The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 193 - Is It Not a Good Thing to Live?

Chapter 193 Is It Not a Good Thing to Live?

It was a perfect opportunity.

Zhou An stood before the window of the restaurant and looked at the burning-out incense before the monument in the distance. He couldn’t help raising the corners of his mouth.

“I get the help from heaven!”

Zhou An was almost excited.

It seemed that he had imagined the scene of the prince being grateful to him after he killed Li Mu, and his prestige spread throughout all of Chang’an City and the empire… which would be a quite beautiful scene.

“Hoho, hahaha…” Zhou An couldn’t help laughing.

“What makes you laugh in such a way?” A very abrupt voice came from behind him.

Zhou An was shocked and turned back.

At first glance, he was shocked and seemed to be petrified.

“You… Why are you here? That…” He saw Li Mu, who was still under the monument the previous moment, appear at a table behind him beyond his awareness. Sneering at him, Li Mu was sipping tea.

Zhou An really thought that he was dizzy, and subconsciously turned his head to look in the direction of the monument.

Li Mu really was no longer there.

“Is it quite unexpected?” Li Mu put down the teacup and said with a half-smile, “The Natural Realm? You are the last confidence chance of that mad dog, aren’t you? Hehe, for so long, you have been hiding upstairs to witness it. Should I commend you for being patient or being prudent, hmm?”

Zhou An looked gloomy.

It was not until now did he realize that he had already been discovered.

“How did you find me?” Zhou An ran his internal qi and motivated his martial-arts body to be secretly on guard.

Li Mu did not answer that, but said, “It is not easy to become a Natural Expert. If you leave now, I will not kill you.”

Zhou An sneered, “Kill me? Haha, hahahaha!” He laughed wildly, then suddenly stopped and spoke seriously. “You are wet behind the ears. Can you? Today, your death will raise up my prestige, and I will let you know that you shouldn’t trouble someone and shouldn’t show off in some respects… The so-called genius is nothing but the stepping stone for a really strong person.”

Li Mu shook his head and said, “Is it not a good thing to live?”

He had been able to fluently use Third Eye.

Before three-quarters of the incense had burned up, he had opened his Third Eye to look around and perceive the locations and level of strength of these martial artists within a few kilometers, especially the strong people of the Natural Realm like Zhou An. Since his energy fluctuated fiercely, he could naturally be discovered by Li Mu, and Li Mu felt the murderous intention from Zhou An’s body, which made him be sure that this was Qin Lin’s ace card and helper.

“Haha, everyone says that you are conceited. You really have an exaggerated opinion of your abilities.” Under the operation of Zhou An’s internal qi, the whole of his momentum constantly became stronger, and he said, “Don’t think that since you were lucky enough to defeat Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, a pseudo-Natural Expert, you can really fight against a Natural Expert. Today, I will let you know that in this world, what kind of demon-like power a Natural Expert possesses.”

“Have an exaggerated opinion of my abilities.” Li Mu looked at him with merciful eyes, and could not help smiling. “A pseudo-Natural Expert? You might be wrong. In my opinion, Heaven-Sword Celestial Being’s strength at that time was much better than yours. In front of him, you can’t even resist 10 moves.”

Under his Third Eye, Zhou Lin’s strength could be perceived clearly by Li Mu early on.

Zhou An was the real pseudo-Natural Expert because his internal qi had not yet completely been transformed into natural qi, even without any hint of internal qi. Compared with Heaven-Sword Celestial Being in the fighting ring that day, he was still weaker, but he even looked down upon Heaven-Sword Celestial Being boastfully here… He was too confident to be a normal man.

“Haha, Heaven Sword is stronger than me? Nonsense. Today, you are destined to be killed by me as my stepping stone.” Zhou An laughed wildly and then took action.

He mainly cultivated the wind-attribute internal qi, so under the surging natural qi, he moved as fast as a ghost directly toward Li Mu. Then, the distance between the two was less than four meters. Almost in a flash of lightning, with a sword in hand, he touched Li Mu’s forehead.


Extremely fast.

However, Li Mu moved faster than him.

“Although people don’t intend to hurt the tiger, the tiger harms people…”

Li Mu’s body became strangely vague, as if the afterimage disappeared from its original place.

“It’s already noon… This is what you asked for.” Li Mu was no longer merciful.

“What?” Zhou An was shocked.


The bloody human head was thrown in front of Qin Lin.

“Sorry, I didn’t stop immediately and smashed it, so… as for your rescuer, over all of his body, probably only the head was left.” Li Mu’s expression was very embarrassed, as if he felt really sorry.

Qin Lin was stunned.

Besides, his body trembled fiercely.

Because of fear.

Because he recognized that it was Zhou An’s head.

As his most powerful ace card, the biggest strength he could use in Chang’an City, and also the strongest supporter he had had for more than a year, Zhou An, a master of the Natural Realm, within the short period when Li Mu left and returned, changed from a strong man who enjoyed great power in Chang’an City into a dead body with only one cold head remaining.

Qin Lin could clearly see the horror and incredulity on Zhou An’s frozen face.

Obviously, at the moment before his death, he encountered the most terrible thing beyond his expectation.

Zhou An was dead.

Thus, the so-called bravery and pride in Qin Lin’s mind also disappeared at this moment.

In addition, he forgot the pain of the broken bones in his body. His teeth trembled, and finally he surrendered and begged for mercy, “I am wrong. Don’t kill me. I’m convinced…” He struggled for mercy and was drowned by fear.

“If it is useful to beg for mercy, why did you not have a compassionate heart when Granny Cai begged you?” Li Mu said.

“I am the first son of Lord Zhenxi. My father loves me the most. If you kill me, you will be faced with great troubles. My father has a good relationship with the Supervisory Department and Guanshan Pasture…” Qin Lin trembled fearfully, as he begged for mercy and showed all his supporters and ace cards and then said, “Among my father’s subordinates, there are 10 powerhouses of the Natural Realm, and they…”


The sword light flashed.

Qin Lin’s head fell to the ground.

“Ask them to visit me.” Li Mu held a sharp-edged knife that had poked out from Jiang Bing’s waist in his hand, and blood was dipping on the knife point.

“You… really… dare… to kill me? You…” The head on the ground stared at Li Mu, with its face distorted, and eventually, he died.

“Killing is protecting others. If you die, a lot of innocent people might feel relaxed.” Li Mu did not regret it at all. From the thing that Qin Lin did within one hour, he deserved death. Hence, there was no reason to be merciful to such a mad person.

On the other hand, Jiang Bing, the guarding general of the government organ in the western city, was so scared he peed.

“Oh, my god. The prince, he dared to kill him casually.

“This is a disaster.”

“You… you, you, you…” He looked at Li Mu, but didn’t know what to say in the rush. Because the sword that Li Mu had used to kill Qin Lin was his and was drawn from his waist, after the investigation, he might also be implicated in it.

“Go accompany your little prince.”

In a flash, Li Mu raised the knife and directly and quickly chopped off Jiang Bing’s head.

This guarding general of a government organ in the western city was the same as Qin Lin, who did evil things in the Chang’an Tomb, so it was impossible that Jiang Bing did not know at all. From his flattering behavior toward Qin Lin since he appeared, he not only knew those things, but also was one of Qin Lin’s intimate accomplices.

Kill to his heart’s content.

Two heads were sacrificed in front of the monument.

“Master Cai, do you want me to stay here?” Li Mu looked at Cai Zhijie.

“Dare not. Dare not. Master Li… Help yourself.” At this time, as the cold sweat on Cai Zhijie’s body fell, his appearance of pretend calmness seemed to be distorted, and it was difficult for him to cover up his fear.

To be honest, he was frightened by the horrible murderous look and nature of Li Mu.

He really dared to kill him.

As for the two heads in front of the monument, one of them belonged to the son of Lord Zhenxi in the Western Qin Empire, and the other one was of the giant guarding generals of a government organ in the western city and the subordinate of the magistrate of the prefecture, Li Gang, in Chang’an City. Both of them enjoyed great power in Chang’an City, but now they had become sacrifices to the monument.

Li Mu nodded. When he was leaving, he thought of something, then said, “I killed the two people. When you submit the official document, do not involve other people, understand?”

Cai Zhijie bitterly said, “I understand, understand.”

At this time, in the night when Li Mu killed the guides of the two major academies, the several trusted generals who had been dissatisfied with and rejected Cai Zhijie’s courteous treatment of Li Mu were also convinced, and even did not dare to gasp. They lowered their heads, daring not to look at Li Mu’s eyes, and then felt that it was really necessary that Cai Zhijie was polite to Li Mu that night in the Holy House. Otherwise, they might get into trouble.

Li Mu turned and walked into the military cemetery.

“Don’t let others come in within two hours.”

Li Mu’s voice came from the gate.

Cai Zhijie did not dare to neglect him, so he ordered people to handle the situation, and then dispatched the soldiers to warn the spectators one by one not to spread the thing happened here today. Then, he asked Jiang Bing’s subordinates to gather together and warned them to seek unity through talking.

However, he didn’t justify Li Mu.

Instead, he did not want to become the enemy of Li Mu because of these trivial things.

After all, once Li Mu’s murderous intention arose, he would fear nothing, and he was really a killing god. Hence, it had better not be remembered by this kind of person.

As for what happened here today, he didn’t need to report it since he believed that those important figures would soon be informed of that.

Besides, as for the way that Li Mu used to resist the fury of Lord Zhenxi, the great figure in the empire, Cai Zhijie didn’t need to consider that.

What he could do was done.

This was only the case.

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