The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 311 - Be Titled as Lord

Chapter 311 Be Titled as Lord

Widely accumulate grain, build high walls, and gradually become a lord—This was Li Mu’s favorite sentence.

However, after others knew that Huang Shengyi was caught in Chang’an Mansion, it seemed that Li Mu could not achieve the last goal.

Because after Li Mu just refined the Samsara Knife and revised the array in Taibai Mountain in peace these days, countless people from all sides came to visit Li Mu with different gifts and the same purpose.

He certainly felt comfortable when he was beseeched.

But the problem was that too many people were seeking his help, which would make him feel tired and dull.

Li Mu was now experiencing this feeling.

The one who is nearer to their aim could reach it first.

The first group to come was some large and small clans of Chang’an Mansion.

At first, Li Mu also met with representatives of several clans with great interest, but after seeing the so-called “gifts”, he soon felt bored.

Then, the task of receiving the representatives of these clans was given to Qing Feng.

But even so, the emissaries were very excited.

That was because they had already found out that Qing Feng was the top confidant of Li Mu. They felt under pressure when facing Li Mu, but when communicating with Qing Feng, the pressure would be at least much less.

It was especially true for this little boy, who was always smiling and patient, and talked very well with the representatives of each clan. Even some rogue cultivators who came to seek help would never feel that they had been neglected.

Meanwhile, Li Mu himself was practicing in the Knife Hut.

He did so until this day, when Qing Feng came to tell him that the messenger of Lord Zhenxi arrived here.

“Lord Zhenxi?” Li Mu rubbed his chin.

“That’s weird.

“He once even wanted to avenge his son and kill me, but now should send his people here… It is interesting.”

“You’d better meet him. He’s just a traitor.” Li Mu didn’t care and let the little boy deal with it.

Less than two hours later, Qing Feng came back again.

“Lord Zhenxi revolted,” Qing Feng said with puzzlement. “Fufeng City and Feng Xiang Mansion announced at the same time that they would rebel against the crown prince by means of 200,000 soldiers, with Lord Zhenxi as the core.”

“Does he revolt?


Li Mu was stunned.

“Unexpectedly, I can actually see such a scene of rebellion in my life… Well, whatever, this has little to do with me.”

“Are they here to persuade me to join them?” Li Mu asked with interest.

Qing Feng nodded and said, “If they can get the support of a Sage-to-be like you, they will immediately have the confidence to fight against the Western Qin Empire. Therefore, Lord Zhenxi said that he wanted to make peace with Master and hoped Master could join them against the crown prince. Lord Zhenxi revealed that the crown prince had written to the cabinet and emperor to arrest and punish you…”

The little boy told Li Mu all the news he had collected from all sides these days. The crown prince’s letter should not be a rumor.

Li Mu looked at the gift list from Lord Zhenxi and immediately smiled.

These lords were really generous.

There were thousands of kilograms of jewels, precious minerals, martial arts secrets, gold, and silver jewelry, and… haha, dozens of beauties. “I’d be so sorry if I don’t accept such gifts.”

Li Mu threw the gift list to the little boy and said, “Take them, take them all.”

The little boy looked at Li Mu with surprise and said, “Master, do you really agree to join the rebellion team? There are many choices for Master to get the lordship. Lord Zhenxi is not very popular. Although he has two mansion troops, he is still at a disadvantage compared with the whole Western Qin Empire. Moreover, the Guanshan Ranch, which has always had an excellent relationship with the royal family, has yet to declare its position…” He looked worried.

Li Mu looked at him and said, “Huh? Strive for supremacy of the world? Rebellion?” He directly chastised him. “At such an early age but with such a heavy mind… Be careful of your baldness in the future… Accept the gifts and let the messenger go.”

The little boy touched his forehead, speechlessly.

“Should I accept the gifts and let them go?

“Our Master not only possesses striking strength, but also is thick-skinned.”

However, he felt relieved when Li Mu said that he would not be involved in the revolt.

So he turned and went out.

However, after about half an hour, he ran in again.

“Young Master…”

“What’s the matter?”

“The emissary of the sixth prince wants to visit you.”

“Leave the presents behind and have him go.”


After half an hour…

“Young Master, the messenger of the eighth prince…”

“Leave the presents behind and have him go.”

Another half an hour later…

“Young Master, Lord Pingnan…”

“The standard rule.”

Qing Feng didn’t have a rest during the whole morning. After all, he needed to ask Li Mu for instructions on how to treat these powerful figures concerning some important decisions.

In the end, Li Mu couldn’t stand it anymore. After being struck a dozen times, he finally was able to thoroughly understand Li Mu’s mind, very simply and directly—

“Leave the presents and make the people get out.”

In this way, he stopped consulting Li Mu.

And Li Mu was finally quiet all afternoon.

When evening came, the little boy came again.

“Young Master…”

“Why are you here again?” Li Mu subconsciously raised his hand.

The little boy protected his head and covered his forehead. “Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, Young Master. This time, it is the messenger of the crown prince.”

“So what? Are you drunk? I have taught you many times that you must treat them equally and do as before.” With grief and anger, Li Mu said bitterly, “Qing Feng. How come you, at such a young age, know how to treat people differently in a snobbish manner?”

“But the messenger of the crown prince said that he brought an imperial edict with him and must meet you to bestow the title of Lord of Taibai onto you…”

“Lord Taibai?” Li Mu jumped out of the room and said, “Entitle me as a lord? Ah, haha, such a good thing. I can also be titled as lord even though I killed a prince. Haha, I can really do whatever I want now that I am powerful in martial arts. Let’s go to meet him.”

They hurried to the front hall.

It was very exciting to think about the lord-conferring matter.

“He also brought a lot of cultivation resources… Huh? Young Master, I haven’t finished yet.” The little boy felt puzzled when he saw Li Mu in a hurry.

Li Mu just told him to treat people fairly.

Young Master didn’t care about the other messengers in this way.

In the main hall—

Feng Yuanxing and the other dozens of officials were already flushed with excitement. It was difficult for them to restrain their inner excitement when they heard that the county magistrate was about to be bestowed the title of lord.

Li Mu would be the first lord of another family name in the last 10 years.

It was quite an honor.

And once the county magistrate was a lord, Taibai County would become an independent kingdom, so these people would have a higher status. As confidants, they were familiar with Li Mu’s temper. It was certain that Li Mu would be promoted in rank.

They could also benefit from such an honor.

From a small county official to an important official… It was like a dream, wasn’t it?

Soon after, in the main hall arose the laughter of Li Mu and others.

“Hahaha, in that case, I will accept these gifts.” Li Mu laughed and walked out of the main hall.

Next to him, an old, bearded man with a thin figure but a rather refined temperament was the major messenger, Dong Rui, Executive of the Imperial Executive Group.

Besides him, the deputy envoy of the mission was an old acquaintance of Li Mu, Xu Sheng, the elder of the Yue Mountain Faction, whom Dong Rui personally invited for help.

Dong Rui made good friends with many people in Qin City. He had been in a friendly relationship with Xu Sheng for many years. He heard Xu Sheng talk about Li Mu several times and knew the relation between Xu Sheng and Li Mu. Therefore, he was confident to come to Taibai County to persuade Li Mu.

“In that case, the conferring ceremony can be held on another date. During these days, the imperial court will send skillful craftsman to Taibai County to build palaces, altars, and shrines…” Dong Rui said with a smile, as he was in a relaxed mood now. Li Mu promised to accept the gifts and the title. He had almost succeeded.

Li Mu shook his hand and said, “You don’t need to bother to do these things. I don’t want to change anything in Taibai County. According to the law of nature, I prefer the natural scenery most.”

He spoke casually.

In fact, he was worried that these so-called skillful craftsmen would lay some tricks in Taibai County. Today, he lived in a very comfortable state.

When hearing these words, Dong Rui didn’t dare to ask much.

As he pondered Li Mu’s casual words of “law of nature”, he felt them to be more and more significant.

Dong Rui already felt that Li Mu’s casual remark contained profound meaning. In particular, Dong Rui, who understood martial arts from landscape painting and calligraphy, had a deep understanding of this aspect. Suddenly, he felt that he was greatly enlightened by Li Mu’s words.

Did Li Mu deliberately enlighten him?

Dong Rui looked at Li Mu with some gratitude.

He suddenly didn’t want to leave and proposed to stay in Taibai County for a few more days.

For Xu Sheng’s sake, Li Mu directly agreed to the request.

In the evening, a piece of news spread on a small scale.

The emissary of the Northern Song Empire came to Taibai County and asked for a visit.

At first, Li Mu refused to meet him directly.

But later, it was rumored that the messenger of the Northern Song dynasty asked Ming Yue to tell Li Mu a poem. As a result, unexpectedly, he was immediately invited into the Knife Hut.

Even the crown prince’s messenger was not invited there.

All the people were shocked.

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