The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 211 - Invite Li Mu Three Times

Chapter 211 Invite Li Mu Three Times

Given that Zheng Cunjian investigated so clearly, he naturally made some preparations.

Huang Xiangrong, whom Li Mu supported, had to get elected in the competition. Otherwise, Li Mu would lose face.

Li Mu nodded.

Writing poems was certainly an easy thing.

The poems by those ancient poetry talents had been passed down on Earth for numerous centuries, so even if he plagiarized them, there would be enough to be copied for more than 10 years. Anyway, he had no psychological burden because it was nothing like committing crimes in violation of the law.

“I am sowing the seed of Chinese civilization from Earth on this wild and alien planet. I am simply the messenger of a civilization.”

Someone shamelessly comforted himself.

Time flew by.

Soon after, the Top Beauty Competition finally began.

The sequence of the draw had been set.

Outside the private room came a knock on the door. Zheng Cunjian turned and went out. After a while, he came in and said, “Master Hua drew the 10th one.”

Li Mu nodded.

The feeling of being followed by several hired thugs was really cool.

After all, not everything needed to be handled by himself, but could be done well by others while he was drinking and watching the beauties.

Pleasing sounds by traditional stringed and woodwind instruments came from the stage below.

The first famous prostitute, wearing a long bluish and yellow dress, went onto the stage slowly.

“I am from Soft Jade Hall, and my name is Si Yuhua.”

Under the increasing strength of the sound-amplifying Magic Fa Circle, the famous prostitute’s voice was soft and sweet, and spread throughout Liufang Street.

This time, the Musical House also expended a lot of effort to hold this. They had invited warlocks around the stage to arrange a number of small tactical deployments, so as to make sure that the voices of these famous prostitutes could spread throughout Liufang Street.

As soon as Si Yuhua stepped onto the stage, there was a cheer on Liufang Street.

Soft Jade Hall was also one of the famous halls on Liufang Street, who had similar fame as the Holy House. Si Yuhua was the top beauty of Soft Jade Hall, known as the Supernatural-music Fairy, and was best at singing. She was known for her music lingering in the air long after the performance, so she was also one of the most famous prostitutes in Chang’an City.

As the first famous prostitute to step onto the stage, Si Yuhua suddenly attracted the attention of countless people.

Including Li Mu.

Although he was more than 20 meters away from her, Li Mu could see her clearly by means of his current eyesight. This Supernatural-music Fairy, with a tall and romantically curvy figure, had white skin and picturesque eyebrows, and was indeed a first-class beauty. Compared with Hua Xiangrong, who hadn’t cultivated Xiantian Skill, they were evenly matched.

After all, she used to be a famous prostitute who shared the same ranking as Hua Xiangrong.

As a first-class beauty, if back on Earth, she would certainly be found by talent agents and become a favorite star. Unfortunately, in this world, the status of a famous prostitute was not so high, as they couldn’t make decisions themselves. Although she looked like just a 17-year-old girl, who could predict her future destiny?

Under the moonlight, Si Yuhua danced fully and vividly, with long fluttering sleeves and an enchanting figure. Her body seemed to be weak and boneless, but she danced extremely gracefully. Thus, the crowd was cheering.

“You danced gracefully from the dawn when the moon rose above the treetops into the deep night when the moon descended below that; we danced and sang to our hearts’ content; we started waving the peach-blossom fans after we were exhausted…”

Si Yuhua was singing, and her voice was like the sound of nature, which, in the moonlight, offered a sense of emptiness and sorrow, as if she, like a duckweed that could not help drifting with the tide, gradually drifted away on the silent river, lonely and far away.

The poem she sang was written for her by a poetry celebrity. This poem once also made a sensation in Chang’an City.

Li Mu sighed.

“With such a great voice and fascinating martial arts, she can simply be superior to many so-called beautiful female stars on Earth.”

The famous prostitutes of this world were really both extremely beautiful and versatile, and were very talented. That was because any woman who could be called a famous prostitute was absolutely graceful and literate, even if they might not be knowledgeable.

After her performance was finished, cheering rose up all over the street.

The cheers were like waves.

That’s because for many ordinary people, it was absolutely a dreamlike experience to be able to watch these top-level prostitutes’ performance.

In front of the main stage were seats for more than 300 VIPs, including the “expert team”, and many celebrities in Chang’an City. Even one silver flower basket basically couldn’t be afforded by the ordinary people, so only the celebrities who were sitting here were the main force to really waste money.

Si Yuhua finished the performance, standing in the center of the stage to acknowledge the applause delicately, and a number of leaders in the Musical House reported the flower baskets loudly. The top beauty of Soft Jade Hall received 31,100 baskets in total until her performance was completed. The number was amazing.

Then, the second top beauty performed on the stage.

Time flew by.

On Liufang Street were all kinds of cheers.

There were people everywhere—on the streets, in the trees, on the walls, and on the rooftops.

The curfew in Chang’an City was also in effect tonight.

In a flash, five or six top beauties had finished their performances with mixed results, but in Li Mu’s view, Si Yuhua, the top beauty of Soft Jade Hall, was the best performer.

Zheng Cunjian suddenly spoke off to the side. “Master Si of Soft Jade Hall is also supported by some people. I heard that one of the four major officials from Lord Zhenxi Mansion, ‘Cloud Sword’ Liu Wufeng, is in Soft Jade Hall these days, who has also claimed to support Master Si.”

Li Mu nodded and continued to watch their dance.

He knew what Zheng Cunjian meant. Zheng Cunjian did not talk about Si Yuhua, but reminded him that the power of Lord Zhenxi Mansion had been in Chang’an City, and it had already been here long ago. He was afraid that they were secretly plotting.

However, for Li Mu, all reactionaries were paper tigers.

He had now made initial success in martial arts, so he didn’t care about those people at all.

Opposite the Fairy House was the Moon-hugging House.

On Liufang Street, there were four buildings that were famous as first-class restaurants and were 200 years old. There were no famous prostitutes in the buildings, only wine and dishes of food. They depended not on the beauties but on the food to be famous in the whole Chang’an Mansion, which was a unique scene.

The Fairy House was one of them.

The Moon-hugging House was also one of them.

On the second floor of the Moon-hugging House, there was the No.1 in Heaven private room in the west, the best place to watch the performance of the main stage. At this time, in the room that was brightly lit, second demon-like handsome prince was sitting alone in front of the window.

Behind him stood a dozen of his trusted subordinates.

Among them was a slender man who had handsome facial features and a pale face. With the smell of powder, he had no whiskers on his face, and was wearing a dark robe. With very strange breath, he was the actual controller of the Musical House in Chang’an City, Liu Chenglong.

Beside Liu Chenglong stood the middle-aged warrior who had sent the visit invitation to Li Mu.

“So, Li Mu refused?” The second prince held his chin in his hands and sat in front of the window, without any imposing princely manner. He stared at the main stage, as if he was immersed in the performance of the ninth famous prostitute on the stage or was thinking about other things. In short, he was somewhat absent-minded.

“Yes, I am incompetent. I could not convince Li Mu. I invited him this time very politely.” The middle-aged man lowered his head in fear, then said, “Please punish me, Your Highness.” He had gone to invite Li Mu once again this morning in a very humble manner and a polite tone.

But it didn’t work.

Li Mu still did not hesitate to throw him out of the Holy House.

“It is not your fault.” The second prince waved his hand with a mild expression, and he said without the slightest anger, “According to your description, it can be seen from Li Mu’s reaction that even if I were to go personally to invite him three times, he would not help me.”

The middle-aged master did not know what to say.

The other assistants did not speak, but were secretly happy because if Li Mu did not come, their status would not be threatened.

As Liu Chenglong saw the expressions of these assistants, he despised them secretly.

“A group of shortsighted people, without any tolerance. Such people, if following the prince, would make troubles and become obstacles. The prince is a wise man, but why is he raising such a group of incompetent people?”

“Now, in Chang’an City, I am afraid that all the people know that I failed to invite Li Mu for help three times. Hoho, tell me, how will people think about this matter?” the second prince asked in a calm and self-deprecating smile.

“Li Mu fails to appreciate the kindness of Your Highness, and humiliates the dignity of Your Highness.”

“Your Highness has been humiliated by Li Mu. We must not tolerate Li Mu.”

“Li Mu is arrogant and humiliates Your Highness. If Your Highness continues to indulge this person, I am afraid that it will make everyone laugh at Your Highness.”

“Your Highness is really humiliated by Li Mu to the extreme. We shouldn’t leave the matter at that.”

A group of aides caught the opportunity to give their opinions, pretending to be earnest and indignant.

The second prince nodded slightly, and didn’t retort. He turned back and looked at Liu Chenglong, the principal of the Musical House, then asked, “Chenglong, were you demoted to the Musical House in Chang’an City six years ago due to some incident?”

Liu Chenglong gratefully replied, “In that year, Chenglong faced the penalty of death. Thanks to the help of Your Highness, I could survive and could also become the chief of the Musical House in Chang’an City, without worrying about food or clothing. The kindness of Your Highness, I will never forget it, ever. Even if I am smashed into pieces, it is difficult for me to repay a trace of the favor.”

“We don’t need to mention the past. Tell me your opinion on the matter about Li Mu,” the second prince said with a smile.

Liu Chenglong said, “Your Highness has invited Li Mu out three times, which already shows that Your Highness is courteous to the wise and condescending to scholars. If this thing is spread out, the people of the world would have to appreciate Your Highness’ mind and demeanor. Although, on the surface, it seems that Your Highness is humiliated, in fact, Your Highness has gained the people’s support, and those talented people will certainly be willing to go to help Your Highness. On the other hand, Li Mu seems to be famous by trampling on Your Highness, but in fact, he is only known as an arrogant person. Even some other people who want to use him will certainly stop such a thought. After all, no matter how good a genius is, if the genius is conceited and is difficult to restrain, the genius, just like a fierce horse, will not be able to fight on the battlefield, but will become a problem.”

After he heard these words, the eyes of the second prince brightened.

He waved his hand and said, “Chenglong stays here, and the others leave.”

Those trusted subordinates and assistants were shocked secretly, knowing that they said the wrong words, but they were slightly unconvinced. However, they couldn’t say any more, but had to leave the private room and go to another prepared private room to drink.

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