The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 260 - So Violent

Chapter 260 So Violent

The purple current was flowing around Bloody-moon Evil Master, and his hair was sticking almost straight up.

From the crumbled secret jade, the purple thunder light suddenly appeared, and it was too late for him to avoid this attack. The current flowed around him. Thus, the appearance of an evil master was almost destroyed immediately.

Who could expect that there was such a trap in this secret jade?

Fortunately, the magical power of Bloody-moon Evil Master had been fully mastered. This purple lightning left no injury on him aside from his damaged figure.

“Oh, just a trick, you…” Bloody-moon Evil Master smiled lightly.

However, before he finished his words, Shangguan Yuting activated the seal with her fine hands, and sent handprints out. Then, 17 pieces of jade around her were shot out at different speeds. And arranged in a strange tactical deployment and like a meteor shower, they began to encircle Bloody-moon Evil Master.

This time, Bloody-moon Evil Master did not dare to take it lightly.

He quickly seized a long knife from the blood-colored sky to counterattack.

The moonlight was like blood, and the knife light was like lightning.

However, the 17 pieces of jade were extremely flexible. Controlled by Shangguan Yuting’s handprints, they seemed to be alive. In the air, they collided with each other to keep changing their positions, and they could also form different deployments actively to dexterously avoid the blood-colored knife light. Instantly, within five meters from Bloody-moon Evil Master, they shrouded him.

“Purple – Polar – Thunder – Light – Refining!”

Urged by the crisp shouts, purple thunder liquid overflew from each piece of jade, then a full-scale power grid in the void directly covered Bloody-moon Evil Master. He would be tempered by the power of purple polar thunder and lightning.

Bloody-moon Evil Master was shocked.

The opponent’s tactics were definitely different from those of most warlocks.

The power of this purple polar thunder and lightning was even comparable to the combat force of a Natural Expert Warlock King.

Hua Xiangrong was only an apprentice to Li Mu not long ago, so how did she become so strong?

A pure Taoist Figure was really wonderful.

Then, Bloody-moon Evil Master became more and more excited.

“Haha, Master Hua, the power of a Natural Expert king is no match for me… You’d better give up.” He laughed and took a bloody-moon curved knife from the bloody sky. Then, he attacked in a random manner, and suddenly, the bloody flames skyrocketed, as if he were the god of fire.

The power of the bloody moon flame completely resisted the force of the purple lightning and even forced it out little by little.

Bloody-moon Evil Master smiled slightly and proudly said, “I have reached great achievement in the miraculous skills, so the power of a Natural Expert king can hardly injure me…”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Before his voice died away, he saw four fist-sized jade balls fly out from Hua Xiangrong’s palms. They were smooth and plain and no energy was around them. However, urged by her spiritual power, the lightning soon shot into a purple lightning net, and then these jade balls suddenly exploded in thunder-like roars.

Indescribably terrible power suddenly broke out.

The purple lightning seemed extremely violent, and in the purple lightning grid, the flows carrying energy spurted out. Thus, the power instantly became dozens of times stronger than before, and the lightning, just like a python or a purple dragon, instantly cut up the bloody-moon flames made by the Evil Master and bombarded his body.

“Ah, ah…”

From withing the lightning came the roar of Bloody-moon Evil Master.

“What is this…” He was slammed down from the new moon in the sky with his body seared and a pale appearance, then he stretched out his hand to catch the bloody new moon, as if he were trying to grab a life-saving straw after falling from a cliff. As his internal qi was stirred up, he pulled it and then jumped up.

This time, everyone could see that the reason why Bloody-moon Evil Master could absorb the energy in heaven was not that he really had entered the Celestial Being Realm, but it was that new bloody moon, which, in fact, like some kind of secret treasure, could be suspended in the void. Relying on it, Bloody-moon Evil Master could absorb the energy in heaven.

“Hua Xiangrong, do you want to suffer more? I…” The purple light flowed in his armor, and with his hair totally black, his armor seemed to be blackened by fire. As a result, no one could find his imposing momentum of “King Under the Moon” that he had shown before.

However, before his voice died away, Hua Xiangrong silently and directly refined 10 jade balls and shot them at Bloody-moon Evil Master in the way of manipulating jade. They, like flying stars, whirled and moved in unpredictable tracks, and constantly changed formation in the air.


Bloody-moon Evil Master almost jumped up out of anger.

“Why does this woman have so many weapons?”

This strange jade ball was as powerful as the attack by a mid-level Natural Realm expert, which was extremely horrible. The previous four had already shocked and paralyzed him, and the effect of purple pole power hadn’t cleared in his body. Why were 10 balls coming out?

Was this kind of secret treasure gotten for free?

Since he made great achievements in miraculous skills and confidently appeared in Wulin, he had been cautiously hiding himself. At this time, since Li Mu was invited to battle by a master in the Celestial Being Realm, he seized the opportunity to try to take Hua Xiangrong away. But… why didn’t it go as he had expected?

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

As the jade balls were exploding, Bloody-moon Evil Master was devoured in the horrible force.

The purple polar liquid completely devoured everything within 20 to 30 meters into a thunder sea.

“Hua Xiangrong, you…” In shock and anger, Bloody-moon Evil Master faintly roared from the thunder sea.

Upon witnessing this scene, everyone was stunned.

“This is too… grand.”

Everyone knew that the reason why Hua Xiangrong got the upper hand was that her jade balls contained the terrible power of purple polar lightning, which was not cultivated by Hua Xiangrong, but was contained in the balls before. However, it was really a terrific scene that Hua Xiangrong could attack with a dozen such powerful jade balls.

Even for a Warlock King of Law in the Natural Realm, this kind of jade ball was also precious.

A jade ball had to have been worth hundreds of thousands of pounds of gold.

In fact, Hua Xiangrong was burning money instead of fighting someone.

Even if Bloody-moon Evil Master didn’t enter the Celestial Being Realm, he was also quite formidable. However, he had no way to counterattack.

Soon after, the roar of Bloody-moon Evil Master was overwhelmed by the sea of purple lightning.

The bloody and dark cloud in the sky was gradually torn up by lightning.

The terrible power of lightning radiated around, scaring He Yunxiang and others to retreat, who stood at the gate of Hanshan Academy. Dean Tie Zhan also asked students to withdraw, since a ray of lightning was powerful enough to instantly kill a martial artist.

What made everyone more surprised was that 20 identical jade balls were flying around Shangguan Yuting.


She was squandering them wantonly.

This showed the wealth gap between rich and ordinary combatants.

In the thunder liquid, Bloody-moon Evil Master was still struggling, and when viewing this scene, he was greatly shocked.

Considering that he could not refine those 10 purple pole lightning jade balls for a while, if he were smashed by 20 of the same type, he would really be in danger. He had already faintly felt that as the jade balls increased in number, their force didn’t become stronger in a layered manner, but in a skyrocketing and explosive way.

Bloody-moon Evil Master wanted to vomit blood.

“What is this?”

Originally, he planned to successfully catch her. But he didn’t expect that Hua Xiangrong, who just learned from Li Mu for a few days, could become so powerful. Even though he had reached great achievement in miraculous skills, he couldn’t defeat her… He shouldn’t have proudly attacked her in public, but should have done so in a secret manner, since even the god of law in the Celestial Being Realm could be defeated by his secret attack.

Run first.

He was extremely indignant, but at this time, he could only retreat.

In the end, he took the new moon and collected all the bloody clouds. He cracked the sea of purple pole lightning with his sword, turned into bloody-moon flames, flew out of the crevice that was about to vanish, and disappeared directly into the air in the distance…

He Yunxiang opened his mouth and didn’t know what to say.

Tie Zhan and others in Hanshan Academy felt like they were in a dream.

They were most clear about Hua Xiangrong’s identity, who was just a famous and weak singing girl in the brothel. But now, they just felt that Hua Xiangrong had totally changed and they were facing another person who was a virgin goddess from a decent sect.

When Shangguan Yuting saw them, Tie Zhan and other people looked pale and retreated, daring not to look at her.

He Yunxiang also did not dare to look directly at her as he had before.

Even the people of Fengming Academy, such as Lei Yinyin and Dean Qu, couldn’t believe this scene.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey…” The little white fox, Daji, lay on Shangguan Yuting’s shoulder and screamed proudly. Before Li Mu left, he put it on the back of the chrysanthemum leopard, and apart from Li Mu, it only wanted to rely on Shangguan Yuting.

On the other hand, the one-eyed chrysanthemum leopard just yawned.

Only Shangguan Yuting knew how nervous she was.

Since this was her first battle in the true sense.

No matter how much combat knowledge was instilled in her by Li Mu, or no matter how many battle methods were pre-set for her, when faced with a real enemy, her lack of experience was exposed at once. Although she looked indifferent without saying a word, she was actually too nervous to know what to say.

She was so nervous that some of her tactical gestures were not correctly implemented. The power of the purple pole thunderball should have been stronger. If Brother Mu had performed it, Bloody-moon Evil Master might have become flying ashes.

However, she ultimately won.

She was relieved.

Brother Mu secretly informed her to protect Lei Yinyin and the others, and she finally completed this task.

“This is the first time that I could do something to help Brother Mu, isn’t it?”

Shangguan Yuting was satisfied.

This kind of satisfaction was more exciting than if she had defeated such a famous figure like Bloody-moon Evil Master. Although such a combat skill, once spread out, was enough to cause a sensation, and this topic would be discussed by more people than the scene in which Li Mu defeated the Heaven-Sword Celestial Being in the Heaven Sword Martial Club, for her, she expected to see Li Mu’s admiration for her far more than outsiders’ envy.

“But, when will Brother Mu… come back?”

Hua Xiangrong pondered and looked in the direction that Li Mu had gone.

Suddenly, she was struck by an idea. She turned back, and the jade balls were flying around her. She used her hands to make a handprint in front of her chest, where a glass jade shield was then instantly made…


A fingerprint, with the power that seemed to separate heaven and earth, was mightily undefendable, which seemed to break the void, and suddenly came from the southeast. It then touched the glass jade shield.

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