The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 145 - Country Villa

Chapter 145 Country Villa

This light sound, like a heavy hammer, cracked on the heart of all the people from the Heaven Sword Martial Club.

Zhang Chuixue, whose neck was twisted off, was thrown on the ground like a rag doll.

“This is my request… Owner Zhang, if you have any opinion, you can visit me at any time. These days, I live in Pig-Herding Alley, west city of Chang’an.”

Li Mu drew back his arm and caressed the chrysanthemum leopard.

“Let’s go.”

He seemed to fly outside the martial arts club.

The chrysanthemum leopard growled and its eyes were full of hatred when it looked at those wearing the Heaven Sword Martial Club uniform.

But it still obeyed Li Mu’s words, roaring and following him.

The leopard, as the king of the forest, jumped quickly, and the chrysanthemum leopard was even a heterogeneous wild animal. Even though it was carrying Qiu Yi’s corpse and Xia Ju on its back, it still moved fast like lightning, which could reach Li Mu’s slightly slowed-down speed.

“Block them!”

Someone was yelling.

Zhang Chengfeng shook his hand with a malicious look, saying, “Don’t give chase.”


Disciples and high-level elders of the martial art club all looked at Zhang Chengfeng.

Zhang Chengfeng walked there and picked up Zhang Chuixue’s corpse. As his son was killed in front of him, he was enraged, and even extremely resentful. However, event if they caught up with Li Mu, they couldn’t hold him back. After all, the more strength one had, the more he could know how terrible the super master of Great Master Realm was. Now that it was beyond the control of ordinary people, they would just seek their doom, if trying to block at present.

Even he couldn’t stop a super strongman of the Great Master Realm.

After all, he had not yet made the last step.

“Owner. Should we let it go? We must avenge our young owner. Otherwise, if people spread the word, the prestige of our Heaven Sword Martial Club will be wiped out in a day. Moreover, since the underground maze was destroyed, we suffered a huge loss,” elder Lu was unconvinced. Besides, he was blown out by Li Mu’s punch, so he, with shame and resentful hatred, even expected Zhang Chengfeng to catch Li Mu for revenge.

“Yes, master. The wicked man is arrogant and even cruelly killed my junior fellow apprentice. I am extremely angered by him,” a young man at his twenties, filled with indignation, was one of Zhang Chengfeng’s direct disciples, and he was expressing his loyalty right now.

Other disciples also shared a bitter hatred for the enemy.

Zhang Chengfeng embraced Zhang Chuixue, with a sorrowful and malicious look.

“Of course. I won’t let it go… Ask our ancestor to come out,” he said word by word, “In Chang’an, there wasn’t only one Great Master… An outsider even wants to dominated the city. Hey hey, our Heaven Sword Martial Club also has the power to bury a Great Master.”

Fifteen minutes later.

Li Mu came back to Pig-Herding Alley.

Li Mu’s mother and others finally saw her son return. When seeing Xia Ju come back safely, everyone was pleased, but they felt sorrowful when hearing about Qiu Yi’s death.

“My poor girl, Qiu Yi…” Li Mu’s mother cried with non-stop tears.

These years, Li Mu’s mother, with the help of these servant girls, was able to survive. She used to be a rich young lady from a noble family, who only learned some aristocratic etiquette and demeanor, and the ways of appreciating artistic works and poems, never having cooked in her life. When she was driven out of the Li Mansion, she was almost hopeless. However, thanks to the hell-bent protection of Chun Cao, Xia Ju, Qiu Yi and Dong Xue, she could live till then. Hence, in her heart, she had already regarded these maids as her own daughters. How couldn’t she be sorrowful when knowing of Qiu Yi’s death?

Li Mu comforted his mother immediately.

So did Chun Cao and Xia Ju.

In the las couple of days, since Li Mu’s mother was encountered by both good and bad news, her moods fluctuated widely. Thus, she, dizzy and sleepy, fell asleep soon, and the two maids went into the room to serve her.

At this time, the renovation of the courtyard had come to an end.

The power of Zheng Cunjian in Chang’an was really great, as in just half a morning, he could basically finish renovating the yard, in which grass was planted, a new well was made, consolidated and enlarged, some plants were grown, and the lush bamboos became the yard walls. Thus, the whole layout of the courtyard was changed radically, like a small, quiet and beautiful garden.

The thatched cottage of Li Mu’s mother was not changed, because she had a serious nostalgic complex.

Besides those changes, several rooms were made of the wood and stones in the ourtyard, which looked antique. As a consequence, Li Mu’s mother and the maids had their new bedrooms made, and Li Mu had a bedroom, a martial arts room, and a meditation room. Besides, there was a three-level wooden building, more than ten meters high, which was the highest one in the alley. When one stood on it, he could take in everything within several kilometers at a glance.

Around the rooms was a canal. The flowing water was pumped from the well, which, strewn at random, was very beautiful.

Zheng Cunjian put a lot of effort in his task.

Being able to complete such a workload in the morning was absolutely efficient. After he came back last night, he must have prepared for it through the night. In the morning, he had prepared all the materials and semi-finished products, so he could finish this quickly.

“Young Master, are you satisfied?” Zheng Cunjian came to ask him in fear.

Li Mu nodded and replied, “Very good. Leave with your people. There isn’t anything special recently, only secretly help me collect martial and magic arts. The higher the level, the better they are. As for other things, you can go back to the magistrate of a prefecture’s mansion to do whatever you like. You will be informed if I need to see you,” he certainly would know, since he understood once the Life-and-Death Spell urged him.

“Yes,” Zheng Cunjian saluted and then said, “I’ll be waiting for Young Master’s dispatch.”

Li Mu waved his hand.

Zheng Cunjian left with the group of building workers after the morning routine.

Li Mu looked up and couldn’s help sighing with emotion.

‘No wonder whether on earth or in this world, all people love status and money. The feeliing of bering rich and powerful is really good. In such a short time, a country villa can be established in the slums, even with a garden and a lawn. One man-made swimming pool would be better.’

When he came to his bedroom, the room had already been equipped with furniture, and the beddings and clothing were enought to change. Since things in this world were basically natural, and factors such as pollution from decorations and buildings didn’t exist, people could live in them soon.

Li Mu’s study room, bedroom, maditation room and martial arts studio were connected to each other, and the latter two were on the third floor of the low building, with a closed and quiet space.

In the study there were ten pieces of white jade cut in an apple-pie order, each of which was the size of a washbasin, and of quality. They would be invaluable once their price was added together.

This was what Li Mu requested from Zheng Cunjian in advance.

The Taoist magic arts imparted by the old faker were exceedingly strange, except for the point that it would be much difficult for Li Mu under his current attainments and level to completely depict by hand the martial art deployment or some other slightly complicated Taoist magic arts. He needed some vessel, especially for tactical deployment which would be almost impossible without a vessel. Besides, the so-called best material, according to the old faker’s opinion, was jade, and the higher the quality, the better the effect would be.

When laying out the Earth Evil Polaris Formation in the central Taibai County that day, Li Mu used much jade and even changed the terrain and geomancy.

Martial arts deployments had always required a great deal of money.

Luckily, the martial arts deployment set by Li Mu around his courtyard was not as complex as that in the government organ of Taibai County. It was just a defensive illusion array, called Tight Dragnet Mist Deployment. The invaders would be lost and would not find the way. To some extent, it could exchange the space distance to lead human sense organs to get lost.

He did not intend to live there for a long time.

‘Although Chang’an City is prosperous, it’s also crowded, causing the air to be polluted. After all, it’s not as good as in Taibai Mountain, in which the Spiritual Qi is sufficient.’

Li Mu thought.

Among the four servant girls, there was still one—Dong Xue, in Ning Mansion, who was waiting to be saved.

Dong Xue was the first maid who was forced to leave, and also the oldest one, who was regarded as the elder sister by the other three girls. Once, when the powerful group of magistrates of a prefecture secretly haunted and troubled Li Mu, she was the first to come out boldly and to dare to contribute by herself. After she was taken to the Ning Mansion, she hadn’t been heard of since, and no one knew of her condition.

However, Li Mu did not provoke the Ning Mansion. Since there were no people like Zhou Yu and Zhang Chuixue who secretly made some troubles, he was not anxious to rescue Dong Xue.

Li Mu sat in his study and began to carve the preparatory material to make the taoist instrument for nurturing Qiu Yi’s soul.

However, taoist instruments couldn’t be made easily, requiring a certain amount of energy.

Moreover, Li Mu hadn’t had any experience in making taoist instrument before, but most of the knowledge was from the old faker’s endless and half-true words in his daily life. Thus, his theoretical knowledge completely existed on paper. As the saying ‘everything must be only done when understood profoundly’ went, Li Mu had to accumulate some practical sacrificial-refining experience.

About an hour later.

Li Mu finally used up three pieces of the washbasin-sized jade to make a palm-sized embryo for the taoist instrument.

The so-called taoist instrument embryo was not exactly the taoist instrument, but needed sacrificial refining.

As for taoist magic arts imparted by the old faker, the basic profound meaning of its functioning was focused on spiritual force. Li Mu’s spiritual force was tempered by cultivating the Xiantian Skill, which could be borne like the performance of the Taoist magic art, Secondary Thunder Traction. Hence, he might have gotten a certain attainment and reached some level, but this thing couldn’t be specifically quantified. Since the old faker didn’t talk about it, nor did Li Mu understand the magical power system of this world, Li Mu didn’t know what degree he had reached.

However, to sacrificially refine the taoist instrument embryo into a taoist instrument, it needed to be done with spiritual force.

The specific process… was similar to meditation or reflection.

Li Mu’s spiritual force was released. The taoist instrument, which was the size of a palm and whose appearance was like a coffin, was held in his hand, then floated slowly.

The so-called spiritual force sounded unreliable, but actually, some humans on earth could once use their ideas to move objects, to twist bars and to unlock things, etc. All of these facts were coincidentally caused by the activation of spiritual force. Some scientists had said that only less than ten percent of a human’s brain was developed, and if one’s brain could exceed the number, extraordinary talents could be achieved, so that some things beyond the ordinary could be done. Despite the undiscussed correctness of the theory, its conception was generally right.

In today’s Li Mu’s view, spiritual force, the same as internal qi and internal power, was a form of concretization of power, which should be more special.

As he controlled his own spiritual force, he began to portray over the taoist instrument’s embryo.

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