The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 248 - Came

Chapter 248 Came

Holding this little fox, Li Mu felt it soft, as if holding a cotton ball.

Moreover, there was a kind of faint scent on this little white fox, which, like the woman’s rouge scent, smelled good. Thus, it made Li Mu more confirm that this little thing might be a spirit pet fed by some lady. No one knew why it came here.

“Swoosh swoosh…” The little white fox licked Li Mu’s palm.

Li Mu only felt itchy in his palm, and couldn’t help smiling.

“This little thing is really psychic.” Dong Xue couldn’t help trying to reach out to touch it, but the little white fox apparently only recognized Li Mu. When others approached it, it immediately fearfully screamed and trembled, with tears in its eyes and a scared look.

“Little thing, are you lost? Where is your home?” Li Mu asked with a smile.

He naturally felt close to this little thing.

“Swoosh swoosh, swoosh swoosh swoosh…” The little white fox made a crisp voice in its mouth and seemed to be saying something.

Of course, Li Mu could not understand.

However, through his spiritual force, he vaguely could feel that the little white fox was very hungry, scared, and sad, like a child who lost his family and his parents, all at sea and fearful.

“Okay, be with me for the time being. When I find your master or parents, I will send you back.” Li Mu held the little thing in his arms and gently said.

He took the couple, Dong Xue and Ning Jing, to the courtyard of the Shack.

Nowadays, the Shack’s courtyard was like a fairyland isolated from the world, which seemed hazy outside, but picturesque inside. The Spiritual Qi in the air was so strong that as the couple just breathed casually, they could feel the fairy qi was in their chests, feeling extremely comfortable.

Shangguan Yuting, with Xin’er the seventeen beautiful girls, including Xu Wan’er and Lu Shengnan, was sitting in the yard for practice.

Shangguan Yuting taught these girls about Xiantian Skill, which had been refined by Li Mu.

Among these girls at various levels of aptitude, Xu Wan’er and Lu Shengnan were obviously the best, and the cultivation effect was also different. They had been practicing for a few days, and all of them felt refreshed, energetic, and a bit stronger. Besides, their skin also became whiter and more delicate. Obviously, their interest in cultivation was aroused.

Such a choice was actually made by Li Mu after his deep consideration.

He didn’t worry whether the Cultivation Method of Xiantian Skill would be let out, because the re-simplification version did not contain the true core meaning of Xiantian Skill, and Li Mu now also had strong self-confidence. If anyone dared to reveal it and betray him, even if to the end of the earth, he could also kill this person to get this Cultivation Method back.

Seeing that Dong Xue and Ning Jing come with gifts, Shangguan Yuting ended teaching and greeted them.

In an earlier time, Li Mu had already told her his relationship with Dong Xue, so Shangguan Yuting directly called her elder sister.

“Sister Ting’er was famous in Chang’an City. Today, after I see you, you are indeed a fairy.” Dong Xue, who once studied, was gentle, and she spoke in a quite genteel way.

However, Ning Jing, an honest young man, was shocked by Shangguan Yuting’s beauty, blushing and daring not to look at her.

A very honest husband.

What the couple brought was not great ones, but some vegetables they planted themselves, as well as the quality eggs and meat they bought, on the earth, that was, organic food, local eggs, and local meat. After Li Mu saw these things, he couldn’t wait to eat them.

When the couple stayed for half an hour, they stood up and left.

Since they might worry that they would bother Li Mu.

In front of Li Mu, the couple behaved cautiously and politely, Dong Xue as the maid, and Ning Jing completely following his wife. He habitually scratched his neck. As the third Young Master of Ning Mansion, he also called Li Mu Young Master with an honest and straightforward smile as Dong Xue did.

Looking at the two people, Li Mu couldn’t help thinking of Guo Jing and Huang Rong, the couple in Master Jin Yong’s masterpiece “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”. Dong Xue was as lovely and smart as Huang Rong, and the difference between the names of Ning Jing and Guo Jing, an honest hero, was only the last word.

“If you want to practice martial arts, you can come to visit me in the courtyard of the Shack every day.” When they were in farewell, he made a promise and presented each of them with one piece of jade as the gift for the first time. Jade was actually a one-time bodyguard refined by Li Mu.

After Ning Jing and Dong Xue left, Li Mu pondered and hung a notice at the gate of the courtyard.

“Get a little white fox, please contact me.”

Then, he returned to the courtyard to practice Sword-commanding Style.

With the improvement of martial arts level, Li Mu gradually felt that he needed a knife.

A good knife.

A knife at Taoist instrument level could be used as an essential weapon.

However, this was difficult, because in this world, warlocks couldn’t refine Taoist instrument, and basically had no way and place to cast Taoist instrument.

Li Mu decided to practice himself.

Outside Pig-Herding Alley.

“This couple even can enter the Shack’s courtyard? Who are they?”

“This is the first time that someone has entered the Shack’s courtyard, isn’t it?”

“Go to investigate.”

Several pairs of eyes were falling upon the disappearing figures of Ning Jing and Dong Xue.

After an hour.

Moon-hugging House.

“His Royal Highness, that man is the illegitimate son from Ning Mansion, Ning Jing, and that woman used to be the maid for Li Mu’s mother, who later was married to Ning Jing…” A piece of detailed information about Ning Mansion, Ning Rushan, Ning Jing, and Dong Xue was placed on the table before the second prince.

“Just little figures.” The second prince glanced at it, with no interest.

“You handle it.” He threw this material directly into the trash.

In the past few days, he had been busy with other things and had not yet had time to clean the Shack.

Moreover, praising himself as a higher people, he preferred controlling others and doing things according to his own mind to doing everything personally. In the view of the second prince, Li Mu might behave shockingly in Musical House, and the layout of the five-color holy light in the Shack’s courtyard be marvelous. But he didn’t care.

Because he was absolutely confident that he could defeat Li Mu.

He also liked to see the result that those who thought they themselves proudly controlled their own destiny finally found that their fate had always been in his hands. When those so-called geniuses, myths, and legendary figures, in front of him, showed their desperate and shocking expressions, he would be most excited.

Now, his attitude towards Li Mu might be that.

He just wanted to see how proud this so-called poetry genius could be.

In his eyes, Li Mu currently was not important enough to meet him.

The person who handed over the message was Liu Chenglong. Hearing the words, he also knew how to do, saying, “I understand.”

He turned and walked out of the second prince’s room, but met the lord of Ghost Sect.

This time, a total of 20 masters from Ghost Sect, including its leader, came to Chang’an City. In the beginning, this lord was extremely proud, and his subordinates were also extremely conceited. When they first saw the second prince, they directly blamed him, since the two elders dispatched by him came here to assist the second prince, not to die. Hence, he asked the second prince to be responsible for the death of two Ghost Elders.

However, after a secretive talk between the second prince and Ghost Sect leader, all changed.

The Ghost Sect lord in front of him, like the hedgehog that had been pulled out of all the thorns, was extremely polite in front of the second prince’s core subordinates.

“Master Liu, do you find out who killed our two Guardians of Rules?” Ghost Sect leader asked with a smile.

The smile on a zombie face was actually uglier than crying.

Of course, Liu Chenglong did not find out.

Although he had some speculations, there was no evidence.

However, this did not prevent him from doing something at all.

From the first meeting till the present, after a few days, Liu Chenglong took the opportunity and finally gave Ghost Sect leader some clues, so he said surely, “Leader, if the investigation is correct, I can be sure that it should be Li Mu who killed the two elders of your sect.”

The Flying Eagle Sword was hovering in the air, like a dragon in the air, and the sword light suddenly disappeared.

The faintly-heard low thunder came from the looting trajectory by the Flying Eagle Sword.

“The old faker once said that the object-controlling stage was also divided into high and low levels. Take the use of the sword as an example, to empty Sword Qi is the first stage. Thunderous sound by the sword is the second stage. The sword light into the rainbow is the third stage…”

In Li Mu’s mind, he tried hard to recall some of the words said by the old faker.

As the thunderous sound came from the Flying Eagle Sword, although weak, it was considered to be in the second stage.

Sword-commanding Style was cultivated extremely fast.

Just after a night, Li Mu’s Sword-commanding Technique had been above that of Chu Nantian, the future leader of Heaven Sword Sect. Hence, in the future fights against each other, when they simultaneously performed Sword-commanding Technique, Li Mu could break his sword style in a flash and kill him.

Nevertheless, Li Mu was still not satisfied.

When he was about to ponder further, suddenly—

Bang! Bang!

The entire courtyard was suddenly shaken fiercely.

The beautiful girls who were practicing in the yard were screaming.

“Li Mu, get out for death.”

A sinister voice, like the sound from hell, came in from the tactical deployment placed in the yard.


Li Mu’s face changed slightly.


“The one who is able to shake the five-element tactical deployment and whose sound can come in through the tactical deployment must be a super master.”

“A rare master.”

He then used his spiritual force to connect himself with the five-element tactical deployment.

The scene outside the array appeared in his mind.

Four burly figures in black robes stood at the gate of the courtyard.

The leader who spoke was as stalwart as the figure of a tall zombie, showing no slightest breath of life, as if he were a dead person. Besides, the face under the black hoodie showed no redness, but his lips were strangely scarlet, as if he had drunk blood. His eyes were even blood red. He seemed to lack the slightest human feelings.


At first glance, he understood that the companions of the two ghost monsters came here.

Before this, Zheng Cunjian offered him the information about Ghost Sect.

However, they should not be the Lord’s trusted subordinates.

Because it was said that the Ghost Sect lord was already a peerlessly powerful man of Celestial Being Realm.

But at this moment, the four black-shirt monsters outside the courtyard really shocked Li Mu. It could be said that they were the most horrible opponents he had encountered since he debuted in Jianghu. However, they should still be in Natural Realm, and did not enter Celestial Being Realm.

Any one of these four people must be stronger than Chu Nantian.

They were the real old-generation strong people who came out of bloody fights.

“They should be the Four Great Devil Zombies of Ghost Sect reported in Zheng Cunjian’s material. The one with the lowest strength has already become a monster with 50% of the internal qi transformed into natural qi. He is far stronger than me… It is really troublesome.”

Li Mu felt the pressure.

However, he was also excited.

There were gifts for him again.

He had reached initial success in his object-controlling skill, so he could just test it through actual combat.

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