The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 221 - Won the Title of Top Beauty

Chapter 221 Won the Title of Top Beauty

When Bai Xuan returned to her VIP seat, congratulations were engulfing her.

She glanced at Lu Xue and saw her face full of upset, and then she could not help feeling more and more pleased.

At this time, she became the center of the crowd, since being able to cultivate a Top Beauty was the highest goal pursued by every madam from brothels. Now, her goal was realized, and her dream became a reality.

At this time, there would be no more changes.

Supported by a millennium poem, Hua Xiangrong undoubtedly became the Top Beauty in this Top Beauty Competition.

It was said that Liu Chenglong, the director of Musical House, had other affairs to deal with, so he did not personally announce the results as he had done before.

But this was no longer important. After the three kinds of scores were combined, Hua Xiangrong’s final score was on the top of the list, and the result was announced together by several celebrities on the VIP seats and the three senior leaders of Musical House.

When Hua Xiangrong, in a snow-white gauze, once again stepped onto the main stage from the background, a sensation was caused in the Musical House.

Numerous people were cheering, hoping that Hua Xiangrong could perform once again, but they were destined to be disappointed. Facing the supreme glory on Liufang Street and the cheers of thousands of admirers before the stage, she had the same expression as before. With a quiet smile, she saluted to thank these people.

Dancing tonight was just to repay Madam Bai Xuan and Holy House.

Since then, she would only dance for one person.

Then, someone was taking the lead among the crowd, and some people spoke another name loudly—

“Li Mu!”

“Li Mu! Li Mu! Li Mu!”

“Adept with both the pen and sword. An immortal among the people, Li Mu!”

Numerous people shouted Li Mu’s name, hoping that this sword and poetry talent, who overturned the situation with a millennium poem and led this Top Beauty Competition to the climax at the very last moment, could show up together with Hua Xiangrong on the main stage.

Besides, the crowd in excitement constantly screamed the various names of Li Mu.

“Poetry genius Li.”

“Poetry genius!”

“Lord of Taibai County!”

“Taibai Li, Taibai Li!”

In the end, people all shouted the four words of “Poetry genius, Taibai Li” in majestic momentum. The shouts surged in the entire Musical House and on Liufang Street, and this scene was even more cheering and crazy than cheers for Hua Xiangrong’s championship.

However, they were disappointed again.

Because Li Mu didn’t show up even when Hua Xiangrong left the stage.

He did not cater to the taste of these ‘spectators’.

“I have my true strength, and I am not an idol.”

Li Mu said very proudly to himself.

Now, the Top Beauty Competition came to an end.

Hua Xiangrong won the championship, followed by Lu Hongxiu, Xue Rui and Si Yuhua. This was the final ranking.

However, just like the situation that only the top one in every college entrance examination on earth was remembered, in this Top Beauty Competition, people obviously remembered only Hua Xiangrong, and Lu Hongxiu, the second one, was destined to be only a supporting role. Every time later when Lu Hongxiu was mentioned, people would think of Hua Xiangrong, her beautiful dance, and the millennium poem.

After the climax part, the exclamation and arguments had not subsided for a long time.

While the crowds in Musical House on Liufang Street did not disperse with the end of the Top Beauty Competition. On the contrary, there seemed to be more and more people.

Because the main event had just begun.

After the Top Beauty Competition, it was another attractive part tonight.

Female slave auction.

Many female slaves who had been deliberately promoted and packaged by Musical House would be auctioned in the next part.

Among them, beyond doubt, the most famous ones were the wife and daughters of State-revitalizing General Tang Chong, and the female Wolf Warriors from the prairie. Although there were many beautiful women, the beautiful woman with a great identity was undoubtedly like a kind of deadly poison, who could more easily make countless people crazy for them. In addition, there were also beautiful and young girls caught from the local unfortunate bureau families. All of them would be auctioned on the main stage.

In many people’s view, even this Top Beauty Competition actually just acted as a warm-up part for this auction. After all, no matter how beautiful Top Beauty was, she was like a flower in the mirror or the moon in the well, who was ethereal and out of reach, and only belonged to aristocrats. But as for these female slaves, if they were lucky, they might be able to get them.

Moreover, such a large-scale female slave auction could only be held once every three to five years.

This was the real highlight.

Therefore, after the Top Beauty Coronation, which was not too cumbersome or even a bit sloppy, the arrangement on the main stage began to be changed.

The tents of various brothels in the background were removed, and new tents, as well as iron-made flower cages, were led from the premises of Musical House and were placed behind the main stage in a pre-set order.

The warriors of Musical House, together with the soldiers from the sub-division government organ in the eastern city, guarded the entire main stage, disallowing strangers to be close to it. Among them, there were dozens of super-class powerful Zongshi Masters to defend here, in case any turmoil or other matters should happen.

At the same time, the staff of Musical House, according to the pre-recorded list and the number of people who paid the deposit for bidding, began to issue the signs for bidding in an orderly manner. Only those who got the signs could officially bid in this auction. Otherwise, if so many people shouted a few times, the entire auction would become a joke.

Before the auction, the preparations had been completed, so at this time, they only needed to issue signs.

Those who could get signs were either rich or powerful, because the average people couldn’t afford the deposit of 100,000 pounds of gold.

Most of the celebrities and famous scholars who were sitting in the VIP seats had already left to other places, because the VIP seats at this time were for those rich people who participated in the auction. Then, the rich who had received the signs, under the leadership of the young and beautiful maids of Musical House, sat on their own seats, eagerly talked to each other, and greeted each other, guessing their respective objects to be auctioned.

All of these people were powerful and rich figures in Chang’an Mansion and even the famous mansions in the surrounding states.

Of course, these people were not the top VIPs in this female slave auction tonight.

Since the top VIPs, who were truly rich and had power, status, and strength, were arranged in newly-built movable pavilions that were well-closed and could protect privacy well around the main stage. These pavilions were nearer to the main stage than the VIP seats and were located higher. Hence, the angle for observation was clear, enabling guests to admire the temperament of the female slaves who were about to be auctioned on the stage at the best angle.

Besides, outsiders couldn’t see through the pavilions, so they couldn’t know the origin of the top guests inside them, which was convenient for some powerful guests who were honorable but not suitable to show up.

From all aspects, Musical House clearly paid attention to these details to the extreme.

Even from the perspective of Li Mu, a person from the earth, this business planning activity could also be scored high. Liu Chenglong, the director of Musical House, was really a talent in this respect.

In the private room of Fairy House, Li Mu reappeared with Hua Xiangrong, Xin’er, and Bai Xuan.

Outside the building was constant waves of shouts about ‘Taibai Li’.

The maid, Xin’er, was full of joy and excitement.

“Young Master is really too powerful and can use one poem to overturn the situation.” Since she was not as good as Hua Xiangrong, Bai Xuan and others in terms of poetry, and was almost illiterate, she felt it quite magical and inconceivable that Li Mu could rely on a poem to help her miss win the title of Top Beauty.

Maids like her in Musical House were faced with a very tragic fate.

If serving nice masters, they could live somehow comfortably for several years, and when their masters were redeemed or married, they could become personal maids, which was a good treatment to them. If their masters were unfortunate, these maids ultimately would become the middle- and low-level whores in Musical House, struggling to survive.

Xin’er’s fate was good.

Hua Xiangrong and Li Mu had already made it clear that they would redeem Xin’er, so at this time, Xin’er would certainly regard herself as the personal maid. Anyway, she would leave together with her miss, so she fancied all kinds of scenes.

So was Bai Xuan, and she was still shocked.

She was almost completely desperate at that time, because the section for the celebrities to score reflected the official will of Musical House, and there were big figures behind it controlling the situation. From this perspective, it was impossible for Hua Xiangrong to be the Top Beauty, so Bai Xuan didn’t expect that. However, Li Mu really possessed shocking talents, which was beyond the general scope. He could write a millennium poem as easily as drinking water or eating. He was simply a demon.

“How did this talented teenager generate?

In this world, why is there such a demon?”

Is he really reincarnated from the immortal being?”

Bai Xuan had already been completely stunned by Li Mu’s talent. Although in her life, she had experienced a lot and seen numerous outstanding figures, almost no one could be compared with Li Mu, and even Young Master of Western Qin Empire, Wen Zongbin, might seem to be inferior to him.

If she were dozens of years younger, Bai Xuan would swear that she would definitely follow Li Mu at all costs, even serving as a maid.

It was a pity.

“When I was born, you weren’t born. Now, I am already an impure woman.”

On the table were all kinds of dishes and wine. Li Mu sat down and said, “Haha, help yourselves. Sit. We are here to congratulate Hua’er on winning the title of Top Beauty with her beautiful dance. Mother Bai also gets what she wants. Cheers.” He raised his glass.

Hua Xiangrong’s face was full of gratitude and admiration.

She now had a dreamy and unreal feeling.

That she had this feeling was not because she became Top Beauty – in fact, Top Beauty was not important at all to her at present, which was just something she strived to repay Mother Bai. This feeling was generated from Li Mu’s talent and ability. Li Mu, just like a Deva, was not like a human being.

Sitting beside Li Mu, Hua Xiangrong was always staring at Li Mu.

She had a dreamy feeling.

Several people toasted and the atmosphere was warm.

Li Mu said, “Hua’er, Mother Bai told me that you once made a wish in Qing Feng Temple that one day when you are free from Musical House, you will restore your real name. Tonight, you become Top Beauty and repays the protection of Mother Bai. You also completely cut off everything related to you in Musical House. So, from now on, you can restore your real name. From then on, there will be no Hua Xiangrong in the world, but only Shangguan Yuting. How do you feel?”

“Ah… I will follow you in every aspect, Young Master.” After Hua Xiangrong was shocked for a while, she burst into tears.

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