The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 268 - The Flying Knife

Chapter 268 The Flying Knife

In the practice room of the Shack’s courtyard—

108 pieces of the broken Samsara Knife were placed in front of Li Mu.

He assembled these pieces together.

It was said in the materials that the Bloody Giant Dao that belonged to Wu Biao, One Cut that Sends Man to Death, was indeed made of ancient refined iron, a kind of famous delicate iron that possessed excellent conductivity for natural qi and internal qi. It was one of the top three supreme iron materials, and was most suitable for refining heavy weapons.

No one knew how Wu Biao got such a large piece of ancient heavy iron, but since he did so in a shameless way, he couldn’t forge a real treasure, but could only make one roughly. By means of his natural magic power, he waved the Bloody Giant Dao.

Now, however, Li Mu had added a lot of other materials to the iron and refined it with the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal. Thus, Li Mu was confused by the materials of the Samsara Knife.

“In the forging secrets of Creation by Heavenly Fire sent by Xu Sheng, there is a saying of ‘Primitive Gold of All Creatures’, which is refined by various magical mining materials. It is said that masters of the Sage Realm and Breaking Realm can cast their own tools featuring ‘Primitive Gold of All Creatures’, which are extremely precious. I might also give it a try.”

Li Mu pondered.

According to Creation by Heavenly Fire, Primitive Gold of All Creatures was rare and was molded by people. No one but masters of the Sage Realm and Breaking Realm could do it, so even a Celestial Being wasn’t strong enough to do so. This kind of primitive gold needed to be forged by Taoist Power, and although Celestial Beings could activate the power of heaven and earth, they were greenhands when it came to the control of Taoist Power.

However, thanks to the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal, Taoist Power could be generated.

“Snow steel, ice iron, outer-space meteoric iron, and secret silver in the earth…” Li Mu placed dozens of kinds of precious metals that were stolen from Chu Nantian, Meng Wu, the Four Great Devil Zombies, and others in front of him. Then he recalled the forging procedure in the Creation by Heavenly Fire and began to cast.

He wanted to integrate all the precious metals into the Samsara Knife.

Anyway, the refining method of Primitive Gold of All Creatures was complicatedly recorded, but Li Mu just cast in a random manner.

After all the treasured metals, magical iron, and supernatural materials were melted together, the condensed product was the Primitive Gold of All Creatures.

Li Mu opened his mouth and five-colored holy light flew out of his mouth.

It was the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal.

He started refining.

The seal force of the fire part was activated, and the spurting Taoist fire wrapped around the pieces of the Samsara Knife.

Then, Li Mu put all the pieces of precious metal into the flame.

Li Mu was refining his weapons throughout this night.

The Taoist fire of the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal was surging, and under Li Mu’s control, it melted all the pieces of metal in less than two hours. Supported by spiritual force, the colorful kinds of liquid floated in the air, and merged with each other.

Time passed by.

On the morning of the next day, Li Mu ended the refining.

The new Samsara Knife was formed.

Although he doubled the materials in that knife, the Samsara Knife became smaller this time because Li Mu was more adept at refining and had more control of the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal.

Moreover, the color of the knife also changed from its previous red-blood color to a faint silver-white.

If looked at closely, a trace of blood light could be seen in the knife.

Besides this, there were cracks on the blade.

Li Mu held the handle in his hand and injected natural qi into it. The knife was suddenly separated into 20 smaller blades, floating in the air in various sizes and colors, which was because the knife was made of different pieces of metal. Hence, they seemed to be magical weapons at first glance.

Each piece of blade was engraved with many Taoist magic arts of tactical deployments.

The tactical deployment cluster was similar to that in the Samsara Knife, but it had also been improved by Li Mu.

Under the control of his mental power, 24 little knives, flying like a group of butterflies, surrounded Li Mu quickly. Like silver circles, they were suspended when moving slow, but they directly became a silver shield layer for Li Mu when moving fast.

“The flying knife protects the body, so the Samsara Knife has defensive ability.”

Li Mu was overjoyed.

Then, he urged 12 of the flying knives moving like silver light to cut the void. The knife light was partially visible, and its momentum was as extremely forceful as flowing-down quicksilver, which also greatly shocked Li Mu.

“Today, I am really able to battle against Celestial Beings.”

Li Mu was satisfied with the attacking power of the Samsara Knife.

It was said that there was a sword fairy who could manipulate flying swords and his combat force ranked first in his realm.

Now, however, Li Mu’s flying knife was also the prototype of such power.

Then, he quickly urged these flying knives back, and then the 20 flying knives combined with each other into a 10-finger-wide, one-meter-long, giant silver knife. It was streamlined, and it seemed like a kind of coldness overflowed and filled the virtual space, like light cast on cold water.

Li Mu suppressed his internal qi and natural qi, and waved the Samsara Knife. Then, he motivated six styles—Dao-Drawing Chopping, Lightning Chopping, Four-directional Hack, Forceful Hack, Dragon Defying Hack, and Wind Cloud Hack.

Wind-Cloud Six Moves, after he was enlightened by Zhang Bulao’s Hacking Deities Three Styles, some other martial arts of Dao-using methods, and sword-using manners were finally completed.

Of course, this was not the ultimate significance of sword Taoism, so he needed to improve Wind-Cloud Six Moves.

After he finished these moves, Li Mu touched the blade and closed his eyes, immersed in the knife styles.

For Li Mu, the greatest pity in martial arts up to now was that he still didn’t perceive the attributes of natural qi. It seemed that some of the Mediation Approaches obtained from that mysterious white-dressed sword woman had no effect on Li Mu. Although he had tried to meditate several times, whether in a snow slide or a volcanic land, different attributes couldn’t be refined in his natural qi.

Now, however, he had improved in cultivation, and his insights and ideas about martial arts had also gotten more significant. Hence, he was not in a hurry.

He flicked the Samsara Knife with his fingers.

Crisp sounds rang out.

Contained inside the snow-white knife was a faint blood color. Only with the sky could one find that this was just on its surface. Some small flying knives inside it were of various colors. Li Mu knew that he was using the Taoist fire part in the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal to condense all the rare metals instead of removing all the impurities from it, so there was still a long way to go before he made the Primitive Gold of All Creatures.

This Samsara Knife had to be refined every day.

It was already the next morning.

After putting the knife away, Li Mu walked out of the practice room, when Zheng Cunjian rushed over.

“Young Master, this is the result after Your Lordship used the Heaven-controlling Mirror.” He respectfully handed him a piece of jade, inside which was a video stored by warlock deployment. It was what had happened at the entrance of Hanshan Academy that day, and had the source of the gold fingerprints.

At first sight, Li Mu frowned, and his eyes were filled with anger.

“It turns out to be him.”

At the gate of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club—

At the moment the sun rose, a massacre started.

The patrol with 3,000 soldiers, dressed in first-level warlocks’ alchemy uniforms, placed the Star-breaking Cannon at the front line. When the first rays of the sun were cast on the 200- year-old city walls of Chang’an City, the battle started.

Although the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club was decaying, in fact, it covered a large area. It used to be the residence of a prince of the Western Qin Empire, who was killed because of rebellion. Then, the house was sold, and was owned by the last leader of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club in the end. After being briefly decorated, it served as the base for the martial arts club.

In the entire Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club, there weren’t many people, only more than a hundred even including those servants. Compared with the peak period of the Heaven Sword Martial Club when there were tens of thousands of disciples, this number was quite tiny.

However, people knew that in the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club, quantity was not what was important.

That was because in the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club, even the cooks who swept the floor were masters of martial arts.

It was rumored that the people in the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club were all powerhouses in Wulin from all over the world, who, tired of fights in the Jianghu, reclused themselves here and accompanied each other. They transformed into cooks, accounting staff, or servants to enjoy their peaceful life here.

Such a rumor had been spread in Chang’an City long ago.

Today, such rumors had been verified.

Among the patrol team consisting of 3,000 warriors from Chifeng Camp, the 20 warriors that first came to attack all disappeared without any trace. As they rushed into the broken gate, they vanished tracelessly as if they were trapped in the sea.

When a Brigadier General of the Natural Realm led a team consisting of 20 men in white there, they found those 20 brave warriors silently and permanently lying next to the wall behind the gate.


The general roared and raised his huge sword.

Among this team, seven or eight warriors who rushed to the front had fallen down with a smile before others just became aware. As the star deployment was urged, their armor automatically fell down from the top of their helmets. Then, a layer of blue light shined, covering their noses and mouths and isolating the air.

The Qin people’s main warfare army was equipped with powerful weapons, so they could cope with various emergencies, including anti-poison function.

The poison deployment was broken.

After the army passed by the first door, they shouted.

A blind man and a crippled man stopped them at the second door.

The crippled man had unparalleled leg skills, and the blind one was good at using concealed weapons.

As the two men cooperated, they successfully prevented the 100-man elite team led by a Brigadier General of the Natural Realm from entering.

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