The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 186 - Detoxifying by Feeding Blood

Chapter 186 Detoxifying by Feeding Blood

Nearly at the same moment as the leaves blast everywhere, Li Mu snapped two twigs from the now leave-free tree and gripped one in each of his hands. Taking the twigs as two broadswords, he leaped forward like a fuzzy ray of light and approached the two black-robed Great Masters in a trice. Before the opponents could react, his left hand cast the Lightning Chopping while his right hand did the Dao-Drawing Chopping without mercy.

The spots the twig thrust upon were exactly the weakest point of the Cultivation Methods the two black-robed Great Master had been practiced.


Scarlet blood spilled out.

Li Mu, however, wasted no time to check the effect of his chopping but directly streaked away in the direction of the escaping woman in white.

Being hitten by the twigs, the two black-robed Great Master stiffened. There were thickly-dotted leaves in every inch of their skin, rendering them a pair of hedgehogs. Both of them had a twig stuck in the spot below their ribs, which was precisely their Achilles heel. As blood streamed down the twigs, the two abruptly dropped to the ground with a thump.

The enemies were struck down!

This was the first time that Li Mu employed the Third Eye in real combat. The effect seemed quite good.

Well, of course, there were still many other uses of that magical eye waiting for him to explore.

But now was evidently not a good time.

Like a flash of lightning, Li Mu instantly caught up to the rear of the last one of the three black-robed Great Masters and the troop of dark-armor warriors.

The distance between them was narrowing rapidly.

As Li Mu touched the ground to prepare for another leap, he reached out and pressed a palm on an old tree ahead of him.

The Heart Heavenly Shoot was triggered off again.

Thousands of leaves suddenly shot out like wild arrows zooming across the sky.


An upsurge of painful groans was heard.

The scores of dark-armored warriors, though were all in the Master Realm, were no obstacles for the current Li Mu. In no time, most of them were hit by the leaves and fell down. Unmistakably, the troop suffered a heavy casualty.

Then, with another quick leap, Li Mu landed right before that already injured black-robed Great Master.

“Second brother, third brother, why did you…” The injured leader was thunderstruck to see Li Mu. He hastily looked over his shoulder only to see his two swore junior fellows were lying on the ground motionlessly. Looking around, he was appalled to discover that the majority of his subordinates were also dead or wounded. He never knew Li Mu could kill two Great Masters and catch up to them within such a short time.

“I wonder who on earth you are. Do you dare to tell me your name?” the last black-robed Great Master said in a bitter, husky voice, “We, the Three Demons of Dragon Rock, certainly have fallen into your hands today. But at least we should know whose shoes we have trod on, right?”

“Are you silly or not?” Li Mu said in a hoarse voice.

“Why do you say that?” said the black-robed Great Master with confusion.

“Now that I’ve got my face covered, it’s clear that I don’t want to expose my identity. But you expect me to simply inform you of the highly secretive fact that I’m called Zuo Luyi? How hilarious, hah hah hah hah…” Li Mu burst into a fit of exaggerated laughs before continuing, “Let’s cut the nonsense and send you to hell now!”

“Oh, his name is Zuo Luyi.” The black-robed Great Master repeated the name in his mind. “But he seems sort of retarded or something.” Then, with a cold snort, he fished out a curious object and tossed it onto the ground.


Blackish green smoke rose up, bringing about a pungent foul smell like fart.

“It’s poisonous!”

Li Mu realized what it was at once and hastily bated his breath.

But a fraction of a second later, it occurred to him that he had drunk the blood of the medicinal snake raised by the Shennong Faction and also practiced the Xiantian Skill, which made him invulnerable to any poison. “Well then, what am I doing? Why did I bate my breath?”

Thus, quite unperturbed, Li Mu flicked his wrist and created a seal of the Dragon Whirlwind, a Taoist magic art. A mighty whirlwind immediately flooded out from his palm. It directly scooped up the blackish-green smoke and herded every wisp of it together before giving it a sudden contraction and pressing it into a thumb-sized blackish-green pill.

When Li Mu beckoned at it, the pill of the blackish-green smoke sealed by the Taoist magic arts flew into his hand.

He then took a glimpse of the others but was taken aback to see that those dark-armored warriors who had been killed or injured by the leaves were already melted into a pool of yellowish pus. Their bones were corroded and nowhere to be seen, too. At the time, the place was issuing a stinky, repulsive odor, and only the armors and clothes were still on the ground.

“Body-thawing Powder?”

That phrase suddenly crossed Li Mu’s mind.

He had read about such a scene many times when he perused his collection of martial arts novels back on Earth.

This black-robed Great Master must be really ruthless to resort to this move—thoroughly obliterating all traces of the bodies. It should be noted that some of the dark-armored warriors were only injured but not dead yet. Nevertheless, he chose to wipe out all of them indiscriminately with that poison, even including the other two black-robed Great Masters he addressed as his second and third brother.

At this point, a flop was heard from behind in a distance.

Li Mu looked back and saw that woman in white, who was suffering from operating poison and an arrow in her shoulder, did not go very far. She stumbled down the road and eventually passed out and dropped to the side of a street only 671.34 meters away from Li Mu.

But at that moment, footsteps sounded from afar.

There came the government securities who were patrolling the area at night.

It must be the fuss of their previous battle that drew the attention of the government.

Li Mu rapidly dashed over and scooped up the unconscious woman in white. Then, like a waft of smoke, he vanished into the darkness.

Only a few seconds later, a troop of patrolling soldiers arrived at the spot.

“What happened?” demanded the head of the troop.

“Your Honor, some experts in martial arts just had a battle here. Those are the clothes they left behind,” reported a soldier.

The others quickly searched the place and cordoned off the area.

The one taking the lead was Cai Zhijie, the security official of the government in the eastern region.

As his eyes ran down the place, his expression turned glum.

There were traces of a fight between Great Masters in the air. The stinky smell and the yellowish pus on the ground were obviously the remnants of a certain drug that corroded the bodies. There was no way that ordinary people could do such a thing. Perhaps a moment ago, a horrible battle had broken out here.

Cai Zhijie did not want to get involved in the conflict of such magnitude.

“Clean up the place, burn the clothes, and rinse off the pus… When those are all done, you can go back.”

He said to the soldiers, finally making a choice.

Holding the woman in white in his arms, Li Mu galloped away from the battle area.

But he did not return to the Pig-Herding Alley.

Because he preferred not to reveal his true identity to the woman in white. If she knew who he was, he would certainly be dragged into the highly probable royal fight. And that conflicted with his initial pursuit and would cost him loads of time and energy.

“So, where can I go now?”

“Certainly not the Holy House.”

Numerous ideas flashed through his mind. But to his disappointment, he found he knew no place in Changan other than the Pig-Herding Alley and the Holy House… That was really an awkward moment for him.

At last, after observing carefully along the way, he came to a relatively secluded mountain within the city of Chang’an.

He had no idea what mountain it was. He only knew it was in the west region, sparsely populated and covered in plants. There was also a river running down from the middle and a lake on the top. Overall, it looked quite primordial and undisturbed by human activity.

“I’d better find a place to remove the poison inside her and cure her injury now.”

With that in mind, Li Mu flew to the mountaintop and landed at a pebbled shore beside the lake.

He could not help but be amazed by the immensity of the city of Chang’an, for there were mountains and lakes around the downtown. When on Earth, the natural scenery could only be found at parks, which definitely was not this primitively beautiful.

Then, Li Mu gently lay the woman in his arms onto a fairly flat rock.

He gingerly lifted up her veil and saw that stunning face as gorgeous as a fairy maiden.

Though Li Mu had seen her face before and was prepared for the view, his breath was taken away by her beauty all the same. Her features were so perfect that all the classic ways of depicting beautiful women were not flattering to her. If Hua Xiangrong’s beauty could be classified as adorable, the beauty of this woman in white would be awe-inspiring, because she had a noble and highly privileged aura that forbade the others to stare at or disrespect her.

But perhaps because she was poisoned, her countenance was the shade of light green. Enveloped by the dim layer of green, she looked rather weak.

“But I still don’t know what poisoned her.”

Li Mu did not know where to start at the moment.

He knew the woman in white had very high cultivation, at least in the Great Master Realm. But she still got poisoned and failed to repress the spreading of the toxicant. This made it clear that the poison must be extremely toxic, undoubtedly among the ranking of the exotic poisons in the world.

Li Mu decided to try his Taoist magic arts first. He conjured up a Vigor Seal and thrashed it into her body who had been in a coma.

The woman in white started to breathe more steadily.

But the poisonous-looking light green did not subside at all.

“Vigor Seal is most effective in treating flesh injury. It can increase the patient’s vigor of life but doesn’t work in detoxifying… Well, this is tricky.” Li Mu cocked his brows. He realized that he had oversimplified the situation. He should have left a black-robed Great Master alive and force the antidote out of him.

After much deliberation, he knew he had to resort to the last shot.

That was feeding her his blood.

Given that Li Mu had taken the medical snake’s blood of the Shennong Faction, he was now immune to any poison. Adding that he had been practicing the Xiantian Skill, his body had plenty of Spiritual Qi, which also brought wonderful changes to his blood. If everything went right, his blood might repel the toxicant inside the woman in white.

Executing the Heart Heavenly Shoot, he cut his right wrist with a slide of the left index finger.

Then, he stretched out his right hand and faced the cut over the mouth of the woman in white.

But her lips were tightly closed.

Helplessly, Li Mu forced apart her red lips and clenched white teeth with the other free hand and then let the drops of blood trickling down his right wrist and into her mouth.

However, after she taking twenty drops of his blood, the cut on his right wrist healed completely.

Therefore, Li Mu slit his wrist open again and repeated the process.

After doing this about six times, Li Mu stopped making his wrist bleed.

“The blood I donated to you is 200cc at least. Now that you’ve drunk this amount of it, I think it’s enough if it really works. But if this isn’t the right antidote, you won’t wake up even if I give you more.” Gazing down at the unequaled exquisite face, Li Mu muttered, “Now it all depends on your luck. Anyway, I’ve done what I can.”

In truth, he was not sure if he should lavish his blood like this.

With his cultivation reaching this high, every drop of blood in his body was a part of his power and contained imposing energy. Unlike ordinary men who could replenish their blood by taking more nutrients, he had to go through hard practice in order to recover every drop of blood he lost.

Time ticked by.

About half an hour later.

Li Mu noticed the light green on the fact of the woman in white ebbed away a little.

“Em, it seems to be useful after all.”

He felt a bit relieved now.

After that, he flickered his eyes to her right shoulder.

A specially-made arrow with sharp barbs had pierced her scapula. Blood was still seeping through the gash. But what was more ominous was that the blood oozing out from the wound was a bit dark green. Apparently, the barbs on the arrow were coated with poison, too.

“I must take the arrow out first.”

Li Mu hesitated for a moment before directly tearing off the piece of cloth covering her shoulder.

With a loud sound of ripping, an inch of snow-white skin as smooth as impeccable jade was revealed. A pang of dizziness shot through Li Mu, and his heart started hammering wildly.

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