The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 261 - Golden Fingerprint

Chapter 261: Golden Fingerprint


With a crisp sound, the glazed jade light shield was almost broken in an instant.

Then, there were all kinds of lights around Shangguan Yuting, and various miraculous protective forces appeared in layers. However, she couldn’t resist the powerful fingerprints.

All of sudden, the golden holy fingerprints fell on Shangguan Yuting’s body.

The scene seemed to be still at this moment.

The fingerprint with a golden sheen seemed to fall from heaven onto Shangguan Yuting, as if it were pressing an ant, and instantly, the blood was spurting out of her five sense organs, then was directly volatilized by the flame-like golden light!

This was a cruel scene.

Shangguan Yuting still looked stunned.

Obviously, it was a sudden destructive attack on her, and it was too late for her to react after she sensed the danger. The golden fingerprints, which contained the power of heaven and earth, were not something that she could now resist.

Space seemed to be condensed at this moment.

Neither Hanshan Academy nor Fengming Academy expected this sudden change.

In a flash, the little white fox, Daji, on Shangguan Yuting’s shoulder screamed at the golden finger, but at the same moment, was violently shaken off and flung into a distant wall. No one knew whether or not it was still alive.

However, the chrysanthemum leopard, who was closest to Shangguan Yuting, had no time to react due to its weakness, so its body was shattered by this finger power brushing past, as if it were directly melted by the golden flame.

It seemed to last for a moment, but also for a century.

In the end, when the golden fingerprints gradually dissipated, everything seemed to become normal.

As Hua Xiangrong had no strength to support herself, she slowly fell down.

The long black hair waved in the wind.

“Sister Hua…” Among all the people, Lei Yinyin was the first to recognize her. She rushed over and hugged Shangguan Yuting, who was about to fall to the ground.

She was still alive.

However, Shangguan Yuting had completely been knocked unconscious.

Everything that happened just now was dreamlike. The sacred fingerprint with golden flames came so suddenly and forcibly that it was beyond everyone’s expectation. It was not like the power from a human, but was as powerful as the divine punishment given by the gods from heaven.

Within the surrounding few kilometers, all the creatures were scared.

“Sister Hua…” Lei Yinyin held Shangguan Yuting anxiously.

In addition to her breath, Lei Yinyin could feel Shangguan Yuting’s heartbeat, which was her only sign of life. Although Lei Yinyin lacked powerful strength, as a martial artist, she could instantly realize some basic situations.

“What… what’s the matter?” He Yunxiang was also confused.

He looked back at Tie Zhan, as well as other strong people of the Qing Sha Clan, all of whom were puzzled.

Obviously, they were also confused about the situation.

Dean Qu and others rushed over and stood beside Shangguan Yuting.

As the body of the chrysanthemum leopard was directly melted by the terrible power, it had no breath and couldn’t survive at all. On the other hand, the little white fox might have suffered more seriously, but it climbed out from the distant stone wall covered in blood. Then, it struggled back beside Shangguan Yuting, screaming and with tears dripping onto her body…

He Yunxiang pondered for a moment and suddenly realized.

This was a good opportunity.

As Bloody-moon Evil Master escaped, and Hua Xiangrong was seriously injured, who among the rest could defeat him?

“Isn’t this a rare chance to catch the supreme stove, Lei Yinyin? Moreover, Hua Xiangrong is also an extremely beautiful woman. Even if she is unconscious, she isn’t dead. Hence, I can still have a taste of her…”

He hinted to the masters of the Qing Sha Clan beside him.

After the masters understood, they came over to encircle them quietly.

“What are you doing?” Lei Yinyin was very alert. When sensing the danger, she immediately shouted.

When He Yunxiang looked at her, he did not hide, but sneered, “What will I do? Hoho, what do you think?” “Now who else can protect you? Li Mu must have been killed by my grandmaster, Red-hair Killing God, and you are destined to be my stove, hehe…”

The people of Fengming Academy suddenly became angry and were ready to put up a desperate fight.

But at this moment, the ground suddenly trembled as if there was an earthquake.

All the people on the spot were shocked again by this situation.

What happened today was beyond everyone’s imagination, so no one knew what would happen next…

Soon afterward, like a meteor, a figure came from the sky and appeared before the door of Hanshan Academy.

The figure was slender with short black hair.

He had to be Li Mu.

At first sight, He Yunxiang was stunned.

“Impossible. How is Li Mu back?

“How can Li Mu come back alive? Does that mean that…”

He shouted, “Li Mu, where is my master?”

Li Mu frowned and had a feeling of uneasiness because, from a distance, he had felt there was a kind of majestic power here. As he came down and looked around, he suddenly felt something strange. When he noticed Shangguan Yuting, he suddenly became mad. “What is the matter?”

“Young Master Li, you are finally back… Save Sister Hua…” Lei Yinsheng hurriedly said.

A figure passed by.

In a flash.

Li Mu had gone to Shangguan Yuting’s side and he held her in his arms.

When he used his spiritual force and Third Eye to check her body, Li Mu was completely clear about her injuries.

She was seriously injured.

Not only were her internal organs shattered, but also her head was severely injured. Xiantian Skill was used to temper Mud-pill Palace, which could also be called the part of human cognition, so if the head was severely injured and the Mud-pill Palace was broken or affected, the skills that Shangguan Yuting cultivated these days would have all been eliminated.

An ordinary person would die from these injuries.

However, Shangguan Yuting did not die.

As long as she was not dead, she could be saved.

Li Mu was shocked and angry, as well as distressed.

“Why did this happen?

“What the hell is the matter?”

Then, he saw the chrysanthemum leopard, whose body was destroyed and in whose eyes the last trace of pleasure was left. Obviously, there was no way to save it, but when seeing Li Mu, its eyes showed a hint of relief and then it became calm. Finally, it stopped breathing.

Li Mu felt sorrowful for its death.

“Hey, hey hey hey…” As for the little white fox, Daji, whose hind limbs were broken and were dragging on the ground, its white hair was stained with fresh blood. It tugged on Li Mu’s clothing and cried sorrowfully.

“What is the matter?” Li Mu was so angry that his eyes became red as if dyed by blood.

Aggressive intention arose from his mind.

A kind of breath that caused fear in others erupted from his body.

Lei Yinyin and the others also felt scared, then she told him what had happened before.

“Golden fingerprint… is the power of heaven and earth. In the air here, there is still this kind of power…” Li Mu opened his Third Eye to look around. Although it was impossible to find the breath, he was sure that it had to be a strong person in the Celestial Being Realm who had secretly attacked.

“Why did this happen?”

Countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

“Which of the Celestial Beings can act so despicably to even attack an inferior person?”

He had not expected that such a weird thing could happen.

The things he offered to Shangguan Yuting were all kinds of bodyguard treasures. Even if a peak Natural Realm master had attacked her with all his strength, it was impossible to hurt her to this extent, at least she wouldn’t lose the battle. But why was there a Celestial Being here?

“Who did this?”

Li Mu couldn’t figure it out.

“Li Mu, what happened to my master? Where is he?” He Yunxiang shouted with his voice trembling voice, “Why are you back alone?” He seemed to be a bit mad. Actually, he didn’t really care about his grandmaster, but was frightened by his guess.

Li Mu turned back, and in his eyes was coldness and aggression. “Dead.”

“What?” Upon hearing this word, He Yunxiang almost went crazy. “Impossible. You…”

“Go to accompany him… Die,” Li Mu said with his eyes widened.

With indignation, he didn’t want to waste time talking with him. Then, as his spiritual force broke out, the largest piece of the Samsara Knife stored in the storage space, about half a meter long, automatically flew out and circled around He Yunxiang’s neck at lightning-like speed. Instantly, He Yunxiang’s head was twisted off.


The head fell on the ground.

When sensing the danger, the masters of the Qing Sha Clan next to him immediately turned to flee.

However, the fragment of the Samsara Knife, moving as fast as lightning, flew out and killed all the masters of the Qing Sha Clan on the spot once and for all.

Against these kinds of warriors, Broadsword-commanding Skill was an invincible way to kill them all in an instant.

“You…” Tie Zhan, the dean of Hanshan Academy, trembled out of fear.

Li Mu glanced at him. “You are also evil.”

As the knife light flashed.

Tie Zhan’s head also flew directly.


The remaining people from Hanshan Academy were greatly frightened by this scene.

At this time, Li Mu, with his eyes red and his face looking horrific, was like a killing god from hell that came to the human world. It was terrifying.

The piece of the Samsara Knife flashed like lightning in the void. And when it was about to pierce through the forehead of a young disciple of Hanshan College, it suddenly stopped.

“Don’t kill me…” the young disciple, probably only 15 or 16 years old, screamed with his eyes closed.

“Young Master Li…” Lei Yinyin was extremely worried about Li Mu’s situation.


The piece of the Samsara Knife flew back.

“Dean Qu, please help me send the body of black leopard to my Shack’s courtyard.” Holding Shangguan Yuting and the little white fox, which was crying, in his arms, he activated the Taoist technique of wind. Then, a pair of wings appeared behind his back. He flashed toward the Shack’s courtyard.

Shangguan Yuting could be saved.

Li Mu had already found a way.

Therefore, it was essential to rush back to save her.

However, he had to get revenge for this.

“I don’t know who you are, but I know that you must spy on me. You will regret it. Believe me. I will find you, and then kill you… I swear in the name of the old faker.”

Li Mu’s words resounded over Hanshan Academy like thunder.

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