The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 181 - The Head of the Bloody-Moon Faction

Chapter 181: The Head of the Bloody-Moon Faction

“What the hell is it? Won’t you say it?”

Guardian of Rules Qian bellowed.

“This…” The spy did not expect that Li Mu had gotten to the Holy House so quickly, and he was already scared.

He was responsible for collecting information in the Heaven Sword Martial Club. In the last moment of the battle, Li Mu defeated Heaven-Sword Celestial Being with his one punch, which also shocked him. After repeatedly confirming that, he moved out from the crowd and rushed to deliver the result, despite a bit of time having been wasted. However, he did not expect that Li Mu had taken a step ahead of him to appear here.

“Say it.” Guardian of Rules Qian was angry.

“Yes, Guardian of Rules Qian. Heaven-Sword Celestial Being died in battle, and the winner of the competition was Master Li Mu.” Lowering his head and daring not to look at the expression of Guardian of Rules Qian, he hesitantly spoke.

“What?” Upon hearing this, Guardian of Rules Qian was shocked and then gasped, saying, “Wasn’t it said that Heaven-Sword Celestial Being entered the Natural Realm and cultivated the Natural Qi? How could he have died in the battle… Is the news you have told me false?”

The spy quickly replied, “No, no, no. Heaven-Sword Celestial Being indeed entered the Natural Realm, but… but he still can’t compete with Li Mu, so he was killed immediately on the spot. I…” He could not go on.

However, when Guardian of Rules Qian heard that, his heart jumped wildly.


He subconsciously looked at Li Mu.

“Heaven-Sword Celestial Being entered the Natual Realm, but he still died in battle, and was even killed by one punch. Does this mean that… Li Mu has long possessed the combat strength of the Natural Realm? Before that, he should hide his real strength, pretending to be only one of the Great Master Realm. Damn… He is really sophisticated.”

A Great Master and Natural Expert were totally two concepts.

Guardian of Rules Qian was soon in a cold sweat.

“This… Young Master Li…” He worked at a smile that was uglier than his cry, and said, “Today… is a misunderstanding. I think… we can…” How could it be a misunderstanding? He himself was too embarrassed to go on. Thus, he was faced with a big problem because he dared to be arrogant in front of a Great Master. But if he was facing a Natural Expert, he was seeking death.

On the other hand, Mom Bai Xuan was was amazed after hearing the spy’s words.

“Li Mu killed a Natural Expert immediately?

“Does this… does this mean Li Mu had already been a Natural Expert?

“God. A Natural Expert. That is real… He is like a god.”

Before, she felt that Hua Xiangrong had good luck to be favored by a young Great Master. But now, even she could not but be jealous of her. Actually, Hua Xiangrong was not favored by a young Great Master, but appreciated by a Natural Expert. Although Bai Xuan had worked in brothels a long time and been customed to seeing high officials and noble lords, and had restrained her desires greatly, at this time, she believed that once Li Mu bent his finger to signal to her, she would definitely be unable to control herself to meet Li Mu’s demands.

Li Mu gently patted the scented shoulder of Hua Xiangrong and said, “It’s fine. Don’t worry. I’m here.”

He looked at Guardian of Rules Qian and said, “Which hand did you just use to attack Master Hua?”

Of course, Guardian of Rules Qian understood what Li Mu meant, then his cold sweat suddenly came out. He replied, “I… this… Master Li, please be merciful. I…”

“If you don’t tell me, both your hands will be left here,” Li Mu said with a cold look.

“No, no, no. It’s this one, it’s this…” Guardian of Rules Qian screamed.

After all, one hand or two hands, this multiple-choice question was too simple.

“OK.” Li Mu beckoned and the machete on the waist of a warrior with a red gilding mask was automatically unsheathed and flew into the palm of Li Mu.


The knife light flashed.

The right palm of Guardian of Rules Qian was cut off in an instant.

The speed was so fast that the cut was suppressed by the forceful qi, pale and bloodless.

“Take your dirty hand and get out.” Li Mu threw the machete casually into the samurai’s scabbard, then he said, “Since this is the tea room of Master Hua, I don’t want to kill people here nor do I want your dirty blood to spoil the mood. But if you dare to leave a drop of your blood here, you will be unable to leave.”

“Yes.” Guardian of Rules Qian bit his teeth, picked up his severed hand, from which blood didn’t fall at all under the suppression of internal qi, then turned to leave.

The two guards and the spy followed behind him gloomily.

In the tea room, calm was restored.

“Well, can you let me go now?” Li Mu looked at her with a smile.

Hua Xiangrong yelled once and immediately became flushed. The look of a shy beauty was just like an enamored Virgin Goddess, extremely beautiful and loved dearly. She, like suet jade smeared with a layer of morning glow, sacred and moving, quickly removed her arms from around Li Mu.

“Young Master Li, I…” Her ears were red, and she felt too shy to show her face.

Li Mu smiled and said, “I have finished the battle today and first I come to visit Master Hua because I want to see the fairy dance of Master Hua. Isn’t it a great pleasure to sip tea with the fairy dance? I don’t know if Master Hua can help me achieve it.”

“Of course. Please wait a moment, Young Master.” Hua Xiangrong retreated rapidly and went to change clothes.

Xin’er looked at Li Mu with her big dark eyes, and said, “Young Master, are you a god who came down from heaven? When our miss is in trouble, you come in time. Can you predict things to happen exactly?”

She deliberately made up for the last time of guest-leaving order.

The little girl cared a lot about her miss.

Li Mu burst into laughter and said, “You should find out my biggest secret. Ah, I really am a god from heaven. It seems that I now need to kill you to keep this secret.” As he was speaking, he made threatening gestures.

Xin’er pretended to scream in an exaggerated manner.

When Mom Bai Xuan viewed this scene, she felt happy.

“Young Master Li Mu is really easygoing. Despite his ruthlessness to Qian Duo, Guardian of Rules of the Bloody-moon Faction, and others, he treats his friends really well because he isn’t arrogant for his title of peerless master of the Natural Realm. From the scene that he can play with a little maid so kindly, it can be seen that his temperament is really good. Hua Xiangrong can meet such a great person, which indicates that she is really fortunate.”

“Young Master, wait a bit. I will prepare some dishes.” Mom Bai Xuan quit the room cleverly.

Li Mu nodded and said, “Thank you, Mom Bai.”

“This is just the second time that I have come to the brothel, but I feel that everything is familiar to me. What’s the matter?”

Li Mu felt it unreasonable.

“Guardian of Rules Qian, what to do?”

On Liufang Street, the spy bitterly asked.

Qian Duo sneered, “Humph, even if he is a master of the Natural Realm, our Grand Master, under the help of the Holy Clan, might have already entered the Natural Realm too, and even got the holy soldiers. Then, it will be a piece of cake for Grand Master to kill Li Mu with one attack. We’ll just let this little bastard be arrogant for a period of time. Humph, sooner or later, he will get into trouble.”

“That is fine. Otherwise, Li Mu will lead to the failure of the big event of our Bloody-moon Faction.” The spy enjoyed a little bit of status in the Bloody-moon Faction and knew some internal information. Then, he continued, “This time, as we’ve failed to bring Hua Xiangrong back, I’m afraid that Grand Master will punish us. Then, I hope that Guardian of Rules Qian can put in a good word for me.”

“No problem. It’s just a woman. In Chang’an City, there is no woman who isn’t more beautiful than Hua Xiangrong. Grand Master has great talent and bold vision, so he will not embarrass us who have rendered outstanding service for this trivial thing.” Guardian of Rules Qian was full of confidence.

They went back awkwardly.

Off of Liufang Street, they walked a long distance, then carefully confirmed no one was tracking them. After that, they arrived at a sturdy and heavily-guarded mansion in the south city, and used a special way to knock on the door and walk in from the back door.

This manor, covering a large area, was heavily guarded by masters of the Bloody-moon Faction, whose internal qi was outstanding, and among whom, there were also many super-class masters of the Master Realm, and even faintly the internal qi of several Great Masters could be felt. Like a smoke signal or light, they were on the point of attack. It was simply the place housing undiscovered talents, which was more well-equipped than the government organ of a prefecture.

The head of the Bloody-moon Faction should be in Chang’an City.

In the core hall of the manor—

“What? Failed?”

The figure, sitting high on a big blood-moon-shaped chair, was totally shrouded in blood-full mist, whose sound was like rubbing a gold stone, without human feelings.

Guardian of Rules Qian lowered his head and said, “Grand Master, Li Mu has been hiding his strength the entire time, and he has long entered the Natural Realm. We can’t defeat him…”

“Waste.” With a ruthless shout, a bloody mist, like lightning, struck out toward him.

Guardian of Rules Qian was directly beaten back a dozen meters, spitting out a mouthful of blood. Then was he a little panicked, and he said, “Grand Master, spare my life. Grand Master, spare my life. Hua Xiangrong is not the most outstanding woman in the Musical House, I can go to catch other…”

“Shut up.” The bloody figure roared like a demon king, directly interrupting his words and saying, “What do you know? Is Hua Xiangrong an ordinary woman… Humph, it is because today’s fight between Li Mu and Heaven Sword that I have had no time to do other things and I can only let you go. But you acted sluggishly in the Holy House for more than two hours, and you couldn’t even catch Hua Xiangrong, you really deserve death.”

The bloody mist seemed to be scattered like blood ripples, then tables, chairs, melons, and wine glasses, etc., seemingly lost gravity, as if the anger of Bloody-moon Evil Master would almost destroy everything in the hall.

Guardian of Rules Qian just reacted at this time.

It turned out that Grand Master wanted Hua Xiangrong not mainly for her beauty.


He realized that he had caused a big problem.

“Grand Master, spare my life. I would like to go and catch Hua Xiangrong again, since Li Mu won’t stay in the Holy House day and night…” Qian Duo was terrified, trying hard to defend himself and to seek the opportunity to survive.

“Humph, you have no chance.” Bloody-moon Evil Master in his cold voice directly sentenced the death penalty on this Guardian of Rules.

In the hall, dozens of senior officials of the Bloody-moon Faction kept quiet out of fear at this time, daring not open their mouths to plead for the sake of Guardian of Rules Qian.

However, before Bloody-moon Evil Master moved, a strange change suddenly occurred.

Suddenly, a purple thunder light, as fast as lightning, directly flowed out of the body of Guardian of Rules Qian, and shot toward Bloody-moon Evil Master.

“Yo ho, little mice. I’ve found you.”

A voice quite unfamiliar to everyone arose in the hall.

The bloody-ripple mist of Bloody-moon Evil Master shook.

He felt the power of the purple thunder, daring to neglect it, so he used his force and skill fully to turn the bloody-ripple mist into a round bloody shield in front of him to block the purple electric light. However, his body was also shaken, then he asked in shock and fury, “Who?”

The purple electric light didn’t dissipate, but gathered in the air.

“There is still one month left before the day of the battle on Jifeng Mountain, but you even furtively harm my woman… Hoho, Bloody-moon Evil Master. Now that you are so impatient, how about starting our battle in advance?”

“What?” In the gold stone-like emotionless voice of Bloody-moon Evil Master, there was finally a shock. He continued, “You are Li Mu? You should use the magic art relating to thunder… Do you… cultivate both magic arts and martial arts?” He was extremely shocked. “Even if Li Mu is a genius, he has limited energy. At the age of 15, he can promote his martial art cultivation level to the combat force of a Natural Expert, which can already shock the world. However, his magic art level, after that touch, is also peerlessly powerful. How is he able to be like that?”


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