The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 310 - Cater to His Pleasure

Chapter 310 Cater to His Pleasure

The crown prince just felt wronged.

Because Li Gang proposed to make Li Mu take the blame for them. The crown prince treated Li Gang as his most trusted confidant, who was both brave and resourceful. Especially at this time when Li Gang killed the second prince, he already secured the first position in the crown prince’s heart.

On that day, when Li Gang sent a letter advising him to make Li Mu the scapegoat to quell the anger of the emperor, he was surprised.

Because he knew that Li Mu was his son.

The crown prince once wanted to draw Li Mu to his side when hearing that Li Mu killed the second prince, since it would be very great if Li Gang and his son collaborated.

After all, the crown prince treasured talents.

But Li Gang said in the letter that Li Mu was unruly and arrogant, and suggested ignoring him.

After thinking it over and over again, the crown prince agreed to take this confidant’s suggestion.

There were two reasons. First, he should not reject Li Gang’s proposal at this time for fear of Li Gang’s disappointment. Second, the crown prince then also believed that he had grasped the overall situation, and it was not really a pity for him to neglect a Natural Expert of some potential.

But now… the crown prince really wanted to blame Li Gang for his terrible advice that he should give up on catching a Semi Sage and let such a terrible monster carry the blame for himself.

He was like one who lifted up a rock only to drop it on his own toes.

He had messed it up.

Was there anything worse than this?

However, he finally restrained his anger.

After all, if Li Gang, his trusted assistant, who had made no mistakes over these years and was loyal to him, was punished for this, it would be too heartless of the crown prince. More importantly, Li Gang was Li Mu’s biological father. No matter what hatred existed between the two, they were blood relatives. Who knew if they would become kind to each other later?

In the study, the prince gradually calmed down after smashing his favorite porcelain pen holder.

“Come here.”

He summoned the maids to come in and clean the room.

Then, a few eunuchs hurried away with his orders, and within half an hour, some important subordinates were urgently called into the crown prince’s palace.

“Your Excellency, let’s all talk about how to put the situation right,” the crown prince said calmly with a smile.

He, about 34 years old, looked elegant and refined. When he calmed down, he was friendly looking, and he was always courteous to the wise and condescending to the scholars. As a result, many people in the Western Qin Empire believed that he was a man of authority and was very popular.

“We must send people to Taibai County immediately,” a middle-aged man with a beard said directly.

All of them agreed with him.

It was a consensus.

Even the emperor had to be courteous to a Sage, since a Sage could destroy a city in a flash by means of his power.

“Who will be sent?” the crown prince looked around and asked frankly. “You should also know that I made a mistake, for I asked the cabinet to punish Li Mu. Now, Li Mu might have heard the news. Maybe it has caused his resentment for me. This trip is of great significance.” He did not say that he followed Li Gang’s suggestion.

The group of officials, counselors, and officials all frowned.

Anything related to a Sage would be difficult to deal with, as no one dared to try and fool a Sage, but only to win over him by means of benefits and fame.

But the question was, what could the crown prince give him now?

Or in other words, what did Li Mu need today?

Only by doing what was right could it be possible.

However, all the people here found that they did not know anything about Li Mu at all.

They were all great figures in the entire Western Qin Empire, including cabinet ministers, censors who held opinions, minister of penalty, and wise men who were famous in Qin City.

They were all concerned with major issues related to the national states and politics.

For them, it was also a coincidence to hear the name of Li Mu before, and they just thought that this young man was a talented person. They valued his future and paid little attention to him. They never felt that it was necessary for them to deliberately investigate and understand such a young man.

However, now, Li Mu had become a Sage-to-be.

They were still not used to looking up at him.

They didn’t know anything about Li Mu’s preferences, personality, temper, etc. So, no one could answer this question.

“I heard that Li Mu bought dozens of beautiful young girls from the Musical House and wrote thousands of poems for the Top Beauty, Hua Xiangrong… Therefore, I think that he must be extremely lecherous.” The minister of punishments said slowly, “He is young and famous, if from this aspect…”

The crown prince’s face brightened.

There were many beauties in Qin City.

As long as Li Mu could be won over, any beauty could be found, whether from a royal family or a foreign country.

“Bo Yan’s remark is not good enough.” The bearded man shook his head and retorted, “A promiscuous person cannot write such poems as ‘Poems about Beauties’ and ‘Poems about Watching Hua Xiangrong Dance in the Moon Alone’. I think Li Mu might be sentimental, so it may not be a good choice to send beautiful women.”

The minister of punishment was named Jia Huan, who called himself Bo Yan.

Another old man was called Dong Rui, a talented master of the imperial Executive Ministry in the Western Qin Dynasty. He, from artistic painting, understood the true meaning of martial arts, but he did not seek an official career. The crown prince took a lot of care and sent many authentic paintings and calligraphy works of all dynasties before winning him over to his side.

“Oh, what is Executive Dong’s opinion?” Jia Huan asked.

Dong Rui stood up and made an obeisance to the prince, saying, “Thanks to the great and preferential treatment from His Royal Highness. Over the years, I have not done any deeds. This time, I am willing to volunteer to take a trip to Taibai County to try and persuade Li Mu.”

The crown prince was overjoyed and said, “Well. Teacher Dong knows my mind exactly, but I don’t know how you convince Li Mu. Is there anything I can do to help you?”

Dong Rui seriously said, “I advise you Prince to prepare 500 kg of fine jewels, 5,000 kg of mineral materials of five elements, 1,500 kg of other mineral materials, and thirty volumes of martial arts secrets above the second level as the gifts, and write to the cabinet in the name of Your Majesty to confer the title of Lord Taibai onto Li Mu. He has the right to execute his territory without any government from the Chang’an Mansion. If Li Mu wants to keep his official position, he can build his army and establish his government. He does not need to come to the capital for report work or to pay taxes! If Li Mu is indifferent to fame and wealth, he can also be allowed to start a clan. The crown prince is willing to provide him with various conveniences.”

Upon hearing this, all the people were shocked.

“These conditions are too generous, aren’t they?”

“This is giving the title of lord to Li Mu.”

“Title of lord!”

That was what many people here had pursued all their lives. Few could be entitled as lord at the end, so such treatment was only offered to a very great minister.

“I agree.” The crown prince agreed decisively.

All of the subordinates looked at the crown prince in surprise.

But in fact, Li Mu was already a Sage-to-be and dominated Taibai County, who was already the lord. Even if the crown prince didn’t do this, no one dared to intrude. Even if Li Mu started his own clan, who really dared to oppose it?

So, the crown prince advised to directly confer the title and to give glory to Li Mu, which could benefit Li Mu a bit.

Moreover, if he succeeded, namely, Li Mu would be drawn to the side of the Western Qin Empire. Hence, when the emperor learned of the causes and consequences of this thing, he would definitely not punish the crown prince, but reward him.

Because such a young Sage-to-be could possess immeasurable potential.

Void-breaking Realm…

No one could say for sure.

If he really were to break this barrier…

“Then please wait for the good news.”

After the crown prince agreed to all his conditions, Dong Rui solemnly saluted to him and to the ministers, then left to prepare.

These conditions would take a few days of preparation.

Dong Rui did not hurry to leave the capital.

After leaving this palace, he went directly to the imperial headquarters of the supervision department to meet an old friend.

If he could get this old friend to come with him, he would have a great chance of success.



Fufeng Mansion—

In the consultation hall of prefecture’s government organ…

The magistrate did not sit in the main seat because Lord Zhenxi was there.

“Adoptive father, I have sent someone to Taibai Mountain with generous gifts to persuade Li Mu. We are willing to turn war into peace. I believe that he will no longer oppose us. After all, he killed people first,” Master of the Fufeng Mansion proclaimed.

This magistrate of the prefecture, a middle-aged man, had big ears, long hands, and a red mole on the corner of his mouth, and was dressed in black with a sword. He looked refined.

Lord Zhenxi nodded and said, “This will be so good… By the way, continue to investigate what he likes and be sure to please him. If Li Mu can be used by me, I can achieve my ambitions.”

He also wanted to win over Li Mu at any cost.

At this moment, Lord Zhenxi had completely given up on the plan to seek revenge against Li Mu. Those who would achieve a great goal did not care about any costs. He only hoped that even if Li Mu couldn’t be used by him, for such a generous gift, he could avoid Li Mu’s suppression in the future when he rebelled.

“Well, immediately inform the world that the crown prince is so cruel that he even oppresses the emperor, kills the prince, and persecutes the loyal and innocent. Spread the previously drafted denunciations against the crown prince. From today on, our Fufeng City will attack the crown prince,” Lord Zhenxi said with enthusiasm.

He completely revolted.

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