The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 281 - Is The Game Set?

Chapter 281 Is The Game Set?

The three Celestial Beings condensed the power of heaven and earth for that battle, and the evil iris shield isolated the outside world, so that Spiritual Qi of the battlefield was far richer than in some fairyland. As such, given that the tactical deployment set by Li Mu absorbed dozens of times the degree of Spiritual Qi, its defense power was naturally far stronger than usual.

Moreover, as the laws of heaven and earth were running, the Taoist tactical deployment could be greatly benefited from it.

Li Mu laughed.

He walked quickly around the main altar hall.

Twenty-four imposing flying knives, like engraved pens, repeatedly and flashily made engravings on the stone walls and stone pillars of the main hall, producing mysterious runes of Taoist magic arts, which were glistening as soon as they were being made and soon became invisible like dried water marks.

Those present were grateful to Li Mu for his strengthening the defensive formation of the main hall.

Everyone in the hall had basically become trivial in that situation, they could not produce the slightest impact on the battle, since the three peak Celestial Beings were definitively much superior to them. An aftershock from their energies might kill them, and even Qin Yanzi, the owner of the club, could not bear it.

Only Li Mu had saved everyone by means of his tactical deployment.

Everyone there owed Li Mu a life.

When Wind Gentleman, Wang Chen, looked at the princess and was just about to speak, he was stopped by her.

Most of the warriors of the Xiongfeng Martial Art Club were also crazy for martial arts, so they were concerned about the battle in the sky. Only Qin Yanzi stared at Li Mu, and she also noticed Qin Zhen’s eyes, not saying anything…

Mrs. Tang was tightly holding her little daughter, while holding her eldest daughter with her right hand. She prayed that Li Gang and Xu Sheng could win.

About 15 minutes later, Li Mu had finally stopped.

As soon as he opened his Third Eye to sweep through the entire altar hall, he could, through the stone walls, clearly see the lines that were invisible to other people. The traces and the moving lines contained the true meaning of Taoism. Like a perfect picture, they densely covered the stone walls of the main hall and the soil within ten meters below the main hall.

The twenty-some flying knives flew back and turned into a huge silver-blade Samsara Knife, inserted at Li Mu’s feet.

He took a sigh of relief.

Only Li Mu’s Third Eye could see that picture. His newly-engraved tactical deployment on the stone walls was silently capturing the power from the aftermath of the battle between the three Celestial Beings. The power of heaven and earth being absorbed would finally gather in the underground of the main hall following along the lines.

Ten meters below the main hall, the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal was eagerly absorbing that kind of power.

Among the five elements, the orange brilliance of the earth part was flashing, seeming to be integrated with the earth and isolating the outside world. It also completely hid the absorbed power mysteriously.

“Continue, continue, continue to fight. Charge my baby more. When the charge is done, heyhey…” Li Mu was overjoyed secretly. Although his own strength was not too powerful to provide enough energy for the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal, those three peak Celestial Beings could do that… hey, just fight.

Time flew.

The area outside the main hall had been destroyed.

The ground had been overturned numerous times, and eventually all the rocks, mud, buildings, and the bodies of the dead warriors and soldiers were turned into powder. Within the scope of the evil iris, except for the island-like main hall protected by the tactical deployment, everything else had been smashed into powder and turned into a desert.

In the air, the power of heaven and earth surged like tides.

The air became thick.

The Sword Intent surged, and the striking power was as forceful as lightning.

Li Gang, the Secular Sword Whiz, Xu Sheng, with the Sky-cracking Punch, had showed their trump cards and performed numerous exquisite techniques. Their unique Sword and Punch Intents included their own true martial arts spirit, but they too had been suppressed.

“Hoho, even the Supervisory Department has become the first Prince’s lackey. This is really a joke. Today, you all have to die,” The second prince jeered coldly.

He was surrounded by an evil atmosphere, and the horns on his head exuded a bloody mist. His horns were like the devil’s. When he said a word, heaven and earth would shake. Then, in a strange rhythm, a golden-blood dragon variant, with incredible power, appeared roaring from his punch.


Blood spurted from Xu Sheng’s mouth, and he was beaten out by the second prince.

Li Gang instantly waved his sword to resist, and the sword light flashed as frequently as meteors. However, he then looked pale and blood was flowing from the corners of his mouth. In the previous battle against Cao Bingyan, his injuries caused by second prince’s secret attack had yet to heal, so he could barely resist after his internal organs were attacked by such a forcible evil power.

“Haha, loser.”

The second prince laughed, and his handsome face was covered with twisted blood streaks, just like a serpent. “Dragon God Palm Print of the Dragon-commanding Skill!”

He performed his most powerful skill.

The two giant golden-blood dragon palm prints were pressing downward directly from the sky.

Bang! Bang!

Li Gang and Xu Sheng were once again punched onto the iris shield, with numerous bones smashed.

“Secular Sword!”

“Sky-cracking Demon-destroying Punch Print!”

They seemed to be mad, full of dauntlessness, vigor and spiritual force, simply unlike humans in terms of their conditions. In such a vital moment, they had to rely on their martial arts will to spare no efforts in that battle.

The battle went on.

More than two hours later.

Li Mu watched ecstatically.

He opened his Third Eye to perceive the meaning invisible to others, and the Celestial Being’s use of power indeed struck Li Mu a lot.

Because a Natural Expert or a Celestial Being could only put their combat force into play by using their energy. Different ways led to various effects in a hierarchical manner. However, whether it was inferior or close to Taoism, according to logic, the same subject’s nature was the same.

Therefore, all roads led to Rome.

Celestial Beings could use it, so could Li Mu.

For Li Mu, the biggest gain was to understand the mystery of the their use of power and to find some commonalities, so he could integrate them into his own Broadsword-commanding Skill and the Wind-Cloud Six Moves.

That quite helped Li Mu to an abnormal extent with his cultivation.

He was just like a naughty child who had mastered mathematics in junior high school, but chose to do the addition, subtraction, multiplication and division with single digits.

Li Mu felt that he, just like a small fertilized sapling, was growing stronger.

In addition to the use of power, such martial art spirits as sword intent and punch intent were from individual understanding, and belonged to the personal spiritual world.

To put it bluntly, it was talent.

For example, Li Gang’s Secular Sword Intent could only be cultivated by those who had a similar soul or spiritual force; the more similar, the stronger the cultivation would be. That was why only the talented people were required for many cultivation methods. For Li Mu, it served as a reference to his martial arts spirit, but it couldn’t be grasped by him completely.

At that time, the fight seemed to have reached the end.

Li Gang and Xu Sheng were seriously injured and exhausted; they finally fell on the ground.

The second prince was also injured, with his left shoulder and abdomen wounded and much energy consumed, but he could still condense the void. Around him was the evil blood power flowing with a horrifying atmosphere, and he was like a bloody demon.

“Everything is over.”

The second prince jeered and ridiculed.

He looked down at Li Gang and Xu Sheng. “You should die cause you injured me to such a serious extent. I will refine your flesh and blood as sacrifice for the sheep god… You must die to make up for your mistakes… Oh, yes. There are some little mice in that small house with the shape of a turtle shell…”

He looked at the hall of the altar.

He was a bit surprised by that main altar hall, still intact after that battle.

But nothing more than that.

“Li Mu, come out. Don’t you want to fight against me?” The second prince looked at Li Mu, who was standing at the entrance of the stone temple. The corners of his mouth went upward, and a kind of cruelty appeared, “Hoho, today, you and your father will also be reunited… Come out, that turtle shell can’t protect you.”

Li Mu calmly walked out.

In the hall, everyone looked desperate.

No one could expect the final outcome.

Zhao Yu hesitated for a moment, looking at Mrs. Tang and her daughters, sighed, and finally went out, following Li Mu. He had gone there to save Mrs. Tang, but currently… He had tried his best. He would fight even till death as dauntlessly as Li Mu.

People walked out.

Yan Yanzi and Princess Qin Zhen protected the three people, and they formed a beautiful image as they walked in a row. But Li Mu did not look back at that time.

The people of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club all looked solemn and sorrowful.

Some people went to support Li Gang and Xu Sheng with their hands.

The two Celestial Beings had spent their energy, lacking the ability to fight again.

“Anyone who affronts me deserves death.” The second prince, immersed in the feeling of being the master of the world master with his current level, looked at Li Mu and said, “Die quietly. As for your beloved woman, I will enjoy a good time before I kill her…”

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