The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 290 - Pass My Words

Chapter 290 Pass My Words

A confused Zheng Cunjian followed Li Mu to the door of the study.

After being expanded by Li Mu, the old county magistrate mansion covered a wide area, offering a broad vision. There were no high walls in the courtyard, but mainly trees, canals and rockeries. Therefore, Li Mu could see most of the yard clearly from the study door.

With the breeze, the trees were rustling.

The scenery in the courtyard was extremely attractive.

Zheng Cunjian looked around the quiet courtyard.

However, the courtyard was abnormally quiet.

Li Mu’s mouth went upward and he moved his finger.

Then, the power from the finger was pressed into the yard.

A weird phenomenon happened.

Zheng Cunjian surprisingly found that in the quiet courtyard, ripples arose, forming a wave-shaped picture, and immediately a new scene appeared where four figures were furiously wandering back and forth in the trees and rockeries like blind people. They were shouting, yet no sound was perceived…

“Is it an illusion array?”

“Did someone sneak into the county magistrate mansion?”

He understood the meaning of the little mice mentioned by Li Mu.

Everything before was hidden by the tactical deployment.

Those people had been caught in the tactical deployment and couldn’t get out.

Why did they break into the old county magistrate’s mansion?

Apparently, they were targeting Li Mu.

Zheng Cunjian saw that one of the figures punched forcefully with overbearing momentum, who turned out to be a peak Natural Expert. However, his punch didn’t work at all when it landed on a green rockery.

The other three people were already impatient. Even though they hit and chopped forcibly, their surging power was counteracted by some mysterious force. Even a leaf couldn’t be shaken off. It was quite strange.

Zheng Cunjian looked at Li Mu with great shock.

He knew that Li Mu was good at tactical deployments, a fact that had already been proven in the Shack’s courtyard of Chang’an City. For a period of time, the Shack’s courtyard was a forbidden area only second to the prefecture’s government organ in Chang’an City. Basically, no one could break in.

Even so, Li Mu couldn’t form such powerful tactical deployment at the time.

The four people being trapped were powerhouses of peak Natural Realm, who could inspire awe throughout any region, but when caught in the tactical deployment placed in the yard of the county magistrate mansion, they, like the blind in a swamp, couldn’t make any difference, not to mention the house.

If Li Mu didn’t break the formation, Zheng Cunjian believed that he would not be able to find it when he walked out of the yard.

“Too terrifying.”

“How horrible his tactic array and tactical deployment level are!”

Zheng Cunjian was scared.

In that seemingly calm yard, such a secret formation was placed.

Looking at that young man with a sneer, Zheng Cunjian revered him more. In fact, the closer you were to someone and the more you thought you knew him, the more you would fear him when finding you knew even less of him. Li Mu was undoubtedly such a person from his view.

“Chitter…chitter.” A fox was chirping crisply.

A stream of white lightning flashed from the side and jumped into Li Mu’s arms; it turned out to be a white fox.

“Chirping…” The little white fox, Daji, licked Li Mu’s palm.

Li Mu stroked the little fox and then asked Zheng Cunjian, “Do you know these four people?”

Zheng Cunjian said, “I don’t know them.”

“As is the case.” Li Mu smiled and had one idea.

In the void, rippling gold formation lines flashed away, and then, the four hustling figures were cheering, only to find the mist dissipating and their vision clear again.

The four people almost simultaneously saw Li Mu who was standing at the door of the distant study.


The first one to react was thin, but dashed as fast as lightning toward Li Mu. As he threw off the pair of gold and silver rings in his palms, layers of the ring shadows suddenly flew to surround Li Mu.

That was absolutely a horrifying attack by a peak Natural Expert.

Being nervous, Zheng Cunjian subconsciously retreated.

He saw that every ring shadow was a real object. That was a kind of extremely powerful combat skill.

A famous figure suddenly struck him.

“He is…” Zheng Cunjian was exclaiming.

“Ding! Ding! Ding!”

24 flying knives were moving around Li Mu, and in a flash, all the gold and silver ring shadows were smashed when they were about 3 meters away from Li Mu.

At the same time, in the air, the figure that was dashing toward Li Mu suddenly was beaten to fly out onto the ground forcefully and stiffly, with a shiny silver flying knife inserted in his throat.

Defense and counterattack.

In a moment, a peak Natural Expert was killed.

“He is “Fatal Gold and Silver Rings” Liao Zhi, one of Lord Zhenxi’s 16 men of sacrifice…” As soon as Zheng Cunjian exclaimed, the battle was over.

Li Mu became excited immediately.

The other three strongmen must also be Lord Zhenxi’s subordinates.

They had finally come.


“Move together.”


The other three peak Natural Experts began to jointly attack Li Mu with their respective unique skills. Their natural qi, like majestic waves, rushed toward Li Mu, as if they were to smash Li Mu and the study behind him…

Li Mu turned and left, saying, “Give the brute, magistrate of the prefecture, these four dead people.”

“Ah?” Zheng Cunjian felt puzzled.

Before the voice fell down—

Three bundles of knife light flashed.




The exploding sound rose at that point.

The three strong men who had rushed toward Li Mu were beaten, flying out like scarecrows shot by arrows and fell down beside “Fatal Gold and Silver Rings” Liao Zhi, whose throat had been stabbed. Thus, the four, in a row, seemed to be placed there deliberately by someone.

Zheng Cunjian was stunned.


Four flying knives flew out from the throats of the four Natural Experts and back to Li Mu, passing by Zheng Cunjian’s temple.

In a flash, Zheng Cunjian had a feeling of death.

As the flying knives passed by, it seemed that the death god was exhaling toward your ear, which was creepy.

When he reacted, Li Mu had already disappeared.

He approached the four dead bodies for careful observation, and then he recognized they were all men of sacrifice for Lord Zhenxi. The imperial court had issued a wanted order, with the four people in it. Given that they had gone through numerous fierce fights, and were especially good at hiding, assassination, and poisoning, they could be labeled as first-class attackers. Hence, logically speaking, it was quite possible for such four people to sneak into the county to assassinate Li Mu, but…

Lord Zhenxi underestimated Li Mu’s strength.

Zheng Cunjian had completely failed to perceive Li Mu’s trump card.

He put away the four dead bodies with care.

When taking those corpses outside, Zheng Cunjian noticed no waves of tactical deployment around the rockeries, trees, and streams beside the stone path, but he knew that as long as Li Mu took action, in a flash, he would become a lost ant and would be stuck in that tactical deployment for a lifetime.

When he walked out of the yard, Zheng Cunjian was drenched with cold sweat.

He found that there was a man at the gate waiting for him in a wheelchair.

“Mr. Zheng, our Young Master wants to ask you for help on one thing,” The little servant, Qing Feng, said calmly.

Zheng Cunjian looked a bit embarrassed, because he caused Qing Feng’s disability. Currently, he served Li Mu, and naturally knew Qing Feng was definitely the first trusted servant. Hence, Li Mu must have some hatred toward him.

“Little master, please tell me the matter,” Daring not to neglect him, Zheng replied respectfully.

As Qing Feng waved his hand, a team of soldiers brought people from afar.

“Mr. Zheng. Mr. Zheng, save me…” The people who were struggling and calling for help, was Li Bing, who was trapped in Taibai County, the youngest son of the prefecture magistrate, Li Gang. Those days, he had been detained in the Taibai County, but Li Gang had never asked about him. He had almost been forgotten.

“Our Young Master asks you to take this person back,” Qing Feng said.

On that day, he had also been injured by Li Bing.

However, during those days, Li Bing was reformed through labor in the Taibai County, and became better after suffering a lot. Anyway, Li Bing was Li Mu’s half-blood brother, so Li Mu would not really kill him—Of course, the little servant boy did not know that Li Mu had changed.

Zheng Cunjian nodded.

“Our Young Master asks you to pass his words to the prefecture magistrate, that his subordinates shall not come to make troubles in the Taibai County again, or else…” Although the little servant did not finish his words, the meaning was obvious.

Zheng Cunjian was shocked. In addition to nodding, he could not find any proper words.

Chang’an City.

Holy House, Musical House.

Three days ago, the most famous brothel in the entire Musical House had been completely booked by a mysterious powerful figure.

As the night drew on, the lights were on.

A handsome young man in a green robe was drinking and singing, gesturing wildly.

Around him were several famous figures in the Chang’an Mansion, including Private Adviser Tian from the prefecture government organ and several chiefs of sub-government organs in various major districts. Besides, Jin Chenghua, the newly-appointed director of the Musical House, was also flattering him.

The most excellent girls of the Holy House were also around him.

“Young Master Huang. Now that you have stayed in the Chang’an Mansion for several days, why not go to the Taibai County to take over the post of county magistrate?” Private Adviser Tian seemed to ask him casually as he smiled. That arrogant young man was Huang Wenyuan, a disciple of the Guanshan Pasture and a rising powerful figure with immeasurable cultivation.

Many people couldn’t figure out why Huang Wenyuan, whose identity and background were so powerful, was willing to take over a post as humble as the county magistrate in the Taibai County.

At first, Huang Wenyuan himself couldn’t figure it out.

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