The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 302 - Coming for Him

Chapter 302 Coming for Him

Zheng Cunjian was nervous.

He was worried that Li Mu would change his mind.

However, Li Mu complained, “I should have detained Liu Chong’s white crane, in case he would send the news to the Guanshan Pasture a lot faster than before… Em, I have to get ready in advance.”

Zheng Cunjian wasn’t relieved until being aware of the meaning.

Fortunately, he didn’t change his mind frequently.

Sensing that Li Mu didn’t mean to talk any more, he quickly got out of the room without saying any words.

But pondering for a while, he found there was something wrong.

If Liu Chong rode his white crane back to the Guanshan Pasture, the people of the Guanshan Pasture would come to claim revenge faster, which meant the time left for his survival was less. Being so, either way, he had to persuade Li Mu to help him remove the Life-and-Death Spell technique before they arrived to attack Li Mu.

Why did he feel that Li Mu’s words were actually for him?

No matter what happened, he would spare no efforts.

At any cost, he had to collect all the information of the Star Stone and send it there within three days.

He preferred to die rather than suffer from torture by the Life-and-Death Spell.

Time flew.

Three days later.

Liu Chong became weaker, and naturally, it was impossible for him to ride the white cranes through day and night as usual.

Above in the sky, the wind was raging.

Lacking the cultivation of the Celestial Being Realm and the ability of flying, he would be smashed if blown off from the crane’s back.

Therefore, he flew carefully all the way at a low altitude and in a slow speed.

Three days later, after returning to Guanshan City, Liu Chong uneasily went to visit Huang Shengyi, the Deputy Head of the pasture, but he was told that Huang Shengyi had left for the Chang’an Mansion one day before.

“Has the deputy owner already heard of the news?”

Liu Chong was anxious.

He did not dare to stay in Guanshan City anymore, but immediately rushed back to the Chang’an Mansion.

He had to tell Deputy Head the news.

Because Deputy Head Huang might not know yet that Li Mu possessed an almost invincible power of the Sage Realm. If he rashly went to attack Li Mu, he might take a beating.

Although it sounded ridiculous that the deputy head of the Guanshan Pasture, a half sage, had to be wary of a young man who was not even a Celestial Being, Liu Chong knew it was true from his own experience.

On the fourth day.

In the government organ of Chang’an Mansion.

“Not you, really?” Huang Sheng was suspended in the air, speaking with a little hoarse voice. Like a massacring god, he murderously stared at Li Gang.

Within the government organ, all the bureaucrats and the guards looked pale and were stunned by the breath of the half-made Celestial Being.

It happened suddenly.

When they were working in an orderly manner there, a devil-like powerhouse suddenly arrived, whose terrible momentum seemed to suffocate them.

Li Gang sat behind the table in the lobby.

Looking calm, refined and handsome, he said, “Master Huang, Young Master Huang isn’t on bad terms with me. Is it possible that I would kill him?”

Huang Shengyi glared through the door at Li Gang. After a long time, he nodded and said, “Reasonable words. Secular Sword Whiz must be aboveboard. I’ll believe you this time… Bye.”

Before his voice died away, he turned into a stream of light, disappearing into the distant sky.

Li Gang found that the deputy master was moving toward Taibai Mountain. Then, he seemed to be stricken by something, with a strange smile on his handsome face.

Huang Shengyi acted in a quite overbearing manner. Could he disregard that government organ?

So, he did not say some words.

After two hours.

At the Taibai Sword Faction’s gate on the Taibai Mountain.

As if the sect were facing powerful enemies.

As the sword on the top of the main peak resounded, all the disciples of the Taibai Sword Faction were nervous. The mountain-protection formation was almost broken by the suddenly-appearing enemy, whose breath was majestic and terrible as devil’s, hovering above the gate of the Taibai Sword Faction.

“Zhao Xue, come out.”

Huang Shengyi’s voice was reverberating between heaven and earth, dizzying some of the weaker disciples.

Countless disciples looked up at Huang Shengyi with anger, fear and doubt in their eyes.


A sword light soared and split the sky.

The flowing Sword Intent, like the snow on the main peak, suppressed half of Huang Shengyi’s forceful momentum.

In white clothes, and with snow-white long hair.

Zhao Xue, Taibai Sword God, stood gracefully with a sword on his back in the air, like a fairy.

In the past, the Taibai Sword God, who was known as a handsome man across the Western Qin Dynasty, was refined and cold like the snow on Taibai Mountain. He once could contend against the Secular Sword Whiz, Li Gang, and they were both called the Double Swords of the Western Qin Dynasty. Unfortunately later, he was defeated by Li Gang.

“”Flaming Devil” Huang Shengyi? Why does Deputy Head Huang come to interrogate our Taibai Sword Faction?” Zhao Xue asked calmly.

“Was my grandson, Huang Wenyuan, killed by you?” Huang Shengyi asked as he stared at Zhao Xue.

“Was your grandson killed by someone?” Zhao Xue was stunned and said, “I don’t know about this matter, nor did I do this. There is no hatred between me and the Guanshan Pasture. The Taibai Sword Faction has hardly been involving itself in these fights.”

“Not you?” Huang Shengyi frowned.

Among the entire Chang’an Mansion, only Li Gang and Zhao Xue were able to kill his grandson who was protected by Liu Chong, a fourth-degree Celestial Being.

“The Taibai Sword God is also a man of his word. Since you said that it wasn’t you, I believe that.” Huang Shengyi gradually became less hostile.

Obviously, he admired Zhao Xue more than Li Gang.

In the past, Zhao Xue was a well-known gentleman, who was mild and trustworthy.

“But my grandson did die in the Chang’an Mansion. Is there a third peak Celestial Being, or a sage?” Huang Shengyi looked at Zhao Xue and said, “Leader Zhao, I haven’t been in Jianghu for a long time, so I don’t know much about the martial trend of the Chang’an Mansion. Does Leader Zhao know of any powerhouse rising from the Chang’an Mansion in the recent 20 years?”

Zhao Xue answered, “The hottest master in the Chang’an Mansion is now the poetry and martial arts talent, Li Mu. However, he is only at the Natural Realm, not a Celestial Being.”

Huang Shengyi shook his head and said, “I have heard about his name, the one who killed the second prince by means of his treasure weapons. He should not have such powerful strength…” He suddenly stopped, feeling that he ignored some aspects.

The second emperor was a Celestial Being. Huang Shengyi naturally received some inside information that he was killed by Li Mu.

Moreover, his grandson superficially went to take over the post of Taibai County magistrate, but actually went to attack Li Mu. Li Mu might trouble him… He might even be ignorant of this fact.


Huang Shengyi realized that situation, and then he disappeared directly as a stream of light.

Zhao Xue looked at the Taibai County’s direction seriously.

When the other people of the Taibai Sword Faction saw the half-step Celestial Being leave, they were relieved.

After seeing his bold demeanor during that encounter, those younger disciples admired their idol more. Even the Deputy Head of the pasture was polite to their head, and the imminent fight was defused by his few words, which showed his great personality and charm.

A feeling of pride, yearning and worship was rising in the hearts of many disciples.

Zhao Yu rode his sword near to Zhao Xue.

“Head, Li Mu…” Zhao Yu was a bit dissatisfied after hearing the head mentioning Li Mu. After all, it seemed that they had betrayed him.

Zhao Xue sighed and asked, “Do you think I betrayed Li Mu? No, I am helping him.”

“Helping him?” Zhao Yu was stunned and confused.

Zhao Xue patiently explained, “Now that Li Mu killed Huang Wenyuan, he can’t get away with this attack. It is only a matter of time… I think Huang Shengyi who comes here in anger might not investigate everything that happened in the Taibai County and doesn’t know that Li Mu is as powerful as a sage. Therefore, he had better go for Li Mu earlier. Once he calms down and knows of Li Mu’s trump card, Li Mu will face an even more difficult situation.”

It was fortunate for Li Mu to have such an enemy who acted on impulse.

However, it was unwise to be too energetic and to provoke such a strong enemy.

If Li Mu could patiently and secretly practice for decades, he might be able to compete against the forces of Huang Shengyi. Unfortunately, he was still short-tempered.

“Xiao Yu, let’s go. Let’s go to the Taibai County,” Zhao Xue said.

Upon hearing those words, Zhao Yu was overjoyed and said, “Is Head willing to help Li Mu?”

“We will see. I hope I can keep him alive.”

Two days earlier.

In the study.

The sun shone through the rustling leaves and entered the room, making it warm.

“It is totally right that people are tempered.”

Li Mu crossed his legs casually.

He spent two hours going over all the materials about the star stone before he sighed with emotion.

To be honest, Li Mu was enlightened. He found that the star stone contained abundant knowledge and mystery. If on earth, it would deserve being treated as a science in a college.

Li Mu felt that the door to a new world was slowly opened in front of him.

That star stone seemed to belong to Li Mu, which was quite mysterious.


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