The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 282 - Why So Strong?

Chapter 282: Why So Strong?

A sense of coldness suddenly flashed on Li Mu’s pupils.

The second prince was apparently aware of that subtle change.

He was very satisfied with Li Mu’s reaction.

The second prince jeered, “Oh, yes. You seem to be on good terms with the young couple at the Ning Mansion. Well, they must also die. I heard that you are looking for a maid called Ming Yue. Don’t worry. After you die, I will help you find her and kill her so that she may join you. Besides that, in the Taibai County, it is said that there are some of your confidants …Oh, As for Mrs. Tang and her two daughters, as well as the girls you saved in the guise of the man with a silver smiley-ghost mask, I will send them to the Musical House. What do you think?”

The demon’s evil power drowned him in a violent and cruel temperament.

The people of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club felt shocked when hearing those words.

“I’m sorry,” Li Mu said.

Everyone was astounded.

“Is he surrendering?”

The corners of the second prince’s mouth went slightly upward, “Apologizing? It seems to be a bit late. I refuse… I…”

Li Mu interrupted his words and said very seriously, “I’m sorry that you may not be able to continue being so arrogant. I originally allowed you to be obsessed with your self-confidence before you died, but your words are quite harsh. I can’t stand it.”

After that, Li Mu folded his hands, and his fingers moved in a way similar to a blooming lotus layer after layer, successively forming a series of seals.


The altar hall was shaken.

A kind of powerful force, like the awakening of a forceful beast that had crouched under the ground, astonished everyone.

Then, a beam of a five-colored holy light broke through the earth and floated above Li Mu’s head.

“What is that?”

Everyone was confused.

“Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal… Thick Earth Seal!”

Li Mu roared.

From the earth part of the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal, an orange light burst out, and a thick-earth holy print was formed, with its lines interwoven and an producing an ancient appearance. Thanks to the wind, it instantly became a giant rock of hundreds of feet high, directly shooting toward the second prince.

“Hum, insignificant skill…”

The second prince sneered, and then delivered a Dragon-ruling Palm Seal. The golden-blood dragon whistled and hit toward the orange rock, urging to smash it.


Bang! Bang!

The giant rock palm print directly smashed the golden-blood dragon palm print as easily as a rock crushing an egg, and then ruthlessly striking the second prince down from the sky deep into the desert.


Zhao Yu opened his mouth wide.


The people of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club opened their mouths wide.


Qin Yanzi and the Marvelous Mathematician rubbed their eyes subconsciously.


Li Gang and Xu Sheng, the two senior Celestial Beings, were astonished by that scene, who were previously calm.

“Is it a joke?”

“Or am I dizzy?”

The second prince, who, almost like a demon, had defeated two peak Celestial Beings, was… was beaten into the desert in such a way?


Sandstorms were all over the sky.

A figure surrounded by the evil golden-blood atmosphere soared into the sky from the dust.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah. Li Mu, I will tear you apart…!” It was the second prince who rose from the dust in indignation.

The people of Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club were anxious again.

He really didn’t die.

However, that result seemed to be reasonable.



The orange square rock of hundreds of meters long had once again roared into the sky and flashed like lightning onto the face of the second prince who rushed to the sky. He was again beaten into the desert.


The people of the Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club couldn’t be more surprised by witnessing that scene.

Li Gang and Xu Sheng were also shocked.

While the Wind Gentleman, Wang Chen, looked ecstatic.

Tang Tang was looking at Li Mu’s back fanatically and admiringly.

Since the second prince claimed that Li Mu was the man with the silver smiley-ghost mask, Tang Tang had always been staring at Li Mu. She recalled the night in the Musical House when she was desperate and humiliated, only the eyes of the man with the silver smiley-ghost mask were warm; only that man was reliable on the bustling Liufang Street.

Mrs. Tang and Qin Zhen seemed to have also been suddenly enlightened.

Mrs. Tang had been rescued by the man with the silver smiley-ghost mask from Liang Yifei and his other three associates, and princess Qin Zhen was saved by him from the hunting of the two ghost zombies… Those days, every time when they recalled that mysterious masked man, both felt curious of and grateful for him, but did not expect that such a person was Li Mu.

In fact, for Princess Qin Zhen, all of a sudden, there were some things that were crushed in her mind, while some other aspects were emerging.

“Ah, ah, Li Mu. You deserve death…!” In the sandstorm, the second prince had once again dashed from the sand on the other side toward the sky.

“A tough man. Not dead yet?” Li Mu moved with a stir of his mind.


The thick-earth seal moved precisely above the second prince’s head, and again beating him into the desert below.

At the same time, the Samsara Knife inserted at the entrance of the main hall was activated by Li Mu’s spiritual force, shaking and dismantling itself into twenty-four flying knives, which flashed toward Li Mu’s feet and were again combined into the Samsara Knife, holding him up in the air.

The Broadsword-commanding Skill.

Why didn’t the entire Samsara Knife come but the twenty-four knives instead?

Li Mu felt that shape was cool.

He overlooked the desert below.

“Retreat to the hall.”

Li Mu shouted.

The people of Xiongfeng Martial Arts Club, as well as Qin Zhen and the others who supported Li Gang and Xu Sheng, returned to the main hall.

Below, in the northeast direction, a sandstorm came and the second prince appeared again as fast as lightning.

“Thick Earth Seal… No. It seems unable to defeat this guy. Sky-flipping Seal. Beat him!”

Li Mu simply manipulated the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal as he infused the giant thick earth seal back into the earth part. The five-colored light flowed, and the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal was instantly turned into a giant print with its diameter three meters wide, hitting the second prince again into the desert.

Again and again.

The second prince was almost crazy.

He frantically urged the evil power to try to get out of the desert, but to no avail. As soon as he appeared, he was beaten into the desert by the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal forcefully.


“This is impossible.”

“How can Li Mu be so strong?”

The square seal seemed to contain a power superior to those of Celestial Beings. Although the power was released, his evil energy was completely restrained by it, rendering him unable to resist at all. Even after deploying various means, secret skills in various orientations, he failed to break though the encirclement.

At that time, the second prince was badly battered.

He was even more shocked to feel that after being madly beaten by the five-color square seal, the evil power was faintly squeezed out of his body.

“How could this be?”

The second prince couldn’t figure it out.

He was quite indignant.

On the edge of his victory, why did Li Mu still have that trump card?

He tried to resist again and again, but failed gloriously.

Fortunately, that area covered by the evil iris had been turned into a desert, so he wouldn’t be in danger soon, even if he were to be beaten several times. It would be different if it were hard soil. After all, Celestial Beings could fly, but they couldn’t move underground.

Thus, the situation became funny.

In the hall, most of the people were confused.

The reversal of the situation was unreasonable.

Only Li Gang and Xu Sheng knew that situation.

Although the two were exhausted at the moment and their cultivation had been spent, they were still sensitive. When noticing the hall intact in the aftermath of the battle, they realized that it must have been protected by an extremely powerful tactical deployment or a treasure. At that time, given that Li Mu was holding a sacred five-colored treasure to hit the second prince, who was unable to reach the main to take hostages, they found that it was the tactical deployment, not that treasure that was protecting the hall.

There were no lines of the Warlock’s array on the stone pillars and walls around the hall, but the faint movements of power could be sensed by the two masters.

“Were they engraved by Li Mu?”


Li Gang fell into meditation.

As for his intention when he told Li Mu that he would kill the second prince that day, he hoped to meet Li Mu’s master, and more importantly, he wanted to sound out Li Mu. Li Gang believed that he had planned perfectly, so even if Li Mu’s master colluded with the second prince, he didn’t worry whether his enemy would be alerted.

Unexpectedly, until then, Li Mu seemed to be winning.

Seeing the five-colored treasure that Li Mu manipulated, Li Gang was secretly stunned, guessing that the sect that the bastard joined was powerful. “Is it an ancient Holy Clan, after keeping silent for thousands of years, that will finally reappear in the world? This bastard got such a chance?”

While Xu Sheng thought in much simpler terms.

Li Mu had promised to hold the post of the northwestern Grand Chancellor of the Supervisory Department, and would be entitled soon. With such a powerful role on the northwest region, the northwestern Wulin could definitely be dominated.

Bang! Bang!

The Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal was constantly beating him.

In the desert within several kilometers, traces of those square seals could be seen.

“It is a familiar scene, just like kids playing the whack-a-mole game!”

Li Mu grinned.

In the end, after hundreds of attacks, the second prince couldn’t struggle any more with a swollen face, and he was lying in the sand like a dead dog with a weak breath.

“Is he playing dead?”

Li Mu was unsure.

In order to avoid being attacked by the second prince’s remaining energy, Li Mu gnawed his teeth and manipulated the Five Elements Sky-flipping Seal again. Then, the second prince’s head was beaten dozens of times by the seal, and he didn’t stop his attack until the second prince vomited and was seriously injured.

“His head is quite solid.”

Then, he directly dragged the second prince from the sand.

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