The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 270 - Give Me the Candied Fruit

Chapter 270 Give Me the Candied Fruit

“Resisting suddenly?”

The corners of the second prince’s mouth went slightly upward.

This white-masked young man turned out to be a genius in battle.

This kind of person was rare in the martial arts circle. They might usually seem similar to those ordinary geniuses, but once in a fierce battle, they could exert double their combat strength and even enter a higher level in a risky moment.

In this world, there used to be a genius in combat who grew from an unknown rogue cultivator into an everlasting legendary figure, Li Qiubai, esteemed as the Sword God by later generations. He overturned the Divine Land in numerous fierce fights, and ultimately broke through the void into another world.

The second prince vaguely perceived such potential in this young man.

However, he had no pity.

That was because this white-masked young master was from the Tang family.

Daring to rescue Tang Chong’s wife and daughters despite the trap, he must have been stubborn, and he had already lost three of his brothers. For such intense hatred, there was no sense to draw this man to his side.

The second prince once again looked at the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club.

Led by the lord of the Ghost Sect, the patrol had broken half of the gates of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club with nearly irresistible force. They almost reached the core platform.

This situation was in his expectations.

Therefore, he wasn’t overjoyed at all.

He was still waiting for some other people to come up.

As for the plot today, he did not intend to hunt Tang Chong’s wife and daughters. After all, what kind of influence could such weak females have on him? These three women just served as bait.

Would that person appear?

“I really expect to see him.”

He smiled.

Massacre, screams, blood…

The gates were broken one by one.

In the end, the people of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club were forced to retreat and go to the main platform, the last barrier.

During this battle, at least half of the masters of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club were killed by the lord of the Ghost Sect.

After all, a Celestial Being was irresistible.

Behind the lord of the Ghost Sect, the armored warriors, like tidal waves, shot intensely and rushed to encircle more than 50 masters of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club around the main hall. After a while, only more than 40 people of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club survived, and they retreated to the main altar hall.

The densely lined-up armored warriors, with heavily armored soldiers in the front and the artillery behind them, constantly and madly moved toward the altar, like a raging tide striking a reef.

“Kill them all. ”

The cold voice and merciless words of the lord seemed to rise from hell. As his figure flashed, a white-haired master from the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club vomited blood and was flung out.

“Cao Bo…” As Marvelous Mathematician’s hands shook, the 16 abacus beads flew wildly toward the lord of the Ghost Sect, while he rushed to save Cao Bo, who was seriously injured. Then, several arrows were broken under his palm power.

“Hmph.” As the lord of the Ghost Sect swept with the back of his hand, the faint blue Netherworld qi surged like a whale from the deep sea, tossing back the 16 abacus beads in a more forceful momentum. Like shooting stars, they shot Marvelous Mathematician and Cao Bo, who hadn’t landed.


Brother Dong, the cook, the ghost grandmother, and so on were all encircled by the masters in the patrol, so they could do nothing.

Just at this moment—


The main entrance of the main altar hall was opened from inside.

Netherworld qi was punched out by a golden fist, and the abacus beads that were carried along with it were smashed.


On the terrible face of the lord of the Ghost Sect flashed a hint of surprise.

He waved his hand.

The armored men stopped their invasion, and the masters in the patrol also retreated.

Then, a beautiful and slim girl slowly came out, wearing a suit of soft armor, valiant and looking formidable. Her arms were covered with two huge gold gloves disproportionately. However, she seemed indescribably powerful, as if she could smash everything with her fist.



The people of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club wiped their blood away and retreated.

This beautiful but tough woman was naturally the contemporary master of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club, Qin Yanzi.

“Brothers, this time I implicated you.” As Qin Yanzi made an obeisance, she punched with her gold gloves with rhythmical and crisp sounds. A kind of strange power shocked everyone.

“Haha, boss, don’t say that…”

“From the day when we joined the martial arts club, we have remained committed to the martial arts club.”

“Boss, you are saving the loyal person’s family. How can’t we, the military workers, understand this?”

“Battle is what I long for.”

The masters of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club were exclaiming, rather than complaining.

These years, it was this slim woman who bore a lot of the burden from the outside world so they could live here safely and no longer be hunted by their enemies. They were like a family. It was without doubt that this beautiful had a kind of strange personality charm that could unite everyone.

“Brothers, today, let’s fight together.”

As her internal qi was activated, the golden gloves glittered, then a layer of golden brilliance engulfed her along her arms like layers of a real star-shaped film shield. Around her feet, there were four golden star-shaped light shields floating, which made her seem like the golden God of War.

Her momentum reached the peak stage instantly.


Qin Yanzi punched out.

The large golden fist appeared in a flash.

In the void, a fierce gale sprang up and thunder rose.

As the lord of the Ghost Sect narrowed his eyes and pushed his palms a bit, Netherworld qi surged like waves and a giant hand emerged from within it to resist this attack. Then, the punch was dissolved.

“Armor for the God of War?” He stared at Qin Yanzi, and a trace of greed flashed through his eyes. He then said, “Are your golden gloves a part of the Armor for the God of War?”

“Go ask your ancestor.” Qin Yanzi sneered, urged the golden gloves, and directly punched out.

In the eyes of this lord overflowed the intention to kill her. “You are too weak, so even if you have the golden gloves, you can’t perform their real power… After I kill you, I will get the gloves and utilize them fully.”

The battle started in an instant.

As Qin Yanzi fully activated the golden gloves, the power kept being strengthed, leading to her combat force being far more forceful than usual, as if she were to become a Celestial Being under this situation. Her golden fist was so powerful that even the mountains could be shaken. Then, as she reached the peak stage of the Natural Realm, her fist was as powerful as a stormy wave, threatening the warriors around her to withdraw.

However, the Ghost Sect lord stood calmly like a boulder, since he could always successfully resist her violent and intensive attacks. He stared at the golden gloves, which indicated that he obviously was observing their method of activation.

In the end, Qin Yanzi failed.

After all, a Celestial Being couldn’t be defeated by a Natural Expert at all.

The lord of the Ghost Sect was as strong as a sect, far more powerful than Zhang Bulao, Red-haired God of War. He could resist the last several unique moves by Qin Yanzi.

“The end.”

The lord of the Ghost Sect became impatient.

He was ready to order to start the massacre.

At this moment, Mrs. Tang slowly came out of the altar hall with a pale face, as she held the hand of her eldest daughter, Tang Tang, with the left hand and the youngest daughter, Tang Mi, in her right arm. Her eyes swept over the people of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club with a hint of regret, and then she saluted. Then, she looked at the Ghost Sect lord and said, “You are here to seize me and my daughters. Take us away, and let go of them…”

The Ghost Sect lord looked cold still.

A childish woman.

“Dregs of the Tang family deserve death.” He said indifferently, “The second prince has ordered to destroy the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club. You should not come here… Kill them…”

Wind Gentleman Wang Chen and Princess Qin Zhen, who both hid in the hall, were ready for the battle.

Princess Qin Zhen held a long sword, and her internal qi was slowly being run while she hid her breath.

Just as she pulled out the sword to intend to kill or seriously hurt that lord, as she had discussed with Qin Yanzi, and everyone was ready to rush out, suddenly, a palm gently patted her shoulders.

“You can’t defeat him.” A gentle male voice arose.

This was not the voice of Wind Gentleman Wang Chen.

When was there another man in the lobby?

In shock, Qin Zhen took action.

She subconsciously pulled the sword and turned around, but she failed.

The palm on her shoulder seemed to be inexplicably powerful, causing her to be unable to move.

“Who are you?” Qin Zhen asked in amazement and anger.

The male gently answered, “I will settle this matter.”

“Uncle, uncle, I will give you a piece of candied fruit. Don’t kill others, ok?” Tang Mi, an innocent girl, asked in her sweet voice. She handed over her candied fruit slowly, as if she were giving out the most precious treasure in the world.

The Ghost Sect lord, who intended to kill her, was slightly touched.

His zombie-like face showed some change.

“Uncle, how about I give all of it to you, okay? I’ll give you all…” The little girl tried hard to please him, unaware of her dangerous situation. She just subconsciously tried to persuade him, and gave him the thing she treasured most.

“Hoho…” The Ghost Sect lord sneered, “Foolish. Just a piece of candied fruit…”

Before the voice died down—

A voice came out from the hall. “Little girl, give me candied fruit. I will help you defeat the bad guy, okay?” The voice was very gentle, magnetic, and attractive, making everyone feel comfortable.

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