The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 182 - The Most Difficult Thing Is to Accept a Beauty’s Favor

Chapter 182 The Most Difficult Thing Is to Accept a Beauty’s Favor

“From 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. tonight, I will come to visit you. Bloody-moon Evil Master, I hope you won’t let me down.”

As the purple electric light flowed, the imposing and inviolable voice of a ruler like that of a king came out of it.

The voice, like a heavy hammer, impressed on and stunned every senior official of the Bloody-moon Faction.

They reacted now because in fact Li Mu had long placed a certain kind of mysterious tracing magic skill in the body of Guardian of Rules Qian. However, Qian Duo, an idiot, thought that he had escaped successfully, but inadvertently became Li Mu’s informer. Thus, the location of the head of the Bloody-moon Faction was directly exposed to Li Mu.

“The means were quite horrible.”

“Is Li Mu really just a 15-year-old boy?”

“He is actually an experienced old fox.”

Just when everyone was in shock and silence, in the air, a new change occurred to the light of thunder.


As soon as the thunder light flashed, it re-entered into the body of Guardian of Rules Qian. Under Qian Duo’s horrified look, he was exploded directly. Thus, this peak Zongshi Master of the Bloody-moon Faction was smashed into broken bones and plasma, and the blood was splattered around.

The entire hall was filled with blood in an instant.

On the table, the floor, the chairs, the walls, the stone pillars… there were blood marks everywhere, like a slaughterhouse.

“Hahahaha…” Li Mu’s laughter echoed in the hall.

Then all the lightning was gone.

Everyone in the hall felt tremendous pressure.

Li Mu was more terrible than could be said or imagined.

Such a means was unpredictable.

Even Bloody-moon Evil Master himself, his face under the cover of the bloody-ripple mist showed an uncertain look.

Afterward, this man, whom he considered originally to have an ant-like humble role, should rise like a comet crossing the sky and make him start to feel that he was tricky. “At midnight today, Li Mu will visit me. It seems that catching Hua Xiangrong really irritated Li Mu and made him crazy, but the question is whether or not I need to wait for Li Mu to come here.”

On the corners of Li Mu’s mouth appeared a smile.

Of course, he wouldn’t let go of Guardian of Rules Qian so easily, since he even dared to break into the boudoir of Hua Xiangrong to commit violence. “If I did not leave the jade pendant there, I’m afraid that Hua Xiangrong would have already been hurt or carried off.” Li Mu would not give this kind of person a second chance.

As the thunder light was attached inside the body of Guardian of Rules Qian, it was equivalent to putting a “camera” on his body. Although Guardian of Rules Qian thought his tracks were secret, in fact, everything on his journey was under the supervision of Li Mu, which was just like a live show.

Sure enough, the head of the Bloody-moon Faction was found by him.

Consequently, Li Mu was able to transmit his words and kill Guardian of Rules Qian in a flash.

These were some of the little tricks taught by the old faker, and were named Thunder Light Source-tracing Skill. Surely, it wouldn’t be so easy if Li Mu met an opponent who had more powerful strength or whose cultivation was more sophisticated in terms of magic arts or who possessed a more imposing spiritual force.

“Young Master, how about the dance of our miss today?” Xin’er tried to flatter him as she brought him a cup of tea.

Li Mu was also amused by this little snobbish girl.

However, she was also wholeheartedly protecting Hua Xiangrong, causing Li Mu to think of Husky, called General and raised by him on Earth, due to her loyalty. In the blink of an eye, it had been a half-year since he arrived on this planet. He didn’t know how General was on Earth. Shouldn’t the angry villagers have peeled off its fur for hot pot?

20 years later back on Earth, he didn’t know whether General was still alive.

Li Mu suddenly became a bit sentimental.

Hua Xiangrong wore a white gauze dress and went barefoot, and her slender figure danced as she was singing. The afternoon gold sunshine cast through the window on the beautiful woman, and the figure against the light was surrounded by a fine gold rim layer, just like a light elf dancing, which was fabulous and touching.

She had obviously become enamored because she danced a little more gracefully than usual, and there was a feeling in it.

TheTaoist Sense flew in the whole room, sacred and holy, and filled it with a kind of dreamy and intoxicating atmosphere.

“This is the sense of the Great Way. The Natural Taoist Figure is too abnormal.”

Li Mu signed with emotion. On Earth, he had just treated various anecdotes by the old faker as stories, but now, everything told by the old faker was verified one after another. According to the opinion of the old faker, the Natural Taoist Figure was a kind of physique naturally close to Taoism, which could achieve a great effect with half the effort in cultivation. Generally, the goal that others had to spend hundreds of years achieving might be realized by a Natural Taoist Figure within just decades. Of course, the Natural Taoist Figure had different categories. For example, some people were naturally close to thunder and lightning. Some strange things happened on Earth. For example, take some people wouldn’t die when touching high-voltage electricity, instead, they became able to recharge their bodies, which meant that they were Natural Thunder and Lightning Taoist Figures. On the other hand, some people, when falling into the ocean, could drift with the waves, instead of sinking or drowning, since they were Natural Water Taoist Figures. Besides that, some people could eat metal and use iron, iron spoons, etc., as food, so they were Natural Metal Taoist Figures. And some people…

However, there was no Spiritual Qi on Earth, so there was no chance for those who were among thousands of millions of people to further cultivate martial arts.

On the other hand, Li Mu observed that Hua Xiangrong, whether in the moonlight or in the sunshine, could activate the Taoist Sense and cause light to be changed through her dance. She was like a fairy, so what was this Natural Taoist Figure?

“Natural Expert Moon and Sun Taoist Figure?


Li Mu pondered it and thought she should be a kind of Natural Light Taoist Figure.

A very rare Natural Taoist Figure.

This kind of Taoist Figure, once they cultivated some martial arts or magic arts that matched light, had to make great improvements one day.

This was genius.

Natural talent.

Li Mu began to concentrate to improve his Cultivation Method under the turbulence of the Taoist Sense in Hua Xiangrong’s dance.

Today, in the battle against Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, Heaven-Sword Celestial Being relied on Li Mu’s punch pressure to sharpen himself and to successfully cultivate qi of a Natural Expert, which surprised all the audience. In fact, Li Mu also used the natural power of Heaven-Sword Celestial Being to temper himself.

As a result, he harvested much more than Heaven-Sword Celestial Being.

As he ran the Xiantian Skill under the collaboration of his Breathing Skill, Li Mu felt a kind of heat flow again surging in his body, which was the same as the last situation when he opened his Third Eye. Besides, he couldn’t actively control this kind of heat flow.

Nevertheless, he was not in a hurry, but was feeling and experiencing it carefully.

Gradually, Li Mu discovered something.

The streaming routes, track, and methods of these heat flows were very similar to those that the internal qi moved in when Heaven-Sword Celestial Being was on the point of being a Natural Expert after he ate the Mighty Blood Elixir today. But when carefully felt and observed, they were more complex than the internal-qi flowing routes in Heaven-Sword Celestial Being’s body in terms of them having more paths, passages, and tracks.

Li Mu focused on two tasks, running his Xiantian Skill, while feeling and observing changes in his body.

He had some expectations, as he hoped to make a second breakthrough by means of this method to promote the first layer of initial success into a great achievement in Xiantian Skill.

Time passed by.

Li Mu was caught in an extremely wonderful state.

He closed his eyes to feel the heat flows entering all of his limbs and bones. Due to the wonderful changes in his body, his spiritual force must have been improved. But gradually, that kind of heat flow dissipated like last time, as if it had been used up and finally died away little by little. If carefully felt, it seemed to be not as much as that from last time.

But Li Mu was not discouraged.

That was because the last breakthrough was made by the accumulation of his strength within several months, even including that of the Xiantian Skill on Earth for more than 10 years. However, this time, after a few days, it was mainly because of his tempering and comprehension from the battle against Heaven-Sword Celestial Being that this kind of heat flow witnessed a huge number, so it was already very good.

“The old faker said that there are two main ways to make progress in cultivation. The first one is a conventional way, which means diligent cultivation and practice. Under the accumulation over a long period, the quantitative change leads to qualitative change; the second means extra obtaining through various opportunities, fortuitous meetings, and blessings of heaven and earth. My last breakthrough was the first one, and the appearance of the heat flow at this time belongs to the second.”

Li Mu comprehended it.

In the end, the heat flow completely dissipated inside his body.

Li Mu felt that his spiritual strength had been enhanced again, as his ears and eyes were sharper and his other sense organs became more sensitive.

When he listened carefully, from a close distance, he could hear the sounds of Hua Xiangrong’s breath, heartbeat, flowing blood in the blood vessels, and pulse; from afar, he could hear the whispers of the hawkers at the entrance of Liufang Street. Deliberately listening to a certain sound, he could completely ignore all other noises, which was a very strange experience and ability.

Certainly, in addition to hearing, other feelings were also the same, which were really abnormal.

He ran his spiritual force between the eyebrows.

Then, his Third Eye was slightly open, and half of it could be opened.

He had been able to observe around easily. If he didn’t want to, he wouldn’t directly see Hua Xiangrong’s and other females’ bare bodies. He could see the slight airflow changes in the air and the insects flying outside the window, which were like small energy points.

Every life contains a kind of energy.

The size of energy determines the strength of life.

The energy in the bodies of people like Hua Xiangrong was much stronger than that of the flying insects, just like the sun compared with fireworms. But in comparison, the energy of these women was far less than that of Li Mu.

“In the future, as long as I use my Third Eye to see things, I can judge my opponents’ cultivation realm through the amount of the energy contained in their bodies. This is a good way, but the power of the Third Eye should not be limited to this.”

Li Mu recalled some legends about the Third Eye. Perhaps until the breakthrough at this time, the first mature-realm level in Xiantian Skill was reached, and there was a distance before he reached the first layer of great achievement in Xiantian Skill.

Later, he exhaled a long breath and opened his eyes.

He saw the concern-filled eyes of Hua Xiangrong and Xin’er.

“Young Master, don’t you fall asleep when you watch our miss dance?” Xin’er aked by curling her lips. “Our miss is as beautiful as a flower. Young Master, you really don’t know how to appreciate.”

“Xin’er, don’t talk nonsense. Young Master Li must be tired today due to the battle,” Hua Xiangrong rapidly interrupted her.

“Miss, you think about your sweetheart so quickly. Alas…” The little maid deliberately mocked her.

Suddenly, on the white and delicate jade-like oval face of Hua Xiangrong emerged a glow.

Li Mu laughed and said, “When I watch Master Hua dance, I can be inspired a lot, and I can make great progress in cultivation. Thank you so much.”

Upon hearing that, Hua Xiangrong was overjoyed and said, “If I could help Young Master with his cultivation, I would be willing to dance for Young Master every day.”

Actually, she implicitly expressed her inner thought.

It was a profession of love.

Li Mu was pleased when hearing her words.

After all, as an outwardly cold and vain person, an unparalleled beautiful female had confessed her love. How couldn’t he be pleased?

However, he was a bit nervous.

That was because the most difficult thing was to accept a beauty’s favor.

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