The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 324 - Blue Knife Light

Chapter 324 Blue Knife Light

Although not knowing why Iron Sword Camp was determined to invade into the Eastern City Gate, Wu Beichen understood that it must be a very important base for the rebels. Hence, he had to protect it at all costs.

What’s more, this was his obligation.

He was worried about Granny Cai and her granddaughter.

However, he had to obey the military order, so he could not find time to save them now.

At the same time, when he recalled that person was in the Dragon City Pass, he was consoled a lot.

If he took action, they must win despite some risks.

“Kill them and defend it.”

Wu Beichen spared no efforts in this battle.

At this time, a figure, with terrible aura, rushed to stab Wu Beichen’s throat with his iron sword at a fast speed.

“Meng Zhen!”

Wu Beichen waved his sword to protect himself.

He recognized that this figure was exactly the Guard Leader, Zhou An’s confidant. His real name was Meng Zhen, and he was also known as “Dragon City’s Iron Sword”. He was the second only to Zhou An.

On weekdays, he was generous and popular among the border soldiers. He was also a brave man, who had fought together with Wu Beichen on the battlefield, but now, he had mercilessly attacked Wu Beichen.

Meng Zhen must have known that Iron Sword Camp had rebelled.

Thus, it was certain that he had also rebelled.

Wu Beichen couldn’t figure out why such a good man would collude with the prairie people.

However, there was no need to ask this time.


He waved his longsword, and activated the Heaven Sword Thirty-Six Styles.

The blades clashed and sparks flew.

The glaring sparks illuminated two young and determined faces.

Everyone had their own reasons for making their choices.

At this moment, both Wu Beichen and Meng Zhen believed that their respective choices were correct.

“Who are you?”

Zong Wei stopped in the air and glared at the figure opposite him.

He, who was eager to help the Eastern City Gate, was suddenly stopped by this mysterious master. As Longcheng Pass’ undisputed top strongman, he showcased his unique skills with rage, but the strange figure could block them all.

Then, Zong Wei realized that the gold figure was a master who was not inferior to him.

In the face of Zong Wei’s question, the master did not make any sound.

He was as silent as a bunch of inanimate gold nuggets.

The fluctuations of a Celestial Being’s power vibrated, and the mysterious master made another move.

As the imposing sword air flew, Zong Wei seemed to be strangled by it within the Celestial Being’s field.

Zong Wei was furious and tried several times to counterattack, but failed. On the contrary, he was nearly seriously injured, so he could only force himself to calm down and be careful.

However, he was gradually depressed.

Iron Sword Camp had suddenly rebelled without warning, mysterious masters had emerged, and the prairie people had also intervened…

All of this made Zong Wei realize that Longcheng Pass was trapped in a plot. As the first western gateway to West Qin, Longcheng Pass was not the largest military town in the West Qin border, but was definitely a strategically important place. Once it was captured, it would be difficult for West Qin Dynasty’s ten bordering towns to connect.

Therefore, if the reinforcements didn’t arrive, Longcheng Pass might be captured tonight.

He didn’t know why Iron Sword Camp had rebelled.

As the first battalion in the Dragon City Pass, it had always been the most valued, so there was no reason for rebellion.

“Ah…” A scream came from afar.

Zong Wei turned and saw that Xia Zhiyuan, who was in the midst of a fierce battle against Zhou An, had suddenly been attacked by two black and strange figures, and his body had been cut in two parts. Obviously, he would die soon…


Zong Wei roared, but it did not help.

Soon, four black and ghost-like figures appeared before him.

The strong evil aura covered like tentacles all over the sky. Then, they formed a black net to connect each other, which contracted towards him.

Zong Wei, as the main general of Longcheng Pass, holding a pair of sear-like judging brush pens made of Freezing Iron in his hands, was caught in a dilemma.


As soon as Daqi Gate’s leader and his disciples came to the street mouth, they saw that the four black figures were blocking their way with imposing murderous intent.

As the first gang in the Longcheng Pass, the relationship between Daqi Gate and the border army was harmonious. The leader was a full Natural Expert. He was going to take his disciples to support the Dongcheng Gate, but he did not expect they would be stopped by the enemies.

Sensing the situation, the leader waved his hand and said, “Kill.”

They must hurry to break off the encirclement to protect Dongcheng Gate.

However, one hour later…

Blood was flowing, meaning that 36 disciples above Zongshi Master realm were dead. Besides, the leader of Daqi Gate was smashed and his internal organs lied on the ground. He would die soon.

He struggled to look at the demon-like black figures, as his body slowly fell down.

“Wh… who are you?”

In Longcheng Pass, some chambers of commerce, sects, and gangs, which tried to offer help, were also stopped on the way.

The arrival of these demon-like black spider warriors meant massacre and death.

The masters of the Longcheng Pass were killed one by one.

“You really didn’t die.”

When Ula looked at Li Mu, who appeared in the courtyard, he vaguely understood something and said, “Today, was it really you who killed my four guards?”

Li Mu did not look at him.

Tonight, as soon as the rebellion took place, Li Mu and Guo Yuqing had come to Granny Cai’s house.

At this moment, Granny Cai and Caicai just put on their clothes and came to the yard. The emergence of Ula proved that the riots in Longcheng Pass tonight were absolutely related to the prairie people. Naturally, Li Mu bore a grudge against had the Spider Shrine as he had once fought against a master of the Spider Shrine back in the bloody night of Musical House.

“Madcap brother, where are we going now? Do we go killing the enemies?” Caicai held the iron sword in her hands. Since Li Mu was around, she was not scared, but a bit eager to have a try.

Li Mu looked at Guo Yuqing, since the matter involved the prairie people and Guo Yuqing was born in the prairie, it would not be proper to ask him to move. He said, “Brother Guo, take care of Granny Cai and the surrounding residents. I will go to Dongcheng Gate to have a look.”

Guo Yuqing said, “Okay.”

Li Mu could handle this matter alone.

Being ignored by Li Mu, infuriated Ula Budo.

Since he already didn’t like Li Mu, and he was ignored this time, Ula Budo was eager to kill Li Mu. Even if Li Mu had really killed the four guards and was a full Natural Expert, he had to die.

“Move.” Ula Budo waved his hand.

Two black figures rushed out like ghost lightning.

They were demon spider warriors.

In order to ensure that everything was under control, 30 demon spider warriors had been sent to sneak into Longcheng Gate, so there were still 20 following him.

Every demon spider warrior possessed the battle prowess of a full Natural Expert, and they didn’t fear death, or pain. They were invulnerable. It was more difficult to fight against them than a full Natural Expert.

Seeing the two demon spider warriors rushing towards Li Mu, who didn’t react in the least, as if he were scared, Ula sneered and said, “Tear off his limbs…”

Before the voice died down.

A bundle of blue light flashed.

Unexpectedly, the two demon spider warriors were suddenly stagnated. Their evil black mist also solidified as if the space around them was sealed.

A kind of chilly atmosphere permeated.

“This is…” Ula was shocked. As a master of the Spider Shrine, at first glance, he realized that the two Spider guards were frozen by the ultimate ice intent. At the same time, the soul wave marks of the two dissipated, meaning that they had died completely.

Instantly dead!

How could this be?

What kind of ice power could kill two demon spider warriors in an instant?

Ula couldn’t believe his eyes.

But soon, he saw that the two bundles of blue light moved rather fast and their trajectory was like an antelopes’ holes, rushing toward him. The harsh chill moved toward him like torrential tides…

“Kill, stop the light…”

Ula instinctively felt the threat of death. His obese face showed horror, and he frantically retreated. Simultaneously, the remaining 18 demon spider warriors were all ordered to block the blue light.

However, their bodies, like the fish that had jumped out of water in the environment of -30 degrees, were instantly frozen by the blue light. Moving at a high speed, the light could consolidate anything with imposing visual effect.

The two blue lights were knife lights.

In Ula Budo’s widened pupils were the shadows of the two flying knives.

The flying knives were shrouded by the freezing natural qi.

Li Mu had already perceived the natural qi of the five elements, and had mastered it through calculation and operation. The freezing qi was a product of natural qi from the water system, which could kill the opponent in an instant.

18 demon spider warriors turned into weird ice-made sculptures.

Ula asked in prairie language, “Who…are you?”

He had never heard of a master who was skilled at using knives and possessed freezing natural qi.

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