The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 269 - Intention to Kill Enemies

Chapter 269 Intention to Kill Enemies

Among the shouts, the main hall of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club was quiet.

Mrs. Tang, a beautiful madam, looked indescribably calm.

She held the youngest daughter, Tang Mi, in her hands, and hummed for Tang Mi, who was sleeping. In the little girl’s hands, a bunch of hawthorn candied fruit was tightly grasped with four of them remaining. The melted crystal sugar wrapped around the candied fruit, glittering.

On Tang Mi’s face was a satisfying and happy smile.

She didn’t know what kind of fate she would face. Compared with the previous poor and tough life, she didn’t have to suffer such pains, and could eat her favorite candied fruit. Besides, her sister and mother were beside her. Was there anything happier than this in the world?

The oldest daughter, Tang Tang, was grinding a sword off to the side.

She had a good foundation in martial arts and swordsmanship. These days, she had been practicing hard.

She had once always smiled and was lively, but became silent now, and occasionally a kind of hatred flashed in her eyes. Sometimes, when she thought of some others, she might see a hint of hope. After her father was wrongly killed, this most beautiful girl, who was famous for her vigor in the capital Qin City, became quiet and rarely smiled.

Wang Chen, Wind Gentleman, stood at the door and anxiously looked outside through the gap in the window.

On the other side, Princess Qin Zhen stood quietly.

Born in the royal family and with noble blood and extremely beautiful appearance in the human world, she should be a favorite in this world. Yet… when hearing the screams from the battlefield outside, she frowned, and a touch of regret flashed through her eyes.

It was she who had harmed the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club.

How did the second prince know about their shelter?

Qin Zhen couldn’t figure it out.

However, this was meaningless.

The matter was that it seemed that she couldn’t avoid this desperate situation.

She was not afraid of death.

For the sake of General Tang Chong, she had tried her best, and she had a clear conscience. However, what she worried about was how her younger brother could survive if she died. Due to the upheavals in the political situation, she worried that those rivals might not let him go, who was favored by Emperor Qin.

The situation was desperate, and might not be overturned.

They fought at the wrong time.

Knock, knock.

The door was opened.

The owner of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club, Qin Yanzi, came in.

Wearing a suit of tight soft armor, she looked bright and brave. The pair of huge gold gloves disproportionately wrapped around her slim arms, causing people to worry if her slim arms would be crushed by the gold sleeves, while on this little girl’s lovely face kind of rare serious look could be seen.

“Zhenzhen, I am sorry. My people might not last too long.” She came in front of Qin Zhen and said, “F*ck. I don’t know which bastard leaked the news…”

Qin Zhen smiled and said, “I implicated you.”

“Don’t say that.” As Qin Yanzi spoke, she touched Qin Zhen’s face. “I have no pity if I die for you, such a beautiful girl. Hehe, I once swore that as long as you asked me for help, I wouldn’t hesitate to even be smashed.”

Qin Zhen frowned, and stood in the same place.

Qin Yanzi stretched her slim hand out to Qin Zhen’s face with a surprised look, and after a while, she jumped up and said, “You… Zhenzhen, you didn’t avoid me. Ah, you really didn’t. I, I touched you… It’s so smooth and so tender. Ah, haha, you care about me. You finally allowed me to touch you. You are so cute.”

She looked at her lustfully.

Qin Zhen complained, “When is the moment…” As she spoke, she directly removed Yan Yanzi’s hands because Qin Yanzi even dared to stretch her hands toward her neck and chest.

Qin Yanzi smiled slyly, and put her hand in front of her nose to smell. She said giddily, “So fragrant.” She looked dissolute.

“Let us go first. You may protect the martial arts club,” Qin Zhen said.

She seemed to have made some determination.

. “What do you mean by this? Impossible. I will never sell my woman.” Qin Yanzi put her gold gloves back on and shouted, “We can die together and be a miserable but affectionate couple…”

Qin Zhen was speechless.

At this time, Marvelous Mathematician hurriedly ran in and said, “Boss, the lord of the Ghost Sect moved, since the crippled man and the blind one failed and were both injured. They have crossed through the second door…” The shouts outside became clearer, and there was a terrible wave of power in the distance, which was heart-rending. Obviously, the masters of the Celestial Being Realm took action.

“Fu**ing ghost dogs shamelessly come so quickly…” Qin Yanzi angrily said, “Ask ghost grandmother and brother Dong to fight. Resist them.”

The fight was fierce.

At the gate of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club, dozens of bloody heads were hung on rifles.

These deceased people were from Wulin who tried to rescue Mrs. Tang and her daughters in the last three days.

Tang Chong, the state-revitalizing general, was sociable and generous. As a martial artist, he was quite famous in the Jianghu and made a lot of trusted friends, and his death was beyond the expectation of those martial artists. However, at this time, regarding the matter that Mrs. Tang and her daughters were publicly being arrested in Chang’an City, it could easily cause people’s indignation, so many hot-blood people in the Jianghu indeed intended to rescue them.

However, they didn’t form a team, so like moths fluttering around the light, they didn’t make a difference.

Over the last three days, at least 30 unknown people from the Jianghu had been killed. Among them, there were two powerhouses of the Natural Realm.

Meng Wu, White Horse and Silver Spear, personally supervised.

At this moment, another four young people from the Jianghu were encircled by the hordes of rivals in the battle.

“Hoho, a group of arrogant idiots. Kill them all, and cut off their heads.” Meng Wu rode a one-horned white horse with a malicious look.

Since being robbed by Li Mu, he had not been in a good mood, and had violently whipped a lot of guards. As for the 20 guards who accompanied him to Pig-Herding Alley, they were killed when back at the Red Blaze Battalion because Meng Wu couldn’t bear to have his embarrassing situation be seen by others.

Shouts arose.

The four young masters from the Jianghu appeared to attack the leaders for the purpose of making trouble as soon as the army invaded the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club. Before they succeeded, they were encircled by the army led by Meng Wu, White Horse and Silver Spear.


“We intend to kill the enemies but are powerless to reverse a desperate situation. It’s to no avail.” A young man with a burly and stout figure waved his axes in his hands in an imposing manner, but those who were besieging him were elites in the Red Blaze Battalion, who were equipped with quality armor and weapons. Within half an hour, he was stabbed by a long Qiang and couldn’t do more than scream with sorrow and indignation.

His blood dyed the long street.

“Second brother…”

The other three screamed with tearful eyes, but could not rescue him.

In the end, the young man holding the axes used his weapons to directly cut his face and smash his head as his axes were thrown, directly chopping off the heads of several warriors from the Red Blaze Battalion. Then, he slowly fell down, tragic and solemn.

A sergeant rushed up, cut off his smashed head directly, and hand it over to Meng Wu.

“Hmph, cutting off the face? Do you worry that your family and sect will be implicated after I recognize your identity?” Meng Wu sneered, “A great martial-arts master of about 30 years old with axes in hands uses Xingtian Axe Sect skills. Only a few can use these skills in northwestern Taoist Wulin. Hang up his head… After finishing this matter today, I will go to destroy them.”

The battle was extremely fierce.

Soon after, two of the four young people were also seriously injured.

In order to avoid exposing their identities, they used their weapons directly to smash their faces together with the black masks, just like the young man holding the axes.

Meng Wu sneered, and directly ordered to cut off the heads of the two masters from the Jianghu and to hang them up on long spears.

The last young man was tall, dressed in white, and covered with a white headcover. From the two swords, which were moving like flying dragons and looked like snow from power, he was stronger than any of the other three people, since he could still support himself.

“Oldest brother, second brother, third brother…” He struggled to rush to fight, trying to steal their heads back through the hordes of enemies, but was blocked again and again.

“Stupid ant…” Meng Wu lifted his leg and took out the silver spear. He slowly motivated the heavenly horse, separated the army torrent, tilted the silver spear, and pointed it at the masked young man in white. He gradually accelerated and rushed toward him with the momentum of an avalanche.

Opposite the main entrance of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club was a tall pavilion, named Heavenly-king Pavilion.

Heavenly-king Pavilion was 56 meters high, with seven floors, and was the tallest building within a few kilometers. Usually, only the noble class could enter this attic, but today, no one was in Heavenly-king Pavilion except for the second prince, a demon-like handsome young man, who was standing on the top floor with hands behind his back.

Behind the second prince, Liu Chenglong and others were standing quietly.

Overlooking from the seventh floor, every event that happened in the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club could be clearly seen.

“Once Leader Gu moves, Tang Chong’s wife and daughters in the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club must die miserably.” Liu Chenglong flattered him. Leader Gu was the lord of the Ghost Sect, whose surname was Gu. These days, Liu Chenglong had been quite familiar with this person.

The second prince did not speak.

He looked at the door of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club, and suddenly seemed surprised.


A violent crashing wave came.

The white-masked young man, with his swords like raging fire, resisted the forceful attack by White Horse and Silver Spear, Meng Wu, who even took advantage of the horse’s power.

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