The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 158 - Accidental Change

Chapter 158 Accidental Change

Hua Xiangrong associated it with other past events.

She used to be a daughter of a noble family, but unfortunately, she fell into the brothel because of her guilty family. Although she was known as oiran, none of the girls from respectable family wanted to get such a reputation. Wensheng Chamber was extremely generous and Mother Bai also really cared about her, but she was inevitably forced to receive customer, which showed that she was no one but an unlucky person.

This poem simply told her inner bitterness.

“Young Master is really unparalleled in poetry. I have never seen such a man like Young Master who is so gifted in poetry,” Hua Xiangrong couldn’t help asking, “This poem seems to be incomplete. I don’t know if Young Master can…”

Before the words were finished, Li Mu directly interrupted her, saying, “I just made it out of my feeling, so I only thought these two sentences. There is nothing else.”

“Oh,” Hua Xiangrong replied with a disappointing mood.

She felt that the two sentences were most suitable for her current situation, which exactly portrayed her destiny. Unfortunately, the meaning was still not expressed radically. It seemed that Young Master was not willing to say more, so it was better not to ask more.

However, in her eyes, it could be said that she admired Li Mu’s poetry talent to the extreme. When she looked at Li Mu’s face again, she felt that this young man, although not the extremely jade-like handsome man, had distinct eyebrows, nose, and mouth. Especially, his eyes were as dark as a starry sky, as if they contained cosmos. There was an incomparable charm, which seemed to have souls sink in them inextricably.

Hua Xiangrong sighed in the heart.

He was a poetic genius, but unfortunately, he was not born in a wealthy family.

In this world, poetry could shake the world, which was the power of poetry, but at the end of the day, it was difficult to stand out simply with one’s poetic talent.

She didn’t look down on the scholars who had nothing at all because their poems were very touching. Especially when they could write words like “fall of a city or a state”, no one would dislike such talents. Since ancient times, the legend between a handsome scholar and a pretty girl had not been groundless.

If it was before, Hua Xiangrong would be tempted by the young man in front of her, and also willing to go with him, because she then was not short of money. Poetry level was like one’s moral quality, so the one who could write such a poet must possess good moral quality. As the saying went—”it is easy to get the priceless treasure, but difficult to have a lover”, if she could find such a husband, this was what she fancied once. Now that she had experienced a lot in the human society, she did not care about wealth and power, but…

However, she was now in a difficult position, and if she became the scholar’s wife, she would ruin him.

These thoughts, for a moment, flashed upon Hua Xiangrong’s mind.

As she smiled, she added tea for Li Mu and boiled tea with graceful movements. The moonlight was cast in through the screen window, which, like a layer of silver sand, laid on the girl’s body. Thus, she was as beautiful as a fairy from Yaochi.

At this time, Li Mu had gradually calmed down, since he cultivated Xiantian Skill excellently and his spiritual force was so strong that it could make up for his unease as a virgin man. When he looked at the beauty in front of him again, he even felt more and more that on the earth, the modern makeup and photoshop technology had produced numerous beautiful women, but no one could be compared with the oiran in Wensheng Chamber in front of him.

Beauty could always have the privilege to easily make people admire and sympathize with her.

Li Mu originally would leave after having a look, but now, he suddenly wanted to stay a little longer.

It would be good to appreciate a bit longer the world’s beautiful scene that a beauty was boiling tea.

Although Li Mu was not a rigid hypocrite, he also enjoyed this moment.

“To thank Young Master for the poem, I would like to dance for Young Master,” Hua Xiangrong stood up, saluted, and said, “Please wait for a moment. I’ll go and change clothes.”

Hua Xiangrong turned around and left.

After a while, when she came back, she had already put on a feather coat, who was indescribably beautiful.

Behind her followed a few musicians, all of whom were maids dressed in the costumes of scholars. They, holding the orchestral Zheng and Sizhu, looked quite beautiful. After all, Wensheng Chamber was full of young girls.

The music started.

The sound of classical Sizhu rose. The cooperation was perfect since the musicians here had undergone rigorous training and been equipped with excellent skills, who could be regarded as professional masters. The music sound was like a clear flowing spring, sweet-sounding. Although Li Mu was not a music lover, at this moment, he straightened up to listen to the music carefully, as if he had heard the fairy sound.

Hua Xiangrong, barefoot, whose snow-white feet were graceful, stepped on the wooden floor and danced.

She danced gracefully, and her body was moving. As her movements were gentle and flexible, the feather-made clothing floated with her dance. Under the moonlight through the window, she was like a fairy under the moon, with an ethereal and refined temperament, as if she would ride the wind to fly back, with an ethereal lightness.

At this moment, Li Mu felt an electric shock as if his soul were attacked.

He saw that Hua Xiangrong slightly opened her red lips to sing while she was dancing.

“A beauty in Chang’an; peerless and independent; the first glance could cause the fall of a city; the second glance could cause the fall of a state…”

What she was sing was just “Beauty Poem” written by Li Mu for her.

Under the moon, the feather-dressed fairy danced alone, and the voice came slowly like a natural sound. Hua Xiangrong, who could become the oiran of Wensheng Chamber, one of the three pillars of Musical House, not only had the temperament and a beautiful look, but also first-class dance, singing voice, singing methods, and talent.

This time, Li Mu’s heart was really touched.

Too beautiful, too dreamy.

Before this, Li Mu had never realized that a woman could be so beautiful.

Before, Hua Xiangrong impressed a restraining, gentle, and unsurpassed beauty on Li Mu. Now, Li Mu could feel that she was dancing like a fairy who didn’t belong to the world. The Beauty Poem, which was written by Li Yannian, a man in the Emperor Wu period in ancient China, became ethereal and refined after sung by her, a fairy-like goddess.

Looking at the extraordinary dance which didn’t belong to the human world, and listening to the singing which was like that of the Fairy of Ninth Heaven, no erotic desires arose in Li Mu’s mind. Instead, for some unknown reason, he became soberer and soberer. His displeasure caused by the little progress in cultivating Mediation Approach these days gradually dissipated and his mood was also involuntarily better…

This was a very strange state.

He couldn’t help but take a deep breath.

At this moment, an incredible thing happened.

Xiantian Skill automatically operated in Li Mu’s body.

Li Mu felt that a stream of hot current, following the daily breathing and operating route of Xiantian Skill, began to surge in the body, and the speed of operation was faster than in usual. Besides, it was getting faster and faster. It seemed to be the process in which the trickles converged into a majesty river.

“What is the matter?”

Li Mu was puzzled, but he was not panicky.

He carefully felt the changes in the body’s breath. The internal qi that had never been cultivated seemed to have been suddenly produced at this moment. Although it was not surging, it actually appeared and followed the operation of Xiantian Skill. It automatically ran in his body.

Every time it completed the circulation, Li Mu would feel that his spiritual strength was stretched like a thread, and then was loosened. Between the stretching and loosening, the amount of his spiritual force was not improved, but it was more solid and more resilient… This was not a quantitative increase, but a sublimation of strength.

“Do I finally cultivate the internal qi?”

Li Mu felt a bit surprised.

However, the internal-qi heat flow running in his body according to the breathing route of Xiantian Skill was not controlled by him but was in automatic operation. Although Li Mu tried several times, he could not have any “communication” with the internal qi.

Time seemed to be long.

Li Mu felt that after about twenty-two times of circulation, the heat flow which was like internal qi gradually diluted and then disappeared slowly as if it had been used up.

At the same time, Li Mu felt that his spiritual force was rising rapidly.

This feeling was very strange, which seemed that the suspected internal qi that was used up, after the strength of Li Mu’s original spiritual force was enhanced, all turned into a new kind of spiritual power.

Then, Li Mu suddenly felt that his eyebrows had a kind of severe pain that felt like a prickle of a needle.

It seemed that there was something between the eyes that was about to puncture the muscle and skin to come out.

Besides, all the spiritual force was also gathering towards the place of this severe pain.

“What’s the matter?”

Li Mu was terrified.

However, before he could carefully observe and react, abruptly in his mind, his spiritual world seemed to have suddenly had a big bang, and then everything was different. It appeared that something initially bound to the body had been smashed in a flash. Some fetter had been shaken off. Thus, he was free from a kind of ambiguous fetter.

He opened his eyes subconsciously.

Then, Li Mu opened his mouth and his heart jumped wildly.

“What is going on here? When did Hua Xiangrong take her clothes to dance?”

He was extremely stunned.

In front of his eyes, under the moonlight, the extremely beautiful oiran in Wensheng Chamber was naked, and her perfect nude body seemed to be shining under the moonlight. Her black hair which reached her ankles followed her movements to sway like waterfalls, and the proportion of her body shape was so perfect that no flaw could be found. She was just like the ideal goddess of whom the world dreamed.

Hua Xiangrong’s dance movements were holy like those by a goddess. Even if she danced with a naked body, she was also full of a sense of sacredness in her actions, without the slightest seduction. Thus, Li Mu wouldn’t have the slightest evil intention.

However, this kind of picture, after all, was stimulating. Even if Li Mu’s spiritual force had just been upgraded, he was also shocked, and somehow, his nose felt warm as if something was slowly streaming down.

“Young Master. Young Master…” on the other side, Xin’er gently called.

“Ah?” Li Mu, as if awakening from a dream, turned his head to have a look.

At this time, he was so shocked that his eyes almost dropped to the ground.

“What’s the situation?

“This little girl is also naked?”

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