The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 262 - Sensation

Chapter 262 Sensation

“Who is the old faker?”

This problem confused many people in Chang’an City.

They had never heard of a superb master called the old faker.

They guessed that he should be Li Mu’s master, or his mysterious fellow.

But in any case, he should be powerful.

That was because Li Mu swore in the name of the old faker to get revenge for Hua Xiangrong.

And the name Li Mu had again caused a sensation in all of Chang’an City.

Li Mu had killed “Red-hair Killing God” Zhang Bulao, the elder of the Qing Sha Clan in the Celestial Being Realm.

This was simply an inconceivable event.

Although it sounded like there was no apparent difference between the names “Celestial Being Realm” and “Natural Realm”, in fact, there was a huge gap between them in terms of strength.

Although in this world, there had been cases of people in a lower-level realm defeating one who was superior to him, there was only an unimportant realm between them, and some secret skills or some external forces had to be deployed. However, Li Mu who was much inferior to his opponent in light of their realms managed to kill a peerless master of the Celestial Being Realm, which sounded like an absurd fairy tale.

But this was the fact.

After their battle, Li Mu came back alive, while Zhang Bulao, Red-hair Killing God, was missing.

This was the truth.

Some people speculated that Zhang Bulao might not have died, but had left for some reason, or was just injured… However, these thoughts did not hold up because Li Mu came back alive without any injuries.

Everyone in the Wulin sect was shocked.

Some martial arts strongmen found traces of their battle in the wilderness outside Chang’an City.

Within the surrounding few hundred miles, the mountains had collapsed, the trees were broken, and numerous beasts and birds died, which seemed to have been caused by a fierce battle between gods and demons. Besides this, the lakes were evaporated, the rivers were diverted, and the rolling hills were turned into a basin in this area. The birds and beasts had even disappeared.

“Red-hair Killing God is dead.”

After closing his eyes to sense around the battlefield for half an hour, Flame Elder, a King of Law in the Natural Realm from Chang’an City, made such a conclusion.

Liu Chenglong, the director of the Musical House, felt anxious.

Other martial arts masters and powerhouses of the Natural Realm reached such a conclusion after inspecting here. Judging by these signs, Red-hair Killing God was really dead, and his remaining breath was still on the battlefield, which symbolized his sudden fall and death.

When these martial arts strongmen returned to Chang’an City, the news spread out, and it was once again sensational.

More and more martial arts strongmen went to the battlefield to feel the various breaths remaining on the battlefield, trying to reproduce the process when Li Mu fought against Zhang Bulao, and to uncover the mystery of Li Mu killing a Celestial Being.

In the following months, this ruin within a hundred miles had probably become a martial arts destination for countless people.

“Haha, Jing’er, bring some Intoxicating Wine here for me and drink with me.”

In Ning Mansion, in a good mood, Ning Rushan asked Ning Jing to take him the good wine collected by him for 30 years and allowed this illegal son, who wasn’t paid much attention to, to drink it with him. Then, he announced that he would transfer several core estates to Ning Jing and Ning Jing’s wife.

Thus, Ning Kang and the other sons looked depressed.

“Starting today, others must not intervene in the estates managed by Jing’er. What Jing’er says is what I say. If someone dares to plot against him, I will definitely punish him.” Ning Rushan slowly stood up and warned them with a serious look on his face.

From his attitude, everyone in the Ning family realized that Ning Jing and his wife were really gaining power.

Although Mrs. Ning showed sympathy for the two sons with dissatisfaction, she did not dare to speak.

That was due to Ning Rushan enjoying quite a high status in the Ning family.

Ning Jing habitually scratched the back of his head and didn’t know what to say.

His wife, Dong Xue, looked calm.

An intelligent woman, she certainly knew the reasons why her father-in-law suddenly became so kind to her and her husband—in addition to their ability in commerce and the two incapable sons, the most important reason was nothing else than the news that Young Master Mu had killed a Celestial Being.

At the base of the Bloody-moon faction—

Bloody-moon Evil Master smashed the table before him upon hearing the news.

Two days after the battle, he had thought that Li Mu would die and he could secretly seize Hua Xiangrong. But unexpectedly, he was defeated by Hua Xiangrong embarrassingly and fled. Now, Li Mu had returned vigorously… What could he do?

Before the magical power was completed, he was swindled by Li Mu and had to abandon the deliberately ruled base.

And now…

He thought that he did not have the slightest chance of defeating Li Mu.

After all, Li Mu had killed a Celestial Being.

This was embarrassing.

As for the battle on Jifeng Mountain two days later, anyway, he seemed to seek his death.

“Here. Go to the altar. Light the holy incense stick. Call Moon God.”

He made up his mind.

An altar was placed in the secret chamber. Two long bloody incense sticks made from the blood of nine kids’ heads who were born on a lunar date were ignited by the bloody-moon flames and were inserted on the altar, emitting a kind of faint bloody smoke. In the secret room, the crying of the kids could be faintly heard.

“What is the matter?”

A kind of harsh voice, which seemed to come from an ancient abyss, rose from the bloody smoke.

Bloody-moon Evil Master respectfully knelt on the ground. “Master Moon God…” He told him everything that had happened to him.

“Yes, it is me.”

The second prince leaned on a soft chair made of the fur of white tigers and spoke calmly.

Two beautiful women were massaging him.

If one took a closer look, it could be seen that the two women were Lu Hongshou and Xue Rui, who won the second and third prizes, respectively, at that Top Beauty night in the Musical House. Compared with their appearances that day, the two females looked a bit mature, whose eyebrows and hair became black and whose bodies were softer. It was apparent that they were no longer virgins.

Upon hearing these words, Liu Chenglong did not know what to say.

Li Mu had killed Red-hair Killing God and possessed the strength to defeat a Celestial Being. If he knew that it was the second prince who sent such a fingerprint, there would be… trouble.

“People who obey me can prosper, while those who go against me will die.”

The second prince stood up slowly, and a trace of coldness flashed through his starry eyes.

“Now that Hua Xiangrong doesn’t want to follow me, she must die. Li Mu should also suffer the loss of his love… Hoho, let him be immersed in this kind of pain for some time, then kill him. Given that he killed Zhang Bulao, a half Celestial Being, he deserves my fight against him.”

The corners of his mouth were upward, and he seemed more handsome, engulfed by a kind of evil temperament.

Celestial Being?

Hoho, he never cared for people such as Zhang Bulao.

In the Shack’s courtyard—

At the door of the practice room.

Maid Xin’er waited with tears falling down.

Xu Wan’er, Lu Shengnan, and other girls also stayed outside the secret practice room with different looks on their faces.

That day, Li Mu took Hua Xiangrong back, and without saying a word, directly rushed into the practice room. After that, Ning Jing and Dong Xue came here once, but did not see Li Mu. In the courtyard, they described everything that had happened outside.

“Miss, you must live.”

Xin’er cried.

In the blink of an eye, a day had passed.

In the practice room.

Shangguan Yuting slowly opened her eyes.

She saw Li Mu sitting before her with a smile.

“Brother Mu, I… ah, ah.” She felt cold, and when looking down subconsciously, she saw that her body was naked. She murmured and then flushed.

However, she wasn’t nervous.

That was because she had completely fallen in love with Li Mu. Not to mention that she was naked before Li Mu, she was even willing to give herself to him.

Li Mu also flushed.

In order to save her, he had to do this.

“Brother Mu, I am…” Shangguan Yuting vaguely remembered that on that day, a fingerprint with golden flames fell from the sky.

“Don’t speak. Practice first. How do you feel?” Li Mu said.

Shangguan Yuting subconsciously ran her mental power, and she frowned slightly. These days, her cultivation had almost vanished. She couldn’t feel her cognition part, Mud-pill Palace, but only felt confused. Only a trace of spiritual force randomly existed in this chaotic part of cognition.

She also felt that her body was feeble.

She told her condition to Li Mu.

Li Mu asked a few questions in succession. After getting positive answers, he finally felt relieved.

“Ting’er, your condition is a little complicated. The secret attacker has the strength to kill you, but he didn’t. Hence, I could come back to save you, but your previous cultivation has vanished. You need to re-cultivate,” Li Mu said.

Shangguan Yuting put on her clothes at ease in front of Li Mu, and said with a mild smile, “As long as I can stay beside Brother Mu, it doesn’t matter that my cultivation has vanished. I just need to recultivate.” In her mind, strength, Cultivation Method, cultivation, and fame were not important. She just wanted to stay with Li Mu.

Li Mu was moved.

This girl put all her mind on him in a pure way, who never asked him to repay her and did not care about her gains and losses.

“Fortunately, my teacher once taught me some ways to save people, so this time, I can save you. However, during my rescue, all the clothes had to be removed, so…” Li Mu told her how he rescued her approximately and about the need to be naked. Then, Li Mu transmitted his own Xiantian Skill into Shangguan Yuting’s body to repair her damaged internal organs. The most difficult part to repair was the broken Mud-pill Palace.

Shangguan Yuting flushed again, but felt warm and sweet in her heart.

After Li Mu finished his words, he also flushed a bit.

After all, he was a virgin.

In the process, he nearly used the sexual-cultivation method to heal her, but Shangguan Yuting’s Natural Taoist Figure was pure and flawless. Once she was no longer a virgin, her future cultivation might be affected. Hence, no matter how difficult it was for Li Mu to restrain his desire, he shouldn’t be so selfish.

“Starting today, I will teach you a new Cultivation Method,” said Li Mu, “You can restore soon… Don’t worry. I will avenge you.”

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