The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 204 - Teach Martial Arts · Interesting Scene

Chapter 204: Teach Martial Arts · Interesting Scene

At the same time—

Li Mu rode the chrysanthemum leopard and returned to the Holy House.

“Young Master is back.” Hua Xiangrong smiled as excitedly as a little wife greeting her husband. She naturally handed the hot towel to Li Mu to wipe his face and took his coat at the same time, putting it on the hanger on one side.

In the past three to five days, in addition to the time spent in taking in Earthvein Spiritual Qi in the military cemetery, Li Mu stayed in the Holy House all the time, and did not go to the Shack in Pig-Herding Alley.

Li Mu sat down to drink tea and asked with a smile, “Regarding Huaer’s cultivation today, was anything gained?”

Hua Xiangrong nodded with excitement, pinched out a handprint, and a breeze emerged from her palm, which immediately wiped the dust on Li Mu’s outer shirt. She said, “I feel that my spiritual force has reached the four-star realm…” After Li Mu’s infusion and explanation these days ago, Hua Xiangrong had now learned a lot about the realm of cultivation, no longer like an idiot in the beginning.

“A warlock with a four-star realm of spiritual force is equivalent to the peak of the Joint-qi level. For the next step, it is the Joint-thoughts level.” Li Mu was quite convinced.

In less than 10 days, from an ordinary person who did not know martial arts to a four-star warlock who could be regarded as one of the top masters at the Joint-qi level, Hua Xiangrong made shocking progress to complete the cultivation that took most people three to five years to finish. If this were to be spread out, it would definitely be sensational.

The various magical aspects of the simplified version of the Xiantian Skill were already present on Hua Xiangrong.

The most intuitive changes were her appearance and temperament.

Compared with her appearance before the cultivation, Hua Xiangrong’s skin was more white and radiant, just like jade, which seemed to be surrounded by a faint radiance. And her temperament was more apparent, as she became more elegant and beautiful, and as holy and pure as the moon goddess left on the earth from heaven.

Several times that Mother Bai of the Holy House came in her room, she looked at Hua Xiangrong in shock.

Was this the nourishment of love? Since she began seeing Li Mu, this girl had become more and more beautiful with loving eyes. Hua Xiangrong used to be a budding flower, but now, she was the blooming flower of a fairyland, shockingly beautiful.

“Well, as for one in Taoist cultivation, one is most afraid that someone would come near to attack, so what I taught you before were defensive tactics. You have already cultivated very well. Today, I will teach you a few parts of other Taoist magic arts, which are different from the previous self-protection ones. This time, I will teach you the art of killing and attacking, and you have to comprehend it attentively,” Li Mu said.

Li Mu really concentrated on cultivating Hua Xiangrong.

“Young Master, don’t worry. I will definitely learn that with concentration,” Hua Xiangrong replied in a soft voice.

She treated Taoist magic arts like a child who saw a fun toy; really curious about it at first, but then would lose that kind of enthusiasm. The only reason why she could keep learning with interest and be willing to practice hard was Li Mu.

Compared with the feeling of successfully mastering a kind of Taoist magic art, Hua Xiangrong most enjoy the process of learning them with Li Mu. After all, a woman who was immersed in love was blind, as love could make one a madman or an idiot easily.

Hence, Hua Xiangrong did not think at all about how rare and precious those Taoist magic arts that Li Mu taught her were, which were enough to shock the world.

On the other hand, Li Mu, who only focused on cultivation and strength improvement, did not notice that the goddess of light, who did not want to see any other men, was so obedient to him.

The two people, this man and woman pair, were immersed in their respective emotions, feeling full and happy.

He and she generally didn’t know that they were in happiness.

But on the contrary, what is real happiness? How could these young people completely distinguish it now?

After all, they could only completely comprehend some things and some people after they experienced and drew conclusions.

As the poem said: “The true face of Lushan is lost to my sight, for it is right in this mountain that I reside.”

That’s because those closely involved couldn’t see it clearly.

After about an hour, Li Mu imparted unto Hua Xiangrong a total of 11 kinds of thunder skills, including Thunder Traction, Top Shocking Thunder Bomb, and Just Five-ray Magic Art.

From easy to difficult, Hua Xiangrong could hardly understand them at first, but then, she suddenly, as if enlightened, grasped them faster and faster. Later, when she pinched, there was thunder light in her slender hand.

Fortunately, Li Mu placed around the room a kind of tactical deployment to prevent the searching for breaths.

Otherwise, they might have already been perceived by some “observant people” outside.

“Brother Mu, how about my learning?” On Hua Xiangrong’s white oval face, her eyes were bright, and a kind of charm that only Li Mu could see appeared unreservedly. And since they get on with each other for a period of time, she had unconsciously called Li Yu “brother” as opposed to Young Master before.

Li Mu’s mouth twitched. “All right, it’s just so-so.”

Wow. It’s really like the saying that some object is inferior to another one in comparison, as is someone.

Hua Xiangrong could quickly and accurately grasp Taoist magic arts, just like a genius with an IQ of 150 doing a mathematics exercise for primary school students. Even Li Mu couldn’t compare with her. Hence, the horror of the Natural Light Taoist Figure, at this time, was presented fully and vividly. Her physical body was really and naturally proper to Taoism, especially on the practice of Taoist magic arts; she could simply remember everything one and done. It was extremely abnormal.

Nevertheless, because of this fact, Li Mu became more determined to teach her Taoist magic arts.

A peerless Taoist-art god who could overturn the world was being cultivated.

Of course, limited within Taoist magic arts, the cultivation of martial arts internal qi was not so quick.

The cultivation of martial arts required a certain amount of time and the foundation should be laid down since childhood. However, Hua Xiangrong was now about 18 years old, so she indeed missed the best time for martial arts cultivation. Compared with those people who tempered themselves and cultivated their meridians since childhood, she really lagged behind them a lot, so Li Mu did not think about letting Hua Xiangrong practice martial arts unnecessarily. If such a beautiful woman was to temper her fleshy body and cultivate Body-Hardening Skill roughly, it was really like misusing something.

Li Mu was very clear of Hua Xiangrong’s position—a god of Taoist magic arts.

With the Taoist magic arts imparted by the old faker and her Natural Light Taoist Figure, one day, Hua Xiangrong could definitely grow into the most powerful god of Taoist magic arts on the planet, and in a flash, she could overturn the seas and move the mountains. Even the so-called master of the nine Holy Clans might not be able to defeat Hua Xiangrong.

After a while, maid Xin’er came in and said that Mom Bai Xuan had something to say.

Li Mu smiled and nodded.

After a while, Bai Xuan, who was still graceful, came in.

She first greeted Li Mu, and then said to Hua Xiangrong, “People from the Musical House came to tell you that, sister, you have become one of the top 20 in this Top Beauty Competition, and in three days, the opening ceremony of the oiran election will be held in the Cloud-hugging House. First, there will be a large-scale auction ceremony to auction some females from official families, especially the wife and daughters of the former State-revitalizing General, and the female slaves from the grassland, and then the real Top Beauty Competition…”

According to Bai Xuan’s statement, General Tang’s wife and daughters and the prairie woman would have already been auctioned, but in order to add fun to the Top Beauty Competition, they changed the auction schedule temporarily on the day of that competition.

Bai Xuan introduced the whole process.

It was an easy job for Hua Xiangrong to enter the top 20 list with her reputation in Chang’an City at present.

However, when Li Mu heard Bai Xuan’s words, he unconsciously recalled the scene in which the flower-decorated carriage moved through the streets when he came to Chang’an City that day. And the scene that he saw the prairie women were arrested in the iron cages immediately emerged in her mind.

In particular, the woman who was called the Virgin Goddess of the Wolf Temple looked extremely as beautiful like a female Sura martial god.

“Brother Guo Yuqing also came from the prairie.

“It’s a pity that such a woman has fallen into a villain’s hands.”

Li Mu sighed.

Then, Bai Xuan said happily again, “I heard that this time the formation was made in a great manner by the Musical House. They take great efforts for that, so today in Chang’an City, there are many powerful people from nearby states. It is grander than any other previous ones, and its scale is also historically the best. If you, sister Hua, can win first prize, you may be able to win the Ghost Coffin of the top beauty in the Western Qin Empire. Then, our Holy House will really overturn the situation.”

Nevertheless, Hua Xiangrong shook her head calmly, without the slightest vision of it. “I have already been Brother Mu’s partner, and I am not interested in the title of the first beauty in the empire at all. I just want to help mother get some fame for the Holy House in order to repay mother’s protection during these years. Besides, my looks are far from that of the top beauty of the empire.”

Bai Xuan just smiled and did not refute.

Frankly speaking, in the past, it was really a bit difficult for Hua Xiangrong to win the title of top beauty of the empire.

However, during this period, perhaps because of the nourishment of love, or for other reasons, in short, Hua Xiangrong seemed to have radically changed, as her appearance and temperament became more charming rapidly, surrounded by a layer of white mist. Like a fairy, she seemed mysterious, holy, and extremely elegant and beautiful.

Even when Mom Bai Xuan, who was used to seeing these beauties, sometime saw Hua Xiangrong, she felt her heart beat. And she thought that with such a temperament, it was possible for her to win the title of the top beauty of the empire.

Li Mu suddenly spoke. “Were the wife and daughters of the State-revitalizing General sent to the Musical House?”

Although the Musical House was a place to imprison and govern females from criminal official families, the State-revitalizing General was still an important first-level officer. No one knew what crimes he had committed, but he was so miserable that he couldn’t even protect his wife and daughters. Moreover, even if an official at this level of lost his family, it was reasonable that their wife and daughters should not be sent to the Musical House of Chang’an City. Generally speaking, they should be in the Musical House of the capital Qin City, shouldn’t they?


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