The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 143 - Smashed with One Fist

Chapter 143 Smashed with One Fist

“Take good care of the young lady on your back, and I will handle the rest.”

As Li Mu felt the anger of the chrysanthemum leopard, he stroked its head to appease it.

The chrysanthemum leopard bellowed, indicating that it understood.

In front of them, the locust-like arrows of the strong crossbows washed over.

Li Mu took a deep breath and then suddenly exhaled.


With Zhenwu Boxing, his tempered flesh became extremely strong. This breath, after flowing through his lungs and was compressed, burst out, which, like a forceful torrent, would beat those thick and strong crossbows flying back at a faster speed, and even cause the surrounding collapsed rock and cracked walls to head towards the arrows…


Among the screams, there were countless flame soldiers who were pinned on walls and ground by the arrows that flew back, and their blood kept spilling after they were beaten by the millstone-sized rocks.

Flame soldiers in the underground maze were certainly elites carefully selected from the Heaven Sword Martial Club, and men of sacrifice loyal to Zhang family. Since they could freely enter the underground maze, they must have known they were accomplices to the crime. To some extent, people from the Heaven Sword Martial Club should be punished to death in far serious ways than those from the Zhou family who were behind the Dafeng Chamber of Commerce. Hence, Li Mu didn’t show mercy in the fight.

The punch and this breath had alrealdy broken up the underground maze.

Some jails, in which many Wulin people were imprisoned, were also broken, thus, some people escaped from them.


In the roar, a touch of sword light, as if coming hell, had broken through a great deal of dust. It consisted of three parts, stabbing toward Li Mu’s eyebrows, throat and heart.

The super-class master of Zongshi Master level.

This style was the same which caused the scar on Qiu Yi’s corpse, but the degree and power was far stronger that Zhang Chuixue’s, who had killed Qiu Yi.


Li Mu directly made a fist and used the first move, the Zhenwu Boxing’s Rocking-sky Hammer, to attack.

Although Li Mu currently could only grasp three moves from the Zhenwu Boxing, he shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath, since he had figured out more profound meanings. Thus, such a simple move was the best pose for power generation, and could offer supreme force in battle. After throwing this punch, in the air, its power was like lightning and sounded like thunder. The punch, like a pre-historic giant monster, roared out from his hand.

“Alas…” an incredible exclamation rose.

The sword light at an extremely fast speed was beaten into pieces by the powerful punch instantly, causing the blood fog in the air.

A figure flew out in the opposite direction, crashing numerous walls.

“Elder Song…”

“The enemy is so strong that we have to cooperate.”

“Defeat him at all costs!”

The scream broke out.

Apparently, the Heaven Sword Martial Club people didn’t think that their elder Song of Master Realm couldn’t kill the invaders. Instead, he was beaten and was flung out in a flash, scaring the remaining three elders of Master Realm.

Three beams of sword light glittered in the air, and then quickly moved toward Li Mu by means of the dust rising from the collapsing walls in the underground maze.

“The Heaven Sword Martial Club must pay the price for its behavior.”

Li Mu, fearless, strode towards the sword light, as he performed the same move of the Rocking-sky Hammer once again. Consequently, his whole power surged, as if there was a huge dragon in his spine preparing to roar. Besides, the powerful punch, like heaven’s wrath, came out again. Such intangible force seemed to be a pre-historic giant monster, moving towards all the frontal enemies who were to be destroyed.

“What power is this?”



The three elders of the Heaven Sword Martial Club only felt an indiscribable and enormous power wash over. They couldn’t help considering themselves as ants facing a boundless ocean, and had an unprecedented sense of inferiority. Thus, their fighting will and confidence were smashed; on the three faces emerged an indignant and disbelieving look. Then, they retreated in haste during the roar.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The powerful punch smashed all the sword light.

The whole underground maze was punched. Following the direction in which Li Mu’s fist pointed, the diameter of the punch mark was just three to four meters at the beginning, but in the end, it reached more than ten meters, as if a tunnel had been made out of the void. The maze simply appeared as if it were bombarded by an ultrasonic giant shell.

As a result, the three super-class masters at the Great Master level were all bashed and thrown back several hundred meters, either beaten to the ground or launched into the air. No one knew to which place they flew.

The remaining flame soldiers from the Heaven Sword Martial Club, who hid in various corners, luckily survived. They all were immensely shocked, since they had never seen such violent fighting prowess, nor had they seen such a horrifying strike force, which was certainly like a human lethal weapon. One fist could smash the whole underground maze, so what was that fucking power?

When those imprisoned masters who fled from the broken jails saw this scene, they also seemed to be struck by lightning, standing dumbly with amazement. No one could believe that there was such a dreadful man in the world. Why a power that didn’t belong to humans could be possessed by a person?

“Hah hah hah, the Zhang family messed with a powerful figure.”

“Who is so terrible? Is a Great Master angry?”

“The Heaven Sword Martial Club will be in big trouble. Hah hah hah, they deserve it, for provoking this horrible figure.”

“This is a good opportunity. Although the Heaven Sword Martial Club is busy enough with its own matters, I can take this chance to escape.”

After this reaction, those imprisoned made their escape, since this was a heaven-sent chance.

As it was, the people from the Heaven Sword Martial Club really couldn’t handle them.

Li Mu saw all this, but he ignored it.

“First, get out of the maze to find Zhang Chuixue, then avenge Qiu Yi. He must die.”

Li Mu stroked the head of the chrysanthemum leopard, then directly walked towards the tunnel made by his punch.

After a while.


In the deepest part of the prison in the underground maze, the wall of a black cell that was heavily sealed suddenly cracked, and the array pattern on the wall was thus damaged.

Then, a pair of nonhuman eyes opened, which were as horrible as two blood pools, releasing the smell of blood…

“Hah hah hah hah…The array is broken. Hah hah, it’s been 80 years. I can finally go out.”

The sound was sweet, which seemed to belong to a 15 or 16-year-old girl.

Later, the smell of a demon which was indescribably strong spread in the jail.

Then, the wall on which the multiple array patterns were set finally collapsed, and a blood-red shadow rushed out. The faintly discernible fox sound rose in the ruined underground maze.

Furthermore, in the previous battles, the masters of the Heaven Sword Martial Club who had survived screamed, as if their throats had been bitten and torn by some terrible monster.

After a few dozens of breaths, there were dozens of dried corpses in the ruins whose blood had been drained away.

“Hah hah hah hah… the taste of fresh blood is still so delicious. Heaven Sword Sect… I’m back again. This time, I will let you pay the price in blood, hah hah hah hah!”

“Good, last night, you killed people to practice the sword nerve. My son’s swordsmanship has really improved a lot.”

In the martial-arts practice field, after seeing Zhang Chuixue practice the sword technique of the Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles, owner Zhang Chengfeng nodded in satisfaction. He had high expectations of his son, as he wanted to nurture Zhang Chuixue to be the successor of the Heaven Sword Martial Club. However, Zhang Chuixue was disappointing, who made no effort to seek progress. Thus, over these years, he had still been a dabbler. Now, since he made some progress, his father was quite delighted.

“Dad, to practice sword skill really is to kill people,” Zhang Chuixue said excitedly.

Around him were thirty young disciples of the Heaven Sword Martial Club, who were carefully-chosen candidates, and could be regarded as Zhang Chuixue’s sword practice companions. When they heard that, they all flattered him, making Zhang Chuixue prouder.

“Father, from now on, I must kill to enhance my sword skill.” As a hint of malice unmatched to his age appeared on Zhang Chuixue’s face, he continued, “Only when the heaven sword sees blood can it roar into the sky, and I can figure out its profound meanings. Besides, more preferably, it should be human blood, since the blood of those animals does not match my sword.”

Zhang Chengfeng heard the words and said with a slight smile, “Good. So long as my son has such ambitions, there is nothing wrong to practice your sword skill by killing people. The Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles, created by your grandfather who was from the Heaven Sword Sect, was a swordsmanship method of killing people to see blood. Previously, in this Chang’an city, in order to lay down the foundation of his career, he even killed countless people with his sword. As long as my son has this perseverance, one day, you can…”

Before he ended his words.


The earth trembled and the mountains swayed.

The ground of the martial-arts practice field in the distance burst out suddently. From this, a hole was produced, from which numerous rock and man-made mountains were beaten into the sky and then fell off. Later, screams rose, and in a flash, all the martial-art practice fields in the Heaven Sword Martial Club became a mess. Numerous disciples who were practicing sword skills, tongue-tied, stared at the direction in which the ground cracked.

Zhang Chengfeng suddenly changed his face.

“What happened?”

Zhang Chuixue was also shocked.

Figures one after another flashed towards the direction in which the hole had appeared.

At the center of the martial-arts practice field three, and unconceivably large hole appeared, whose diameter was over ten meters, and no one knew where it went, nor did they know how it was formed. Moreover, the whole martial-arts practice field three was almost destroyed…

Zhang Chengfeng and other high-level figures of the Heaven Sword Martial Club also neared the edge the enormous hole.

“What is the matter?” owner Zhang Chengfeng asked with an ugly look.

A guider observed carefully, then he answered hesitantly with a changed look, “It seems to have been… caused… by a force in the underground palace. What… is the force? Without the fluctuation of internal qi, it seems… the mark of this hole may have been punched by someone?”

“Hah hah hah, Guider Lu, are you drunk? Use a fist to form it? How can it be possible? No one can use fists to form such a huge hole on the ground, unless he isn’t human, but a god,” young owner Zhang Chuixue sneered on one side.

At this time, there was an exclamation in the air above.

Swish swish swish!

Three figures fell off, covered with blood, and their breath was unstable.

“It’s elder Liu…”

“And elder Wang…”

Some disciples recognized that the three bloody figures were exactly the three elders who enjoyed a high reputation and powerful rights in the martial-arts club, and possessed unmeasurable strength. They were all experts in the Master Realm. In daily life, the three elders’ status and strength were only second to the most influential figure, the owner of the club. Even in Chang’an, they were also famous.

But now, they seemed to be… injured?

“Owner, something happened. A strong enemy has invaded.”

“An expert at the Great Master level may have broken into the underground palace.”

“Elder Song died in battle, so the enemy is stronger than them.”

With an embarassing shape and multiple injuries, the three elders, regardless of other things, first reported to Zhang Chengfeng that they actually had been extremely frightened, since Li Mu’s punch was really horrifying. Li Mu defeated them easily in the fight, as he was more powerful that them.

“What?” Zhang Chengfeng was shocked. “The super expert of Great Master Realm?”

“Yes, this hole was made by his punch, and the underground palace has been destroyed…” elder Lu replied.

It was really made by a punch.

Some people looked at young owner Zhang Chuixue.

Zhang Chuixue was flushed and speechless.


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