The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 325 - The Creature In Universe

Chapter 325 The Creature In Universe

“Who are you?”

Ula Budo screamed as if being chased by a wild dog.

He frantically retreated and evaded, displaying a variety of body-protection techniques. Green star patterns, like light balls, emerged and formed a light shield, covering him.

At the same time, on his right wrist, a black bracelet glittered brightly, before it was softened, thickened, extended… and almost in a flash, like a black snake or a madly-spreading vine that formed a huge cocoon, it protected his body.

This bracelet was actually a black cobweb.

The Spider God’s cobweb!

In order to attain their goals, the Spider Shrine had even used this cobweb, named “Blessing from Spider God”. It was one of its holy possessions and from the universe, containing great power.

This was also one of the treasures that could protect Ula Budo.


Instantly, the shields around Ula Budo were destroyed.


All the light films, like bubbles, were destroyed and scattered, while countless light shields were instantly smashed by the blue knife light.

Before Ula Budo could react at all, the chilly flying knife hit the black cobweb. Then, the sound of colliding metal arose and sparks appeared. Later, the flying knife was reflected and shook in the air.

The chill on the blade filled the air, and as the air was frosted, the huge cocoon was instantly sealed.


Li Mu raised his hand.


The flying knife smartly flew back around him.

Li Mu was a bit surprised.

That cobweb had actually blocked this attack.

Ever since he had mastered the natural qi of the five elements, such natural qi kept being enhanced. Although it hadn’t been promoted to Celestial Being Realm, it had turned into natural qi of Natural Realm, full and round, making up for some of the shortcomings and solidifying roots because of the rapid improvement of strength.

After conversing with martial artists such as Guo Yuqing and Qiu Yin, Li Mu had become more and more energetic, and his strength had also been greatly improved. As such, Li Mu had reached the peak state of his strength.

A further step meant a qualitative improvement.

It was not exaggerated to say that in this world anyone under the Celestial Being Realm was not as good as Li Mu.

When activated by such supreme natural qi, the Broadsword-Commanding Skill was considerably enhanced as the sword-controlling style and Heart Heavenly Shoot were integrated. Any men below three-step Celestial Being couldn’t resist this attack.

However, Ula Budo, a one-step Celestial Being, had done so.

Li Mu realized that it was because of the black cobweb.

The cobweb was a treasure.

In the next moment, the black giant cocoon suddenly burst.

The frost of the knife intent was cracked, and the dense layers of cobwebs broke, which, like spurting black leaves, were shot toward Li Mu. Ula jumped out from the splashing cobwebs and quickly retreated in horror.

He had almost used up the cobwebs against this attack. The terrible ice intent was so powerful that it might solidify the soul. Only Ula could hear the indignant voice from the cobwebs, which made him realize that if Li Mu continued attacking him, he would only be frozen and become an ice sculpture like his subordinates.

Too terrifying!

Ula had no time to wonder why a young boy, who was only a full Natural Expert, could perform such a powerful flying knife skill… He was shocked a lot by Li Mu’s arrogant style.


This was the only thought at this time.

The cobweb in Ula’s hand was shortened and seemed to be wilting, leaving only one whip-like piece in his hand.

“Who are you? You dare to intervene in matters concerning the Spider Shrine? Did you also come for this little girl? We were the ones that first found this innocent body. We will never give up on her. I advise you to stop looking for trouble for yourself,”

screamed Ula Budo sullenly, while fleeing.

At the same time, he raised his hand. The cobweb stretched out like a black boa, which instantly penetrated the 10 Master Realm prairie guards with the strange Taoist lines moving and sucking their blood fully.

After a while, the cobweb restored its vitality, then wrapped Ula and flew off.

“No way… I can use you as a test.”

Then, the 24 flying knives appeared.


The knives moved as quickly as lightning and a tornado.

The power of the five elements were all used.

For their respective strength, which should be exclusive to each other, each kind of power was integrated into different knives, so it was a harmonious scene. Except for the four flying knives for the gold attribute, there were respectively five knives for the other four elements into five directions, which moved in a whirling route.

In the end, the five-color knives caught up with Ula Budo, and they densely pierced him in the air.

“Oh, ah… no, great Spider God, please save me.”

Ula Budo watched as his body was being pierced by these knives with no chance to counterattack. Nor did he feel aching. He could only scream in panic, and the shadow of death, like the hand of the devil, strangled his throat.

However, after struggling to resist for a few times, the cobweb couldn’t continue despite the changing shapes of the Taoist pattern. Soon, it was cut up by the gold-attribute knives.

Among the five elements, the power of the gold one was the strongest and invincible.

Naturally, among Li Mu’s flying knives, the gold-integrated ones were the most powerful.

At this time, the sound of the knives piercing through the air arose.

In the night sky of Longcheng Pass, 24 vacuum cracks were spectacularly created by the flying knives, lasting for a long time.

“How is that possible?”

Ula Budo remained stagnant in the air, as he was becoming weaker and weaker, a sign of death. At the moment of dying, he felt the same as those innocent people, who his troop had slaughtered tonight.

He was desperate and shocked.

The black cobweb given by the Spider God was cut off, dealing him a huge blow.

That was the Spider God’s omnipotent gift!

As the power of the five elements in his body broke out, 24 transparent holes appeared on his body—marks of the flying knives. The scars made by these knives before became visible now. How fast they moved!


Suddenly, Ula Budo was directly turned into ashes in the air.

The two cobwebs, like the tails of a gecko, were twisted in the void, as if they were to be plunged into the void.

Li Mu used his spiritual force to suddenly condense the void into a swamp. The broken cobwebs were extremely weak, so they couldn’t flee despite their struggle. Hence, they were directly rolled back by his spiritual force.

The cobwebs, trapped in Li Mu’s palms, were still struggling.

He felt a kind of strange aura flowing in the spider’s threads.


Li Mu felt that there was a creature inside the spider threads.

A kind of energy that belonged to the enlightened creatures.

If observed closely, layers of strange dark-blood lines on the spider threads’ surface were flashing and contracting as well as expanding. Whenever it expanded, the evil aura could be sensed more strongly.

“These are the Taoist patterns!”

When Li Mu saw them, he was greatly surprised.

Those were not the textures of the Warlock’s Star Arrays in this world, but the real Taoist patterns.

The spider threads didn’t belong to this world.

This was interesting.

Did they come from outer space?

In this way, did that life aura not belong to this world?

Was it an extraterrestrial creature?


Li Mu suddenly became interested in it.

However, as soon as Li Mu tried to check it with his spiritual force, a change suddenly occurred.

The two pieces of spider threads suddenly struggled forcefully as before, while terrible and violent roars rose from them. Then, a giant spider image, dozen meters high, emerged with a malicious look, as if it were to devour people. Its horrible power seemed eager to destroy the entire Longcheng Pass, in which the despair, fear, killing intent, arrogance, death, evilness, and darkness could be felt.

The people in the yard were suddenly shocked.

Was the monster coming out?

Li Mu went to protect Caicai and Granny Cai.

In the next moment, the two pieces of cobwebs exploded, and the patterns were eventually turned into black evil mist and dissipated in the void. At the same time, the giant spider figure also disappeared.

Li Mu and Guo Yuqing looked at each other in shock.

Guo Yuqing felt surprised as in that black evil mist, he sensed a kind of familiar aura, which should not belong to this world.

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