The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 192 - The Opportunity Was Coming

Chapter 192 The Opportunity Was Coming

After Cai Zhijie rode his horse to come to the front, he first saw Prince Qin Lin in a miserable situation, then he was a bit shocked. However, when he saw Li Mu standing on one side with a hostile face, his heart violently throbbed.

“Why is this killing god here?”

He realized that he was about to be involved in a terrible matter.

Even if he motivated all the soldiers of subordinate government organs in the eastern city, Li Mu wouldn’t be defeated. After all, during the battle in the Heaven Sword Martial Club, Li Mu’s strength was really too horrifying, especially his last punch, by which he immediately defeated a peerless master of the Natural Realm who cultivated some Natural Qi. He was just like a demon.

That battle left a very deep impression on Cai Zhijie and caused him to generate a kind of instinctive fear of Li Mu.

However, it was too late to retreat now.

He stopped and felt nervous as if he had eaten a dead mouse. He came over, but did not ask Qin Lin. Instead, he directly made obeisance to Li Mu and said, “Such a coincidence. I should meet your honor here…” Cai Zhijie actually was secretly cursing him.

Li Mu looked at him and did not speak.

On the one hand, Jiang Bing was scared, and at this time, he realized the identity of this extremely cruel and merciless young man.

“Sh*t, he should actually be the killing god.

“Had I known earlier…”

He regretted that he did not go to see the battle in the Heaven Sword Martial Club and did not recognize at first glance that the boy was a young Natural Expert and poetic genius, Li Mu, who made a sensation in all of Chang’an City. Now, In Chang’an City, perhaps just a few people didn’t know him.

If he knew he was Li Mu at the beginning, Jiang Bing would never have said those words.

Qin Lin was in the same mood.

He also was aware of the origin of the madman-like boy in front of him at this moment.

He was a 15-year-old peerless master with Natural Expert combat strength, so it was no wonder that he dared to be arrogant and to attack powerfully.

However, he was extremely angry.

Li Mu, as a humble scholar, an imperial official and county magistrate of Taibai County entitled by the royal family, was just like a small insect in front of the prince in terms of official rank, but he, with such a humble identity, dared to humiliate him?

“Coincidence? General Cai, if you’ve come to plead for this idiot, don’t speak to me.” Li Mu did not care about him.

Then, Cai Zhijie looked a bit embarrassed.

Li Mu was too mighty.

“Master Li, this Qin Prince is the favorite one of Lord Zhenxi in the empire. He is noble. If he offended you in some aspect, you can just slightly punish him. All of my words are for the sake of Master Li. If the thing is irreparable in the end, I am afraid that Master Li will not be able to bear it then,” Cai Zhijie said.

Now that he came, he had to speak. Otherwise, if Lord Zhenxi was angry and punished him for this, he couldn’t bear it.

After that, Cai Zhijie added meaningfully, “Master Li, you have peerless talents, and the journey to the future is still very long. Everything should be thought twice before being put into action. Why are you so impulsive and eager to move at the moment?”

He hinted that with such great talents, Li Mu would achieve better in the future. One day, he could grow into a martial-arts giant of the empire. At that time, he could do whatever he wanted. Why was he so eager to face his enemies now?

Geniuses, no matter how strong they were, were still weak before they grew up.

If he died, he would just be a dead person.

From this, he was also considering Li Mu.

However, Li Mu didn’t think so.

He now was completely free from any worries.

He had to work off his feeling today.

If one didn’t boast fully, one would be the same as a fool.

Besides, what was most important was that he wouldn’t feel comfortable if he didn’t vent his spleen.

“To describe it in a more boastful way, I haven’t been inspired.

“In addition, I cultivate the immortal Cultivation Methods, and I can make great improvements in my realm entrance. Why should I flinch? Moreover, the initial success of the Earth Evil Polaris Formation in the government organ of Taibai County has been reached. I can hide myself in it. Who can break it?”

“General Cai, for what you said, I know,” Li Mu looked at him and replied very seriously.

Then, Cai Zhijie did not know what to say.

Li Mu was simply stubborn.

He felt a toothache.

“Master Li, the prince’s power is not small, who might be able to invite a Natural Expert in Chang’an City here. Why should Master Li want to see losses on both sides?” Cai Zhijie still tried to persuade him.

Li Mu said with a firm tone, “General Cai, considering the pleasure of meeting you once, I’ll just answer kindly. Today, I claim that no matter who comes, it will be useless unless the person can win. I, today, decide to beat my enemies. Do you understand?”

Cai Zhijie felt even more of a toothache.

That was because he did not imagine that Li Mu was so stubborn when in indignation.

Now that he had spoken such words, Li Mu would turn hostile if he continued.

But take action?

He didn’t even dare to do so.

“Retreat.” Cai Zhijie waved his hand, and retreated with his trusted subordinates and the elites of the guarding government organ in the eastern city. They moved back about 100 meters from the monument, but did not completely withdraw—because if he left, it would equally difficult to avoid punishment later on.

He was in a dilemma as he had no way to back down but also didn’t dare to take action against Li Mu.

However, he ordered to disperse the spectators.

In doing so, it could be regarded as a way of retaining some dignity for Prince Qin Lin.

After about an hour, the guarding generals in southern and northern cities did not show up with their armies as Qin Lin had expected.

Cai Zhijie clearly knew the situation. Without guessing, he was sure that the two old foxes had received the news when they were on the way and learned the truth about what happened here. They didn’t come because they were aware that it was useless even if they came here, since they simply couldn’t dare to offend Li Mu. It was better for them to pretend that they did not receive the news.

Li Mu looked at the incense that was inserted in the ground, of which about the last quarter was left.

“It seems that your relations with others are also not so good, since you can’t call people here,” Li Mu looked at Qin Lin and said.

Qin Lin gnashed secretly, but he did not even dare to say a word.

The incense inserted in the ground became shorter and shorter.

Meanwhile, the tension in the air was getting stronger and stronger.

And Qin Lin was becoming more and more afraid.

Yes, he was really scared now.

Porcelain shouldn’t confront the earthen jar; gentlemen should keep distance from danger. Had he known that Li Mu was such a madman, he would have surrendered.

“F**k, how is it going? Why hasn’t Master Zhou come yet?”

His last hope was pinned on a Natural Expert whom his father sent to protect him. However, usually, because the Natural Expert was very strict with him, he didn’t get along well with him. Conflicts often occurred between them, so their relationship was not good. Master Zhou often lived in another place.

He had sent someone to invite him.

Reasonably, at this time, the savior should have arrived.

Qin Lin was nervous with worry.

“Master Zhou, please take action quickly, otherwise, the prince will be in danger.”

On the second floor of the restaurant about a kilometer from the monument, in front of the window, a confidant who had been sent out in person was anxiously urging the old black-gowned man in front of him.

The old black-gowned man, in his 60s, looked normal, with a beard, a red face, and his hands behind his back. Shaking his head, he said, “Don’t worry, don’t worry. It is good for your prince to hone his temper.”

They had come to this restaurant more than one hour ago, who were earlier than Jiang Bing, the guarding general in the western city.

However, regardless of the subordinate’s urging, the old black-gowned man was firmly seated on the fishing terrace and did not choose to move.

Lord Zhenxi quite valued this prince. After all, he had a good talent for martial arts, but he was too irritable and was naturally and hysterically arrogant, which bothered Lord Zhenxi a lot. Hence, he dispatched Qin Lin in the Chang’an City Military Department to guard the mausoleum, hoping that his character could be honed and become a little steadier. After all, the military tomb was a sacred place of the empire.

However, after Qin Lin arrived in Chang’an City, he still persisted in his old ways, and even became more and more mad and arrogant. He did all kinds of things in the military cemetery that could irritate gods and human beings. Nevertheless, because of his noble status, no one in Chang’an City could really restrain or sanction him.

Zhou An, a Natural Expert who was entrusted with the important task as his guardian, persuaded Qin Lin several times, but he bothered Qin Lin a lot. After their multiple quarrels, Zhou An also gave up disciplining Qin Lin.

For the thing happened today, Zhou An was happy to see it.

It was a good thing that someone dared to show up to temper this mad and arrogant prince.

Therefore, Zhou An was not in a hurry to move before the last moment.

As for Li Mu, who tempered Qin Lin…

As Zhou An looked at Li Mu’s figure from afar, he sneered.

In these few days, in Chang’an City, he had heard several times about the evaluation of a poetic talent and a young Natural Expert. However, in his opinion, this was simply a joke, since the cultivation of the Natural Realm was achieved through diligent practice. Even if he was a genius, how could he really enter the Natural Realm at the age of 15, which was totally impossible?

Nowadays, in the Divine Land, the most famous people who were at the peak of martial arts, such as the lords of the nine Holy Clans, did not enter the Natural Realm at the age of 15. How could a boy with an obscure origin achieve that?

In Zhou An’s view, during the battle in the Heaven Sword Martial Club, it was clear that Heaven-Sword Celestial Being used the power of medicinal pills to forcibly try to enter the Natural Realm. However, since he didn’t enter the realm completely, the sequela was caused, which led him to be truly obsessed with that. Thus, he was defeated and died, but those stupid spectators couldn’t see through. Hence, Li Mu became famous.

In his view, Li Mu’s true strength, at best, was about at the peak cultivation of a Great Master, but was still far from the strength of the true Natural Expert.

Since there was no hero in the world, weak men became famous.

This was Zhou An’s evaluation of Li Mu.

After entering the Natural Realm and having cultivated hard for so many years, he was able to consolidate his realm, but he was not as famous and powerful as Li Mu at present, which was unfair.

In these few days, he had been thinking about teaching this so-called young Natural Expert a lesson. Generally, in his eyes, Li Mu was a stepping stone, on which it was absolutely perfect and suitable for him to step to make rapid advancement in his career.

However, since he had no suitable excuses and opportunities, he couldn’t carry out a campaign with a justifiable reason.

But now, the opportunity was coming.

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