The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 226 - Crush Him by the Way

Chapter 226 Crush Him by the Way

It was widely known that Liang Yifei was a depraved playboy. He was particularly interested in beautiful women. Only God knew how many young innocent girls he had snatched. And precisely during one of that vile deeds, he was caught by Tang Chong, who just returned to the capital with his troops to visit the emperor after securing a huge victory. The latter did not give him any chance to find excuses and directly broke his legs and threw him to the prison. If it had not been that imperial tutor of his who bought off various officials to rescue him, perhaps he had already been exiled to the bleak and remote border area to die. Therefore, Liang Yifei’s hatred towards Tang Chong was at the bursting point.

“I have no interest in this baby girl. All I want is Tang Chong’s older daughter, Tang Tang.” Han Feiran, the nephew of the Minister of Rituals, hummed, “Yeah, the blood of such a young and pretty girl must taste great!”

He was a young man dressing like a scholar. His face was fair and clear, nearly giving him a gentle and refined air.

But those who knew him was clear that this Han Feiran was, in fact, a psychopath who enjoyed torturing living people. It was said that he had once arrested the whole family of an expert who had rebuked him and cut their flesh slice by slice until they eventually died after being abused for 21 days.

Han Feiran had pursued Tang Chong’s older daughter for a short while. But when he was turned down firmly by Tang Chong due to his abominable character, he regarded this rejection as a serious insult. Thus, the purpose of this journey he made here was to obtain Tang Tang and rinse the shame.

“Haha, Brother Han is surely gonna tear that flowery apart. But it’s kind of recklessly waste of heaven’s gift.” Jin Xuan, the successor of the Gold Ray Faction, suggested with a half-hearted smile, “I have been told that this Tang Tang is exceedingly attractive. She is by any means drop-dead gorgeous. If Brother Han only wants to enjoy the pleasure of killing, why not let me taste the splendor of her body first before handing her over to you?”

Han Feiran snorted and replied, “Only the blood of virgins tastes best.”

Bai Yuan snapped his foldable fan shut and chimed in, “There is no problem. Since this Dog Tang had a wife and two daughters, it’s easy for us to divide. I’ll only take his wife. His two daughters are all yours.” What he preferred were sophisticated married women, so the two girls had no appeal to him.

Jin Xuan cackled, “Well, there are four of us, but we have only three women to divide. How can we divide it fairly?”

Liang Yifei smiled and said, “At this point, we should not be having internal conflicts. Let’s simply follow my previous suggestion and pitch in to buy all the three women. After that, we can take turns to ravish all of them once. The one who contributes the most amount of money in this auction will be the first to do it, and the one who contributes the least will be the last. When we’ve all done, they will be at Brother Han’s disposal. What do you say?”

Han Feiran snorted but did not raise any objection.

But Bai Yuan said disgruntledly, “How is that one time enough? They are three very alluring beauties!”

Jin Xuan retorted with a sneer, “You’re not keeping the women of Tang Chong in your house, are you? If those noble officials ever discovered that, well, none of us could afford the consequence. Just have fun in the game and then finish them off to vent your wrath. Don’t spoil our business for women!”

Bai Yuan mused over it for a moment and then nodded reluctantly.

The four had finally reached an agreement for the time being.

By this time, the bidding was still going on outside.

The bidding for Tang Mi placed by the man in Room No. 10 had soared to 200,000 gold ingots.

“Fu*k, who it is in Room No.10? How dare he go against us?” Liang Yifei bellowed with an outburst of a spleen. “I’ll send a man to teach him a lesson!” Then, he told a guard near him to show his identity to that competitive bidder.

Still, they had to bid against the last price.

“220,000!” Shouted Han Feiran.

In Room No. 1.

“This show just starts to get interesting.”

The second prince was leaning against the bed, looking quite slothful and at ease. His eyes were slightly narrowed, the corner of his lips curled up, while several pretty maids massaged his shoulders and feet. Unlike the other rooms, the warlock formation in Room No. 1 was more advanced, so the second prince could not be more clear about everything that occurred outside.

Liu Chenglong, the manager of the Musical House, was standing respectfully by the door.

There were two grey-haired old men in the room, one of whom had a hawk nose and the other a pair of protruding eyes. Their countenances were both deathly pale, which looked quite eerie. They had the same hairstyle and were wearing the same livid robe that had a mark in the shape of a sword at the collar. The two men, who quite resembled two zombies and were issuing an icy aura that forbade any strangers’ approaching, were sitting opposite the second prince, their head lowered, their eyes unwaveringly fixed upon the floor.

Liu Chenglong dared not get too close to the two men, because the pressure the old men imposed on the surroundings was too formidable.

“Perhaps they are the second prince’s bodyguards.” Conjectured the manager.

Meanwhile, at the table laded with an array of dishes and fine wine inside the room, a freak wearing a mask made of bark and covered in a green baggy robe was helping himself to everything before him without scruples.

This freak was rather thin and small. He was about the height of a 10-year-old boy. But it was a pity that the mask blocked his entire face, so Liu Chenglong could not see his appearance. His fingers were so bony that they almost looked like claws of a bird. The freak was grasping a big chunk of grilled meat in one hand and a flask of wine in the other, wolfing down the food as if he was an incarnation of a man who died of famine. In his hurry of eating, his green baggy robe had been wetted by large blots of wine and oil.

Liu Chenglong was guessing this freak’s identity, but he was clueless as ever. He kept wondering what the background of this freak was and why he appeared to be in no fear of the nearby second prince and the two zombie-like old men in livid robes.

And there was another man sitting at the same table with that freak. He was rather ugly and short, his expression undecided, making it hard to know what he was thinking. This man, well, was Lu Lizi, the Routing Supervisor from the headquarters of the Supervisory Department in Qin City.

“Your Highness, are you sure about your information? Has Li Mu really participated tonight’s auction?” Asked Lu Lizi doubtfully.

He was secretly invited over here by the second prince on short notice.

Normally, the officials in the Supervisory Department could not be too friendly with any particular royal members or government officials for the purpose of guarantee the independence and impartiality of the Supervisory Department. This law was stringently executed at the beginning of the establishment of this department. But today, not only the government was plagued by party-ism, the Supervisory Department itself was divided into many packs. Gradually, few were truly abide by this law.

The thing that propelled Lu Lizi to come here this time, though appeared to be the potential help the second prince said he could offer him in getting rid of Li Mu, was actually his ambition for power. He took this as an opportunity to know and befriend the second prince who was shining like the sun at high noon.

“He is in Room No. 18,” said the second prince with squinted eyes.

“Turns out that the man who bid so many girls is him!” Lu Lizi was quite taken aback. “Is he really a lecherous man?”

“Not necessary. Given that Hua Xiangrong is still a virgin despite those days she spent with him, he does have reserved some courtesy for women. I figure he must have deemed himself as a savior and wants to rescue those women from their misery by buying them out. Haha, how naive… Haha.” The second prince commented in a tone of mockery.

We could not deny that he had given Li Mu a fair judgment.

“So how is Your Highness going to deal with Li Mu?” Inquired Lu Lizi again.

The second prince leaned back, put his hands behind the back of his head, and said, “Crush him by the way.”

“Haha, how self-conceited!”

Li Mu’s eyes sprang open.

Through the monitoring formation he had planted in Room No. 1 beforehand, Li Mu heard pieces of the conversation there. But since he had sensed there were several experts with very terrifying strength in Room No. 1, he only listened instead of activating the viewing function of the formation in case his monitor was detected by those experts.

Thus, what they just said and did in Room No. 1 was all captured by Li Mu’s ears.

Li Mu was not surprised to find out that the second prince knew he was in Room No. 18, because his bidding plate was acquired through Zheng Cunjian. By now, many people in Chang’an had learned the relationship between him and Zheng Cunjian. Given the second prince’s power and influence, it was easy for him to locate him through the connection.

Except for Room No. 1, everything that happened in Room No. 7, No. 10, and No. 15 had all been witness by Li Mu. He now knew everyone’s schemes like the palm of his hand.

As to scumbags like Bai Yuan and his lot, Li Mu had made his mind that he would not let them leave this place alive.

The intention of his attending the auction tonight certainly did not lie in the auction itself.

He never thought he would bid for any beauties. He simply hoped to learn about the combat of the various parties in the Empire of the Great Qin Dynasty. Among the top-level class, there must be some real experts gathering at this event. Perhaps some Natural Experts who had fully accomplished the Natural Realm or even some in the Celestial Being Realm would turn up. Li Mu just wanted to see how strong an expert at this level could be.

To be honest, he had come here with the readiness of being an onlooker, who would stay till the last for some drama.

But of course, if he met some real high-level experts, he would not mind joining in them and have a good fight with them.

Ever since he entered the Natural Realm, Li Mu’s mindset changed considerably. He was getting more and more combative, and almost had an impulse of defeating all the heroes in the world to look upon them from high above.

Well, if he was able to a savior, why should he not be?

For this Devil Li, it was completely rubbish to say that things like ‘fragrance lingers on the hand that gives the roses’.

What the Devil Li really cared was nevertheless the satisfaction and vanity he felt when other people thanked or worshiped him.

Given his latent narcissism, he just could not help being kind of a showoff.

If he could not show off all the martial arts he mastered, the martial arts study would be meaningless to him.

Further, once he started to exhibit his power, he would endeavor to display his positive energy.

That was the values the old faker instilled into Li Mu’s mind on Earth.

When he first arrived in this world, he was powerless and had to live like a wuss. But today, his strength had hiked enormously so that he could domineer part of the land. Naturally, he no longer needed to ‘stoop his back’ like before.

“Oh no, no, no, my daughter…” A pretty lady was crying her eyes out behind the steel bars of the cage on a flower carriage.

Her hands and feet were tied up, her mouth stuffed with a strip of white cloth which prevented her from killing herself by biting off her tongue or letting loose of desperate howls. Tang Mi had been thrust to the auction stage and fallen to the abyss, whereas, as her mother, she had no way to stop this. Despair and resentment instantly drowned her.

How unfair fate was in the way of treating her family!

Her older daughter, Tang Tang, was confined in the steel flower carriage right beside hers. Also, she was tied up, unable to move her hands or feet. When Tang Mi was sold, the next to be auctioned was her.

Finally, the four-year-old girl, Tang Mi, was sold to Room No. 10 with an overwhelming price of 350,000 gold ingots.

In Room No. 15, the four young men were fuming over this result.

And this fume peaked when the personal guard Bai Yuan sent out returned—he came back with an arm being chopped off and his cultivation eliminated completely. After being reduced to practically a disabled man, he managed to bring back the remark of the man in Room No. 10.

“I know who you are. If you don’t want to die, get your asses out of Chang’an now!”

The tough attitude of the party in Room No. 10 was way beyond the expectations of Bai Yuan, Han Feiran, Liang Yifei, and Jin Xuan.

They threw the disable guard out and left him to run his own course.

“Fu*k, what on earth is his background? How dare he defy us?” Said Bai Yuan, half astonished half incredulous.

Han Feiran licked the corner of his mouth and said, “No matter who he is, once he sets himself against me, the only ending for him is—death.” As a man who possessed both strength and influence, how could he beat a retreat just because of the opponent’s bluff?

Liang Yifei also consented with a cold laugh, “Perhaps it’s Tang Chong’s remaining supporter. He dares not save those women by force, so he has to do it this way. Humph, we missed nothing. She is just a four-year-old baby girl, not delicious enough. The next to be auctioned are Tang Chong’s older daughter and his wife. Well, these two are of startling beauty. We will not let them go…”

“Right! That’s the spirit!” Said Jin Xuan with a dark look.

As they talked, the founding general’s older daughter, Tang Mi, was thrown to the stage outside. She was covered by a layer of thin gauze, and her white feet were bare, her long black hair cascading to her waist. She was wriggling, thrashing about, but still could not break free, because she was fastened tightly to a herringbone steel rack.

After hearing the auctioneer introducing this gorgeous girl, the audience burst into an uproar.

Although she was also the daughter of the founding general, the appeal of this girl in youth was obviously much larger than that of the little girl of four.

The entire auction hall went wild at once.

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