The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 179 - Got the Cheats

Chapter 179 Got the Cheats

Lei Yinyin was extremely tense.

When Li Mu arrived in front of her, her mind went blank and she even forgot to breathe.

“Huh?” She reacted, then quickly returned his clothes to him, forgetting to say her intended words.

With a smile, Li Mu patted her shoulder and jokingly said, “How am I? Don’t I let you down?”

Lei Yinyin shouted again, and subconsciously looked at Li Mu’s gentle eyes. Then, in confusion, she suddenly became unstrained, and spoke directly, “Just so so. You are not weak.” After finishing her words, she was repentant that she could even speak such arrogant words so ridiculously.

Several of her classmates were also anxious.

“Is Yinyin crazy? How can she dare to speak to this honorable master in that manner?”

People in the realm above the Innate Stage could be called honorable masters.

Upon hearing that, Li Mu broke into a roar of laughter.

“OK. Next time, I will perform better,” he said with a smile. “If there is any trouble with you, you can turn to me for help.”

After hearing these words, Lei Yinyin became speechless.

Meanwhile, the people beside her looked at this girl with jealous and hate.

That was just because she had cheered for Li Mu during the battle in the fighting ring and could make a friend with this great powerhouse, who could defeat Celestial Being quickly, and he even promised her. She was extremely fortunate. Had they known before, they would have also cheered for Li Mu during the battle, then they might have also become friends with Li Mu now.

But, thinking about the problem, would they dared to do so?

Based on the belief that Heaven-Sword Celestial Being who entered the Natural Realm could be the winner, how could they dare to cheer for Li Mu, who was definitely thought to fail? After all, there were interests concerned, so only Lei Yinyin, such a careless crazy fan, shouted in support of him fearlessly.

This was what she deserved.

The greatest master of the Natural Realm could grow a small family and protect people for a lifetime by saying a few words.

How lucky it was to get the promise of such a character!

Many people had been secretly weighing that if they couldn’t make friends with such an important figure like Li Mu, it would also be a good choice to get along well with the little girl from Fengming Academy, which was equivalent to having some relation with Li Mu indirectly.

Li Mu glanced at Lei Yinyin’s several companions, and said, “Thank you guys also.”

The young people became excited.

After he stopped speaking, Li Mu put on his robe and walked toward the viewing platform.

However, at this time, the audience on this platform immediately stepped down to greet Li Mu.

Li Gang, the magistrate of the prefecture, had left in advance, while none of the remaining people, except for the powerhouses of the Natural Realm, dared to be conceited in front of Li Mu. After all, a real master of the Natural Realm was not interested in the battle between two Great Masters, nor would they appear on today’s viewing platform. Generally speaking, among those famous figures were only several Great Masters, so they were far inferior in front of Li Mu in terms of their realm.

“Magistrate Li, congratulations.” Cai Zhijie came over with a figure as strong as an iron tower.

Li Mu replied, “It is at just the basic level. Why the congratulations?”

Upon hearing the answer, Cai Zhijie, Zhou Yiling, and others were stunned and then laughed.

Everyone hated arrogant people, but if a person with real skills was arrogant, he would feel it reasonable.

Li Mu was undoubtedly the one who made any arrogance reasonable.

“Young Master.” Zheng Cunjian also saluted him.

Li Mu nodded at him.

Some people, familiar or unfamiliar, all came to greet him, who were generally the respected and great figures in Chang’an City, including the heads in military, political, and commercial fields. They were introduced by Zheng Cunjian to Li Mu one by one. But Li Mu, who was not interested in making friends with these people, forced himself to go through the motions.

Only when Ning Rushan, General Wuwei, was introduced and Li Mu noticed both Ning Jing and Dong Xue behind Ning Rushan did Li Mu actively greet them with a smile.

When Ning Rushan saw that, he found that it was correct to bring his bastard son here today, and the harvest would be absolutely fruitful. He originally thought that Li Mu was just a Great Master, but he did not expect that now Li Mu could even kill a master of the Natural Realm, which was quite a surprise.

Zheng Cunjian lost no time describing the contradiction between Ning Rushan and Zhang Chengfeng during the battle in the fighting ring in order to put in a good word for Ning Rushan.

“General Ning.” Li Mu also greeted him.

Ning Rushan replied with a smile, “Young hero.”

In the end, Li Mu looked at “Heaven-breaking Legend Sword” Zhang Chengfeng.

At this time, Zhang Chengfeng, without the previous attitude of vigor and arrogance, was downcast like a frosted eggplant, since he knew that the Heaven Sword Martial Club would encounter more crises than luck after this battle. But he didn’t dare to run, because he couldn’t run away. After all, considering what Li Mu’s fame and status would be after this battle, as long as Li Mu wanted to find him, the official government might help him.

“Magistrate Li, our Heaven Sword Martial Club… failed,” Zhang Chengfeng said gloomily. “From now on, our Zhang Family… dares not be the enemy of the magistrate. Wherever the magistrate goes, our Zhang Family is willing to retreat to keep far away. I hope that Magistrate Li can be merciful rather than not spare one of us.”

Li Mu sneered in his heart.

“Pretending to be weak at this moment?

“Just now, he still refused to stop killing Grassy and Xia Ju. I shouldn’t be merciful to this kind of evil person.”

Then, Li Mu directly punched, causing Zhang Chengfeng to fly out and his hard-cultivated internal qi to be broken.

“You… are so ruthless.” Zhang Chengfeng spat out blood, curled up, and glared at Li Mu with hatred and malice.

Li Mu was indifferent and replied, “You brought all this on yourself. Let alone enhance the sword nerve by killing people and other living beings, on that day, I killed Zhang Chuixue because he killed my mother’s adopted daughter Qiu Yi, which is one life for one life. I don’t want to further blame the Heaven Sword Martial Club, but you are impenitent to entice Heaven-Sword Celestial Being to battle against me and to even slaughter Grassy and Xia Ju. Think about it. If I failed today, what would my mother and friends face? I am not as malicious as you. If you are unconvinced, I can kill you also.”

Zhang Chengfeng lowered his head, daring not to say any words.

Because he was afraid of death.

After all, nothing would exist if he was dead.

Li Mu reached out and said, “Esoterica Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles. Give it to me.”

Previously, Heaven-Sword Celestial Being was smashed by one punch, so the sword book inside his clothes also vanished. Thus, Li Mu could only claim it from Zhang Chengfeng.

Zhang Chengfeng brought out a secret book from his chest and submitted it to Li Mu.

As Li Mu went through it, he found the contents were absolutely about Heaven-sword Sixteen Styles. Then, he nodded and put it away.

At this time, Zhou Dedao, president of the Dafeng Chamber of Commerce came over and said with a flattering smile, “Magistrate Li, I have prepared one million gold, and I will soon order my people to send it to Pig-Herding Alley. Magistrate Li, my son…”

Li Mu interrupted coldly, “One million gold? President Zhou, are you misremembering? I think it is 1.5 million gold, isn’t it?”

“Huh?” Zhou Dedao was stunned, and immediately said anxiously, “Magistrate, it clearly is one million gold, and you clearly promised me that I could postpone. I…”

“Hehe, don’t you think that I know your selfish calculations?” Li Mu said, “I promised that you could postpone, but delaying means a price. Whether you want your son to live or you want your money is up to you.”

Li Mu didn’t want to argue with the vile character anymore.

“The heroic posture of Magistrate Li is really admirable.” An old man with thin hair, yellow teeth, and a wretched look came over to speak while smiling. “I am Ye Jiuge, the dean of Fengming Academy. The other day, our guider Jia Zuoren was swindled by false pretence outside, and was punished by the magistrate. I feel regretful. Since I heard that Magistrate Li was interested in our Fengming Stack Room, I am willing to welcome you there. Haha, from now on, Fengming Stack Room is open to Magistrate Li forever. Magistrate can come here at any time.”

As the saying goes “one would be embarrassed to slap a person who has apologized with a smile”. Li Mu, when seeing the dean of Fengming Academy speak such words, didn’t want to say more, then he replied, “Thank you, Dean Ye.”

“Haha, all right.” Ye Jiuge grinned with his yellow teeth.

When others looked at his wretched appearance, they all shook their heads inwardly. Ye Jiuge was once a handsome man and a talent in Chang’an. What happened to him? What made him become such a person now?

Meanwhile, Iron Battle, the dean of Hanshan Academy, was embarrassed.

He wanted to imitate Ye Jiuge’s behaviour to cease hostility and to negotiate for peace with Li Mu, but he sent the Hanshan alumni invitation in a big way and even declared to fight directly against Li Mu. How could he ignore his dignity at the moment?

Besides, he now didn’t know how to end this so-called Hanshan Alumni Association.

If Li Mu was just a Great Master, Hanshan Academy could barely fight against him, but now, Li Mu had already been a monster that could quickly kill a master of the Natural Realm, thus, Hanshan Academy had no capital to confront him. What he did before would be destined to become an anticlimax and a joke in Chang’an City.

Li Mu didn’t notice Iron Battle at all.

With the rare book having been obtained, he was ready to leave, but suddenly remembered something. Then, he bowed to the crowd and said, “You. I would like to ask you to help me with one thing. If someone can do it, I will repay him heavily, or I would like to help him once. What do you think?”

Upon hearing this, all the people were roused.

This was an opportunity.

“Please tell us, Magistrate Li.”

“Haha, it is an honor for us to serve you, Magistrate.”

“Magistrate, please tell us. I will spare no pains.”

Those important figures were all enthusiastic.

Li Mu replied, “It is not a big deal. I have a maid, called Ming Yue. A few days ago, she was abducted by an old beggar, who named himself Zuo Luyi. I have traced him for more than one month, but I can’t find him. If you can help me find this maid, I will repay you heavily.”

“To find someone?”

That was simple.

“Magistrate, don’t worry. I will certainly spare no efforts to find them.”

“Haha. Our Whale-riding Faction is well informed. It is simple to find people. As long as she is in Chang’an Mansion, we will definitely find her.”

After they heard this, they found it not difficult, since it was so simple for them to find one person. Then, they accepted the request in a hurry, since it was a rare opportunity to make a friend with the greatest master of the Natural Realm and to get his commitment.

Li Mu described the appearances of Ming Yue and the old beggar, and added, “Yes, the old beggar is followed by a yellow and white fat dog that is very sturdy.”

After his words ended, he left.

Out of the Heaven Sword Martial Club, Li Mu rode, followed by Zheng Cunjian.

Zheng Cunjian was unsure the way to ease the relationship between himself and Li Mu, and was still pondering it.

“I have sent people to inform the old lady in Pig-Herding Alley,” Zheng Cunjian said.

Li Mu nodded and replied, “All right, since it is so, let’s not go back first. We’ll go directly to the Musical House.”

He was going to see Hua Xiangrong.

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