The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 135 - Deliberate

Chapter 135 Deliberate

At this flash, Li Xiong and his partners suddenly understood the connotation of Zhou Yiling’s eyes when he left.

Yes. They were really a group of idiots.

They should fancy that strong arrows and crossbows, which were used to deal with the common Wulin elites, could defeat a super-class master of Mater Realm. Weren’t they idiots?

No wonder that Zhou Yiling was as anxious as a refugee to leave.

In fact, he had judged that not only he couldn’t fight against Li Mu, but even all the Black-armour soldiers and others on the spot couldn’t succeed in unity. If it were not for Li Mu didn’t want to kill people in his mother’s yard, all the people in the yard might die.

The looks of the officiallings and the rich young men were either black or pale.

The trap they set today was made for others, but they didn’t expect that they not only failed but also were attacked.

They had no way to back down since they were in a dilemma.

“How? Don’t you get out? Do you want me to kill you?” Li Mu was impatient.

“You… well,” Li Xiong’s face was ghostly pale or ruddy, and he finally bit his teeth, saying, “It turns out that you, bastard, are even so bold and dare to leave Taibai County for Chang’an without informing father. In fact, you are secretly practicing such martial art… Hey, for today’s things, I will make it clear to father,” Li Xiong gnashed his teeth in hatred in mind, but he looked righteous, saying, “As a son, you even despise of morality. Li Mu, don’t be proud for too long and don’t think that the strength of Master Realm is great. There are people in Chang’an who can deal with you.”

After that, he looked at the other friends around him and said, “Let’s go.”

They turned around and were about to leave.

But at this time, Li Mu suddenly changed his mind.

“Fuck. I, for mercy, try to let you go, but you even force yourself to exaggerate in front of me before departure. Don’t you want to stop calling me a bastard, do you?”

“Stop,” he spoke.

Everybody stopped.

The few officiallings and second-generation rich men were shocked at the same time, and an unspeakable fear came to mind.

If these arrogant officiallings and silver-spoon young men, at the beginning, totally ignored Li Mu, even if they knew Li Mu was county magistrate of Taibai County and had administrative missions, then, after Li Mu defeated Zhou Yiling, elite of Master Realm, and even displayed the powerful strength of turning branch into a knife and cutting off over 10 arrow strings at one time, they currently not only didn’t look down upon Li Mu, but also even be imprinted with deep revere.

In the world where the strength was the most important, everyone felt that masters of Master Realm were like a mountain which was unlikely to shake.

“How? Do you want to kill me? Hey, if you want to kill your brother, come on,” Li Xiong was extremely terrified, but he sneered, using words to block Li Mu.

Beyond doubt, First Young Master, who was valued by Li Gang, the governor of the prefecture, was really articulate and crafty.

“Killing the kind of hypocritical war slag like you will pollute my hands,” Li Mu sneered disdainfully, then said, “You bastards harassed my mother and overturned my mother’s yard walls. Is it really merciful of me to let you go? I changed my mind. Each of you leaves a thousand gold as compensation, otherwise, you can’t leave, but can ask your families to save you.”

“One thousand gold?” Zhang Chuixue screamed and roared, “Why don’t you grab it?”

Li Mu laughed and replied, “Because I think it may be easier to get rich in this way than to grab.”

“You are blackmailing! It is extortion,” Zhou Yu said, dissatisfied, “this is a criminal act that violates imperial law.”

Li Mu threw up his hands, replying, “Deny. I just ask for a normal claim. After all, the grass and trees in the yard and the yard walls, which carry the beautiful memories between my mother and me are ruthlessly destroyed by you, so you should pay the price.”

As Li Xiong’s look was so dim that sweat could fall down, he replied, “Bastard, do you know what you are doing?”

Li Mu’s face became cold, and he warned, “Call me bastard again, don’t you believe I will twist off your head as a football?” “Gosh, what’t the hell? These words seem to be said smoothly tonight. I spoke it again. Well. It is fine so long as they can intimate them.”

Li Xiong heard the words, sneered, and was about to refute.

However, Wangcai, servant of Zheng Family, rushed over and whispered to Li Xiong. Then, Li Xiong’s face instantly became pale. He turned to look at the headless corpse of Zheng Tianliang on the ground in the distance and then looked at Wangcai, finally forcing himself to bear without any words.

In the end, Li Xiong and other partners all respectively gave Li Mu a thousand gold, left the gold receipts, and then left with black-armored soldiers.

Even though they were the officiallings and silver-spoon people, their money had been all plundered.

After everyone evacuated, Li Mu counted the gold receipts and laughed.

As each person gave one thousand gold, Li Xiong and his partners would offer a total of more than 10 thousand gold, which was the gold receipt of the World Chamber of Commerce. The receipt could be exchanged in the three empires, and even in grassland or antarctic places, which could be regarded as a huge number of wealth. They were even more precious than the wealth he racketeered from Wulin people.

“Does this mean I make a fortune?”

Li Mu, totally void of the demeanor of super-class master at Zongshi Master level, counted the gold receipts like RMB. The cash and the receipts were money, and the pile of cheques was equal to 10 million yuan. No man could be rich without a windfall, and no horse be strong without night grass. He might obtain a windfall today.

“Young Master, the noodle is done… Hey, did those people leave?” Grassy came out of the thatched cottage with a surprised look.

Li Mu put away these gold receipts, and said, “Oh. They are all civilized. They left after convinced.”

Grassy was a bit dubious but felt relieved finally.

A while later, the oil lamp was lit in the thatched cottage.

The light was yellow and swaying.

The low black table was padded with a few pieces of blue bricks, on which a bowl of plain noodles with a few chopped oil green onions. The noodle gave off a faint scent under the dim light, leading Li Mu to feel really a bit hungry.

However, on the table, there was only one bowl of noodles.

“Mother, let’s have two more bowls to eat together,” Li Mu said casually.

“Mu’er, you eat. Eat more. I am not hungry,” A smile appeared on his mom’s face.

Servant Grassy also said, “Yes. Young Master, you eat them. I have eaten something in Zheng Mansion before I came here…” before she finished her words, her stomach was growling for hungry. Thus, this girl, at about 18 or 19 years old, flushed instantly.

Li Mu sighed.

He had already seen that all the noodles in the house and all the ingredients could be used only enough to make this bowl of noodles, so there was no second bowl of noodles.

This was poverty.

Moreover, if Li Mu remembered well, it was this bowl of noodles that relied on the flour brought by Grassy from Zheng family. In daily life, Li Mu’s mother in the weekdays basically didn’t cook. After all, a blind old man wasn’t able to make some handwork or so some laundry to earn money. Without Grassy’s care, she might have starved.

“Mu’er, eat. Your most favorite food is noodles made by me, right?” The face of Li Mu’s mother showed kindness and satisfaction.

But Li Mu knew that she was still hungry.

“Is this the mother’s love?”

Li Mu’s nose was sour.

He did not refuse but ate mouthfully. Thus, the noodles were finished at one breath.

His mother smiled.

She seemed to be able to see her son eating noodles.

Within her smile were satisfaction and happiness.

It seemed that in the dim light, in this plain thatched cottage, and in this muddy residential area, it was also unprecedented happiness to ‘listen’ to her son eat up the bowl of noodles.

“Young Master is finally back. If Xia Ju and other sisters know it, they will be very happy,” Grassy could not help but say these words, and her delicate face was full of regrets.

An idea suddenly struck Li Mu.

On the information papers written by Zheng Cunjian and Li Bing were some things about Li Mu’s mother. When she was just driven out of the mansion of the magistrate of the prefecture, she had four personal servant girls, namely Grassy, Xia Ju, Qiu Yi, and Dong Xue. They were willing to accompany her, and they were almost at the same age. Besides, they called each other sisters. In these years, Li Mu’s mother also benefited from the four loyal girls, so she could survive. However, later, someone plotted to force the four girls to leave her.

Like Grassy, she was forced to marry Zheng Tianliang as a concubine.

If Grassy were not married to him, Li Mu’s mother would be in danger.

Their weaknesses were exploited by evil people, thus, they had no way in order to help his mother.

“As for Xia Ju and the other two girls, where have they gone?” Li Mu asked.

A hint of panic flashed in Grassy’s eyes. Finally, she shook her head and said, “Young Master, don’t ask me. I don’t know very well. I haven’t seen Xia Ju and the other two sisters for a long time… Perhaps they… now are living a good life,” apparently, she didn’t have much confidence, since even she didn’t believe what she had said.

Li Mu shook his head secretly and did not ask.

He went out of the hut and saw “Heartless Scholar “Zheng Cunjian, who stood in the dark like a ghost.

“You made trouble as soon as you came here. Magistrate of the prefecture will soon know that you have already arrived in Chang’an, which is not good for you,” he said with a complicated look, “In Chang’an, there are many masters and masters of Great Master Realm, and you can’t defeat everyone.”

Li Mu smiled and said, “Now that I am here, I certainly have to make some troubles. You will be wrong if you think that I will secretly take people back to Taibai County. I just want to make the trouble more serious to attract some people’s attention, so that I can meet the so-called masters, and then teach the brute, magistrate of the prefecture.”

Zheng Cunjian was silent.

He now understood that Li Mu was deliberate to make the trouble serious tonight.

“Should you have your own power in Chang’an City, shouldn’t you? Go and help me investigate where the other three maids of my mother are, and help me buy some things and send them to the yard. From today on, I will stay in this slum,” Li Mu said, gave Zheng Cunjian three gold receipts, and then told him something he needed and asked him to purchase.


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