The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 169 - Heaven-Sword Celestial Being

Chapter 169 Heaven-Sword Celestial Being

On the drill ground of Heaven Sword Martial Club, the hole of the underground palace punched by Li Mu, after special renovation, had been refilled. Ten drill grounds were connected together, and on the sixth drill ground in the center was a stone platform of more than 20 meters high, which was the fighting ring for the two great masters to fight today.

On the east of the ring was a viewing platform prepared for those famous figures.

Besides this, there was all open space without anything like chairs in the other three orientations, so other audience could only stand to watch.

The entire venue was large enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people.

Heaven Sword Martial Club really did its best to make the momentum greater.

The greater the momentum, the more people could be shocked when Heaven-Sword Celestial Being showed his martial prowess.

The crowd crowded towards the drill ground.

In less than half an hour, the drill ground, which could accommodate tens of thousands of people, had been completely filled with people.

There was about half an hour left before the beginning of the battle.

The heroes would certainly not appear at this moment.

Countless eyes fell on the ring, and people couldn’t wait for it.

The audience were from various sects, factions, martial art clubs, Taoist rites, chambers of commerce, random-cultivation race, etc, who basically consisted of groups. Some even wore uniforms and lifted banners up, on which names of their origins were written.

Those that were closest to the ring were, of course, some of the factions with the strongest strength and power.

All kinds of weird people appeared, including old white-haired people, old stooped women, monks, Taoist priests, Buddhist nuns and little girls who looked cute. Some were riding big black birds, some were leading donkeys, some were standing on the backs of tigers, and others were followed by a python…

In comparison, those flame warriors who took the flame tigers back and forth to maintain the order of the Heaven Sword Martial Club seemed a lot more normal.

“Heaven Sword Martial Club is really ambitious. Don’t they fear that they might lose face if Heaven-Sword Celestial Being fails?”

“Heaven-Sword Celestial Being is a senior Great Master, who has been famous for decades. After years of death cheat and reclusive cultivation, his strength has not yet been known, but I am afraid that he might have cultivated Natural qi. If so, in that case, Li Mu could not resist the sword strength of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being.”

“Not certainly. I think Li Mu is also very likely to win. Think about it. He, so young, directly enters into Great Master Realm, so there must be a unique kind of blessing and there must be a quite capable person behind him…”

“However, age is always a barrier.”

“Yes, young age means insufficient experience. What did Li Mu experience? Heaven-Sword Celestial Being is the person who goes through the most severe trials.”

On the square, all the people discussed.

In these few days, regarding the victory of the two Great Masters, major gambling houses in Chang’an City had already started the stock trading and offered odds. In comparison, people were more optimistic about Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, who thought this battle would be four to six and even three to seven.

In the crowd, a dozen young men and women from Fengming Academy were sitting at the forefront.

But the high-level figures of the academy were on the viewing platform. Since they were just humble disciples of Fengming Academy and depended on the fame of the academy, they could obtain a relatively better position on the place closest to the fighting ring.

The girl, named Lei Yinyin and only 15 years old, was beautiful and lively, discussing something with her companions. Different from most disciples of Fengming Academy, Lei Yinyin firmly admired Li Mu, even if the relationship between Fengming Academy and Li Mu wasn’t harmonious.

“Today, Great Master Li Mu will certainly win,” Lei Yinyin said confidently.

Scared by her words, her companions next to her quickly slammed her mouth.

“Don’t talk nonsense. This is the home field of Heaven Sword Martial Club,” a senior student warned her.

Lei Yinyin’s slippery face was filled with unwillingness and dissatisfaction, then she said, “What are you afraid of? In a battle, there will be a winner and a loser. Can’t I guess the result? Heaven-Sword Celestial Being bullies the young and is really shameless. But I think that Master Li Mu will definitely win because his poetry is so good.”

“Puff… Little Yinyin, what’s your logic? Although he writes good poems, he might not win in the battle. This is not a competition about poetry,” a female companion refuted with laughter.

Lei Yinyin’s anthomaniac face was filled with confidence. She said, “So what? Great Master Li Mu is also handsome.”

“What are the reasons for this?” her companions were speechless.

“Hum, anyway, I think so.” Lei Yinyin had apparently become Li Mu’s most qualified crazy fan.

In order to prove her words, she simply patted a strange young man next to her and said, “Brother, do you think my words are reasonable?”

The young man, dressed ordinarily and followed by a black one-eyed chrysanthemum leopard, heard and nodded, then he said, “Of course, attractiveness is justice; attractiveness is strength. The attractiveness of Great Master Li Mu is definitely better than that of the old Heaven-Sword Celestial Being and he will definitely win.”

Lei Yinyin was overjoyed, as if she had met her bosom friend. She said, “Brother. Your words are really good and correct… Hey, does attractiveness means the appearance? Have you ever seen Great Master Li Mu?”

The young man replied mysteriously, “Of course I have seen him. Although I only glanced at him from a distance, I was shocked by the style of Great Master Li Mu. He is the most handsome and promising teenager I have met in my life. He, like a jade tree in wind, was handsome and unrestrained, and with amazing presence, he was like a supreme being who came to the mortal world. He is definitely the most perfect and most handsome man in the world, and no one can be compared with him.”

“Wow, really?” Lei Yinyin jumped excitedly and continued, “I have said that Great Master Li Mu, adept with both the pen and the sword, is absolutely perfect, but they still don’t believe that,” then, the girl provoked to her companions proudly, “See. Someone has proved what I said. This time, you should believe that.”

The other several young male and female disciples looked at Lei Yinyin and the young man as if they were looking at idiots.

Two crazy fans met together.

Lei Yinyin excitedly dragged the young man to discuss the deeds about Great Master Li Mu.

Besides, the young man seemed to have a very good understanding of Li Mu, since he told her all sorts of gossips about Li Mu, and even many exclusive secrets about Li Mu one by one, which let Lei Yinyun firmly believe that this young man was absolutely a fanatic of Great Master Li Mu, like herself.

In the words of the young man, Great Master Li Mu symbolized perfection.

“To be honest, I don’t believe that in the world, there is a perfect man like Great Master Li Mu,” the young man concluded.

At this moment, the battle was about to start.

On the eastern viewing platform, the great figures from all sectors had already been seated.

Among them, there was the contemporary owner of Heaven Sword Martial Club, “Heaven-breaking Legend Sword” Zhang Chengfeng.

Of course, he was not the most important guest on this platform.

Because beyond anyone’s expectation, the real ruler of Chang’an Mansion, magistrate of the prefecture, should also come here. Besides, the chiefs of subsidiary government organs in the east, west, north and south districts and most super-class masters of Master Realm in the government also appeared on this platform, including Zhou Yiling, who was once defeated by Li Mu.

In addition, there were also masters of each major sects in Chang’an City, famous rich merchants, powerful rogue cultivators, head of Fengming Academy-Feng Fanghua, head of Hanshan Academy-Tie Zhan, and president of Dafeng Chamber of Commerce-Zhou Dedao.

General Ning Rushan, who rarely participated in this kind of events, also appeared on the platform.

Next to this senior general stood a young man and a young woman. The male, with thick eyebrows and big eyes, seemed honest, and the female’s look was as pretty and pure as the snow. They were exactly the bastard, Ning Jing, and his wife, Dong Xue. This was their first time to follow Ning Rushan to attend an external occasion. Besides, they were also worried about Li Mu, so both of them looked nervous.

Soon, little time was left before the beginning of this battle.

“Why haven’t they come?”

“It’s almost started.”

“Where are the heroes?”

Gradually, the crowd began to feel uneasy.

On the viewing platform, some distinguished guests were also surprised.

“What’s the matter?”

As the battle was about to start, the competitors didn’t appear. Was there an accident? Or must they appear at the last moment?

Some people looked at “Heaven-breaking Legend Sword” Zhang Chengfeng.

“Our senior forefather will appear soon,” Zhang Chengfeng said confidently, “However, I don’t know whether that young Great Master has run away.”

The magistrate was calm and sat quietly without any expression.

Zheng Cunjian stood behind him.

Immediately, according to the set time, there were less than 20 breaths left.


A flash of bright sword light burst out from the back house of Heaven Sword Martial Club. The visible phantom of a giant sword pierced towards the sky. Even those who didn’t know martial art could clearly feel that at this moment, a kind of indefensible horrible and imposing atmosphere engulfed the whole Heaven Sword Martial Club in a flash, which was really shocking.

The light-red phantom of the huge sword, with a length of several hundred meters and a width of a dozen meters, was like a holy tower, semi-unreal. It possessed a kind of indescribable imposing momentum, as if all the gods and Buddhas would be smashed into pieces by this sword.

Heaven sword!

In a flash, the phantom of the giant sword was condensed into ruddy light. After a flash, it immediately reached the fighting ring.

Everyone felt momentarily dazzled.

On the fighting ring appeared one more person.

An old man.

He was as tall and strong as a male lion, who, with big bones and a ruddy face, was burlier than the average person. With red hair, red eyebrows and whiskers, and dressed in a flame armor, he, holding a blunt long rectangular sword in his hand, stood on the fighting ring. Like a flame, he was extremely cool and blazing.

Heaven-Sword Celestial Being.

After 20 years, he appeared in front of the public again and was still domineering.

The surrounding people could not help screaming.

For those whose strength was relatively weaker, they even dared not to look directly at this imposing senior, or they might feel that their eyes were aching like being toasted. If they forced themselves to stare at this senior, it was possible that their eyes would turn blind.

The momentum and energy of a person had reached this level, which was incredible.

Moreover, many figures of the older generation, when seeing Heaven-Sword Celestial Being on the stage, were shocked and mournfully found that this monster, who once assumed personal command in one area and killed numerous powerhouses should have improved his strength into a higher level, and he seemed younger from his state. Was this man a monster? How could he become younger and younger?

“Where is Li Mu? Come out to battle.”

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