to act wildly here… Alas, I am also wrong, since I didn’t have the ability to ask him to stay and educate him… Hey, General Zhou, I still have to trouble you today to take him down. Put him in West-city Jail to calm down.”

“First Young Master is benevolent and honest. I really admire you,” Zhou Yiling said as he nodded.

The other young people, when hearing Li Xiong say this, no longer shouted.

Li Xiong said again, “General Zhou, this bastard has various plots, so you must take care. You don’t need to beat him tenderly so long as he is alive. It doesn’t matter if you injure him, which can be regarded as a lesson.”

Zhou Yiling nodded as if thinking about something, and then replied, “Understand.”

The words that it didn’t matter if he was injured meant that he must injure him as a lesson.

For this point, how couldn’t Zhou Yiling, sophisticated man, know it?

While Li Mu just looked on the act of Li Xiong and others coldly on one side during the whole process.

“You surely have forgotten your lesson.”

Li Mu, who should cooperate with these people to act, wasn’t aware of it. He glared for a while, felt boring, held his mother up, and told to Grassy, “Sister Grassy, take my mom into the house.” “In case that battle might hurt her.”

“I stay here to accompany you. If you are jailed, I will go with you,” Li Mu’s mother held his hands tightly, in case that her son might leave.

Grassy was also quite anxious.

“Eight years ago, Young Master had words with the magistrate of the prefecture in this way, but ultimately he was driven out and cut off the relationship with his father. If he troubled once more, what scary thing would happen under the fury of his honor.”

After meditating for a while, Li Mu changed another way, saying, “Mom, I am a little hungry. So, can you make a bowl of plain noodles? Are there noodles at home?”

“Yes. Yes. When Grassy came here, she brought flour,” Li Mu’s mother answered. These years, to make plain noodle for his son, which was his favorite food, was her earnest wish. However, under the current situation… she somewhat hesitated.

Li Mu said with a smile, “Mom, don’t worry. It is fine. I will talk to them for a while. It’s very easy to solve the problem. Don’t worry, but be confident of your son.”

His mother hesitated a bit, but ultimately, held by Grassy, who was also extremely worried, went into the house to make noodles.

“Young master, be careful,” Grassy even did not forget to remind Li Mu.

She was a kind and loyal girl.

Li Mu thought that after this matter was finished, he must find a good marriage for Grassy, so as not to treat such a simple and loyal girl unfairly.

“Li Mu, allow yourself to be arrested without offering any resistance.”

Zhou Yiling slowly stepped forward.

He didn’t do anything, but there had been already a turbulent flow of internal qi around his body. Within three meters of his footsteps, the dust on the ground, as if losing gravity, floated up, like the tiny leaves rolled up by traceless flows, swirling in the air, which seemed strange and unique.

It was the super-class masters of this realm that could release the internal qi outside in flash, create the field of internal qi around their bodies, and form the great spirit to protect themselves. However, the ordinary strong people of Joint-qi level even couldn’t break this invisible body-protecting spirit, let alone fight with masters at Zongshi Master level.

Besides, once the field of internal qi was made, intangible and powerful pressure would be formed, causing opponents enormous mental pressure.

This was also the highlight of releasing internal qi outside for masters of Master Realm.

Zhou Yiling was such a super-class master of Master Realm.

Moreover, he was from the army, so in the internal qi field, there was a kind of atmosphere featuring heroic battle. It seemed that there was a breath featuring battle between thousands of troops, and the deterrence was even stronger.

All people were confident of Zhou Yiling.

Those rich and young men, such as Zhang Chuixue and Zhou Yu, had secretly discussed the ways to torture Li Mu for the purpose of revenge, after Li Mu was caught by Zhou Yiling.

“If I take act, I am afraid that I can’t control it and hurt you.” Zhou Yiling’s qi immediately targeted Li Mu.

As for this young man who was lack of any fluctuation of internal qi around his body, Zhou Yiling thought him too weak.

Li Mu smiled unconsciously and replied, “Oh, Master Realm. You can be regarded as a master, but you aren’t able to fold my hands for capture.”

Zhou Yiling’s eyelid moved slightly.

“He should see through my martial art realm at one glance.”

“Is Li Mu really a master who hides his own strength?”

“That’s impossible. He actually is lack of any master’s qi.”

As the worry wave around Zhou Yiling moved like the wave on the mirror surface in flash, Zhou Yiling said, “I know you are Taibai county magistrate and have defeated people like ‘Iron Hand Holding up the Sky’ and ‘Sky Dragon Sword’, but this isn’t the capital that you can be arrogant in front of me… Let me introduce myself. I am Zhou Yiling, defense-preparation general of west city government organ, and I am sixth-level official, one level higher than yours.”

“Oh, it turns out that my reputation has already reached Chang’an, huh, huh, good, good.” Li Mu smiled, thinking that the things in Jianghu were spread fast.

“Your reputation is not worth mentioning. You should fold your hands for capture. Otherwise, you have no time to regret it.” Zhou Yiling stepped closer, and his powerful momentum engulfed Li Mu, like a mountain crashing to him.

“Oh oh, there was also a master of Zongshi Master level telling me like this,” Li Mu said indifferently, “it is a pity that he couldn’t even resist one punch. Now, the grass on his grave should be one inch high.”


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