The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 233 - Murder at Night

Chapter 233 Murder at Night

On Liufang Street, the crowd had almost chaotically escaped, with stampedes, casualties, and corpses on the ground, and some people were trampled and bleeding, some people’s bones were broken, and some were mourning in the corner…


Within ten meters from the No. 1 Pavilion, there was a layer of bloody ripple.

The golden moonlight arrow shot by the prairie Goddess of Martial Arts was blocked in the air, and was broken into pieces of golden moonlight fragments, disappearing in the air.

The Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe looked surprised. “No… there is a master.”

“Qing Yan, the Virgin Goddess, shot this Gold Sun Magic Bow, which has terrific energy, but it was hindered?”

“In the first room, there might be a terribly strong man in domination.”

He immediately realized that the situation was not good.

The enemy seemed to have prepared for this.

“Your Highness Qing Yan, while there’s life, there’s hope. We’d better first leave here and someday get revenge on the Musical House in Chang’an city,” the young grassland Army Advisor shouted.

Qing Yan, the Virgin Goddess, looked at the grassland warriors gathering around her. The 46 female Wolf Warriors who followed her were also safe. Knowing that it wasn’t safe to stay here for a long time, she looked in the direction of room No.1 in a hateful way and said, “Let’s go.”


The Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe, like a tiger running down a mountain, was taking the lead.

The strange bow in his hand, when in operation, was like a cannon, defeating all the enemies, so the Musical House masters in front of him and the army were directly shot dead. Besides, many buildings also collapsed under the cannon-like arrow.

The young Army Advisor led 12 brave grassland warriors, following the Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe in the form of a branch, six on either side. Three acted as archers, and the other three were armed with axes and shields for defense and close fighting, while the 46 female Wolf Warriors, who were relatively exhausted, were protected in between. Qing Yan, the Virgin Goddess, was responsible for the back. The whole formation, like a sharp awl, rushed toward the outside of the Musical House.

The natural environment on the prairie was bad, with many beasts and monsters, and they were relatively poor. Food was relatively scarce. Hence, there were more fights among the tribes. Besides, there were rumors among the Qin people that the grassland barbarians could immediately walk after they were born because if they didn’t know how to run, they would starve to death or be eaten by wild animals…

The harsh living environment enabled the barbarians on the prairie, both men and women, to be warriors, whose individual combat power was all extremely strong, and who were also not afraid of death. They were born to be warriors.

At this time, the Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe and others were as tough as the fierce tigers on the prarie, and soon broke the encirclement by the guards and masters of the Musical House.

At this time, the ordinary people on Liufang Street almost all ran away.

This group of grassland people was rushing out of Liufang Street.

At this moment—


A thunderous roar suddenly rose on the dark streets ahead.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The thunderous sound, like falling rain, rose frequently, and people could faintly hear a series of sounds of trembling bowstrings.

In the night sky, arrows, like a swarm of locusts, came densely.

The prairie barbarian warriors were most adept at shooting and riding. When hearing the bowstrings tremble, they had already known the situation. Then, the warriors holding the shields on both sides immediately roared and rushed up. As they ran internal qi, the inscription on the shields was activated, and suddenly around the shields in their hands was a blue light flowing. Lines of vine-like flowing light extended into a larger light shield, and they, like a stack of arhats, jumped in the air directly layer by layer to directly form a green shield wall, protecting everyone behind.

The whole process was completed in an instant.

The prairie warriors reacted in a quite smooth way.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The arrows shot at the green shield wall were all bounced off.

“Shoot.” The Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe shouted, and the shield-holding soldiers in front of him tacitly separated to form a two finger-wide gap. Then, the Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe directly bent the bow to shoot four arrows in the direction of the oncoming arrows through the gap.

Then, the gap in the green shield wall was closed again in an instant.

“Bang! Bang!”

Like the roar of a giant cannon, in the darkness of the distance, screams rose.

The Chang’an City army hidden in the darkness unpreparedly suffered heavy losses under these four arrows.

With amazing power, the Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe looked like an iron tower. Every time he shot, the sound was like thunder. For this kind of archery, he did not aim with precision, but he used it like a cannon to directly kill by its explosive power. Thus, when the ordinary army encountered this kind of archery, it was a nightmare to them.

On the opposite side—

It was Cai Zhijie of the sub-government organ in the eastern city that defended in the darkness and started the sudden attack.

At this point, he was black-faced and felt sorrowful when looking at the archers, most of whom had been killed or injured.

The military guards of Chang’an City usually were responsible for bandits, patrols, maintaining order, and governing civilians, so they neglected warfare. In particular, they basically didn’t fight against the grassland barbarians, so they completely looked down on their strength. Besides that, they fought against the elite warrior team led by the Moon-shooting Tribe, so they suffered a big loss.

“Your honor, what to do?” a trusted subordinate asked anxiously on the side.

At this time, on the opposite side, the awl deployment of the grassland barbarians was less than 500 meters away from them.

Cai Zhijie waved his big hand and said, “Withdraw.”

These grassland savages were really trouble. They were a group of madmen, and if they continued the fight, he would lose all of his capital. Anyway, the lord just said that they needed to assist the Musical House, but did not say that they should be involved in the battle, so let the Musical House bear the trouble, which was caused by their auction, of the grassland people.

The guards of the security official government organ in the eastern city immediately began to withdraw.

“Hehe, fleeing. Are you not afraid of military law?” A gloomy voice suddenly rose from behind Cai Zhijie.

Cai Zhijie was shocked. When he looked back, he saw a zombie-like hawk-nosed old man slowly come out of the darkness. His mouth was curled up, as if he were like a shocking corpse crawling out of a coffin.

“Who are you?” Cai Zhijie furiously asked.

“The soldiers in the inner empire are really a group of useless men… Timid and afraid to fight. Dammit.” The zombie-like hawk-nosed old man sneered, and hit out with his palm directly, in which a dark-blue cold light flickered.

Cai Zhijie was a master in the city, but it was too late for him to react. Thus, his chest was directly attacked by this palm. Instantly, this security general in the sub-government organ was directly hit into a pile of blue broken-glass pieces.


“Your honor…”

“His honor has been killed.”

There was an uproar around the fighting ring.

A few of Cai Zhiji’s trusted subordinates were shocked by this sudden change.

However, this zombie-like hawk-nosed old man raised his hand directly and showed a gold medal that was surrounded by nine dragons. He sneered, “According to the command by the second prince of the Qin Empire, whoever is afraid of war must die. Cai Zhijie was timid, and he has been punished in accordance with the military law. If you retreat, it is your end.”

The gold medal surrounded by nine dragons showed a gold light, which was as scary as god’s power.

The totem of the Qin people was a golden dragon. Once the gold medal surrounded by nine dragons was shown, it was royal power, which was no forgery.

A few generals after realizing the situation quickly responded and organized the soldiers to arrange defensive formations. But this was still no war, and they still had no intention to fight. After all, they were scared by the forceful arrows.

“Watch them. Don’t let anyone go.”

The zombie-like hawk-nosed old man indifferently ordered, and then he walked out of the army formation and walked toward the fast-approaching grassland cone.

“Bang! Bang!”

The four disastrous arrows directly spurt out from the grassland army.

It was arrows such as these that had directly defeated the deployment formed by the guards of the government organ in the eastern city.

However, the zombie-like hawk-nosed old man did not dodge out of the way, but dashed faster toward the oncoming arrows. In the air, he directly hit with his palm, and with the blue palm power, natural qi was surging layer by layer, which was flowing like the Yangtze River.

Invincible Natural Expert.

The four sky-breaking arrows were hit into ice pieces by the blue palm and fell to the ground.


The wall of the fast-moving green light shield was directly bombarded, and the steel shield of magical instrument level dissipated like ash. The seven or eight grassland warriors holding the shields also turned into crystals, disappearing between heaven and earth.

“Ah…” The Junior Chief of the Moon-shooting Tribe screamed with anger.

The attacking chance was coming.

In the rush, Li Mu only had time to block with his knife.


With a touch of sword light, the body was stabbed.

After a flash of pause, the power burst in the sword light.


The long knife made by refined steel and taken from the strongman of the Musical House was instantly bombarded.

As sparks sputtered, thousands of pear trees were blooming. The scene was magnificent; the picture was bizarre; the blade was directly turned into bits of steel.

Li Mu reacted very quickly, and did not retreat. He directly operated his natural qi. As it swayed around his body, all the steel scraps were shaken out, which, like thousands of hidden weapons, were directly sweeping toward the white figure that came to attack.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!”

The sword light seemed cold, and between birth and death, all the steel craps in the sky were shaken.

Then all the sword lights were converging, and just like an instant movement, were directly spurting toward Li Mu’s throat.

Sword Fairy.

Nice swordsmanship.

Li Mu snorted, made his four fingers into a knife-like shape, and slightly squatted. As his right hand was stretching to the left haunch, he suddenly raised his hand, and a sharp knife was directly pulled out.

Hand knife.

Dao-Drawing Chopping.


Metal was crashing.

Li Mu snorted and retreated like lightning. Then, the little finger of his left hand was bleeding.

“Sh*t. It must be an elite magic weapon.”

He thought he had been careless.

In fact, it was impossible that there would be any bruise on his body even if attacked by the sword or knife in terms of his own physical strength, but the opponent’s long sword was actually quite sharp, which directly left a scar on Li Mu’s finger. Were he not supported by his internal qi, his little finger would have been cut off.

On the other hand, the white figure on the opposite side was also shaken to fly out, and in the air, arrow-shaped blood spurted out from his mouth. Regardless of his injury, he forcibly twisted his body and came to attack again.

At this time, Li Mu had already clearly seen the approaching figure. He was the handsome and slim young man in room No. 10, who should be the one behind Wang Chen.

He laughed and retreated. Then, he pushed out Mrs. Tang, who was unable to interrupt, toward the white figure and said, “My kindness is misunderstood… F*ck, for those 1.7 million ingots of gold, I require double interest.”

After hearing these words and seeing Mrs. Tang moving toward the tip of his sword, the young man ran Cultivation Method in shock, and then spurted out a mouthful of blood. He quickly withdrew the sword and dragged Mrs. Tang. He swirled in the air and landed 10 meters away. Looking at Li Mu, he said in surprise, “It is you…”

It turned out to be the man with a silver smiley-ghost mask.

After feeling stunned for a while, she immediately realized that she had seemed to misunderstand something.


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