The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 251 - Are You Li Mu?

Chapter 251: Are You Li Mu?

“People who obey me can survive, while those who go against me will die.” He Yunxiang was quite conceited, and he said without hesitation, “You have no choice.”

The students of Fengming Academy were extremely angry.

“Kill him.”

“Even if dead, I will never leave Fengming Academy.”

“Over my dead body!”

More and more students came upon hearing the news.

Thousands of students gathered around the gate of Fengming Academy.

Some disciples had secretly notified the local government, but until now, there had been no officers other than spectators. Even the patrols that usually came here dozens of times did not appear.

The disciples who were so excited and seriously injured were being healed.

He Yunxiang and others were surrounded in the center.

A few of the students from Hanshan Academy, at this time, seemed worried.

While the martial art masters of Qing Sha Clan who came with He Yunxiang were sneering and seemed horrible. After all, these innocent students were weak and pitiful in their eyes, just like little dogs or chickens.

“Faker Qu, I am waiting for your answer. Obey or leave?” He Yunxiang aggressively asked.

He did not care these poor students at all. If it wasn’t because his fame might be affected by that behavior, he might have had already killed a few so-called tough men before his enemies. After all, they were just the poor, without any noble background or supporters, so their deaths weren’t important.

“We will not succumb, neither will we leave.” Lei Yinyin answered hurriedly.

“Hoho…” He Yunxiang smiled with sympathy.

He gazed at the girl who had interrupted him many times. At first, he didn’t care, but soon, he seemed to have discovered something. Gradually narrowed, his eyes were as sharp as two daggers as if he were to strip Lei Yinyin naked to see through her.

“What… what did you see?” Lei Yinyin felt his eyes aggressively on her.

When this girl who came out of the slum spoke, her voice shivered slightly. She naturally felt scared since he alone defeated all the outstanding masters of Fengming Academy, but because of justice and belief, she straightened up to speak out.

“Little b*tch, it is your blessing that our senior fellow wants you…” The female disciple of Hanshan Academy, who had provoked many times and was gorgeously dressed, even wanted to keep close to He Yunxiang. Upon hearing these words, she showed off soon.

But He Yunxiang did not pay attention to this female disciple.

He stared at Lei Yin excitedly. “Ah, perfect, it is a perfect stove. Haha, I really don’t expect that in this small mud pool, there is such a wonderful stove…” He said extremely excitedly.

The masters of Qing Sha Clan who followed him, after reminded by He Yunxiang, brightened their eyes when they looked closely.

Indeed, this girl, although not tall, possessed perfect body proportion, and slender legs. There was a slight romantic feeling hidden between her eyebrows. With a full forehead and regular facial features, especially the vermeil lachrymal mole on the right corner of her mouth, which was half visible, she actually had the supreme caldron face recorded in the “Vogue-vision and Graceful-behavior Life Classics”.

Then, a few masters of Qing Sha Clan could not help but become excited.

There were many secret cheats about Cultivation Method in Qing Sha Clan, but its real unique skill was the Vogue-vision and Graceful-behavior Qing Sha Classics.

Since the sacred skill required the balance between yin and yang for the highest realm.

While for the male disciples in Qing Sha Clan, they lacked yin, so they must find a stove that suited themselves to cultivate and refine it. Only by keeping intaking the power of the yin in the furnace could they grasp this unique skill.

However, most of the time, the extent to which they could reach depended not only on their own talents, chances, and efforts, but also on the level of the furnace. A good stove could promote the cultivation of Vogue-vision and Graceful-behaviour Qing Sha Classics in a quite an apparent manner.

For example, that the current leader of Qing Sha Clan could enter the level ten in the 12-level Vogue-vision and Graceful-behaviour Qing Sha Classics was because there were four great stoves around him. Under Sage Realm, it could be said that he was peerless and famous across the world.

The best stove could hardly be found.

Unexpectedly, it should be found in this little Fengming Academy today.

“What is your name?” He Yunxiang asked greedily.

Although Dean Qu did not know the secretive method Qing Sha Clan, from the word “furnace”, he immediately realized that there was some trouble. When he was just to speak, he heard Leiyin blurt out. “Lei Yinyin of Feng Ming Academy… an ordinary student who will never leave the academy.”

“Lei Yinyin? Haha, that’s great,” He Yunxiang said excitedly, “Since then, you are my person. You must obey me and serve me in your whole life. Understand?”

“Impossible.” Lei Yinsheng shouted. “Who are you? Do you think you are Li Mu?” The girl subconsciously mentioned her idol.

“Hoho, Li Mu? A little thing only… Believe me, you, you will obey me soon.” He Yunxiang flashed and directly took action. His internal qi was surging, and with suffocating pressure, he directly came to attack Lei Yinyin.

He planned to catch her first and tame her later.

In Qing Sha Clan, there were many ways for taming the stove.

“You…” Lei Yinyin wanted to resist and escape.

However, targeted tightly and forcefully by him, she could not do it, and she could only see He Yunxiang’s big hand moving towards her neck.

“Stop.” When Dean Qu saw that, regardless of his own serious injuries, he spared no efforts to hit again.


The forceful qi was surging.

“Ah…” Dean Qu screamed, squirting arrow-like blood, and his body was beaten to fly out.



The students of Fengming Academy screamed and rushed to help.

“No one can stop me.” He Yunxiang was confident and overbearing. He sneered, and once again reached out his hands, then his internal qi field was released. Targeting Lei Yinyin, he directly moved to seize her, and no one could block him.

Lei Yinyin was suppressed by the internal qi field and could not move.

As she was about to fall into He Yunxiang’s hands, suddenly, without any warning, an unexpected change happened.


A lasting-long scream came from the sky.

Then, in the sky, a long line of fire shape, like a falling meteor, drew a long journey, and the flame was flying toward the gate of Fengming Academy. Before everyone realized, they heard a sound and a figure fell exactly in the middle of the crowd.

Then, the rock collapsed and the smoke and dust rose.

A large pit with a diameter of five or six meters appeared in the middle of the crowd.

People all looked at each other.

What happened?

After the smoke dispersed.

A figure climbed out of the big pit embarrassedly. Staggering, as if drunk, he said to himself, “Da*n, the speed is too fast, so the sword tactical deployment is collapsed. This is a flight accident. Ah, my ass is broken… I’m so dizzy. Where am I?”

This figure was slender and stout, but it seemed to be a burned monkey. His clothes were covered with scorch marks, which were blown off, the streamlined and light black muscles were exposed. He had short hair, and there was no smoke on his face. Besides, he had striking features, his eyes were like stars, and he seemed handsome.

Everyone looked at this strange person who came from the sky.

The strange man touched his face with his hands, and said with some worries, “Fortunately, I managed to protect my face, so my handsome face is protected…”

Then, he looked around and found that there were so many people around him. He was shocked. “God, I am really famous. Why there are so many spectators so quickly…” He immediately wiped his face with dirt, turning around to try to leave.

Lei Yinyin suddenly said, “Are… are you Young Master Li Mu?”

“Ah, no no, I am not…” The geek covered his face with his hands and turned away.

“Da*n, what happened? I can be recognized in this way?”

“Is it real that people became worried because of their fame, just like pigs worried about their death due to their healthy growth?”

“You are Young Master Li Mu, I know you…” As Li Mu’s crazy fan, Lei Yinyin who was careless suddenly forgot her situation and jumped excitedly.

“God, how do you recognize me… Hey, it’s you!”

Li Mu was ready to run away because he showed up in a quite foolish way. He might be the first person who practiced the skill of flying on a sword to fall down seriously halfway—if he did not practice Zhenwu Boxing to strengthen his flesh body, he might have died if he had only been an ordinary sword fairy.

However, when he saw Lei Yinyin, he couldn’t help but stop.

He recognized this girl who was his crazy fan in the battle in Heaven Sword Martial Club.

Since she was his crazy fan, he didn’t need to worry about embarrassment made in front of her—since, in the mind of a crazy fan, the idol was always glorious whatever he did.

“Young Master Li, do you remember me?” Lei Yinyin asked excitedly.

“Of course. Girl Yinyin…” Li Mu smiled. He added, “Coincidental. How come you are here? Hey? Is Dean Qu also here? Are you beaten by someone? Your arm is broken… Be careful. Why do you fight as those young boys do?”

Dean Qu, with nervous sweat on his forehead, couldn’t speak.

Li Mu burst into laughter, and after looking around, discovered that the situation was not as he had imagined.

“Poetry and swordsmanship talent, Young Master Li… Justice by Young Master Li.” Some of the students of Fengming Academy immediately yelled and pleaded, as if they saw hope.

“Hey… justice? What’s the matter?” Li Mu looked at Lei Yinyin.

Lei Yinyin repeated what happened angrily.

“The competition in the education industry in Chang’an City becomes so cruel?” Li Mu looked at He Yunxiang with a shocked look, but at first glance, he perceived the young man’s cultivation level, which was very familiar to him. He slightly frowned, saying, “Do you cultivate Cultivation Method of Qing Sha Clan? Are you a disciple of Qing Sha Clan?”

“Hoho, so what?” He Yunxiang answered coldly.

At this moment, in his heart flashed countless thoughts. He really wanted to take the opportunity to challenge Li Mu and to enter a higher level by defeating Li Mu, but when he thought about the battle in Pig-Herding Alley, in which the Four Great Devil Zombies of Ghost Sect were all defeated, he found that he might not win him. Hence, he forcibly stopped the idea, but proudly said with his head raised, “I am the disciple of elder Red-hair Killing God, the master of Qing Sha Clan…”

Before he finished his words, Li Mu interrupted directly.

“Don’t have to thank me.” Li Mu said to Lei Yinyin.

“Ah?” Lei Yinyin was stunned.

Li Mu whistled.

A broken sword rose secretly out of the big pit that had been smashed before and turned into light. Then, it suddenly and furtively hit He Yunxiang’s back head, who paid all attention to Li Mu.


In the iron-crashing sound, the disciple of Qing Sha Clan who was at the lower level of Natural Realm rolled his eyes, foamed at the mouth, trembled, and fell down.

“The people I hate most these months are those from Qing Sha Clan.”

With his figure like a ghost, Li Mu flickered and grabbed He Yunxiang’s well-cared hair. He dragged it and flung him in the direction of the Shack’s courtyard.

At the same time, his voice came from afar. “You, the left, if daring to stay at the entrance of Fengming Academy…”


A ray of sword light flashed.

Before the other masters of Qing Sha Clan reacted, they only felt cold on their heads, and then a layer of their hair flew with the wind. At the centers of their heads, there were figure-wide bald parts.

“Otherwise, you will be like your hair.”

Li Mu’s voice came from a distance.

The masters of Qing Sha Clan who were arrogant before did not dare to say any rude word.

Li Mu’s swordsmanship was quite amazing.

Killing enemies by controlling the sword was the legendary fairy technique.

Until Li Mu and the people of Qing Sha Clan all disappeared, the people of Fengming Academy still felt they were dreaming.

The situation changed too suddenly. Originally, the situation was quite dangerous, and many students of Fengming Academy were ready to sacrifice their life in this battle. However, Qing Sha Clan that was imposing before became timid in front of Li Mu who unexpectedly appeared. Besides, He Yunxiang who was so malicious and cold-hearted that many people hated him was directly hit and dragged away by Li Mu…

The crisis, in such a funny and shocking way, was removed.

The students of Fengming Academy were relieved.

However, Lei Yinyin was doubted. “Why did Young Master Li Mu finally drag He Yunxiang away?”

Perhaps after about one hour.

“You are poor… are you Qing Sha Clan so poor?”

Li Mu’s angry voice came from the courtyard of the Shack.

Then he angrily threw He Yunxiang out of the courtyard of the Shack.

As a disciple from a famous sect, compared with Chu Nantian, one of the contemporary descendants of Heaven Sword Sect, Li Mu was dissatisfied with the stored energy in He Yunxiang’s treasure pocket. After finding nothing, he threw him out of the courtyard.

“You are so poor, but why do you come to Fengming Academy to pretend you are powerful? Aren’t you embarrassed? Don’t you feel shameful?”

Li Mu indignantly interrogated him in the courtyard.

However, He Yunxiang did not say a word, with his lips shivering, his face pale, and a single robe. Now he even dreamed of more legs to enable him to flash out of Pig-Herding Alley.


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