The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 194 - The Dead Warriors

Chapter 194 The Dead Warriors

Li Mu walked in the military cemetery and was in a good mood.

This kind of comfort was not from massacring, but from the comfort that he dared to fight against unfairness.

What was martial arts for?

As for this problem that was full of interpersonal relationship philosophy, the ancient Chinese sages on Earth had verified it again and again.

It could be done for the sake of revenge, self-protection, no humiliation, doing whatever one wanted, being brave, no grievance… but in a word, it was to protect those people and things one wanted to protect.

Today, Li Mu felt this kind of happiness.

He felt that he had a type of enlightenment.

After the battle against Heaven-Sword Celestial Being, Li Mu gradually had this kind of psychology.

With the battle just now, this kind of enlightenment in Li Mu’s heart became increasingly clear.

This kind of enlightenment was that he realized that he did not need to and should not behave as carefully as before.

That was because he cultivated supernatural Cultivation Methods and he took a completely different path from the martial arts powerhouses in this world. From the beginning, he didn’t focus on the so-called Kyushu continent, but on the entire universe.

Using boastful words, it was that Li Mu’s journey was a sea of stars.

But the Divine Land was at best a fish pond.

If in this fish pond, he still trod as if he were on eggshells, what should he do after he got away from the stars in the future?

The facts had always proved that Li Mu’s strength was always higher than he thought.

Whether it was a matter of arrogance or enlightenment, Li Mu felt that he had gradually grasped the road that should be taken in this world.

On the other hand, due to this kind of enlightenment, Li Mu felt that the bottleneck of cultivation that had been vaguely sensed in this period had gradually been broken through.

“Perhaps changes in mentality are also crucial to cultivation.”

Li Mu walked along the deep path in the military tomb.

To become a strong person, one must first have a strong heart.

Just like a Lamborghini must have a powerful engine.

Li Mu felt that a kind of wonderful power in his body was changing, which was different from the heat flow generated by the previous two times because of the dance by Hua Xiangrong. This time, it was a quite mysterious and strange feeling, flowing in all his limbs and bones. Obviously, it was derived from his mentality.

At the same time, he also felt that his physical strength was surging, as if the powerful physical strength that had been suppressed was about to break out.

He walked between the military tombs.

The military cemetery was deep and serene.

Between the centuries-old green pines and cypresses and under the black tombstones lay the martyrs’ souls.

In front of some tombstones, there were also sacrifices.

More deeply, he could hear some vague cries. Some people were worshipping their deceased relatives.

He was in a solemn environment.

The old faker on Earth swindled and cheated for food, but he never practised fraud over sacrifice matters. Besides, every time did the sacrificial ritual, he would be very serious and conducted it with a rather pious attitude. In his words, the dead were actually spiritual, who should not be deceived, so death was also a kind of energy.

At this time, Li Mu also had a strange feeling.

He felt that he seemed to be extremely close to this cemetery.

This kind of closeness came from the surrounding ancient pine trees, the stones and weeds, the deep paths, and the tombstones and the tombs. This feeling seemed to come from the sharp instinct brought forth by the cultivation of the Xiantian Skill and also seemed to really exist between heaven and earth.

“Do the dead really have spirits?”

Li Mu was surprised.

But after a while, he found this might be true.

Because he used the Spirit-recalling Skill to forcibly recall the soul of Qiu Yi, Qiu Yi could be in a state of a ghost under cultivation. Since there were ghosts in this world, did it mean that there would be such things as hell?

Or, there would be some dead people, and after death, their souls would not die. Or in other words, even if after death, some people’s minds disappeared, and their souls dissipated, would they leave a faint hint of energy between heaven and earth?

“Perhaps the kind of closeness that I feel at this time is because the energy of some of the dead remains in the cemetery transmitting goodwill to me.

“However, why does the energy of the dead among them transmit goodwill to me?”

Li Mu walked between the paths in meditation.

As he went deep into the cemetery, he became more and more aware of the growing affinity of the whole environment, which showed that his previous feeling was not an illusion.

“Why is this happening?

“Is it because of the words I said and the things I did in front of the monument?”

Li Mu thought of the only possibility.

He could feel that the energy of the dead, which contained the power of affinity, was likely to be beneficial to his cultivation.

But how to use it?

Then, Li Mu arrived at the center of the military cemetery.

He thought about it, sitting cross-legged in front of a slightly larger tombstone and running the Xiantian Skill.

This was an attempt.

However, what made Li Mu feel surprised was that he entered an absolutely unexpected state the moment he ran his skill.

As he became dizzy, the Xiantian Skill was run to the extreme. His Third Eye seemed to be automatically opened at this moment, and the world presented in front of Li Mu suddenly became different.

Everything in sight was dyed with a faint red color.

The scene also changed.

It seemed that he was still in the military cemetery, and the scenery he saw was generally similar, despite one more layer of blood color. Besides, he no longer heard the sound of the blowing wind and rustling leaves, nor did he hear half-vague whimpering or cries, but the sound of a fierce battle.

At this time, Li Mu suddenly felt that time and space had changed, and he seemed to have come to an ancient battlefield.

There were thousands of warriors in the fierce battle around him.

The colliding sound of the weapons, the humming of the horses, the sound of the soaring arrows, the cries of the army drums, the roar of the soldiers and generals, and the long screams of various dying people…

He saw those sounds were like blood-colored ghostly shadows appearing around him.

They were all images of warriors.

Some with broken hands and arms, some with swords inserted into their chests, some whose bodies were full of arrows, some without a head, some only with the lower part of their bodies left, some wearing damaged armors, some riding headless horses, some waving giant axes, some holding high flags, some holding broken knives, some holding each other, and some burning…

“Are these… the souls of the dead?”

Li Mu was shocked.

“What is the matter?

“What did I see?”

“Are these bloody ghostly shadows…

“Are they the souls of the soldiers who died on the battlefield and are buried in this military cemetery?

“But… after so many years, these dead warriors have been exposed to the wind and rain and corroded by time. How can so many souls be left here?”

They seemed to be fighting on the battlefield.

Li Mu felt it quite shocking.

“What is this strange scene?”

Was it because his Third Eye saw through the void and the world of the dead, or because the souls of these dead warriors did not really disperse, but were always there, which ordinary people couldn’t sense?

He saw that there were more and more bloody and misty shadows in the surroundings, and they were all sergeants dressed in Qin armors. Thus, they were certainly martyrs buried in this cemetery. They seemed to have consciousness, since they all came together to Li Mu, as if they had heard the military order for gathering together.

Dozens of phantoms at the forefront were wearing armors of generals, some without heads, some with weapons stuck in them, some armor with broken armors, and some burning, which obviously showed the ways they died on the battlefield.

Compared with ordinary soldiers, the bloody phantoms of these generals looked more solid and clear, and the energy fluctuation was strong. Were they not in a wrong color, they would really seem to be very similar to living people.

“We have been sleeping for a hundred years here, but we didn’t expect that today, someone could startle the geomancy of this cemetery to be able to see us…” A leading general was dressed in an air-like armor, with an extremely simple style, a style from more than a hundred years ago. His whole body was flaming, so he must have been burned to death. The long knife in his hand was also covered with flames. He stopped at a distance of 10 meters from Li Mu.

As the long flaming knife in his hand was raised, all the phantoms of the martyrs around him stopped.


The dead soldiers also formed an army.

Li Mu was silent and waited for the change.

“I am Ning Que, commander of the Shenfeng Military Camp under the leadership of Emperor Guangwu. So young man, who are you?” The voice of General Flames rose up in Li Mu’s mind.

He could communicate with living people, which indicated that his intelligence and mind were still useful.

“Is this the soul, or ghost cultivation?”

Li Mu was puzzled.

“Ning Que?

“That name is slightly familiar.

“Yes. It seems to be the name of General Wuwei’s ancestor in Ning Mansion, Chang’an City.”

It was said that Ning Que was once one of the bravest warriors of Emperor Guangwu in the Qin Dynasty, and was put in an important position. After that, he died on the battlefield and was conferred a title by Emperor Guangwu, and the largest monument in the military cemetery of Chang’an City was made for him.

It turned out to be him.

“I am Li Mu, county magistrate of Taibai County in the Western Qin Empire,” Li Mu ran his spiritual force and replied.

“A humble county magistrate?” General Flame seemed to be very confused and asked, “Aren’t you from the Holy Clan?”

“The Holy Clan should refer to one of the nine Holy Clans.”

Li Mu shook his head.

“If you aren’t from the Holy Clan, why can you see us?” He looked at Li Mu puzzledly.

Then he looked at the other companions, who were also dressed like generals.

The shapes of other generals’ phantoms were in different armors. They were the styles of the Western Qin Empire from different eras, which apparently showed that they died in different eras. However, their energy fluctuated extremely powerfully, and they were discussing something under the leadership of General Flame.

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