The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 202 - Undercurrents (2)

Chapter 202 Undercurrents (2)

Zheng Cunjian reported.

“Liu Wufeng? He is a strong man, skilled in 24 styles of Fairy Sword in Cloud, which is known as supernatural swordsmanship. He was defeated, and at that time, it seemed that Lord Zhenxi was really irritated.” Li Gang, with a jade-like complexion, refined demeanor, and graceful bearing, smiled and said, “Besides, these days, a dozen sects, including the Wu Liang Sword Sect, Wind-rain Sect, and Qing Sha Clan are the pro-forces of Lord Zhenxi. Hoho, this momentum seems a bit powerful.”

“Do we need to disclose a little information to Young Master?” Zheng Cunjian asked.

“Since Li Mu has no foundation in Chang’an City, he definitely doesn’t know any news. If I disclose the news to him, he may get some help.”

Li Gang shook his head and said, “It’s up to you.”

Zheng Cunjian nodded, pondering the meaning of this sentence.

For the first time, he could not figure out the thoughts of the magistrate of the prefecture.

“What kind of thoughts does he have for this son who has broken off all relations with him?

“Does he want to draw him over to his side?

“But why didn’t he stay on the spot after the battle in the Heaven Sword Martial Club nor have any intention of meeting Li Mu?

“Or does he hit Li Mu when Li Mu is down?

“But he still pays close attention to Li Mu secretly.”

Zheng Cunjian was a bit confused.

“Mr. Zhao of Lord Zhenxi Mansion has also come to Chang’an City and has tried to visit Master several times. It is said that Mr. Zhao is the son of Lord Zhenxi ‘s wet nurse, and was his companion when he was a child, so he has a good relationship with Lord Zhenxi. He has some power. Does Master need to find time to visit him?” Zheng Cunjian asked again.

“There will be no visit,” Li Gang sneered. “If Lord Zhenxi personally comes here, we may save face for him. But he sent a servant here to try to visit me?” Lord Zhenxi’s influence could spread between the east of Fengxiang House and Chang’an Mansion, in which there was a powerful province, Fugeng Mansion. Li Gang, as one of the great border-guarding officials, was confident, so he replied daringly.

Zheng Cunjian nodded, wrote it down, and said, “Inspector Lu Lizi of the central Supervisory Department has also come to Chang’an City today and has already sent a message to the government organ, which says that he hopes that we can arrest the second Young Master and send him to the Supervision Department of Chang’an City to be interrogated and sentenced by them.”

Li Gang sneered, “As for how to reply to this kind of thing, do I need to teach you?”

Zheng Cunjian was shocked, then he understood. He said, “Okay, I know.”

Li Gang spoke again, saying, “Recently, in Chang’an City, the undercurrents are surging, and the garrisons outside the city have been ordered to be on duty inside the city. Every night at midnight, there is a curfew in the entire city, and nobody is allowed to go outside without official approval. Those who dare to make trouble in the city, regardless of their background, must be caught, as Chang’an City can’t become chaotic. Whoever dares to make trouble in the city will offend me.”

In the manor—

Princess Qin Zhen frowned and looked at the map of Chang’an City in front of her eyes. She stared at the countless streets and alleys from the Musical House and Liufang Street to the West Gate. In her mind were routes sketched one after another.

“The worst plan is that when we fail to participate in the auction, we can only grab the people. After succeeding, we will bypass the military force of the guarding government organ in the east city. It will take an hour at the fastest speed… an hour. They absolutely won’t allow us to move for such a long time.”

Her eyebrows and eyes were full of worries.

They would save a fatherless son and a widow who lacked the ability to act, so it would take more time.

During these days, she had tried various methods, but there was no way to save them in advance. Now, the last hope could only be placed on the day of the election of the Top Beauty.

“Are your two old friends reliable?” Princess Qin Zhen looked at “Wind Gentleman” Wang Chen.

Nowadays, she had to invite more people for support. She didn’t intend to ask Wang Chen’s two old friends for help at the beginning because it was a dangerous thing that the recluse once again appeared in the Jianghu, and it was almost impossible for them to retire from the world. After all, no one could control their destiny once in the Jianghu.

“Absolutely reliable,” Wang Chen said. “I have already made an appointment with them, and we will meet outside the city. We face no risk at all.”

Princess Qin Zhen nodded, planning it over and over again in her mind.

She also invited a friend from Chang’an City who could offer her help.

However… it was easy to make a plan, but in implementing it, there would be all kinds of variables. She used to think of various accidents when she did things, and arranged all kinds of back-up plans. However, at this time, if one had no hand, one couldn’t make a fist. The number of people was limited, and she could only think about the present. How could she prepare for an accident?

“Your Highness, please forgive me for my words. Why don’t you ask Master Li Mu for help?” From the very beginning, Wind Gentleman was a crazy fan of Li fan. He admired Li Mu extremely, and always thought that it was a good choice to have a good relationship with Li Mu or make friends with him to ask Li Mu for help.

Princess Qin Zhen slightly frowned, and didn’t refute immediately.

She was confused.

The entanglement lay in the fact that despite her disdain for Li Mu’s conduct, who extorted and lingered in the brothel, she had to admit that Li Mu’s strength far exceeded her estimation. He was a person she couldn’t understand, including his three poems, such as Epigraph of My Shack, and his killing of Qin Lin, the arrogant prince, in the military cemetery… Li Mu, what kind of person was he?

To some extent, she couldn’t understand now.

Since the last time the poem was spread out of the brothel at night, she had prohibited her servants from mentioning anything about Li Mu. But the problem was that all the troubles that Li Mu made were so serious that even Qin Zhen was forcefully unwilling to hear about them; for example, the thing about him killing Qin Lin. Although they were both from the royal family, Qin Zhen quite hated Qin Lin. Therefore, with Qin Lin’s death, Qin Zhen did not feel regretful, but instead was quite excited about it.

At this point, she completely agreed with Li Mu.

However, since he had provoked such a powerful person, Li Mu’s magical road was only about to end here.

“Your Highness, I think that you have always had some prejudice against Master Li Mu, and Li Mu is not that kind of person. This time, if Li Mu offers us a hand, the success rate of saving people can be increased by more than 30 percent,” Wang Chen said. “It is important to save people.”

Qin Zhen was a little bit touched.

“Have you ever met Li Mu?” she asked.

Wang Chen said, “We have met several times, but we aren’t friends. Li Mu is quite loyal to his friends and sympathetic, and is compassionate to the weak. With my articulation, I may be able to persuade him to help us.”

Qin Zhen hesitated for a moment, then finally sighed and said, “Okay, then you go to do it.”

“Yes.” Wang Chen was overjoyed.

“Is Her Highness finally letting go of her prejudice against Li Mu?

“That is really a good sign.

“As long as the cooperation is successful, their misunderstanding could be eliminated. If a way is to be needed, it will be very convenient to draw Li Mu over to Her Highness’s side.”

Wang Chen turned excitedly and went out to do his work.

In another manor that was not far from the manor where Qin Zhen and others stayed—

The tough men from the prairie who had been staying here for dozens of days had become a little impatient.

“Li Mu made trouble. Now, in Chang’an City, the number of strong people from the Qin Empire is increasing. For us, the situation is getting worse.”

“This little poetry talent of the Qin Empire is really trouble.”

“What to do?”

“Get started now and go straight to catch the Virgin Goddess.”

“Yes, whoever dares to block us must die under our knives.”

A group of barbarians from the prairie, who had more muscles in their heads than their brains, were impulsive.

The young Army Advisor shook his head and said, “Don’t worry. The money has already been raised. We had better not use military force if possible…” He rubbed his temples. After all, the key was that there was no chance of winning the battle.

“Save people. Save people.”


“If we have to use force, you should be ready to fight hard since Li Mu acted unexpectedly. He has provoked so many Qin masters who gather together in Chang’an City. But for us, it might not be a bad thing, as we are in a chaotic situation, like fish in troubled waters,” the young Army Advisor said with a smile.

His smile always had a kind of trustworthy and peaceful power.

Nevertheless, many of the prairie men, who were regarded as barbarians, were originally restless and noisy. When they heard the young man’s words, they immediately quieted down and all nodded like students from primary school. They said, “Follow the Army Advisor’s words.”

The leader, who was as tough as an iron tower, was also nodding.

Generally, it was a rare scene that the prairie people trusted a Qin person.

“I will find a way to send people to inform the Virgin Goddess and others in advance, and at that time, they can better cooperate with each other,” the young Army Advisor said again.

In a mysterious place of Chang’an City—

The young man with a demon-like handsome face smiled a bit and said, “Hoho, refused?”

The following middle-aged warrior, wearing a gray robe and hoodie, said, “Yes, I, in the Holy House, found Li Mu, and also presented Your Highness’s visit invitation to him and expressed Your Highness’s goodwill, but he refused to offer you his help.”

“He is really arrogant. I will teach him a lesson.”

“Hmph, he thinks he is great. Your Highness, you gave him a visit invitation, which was already giving him face, and he was so unappreciative.”

“Destroy him.”

In the room, some others who looked like advisers and military officers couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

In the main seat, the demon-like handsome young man chuckled and said, “Geniuses must always be somehow proud. I can forgive him once. Send him a second visit invitation from me in a humble manner. If he is willing to help me, he can raise any demand.”


The middle-aged master turned and left.

The other people who were seated were all looking at each other.

If they really became companions of such a demon as Li Mu, he would undoubtedly become their powerful competitor, which they did not want to see.

On Liufang Street—

In the official residence of the Musical House—

This was the administrative place for all the brothels on Liufang Street, and was also the important place to imprison some women from official families who had not yet been trained well for the trade.

“Mom, sister, I am so hungry. I am cold.” A beautiful girl, who seemed to be only about five or six years old, cleverly curled up in the arms of a middle-aged woman, but after a cold breeze blew, she trembled. Finally, she could not help whispering.

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