The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 220 - A Millennium Poem (2)

Chapter 220 A Millennium Poem (2)

Bai Xuan calmly stepped onto the stage with a roll of white paper in her hands and handed it to the two soldiers of Musical House. Then, they hang it on the last poetry-hanging seat.

That leader began to sing loudly-

“Poem of watching Hua Xiangrong dance alone beneath the moon; reads…”

As soon as the name of the poem was reported, the crowd on Liufang Street suddenly exclaimed.

Lu Xue on the VIP seat even couldn’t help but laugh.

In the Deluxe Suite Titled Heaven of Moon-hugging House, a glimpse of contempt flashed upon the second prince’s eyes, while Liu Chenglong, the director of Musical House, also broke into laughter.

“Even copied the poem name?”

“Is this Li Mu’s level?”

“The title of this poem is almost the same as that of the century poem that was written for Lu Hongxiu by the second prince, but it is only changed from Lu Hongxiu into Hua Xiangrong. At least from the title, it has completely become inferior.”

“How to compete?”

They heard that leader continue to say, “When did the moon appear? I raise my wine cup to ask the sky…”


This sentence was not the same as the poem of watching Hua Xiangrong dance alone beneath the moon.

Moreover, it seemed a bit straightforward, but it might not be bad.

When many people heard this sentence, this was their first reaction.

“I don’t know the palace in the heaven, nor the date; I want to go back to the heaven by wind, but fear that I can’t stand the cold heaven above those buildings made by jade. I appreciate the shadow below the moon as I dance, as if I were not in the human world.”

After the first half of the poem was finished, the leader was stunned.

His voice was trembling a bit.

Because he had faintly been aware that… the poem read by him seemed a bit good.

Besides, the exclamation on Liufang Street disappeared at this time.

On the VIP seat, Lu Xue’s smiling face gradually became stiff.

As for Lu Hongxiu on the main stage, an incredibly shocked look revealed on her beautiful face.

Besides, in the second-floor Deluxe Suite Titled Heaven of Moon-hugging House, the second prince also quietly frowned, and on Liu Chenglong’s forehead came out a layer of fine cold sweat.

Just the first half of the poem was finished, but it had already shown its weight.

A poem that surpassed the century poem was ready to come.

Because among these few words, too many things had been outlined. The scene that the atmosphere was majestic and fairy, and a fairy danced quietly and alone in the moonlight had been sketched.

Moonlight cast on the main stage dreamily.

The leader sang the second half of the poem in his voice which was like being used in his sleep talk-

“The moon passes the vermeil house, and hangs on the carved window, casting its glow on me who is sober. The moon might not hate human, but why does it become full when people part? It is natural that people meet happily and part sadly and that the moon becomes wax and wane. I only hope that my family members who are still alive can be healthy; even though we are distant from each other, we can also enjoy the beautiful moonlight.”

After finishing those words, the leader covered his mouth with his hands and did not make any more noise.

Since he was afraid that there would be any more noise that might destroy the mood of the poem.

In front of the main stage and on the VIP seats were these stunned figures. After a kind of certain sorting and combination, the text showed powerful charm, and obviously, the poem of watching Hua Xiangrong dance below the moon belonged to this kind, which was also a classic one.

After all, the verses that could really be passed down for thousands of years had their own shocking power. Even those who didn’t understand poetry could feel their charm. It was obvious that this poem of watching Hua Xiangrong dance below the moon contained such verses.

A millennium poem.

A true millennium poem appeared.

There was no need to comment too much at all, nor to analyze some details in this poem, since this was a millennium poem. Every sentence and every line of it had a kind of power to shock people and to penetrate the soul.

On the VIP seats, Lu Xue was distracted and seemed to become stupid.

Moreover, on the main stage, Lu Hongxiu, who was ready to receive the laurel wreath, lost all the glory in an instant, with her look shocked and desperate. She once suffered a disastrous blow from a glorious moment when Hua Xiangrong’s flower baskets surpassed hers, and now she was experiencing the second time.

Besides, this time, it was worse than the first time.

“Hum.” In the private room, the second prince snorted with his pale look.

The window sill held in his hand was directly crushed into powder.

On one side, Liu Chenglong, staring dumbfounded, did not know what to say, since he was indescribably shocked.

“Did Li Mu actually write a millennium poem?”

“Did he really make it?”

If one pondered over this poem, some sentences would be simply fantastic. In the first half part, scenes were described to convey feelings, and in the second half part, scenes and feelings were mixed together. This poem fully described the loneliness and sorrow when Hua Xiangrong danced alone below the moon, and the picture that Hua Xiangrong, who was like a fairy and out of reach for ordinary people, seemed to go back to the heaven by wind at any time, but in the end still stayed in the human world.

This description was from the majestically immortal view, which was far superior to that of delicate rhetoric in the poem of watching Lu Hongxiu dance below the moon by the second prince in terms of the theme and outlay.

It was not an exaggeration that for these two poems, one was the peak poem by a human, and the other was the poem by an immortal.

How could a poem by a human be compared with that by an immortal being?

Since the two were not at the same level.

Even if Liu Chenglong wanted to say something to save a little face for the second prince and tried to speak several times, he didn’t speak.

There was nothing to say at all for him.

Moreover, the most important thing was that at this time, Liu Chenglong suddenly understood why the title of Li Mu’s poem was almost exactly the same as that of the second prince’s.

This was not plagiarism for his dried-up inspiration, but clearly, he used this same title to defeat the second prince completely. In the future, as long as people mentioned the title about the poem of one’s solitary dance below the moon, people would first think of Li Mu’s work, and would not mention that by the second prince—even if it was mentioned, people might just ridicule it.

Li Mu was really arrogant and heartless.

However, at this time and for this way, the second prince had no way to refute.

“Unless the second prince also writes a millennium poem?”

However, this was absolutely impossible.

No matter how Liu Chenglong admired the swordsmanship and poetry talent of the second prince, he would not think that the second prince could do that.

The atmosphere in the private room was so terrible.

On the demon-like handsome face of the second prince was full of frost, and the temperature inside the room suddenly plummeted. Layers of white frost spread along the wall held by the second prince, and in a flash, the entire room was like an ice cave.

As the Western Qin Empire was located in the northwest of Divine Land, even Qin City was a freezingly cold place in winter. As for Dragon-reining Chop, the unique skill for the royal household of Western Qin Empire, even though it could be derived into invisible form, most of the royal sons observed and pondered over the wind, snow, and ice to cultivate the freezing qi. Hence, the natural qi of the second prince belonged to ice attribute.

Liu Chenglong was scared and did not dare to run his skills to resist the chill.

However, in his mind, he still couldn’t help but think about the content of the poem of watching Hua Xiangrong dance below the moon.

“It’s really… a good poem that is extremely exquisite.”

Even Liu Chenglong was like this, so how could those so-called celebrities on the VIP seats refute?

“This poem should be the best one tonight.”

“Absolutely a millennium poem.”

“Li Mu’s poetry talent is unique throughout history.”

“Once this poem is spread, Hua Xiangrong will surely become famous across the entire Western Qin Empire… No, famous throughout the whole Divine Land.”

“The first beauty in the world must be Hua Xiangrong.”

“No need to comment. The Top Beauty tonight is Hua Xiangrong.”

Different voices and the same content came from everywhere.

Even those celebrities as judges who had received hints from Liu Chenglong couldn’t lie through their teeth, because Hua Xiangrong offered a millennium poem, which was good enough to be unstoppably spread throughout the world.

If they dared to say that this poem for Hua Xiangrong was not as good as that for Lu Hongxiu at this moment, thousands of years later, when people mentioned this poem, they, the so-called celebrities, would be ridiculed, humiliated, and blamed, and they and their families would be written into shameful records and become the stepping stones, footnotes, and decoration of this poem on its legendary road.

They dared not take this risk.

Because scholars attached great importance to their fame, and even their fake fame was very important for them.

Once they were not famous, or they became infamous, they would not be able to survive in this world.

“This poem should be the best one, and undoubtedly the millennium one.” Tie Zhan, the dean of Hanshan Academy, had to admit that with bitterness and unwillingness on his face.

“Hua Xiangrong is the first.”

“No need for more competition. Due to this poem, the result is settled.”

The celebrities on the VIP seats expressed their choices one by one.

If they didn’t want to be infamous for a thousand years, they had to admit that. Even if they offended Liu Chenglong of Musical House, there was no way.

As for Lu Xue, the procurer of Yi Cui House, was like an old sow whose face was cut by a knife, which was extremely funny. Her previous arrogance disappeared, and she didn’t dare to say any words more as her mouth trembled.

Lu Hongxiu, who was buoyant before, was like a little hen who was defeated at this time. She also lowered her head and carefully hidden all the unwillingness, jealousy, and anger. In her heart, she felt a kind of strong sense of helplessness, but there was no way. The person standing behind Hua Xiangrong was called Li Mu, who was both adept with the pen and the sword. Who dared to compete against him?

Besides her, those famous singing girls, such as Si Yuhua of Soft Jade Hall and Xue Rui of Fufeng House, extremely envied her and were jealous of her.

Why? Why could Hua Xiangrong get Li Mu’s favor?

Without Li Mu, Hua Xiangrong must have been defeated into the dust tonight, having no more chance to be famous.

Therefore, Li Mu actually determined everything.

All the famous singing girls could not help but resent her.

Why Li Mu was Hua Xiangrong’s man? If Li Mu supported them, they might also win the title of Top Beauty, might not they? Hua Xiangrong was really lucky, which was quite enviable.

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