The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 326 - Flying Knives

Chapter 326 Flying Knives

Li Mu felt a little pity.

In this world, extraterrestrial creatures were rare, especially the powerful races in the galaxy. As Guo Yuqing had said before, now on the Divine Land, no Extraterrestrial Devils had appeared for centuries, while the Demons that had come to this world had been hiding themselves and even been integrated into the indigenous of this planet. As for the creature from the cobweb, Li Mu knew it was not something that had come to this world a long time ago.

He could have taken a close look at it.

Unfortunately, it had exploded.

It was really staunch.

Li Mu shook his head regretfully.

He put his hand on Caicai’s shoulder and said, “Let’s go.”

In the next moment, the two people rode the flying knives respectively in the air towards the East Gate.

Guo Yuqing stayed there.

He was forced to leave the prairie for some reason. Now, he had returned just to save Shangguan Yuting in a low-key manner. Otherwise, he would be in trouble.

Li Mu could deal with this situation.

Zong Wei was bruised and already unable to support himself.

The strong man, who was surrounded by golden light, suppressed him forcefully and directly ordered four demon spider warriors to attack him, disallowing Zong Wei any chance of counterattack.

“Border soldier once and for all lifetime.”

Zong Wei laughed, not caring his life, and fought bravely.

Zong Wei knew that he couldn’t survive tonight, as he had been plotted against and totally inferior to the enemy, but he wasn’t scared. After all, he had been ready for death as he had been in the army for 20 years and experienced numerous fights. The general would eventually die in the battlefield. He would die in the right path for his country.

However, Longcheng Pass might be captured.

Zong Wei’s laughter spread throughout Longcheng Pass under the influence of natural qi.

Numerous soldiers, who were desperately fighting against the enemies, gradually calmed down and regained their morale. They waved their swords and rushed toward the rebels in a brave fashion.

“Border soldier once and for all lifetime.”

“We share the same armor with each other!”

“Kill. I move first.”

Throughout Longcheng Pass, countless border soldiers of the Western Qin Dynasty in battle became enthusiastic. As Zong Wei enjoyed a high position and was deeply admired by these soldiers, they swore to fight together with the general till death.

On the meanwhile, the East Gate had already become a pool of blood and dead bodies.

Although Wu Beichen was seriously injured, he still insisted fighting in the battlefield. Now, less than 30% of those standing soldiers, who fought against the rebellious army, were alive, but they still fought dauntlessly.

“Give up. I will let you live.” Meng Zhen became sympathetic. Although he had betrayed the army, the dead figures on this grassland battlefield were once his comrades in arms.

“Bah.” Wu Beichen sneered and launched an attack.

At this time, outside the East Gate, the black mist in the distance rushed like violent waves towards this battlefield. Then, the whole ground trembled forcefully.

“Prairie wolf-riding warriors!”

shouted someone.

At that moment, almost everyone understood it was because Iron Sword Camp had colluded with the prairie people that they had come to occupy the East Gate tonight.

They directly opened the gate to welcome the Wolf Cavalry.

“Meng Zhen, you actually… do you know what you are doing? Once the city is captured, thousands of citizens will become slaves.” Wu Beichen could not help shouting. He was shocked and angry.

If Iron Sword Camp had only betrayed the state for the purpose of usurpation, it would have been acceptable. However, if they had colluded with the prairie barbarians, it would be simply unforgivable. In history, any prairie person, who invaded across the border, would cause death and destruction. Civilization would be destroyed, as the barbarians trampled everything. The prairie barbarians called Western Qin people two-legged sheep, and even cooked them like livestock.

Meng Zhen didn’t respond, but he looked guilty.

Next to him, a sturdy prairie man sneered and shouted, “Move. Kill. Occupy the gate…”

East Gate was like a reef emerging in the sea, which was submerged by the black frenzy tides again and again. Wu Beichen frantically defended.

In the air…


Zong Wei was sent flying in the sky.

Blood splashed in the night sky.

“It’s over,” said the gold light-covered figure.

Four bundles of black misty light shot toward Zong Wei, who was about to fall down onto the ground, since they had been ordered to kill him.



The border soldiers, when seeing this scene, were stunned with indignation.

However, they couldn’t rescue him.

As this outstanding and deeply admired general of Western Qin Dynasty was to be smashed into pieces by those demon spider warriors in the air, an unexpected change happened.

A line of flame light appeared quietly in the sky in a huge beautiful arc, and immediately and violently pierced the four demon spider warriors…

Four streams of red light rose into the sky.

These demon spider warriors, who were known to be invincible, were instantly burned, like straw-made men, into ashes…

Another bundle of orange light flashed in the air, enshrouding Zong Wei.

At the same time, two people appeared in the sky in a flash, one being a strong and short-haired teenager and the other a beautiful girl. The two were respectively riding a two-and-a-half-meter-wide flying knife, just like ferries.

The orange light enshrouding Zong Wei became a giant flying knife with a yellowish color.

After a short silence, everyone cheered.

A narrow escape from death.

“Master… Thank you very much.” Zong Wei struggled to stand up on the huge knife. Though he didn’t know the two people, he was grateful to them. After all, since they had easily killed the demon spider warriors, they must be comrades in arms. Would the situation in Longcheng Pass be overturned?

He thanked them.

At the same time, the figure shrouded in the golden light was shocked and observed the two people vigilantly. The four powerful demon spider warriors could even be destroyed in an instant… They were a bit horrible.

As he was about to say something, 16 bundles of light in different colors appeared around the short-haired young man, and were swooshing toward the eastern city gate in a glaring manner.


Flying knife.

Everyone’s heart beat violently.

The 16 bundles of light pierced those enemies’ bodies. One by one, the rebellious soldiers fell to the ground in silence like wheat-straw being cut by a sickle.

Such a scene was silent yet horrible.

Where there was the light, there was death.

Some people were burned into ashes, some instantly burst into broken ice pieces, some others were directly smashed into powder, while even green leaves and vines grew out of some people’s noses and mouths, and some people directly turned into earth…

One by one, the rebellious soldiers died.

The low-rank soldiers and the officers of the Zongshi Master realm and Great Master Realm were all killed in an instant…

This kind of massacre way was too strange.

In a flash, 2/3 of the rebellious soldiers, who besieged the eastern city gate, died without any trace. The whole area around the eastern city gate had become a pool of slaughter.

Wu Beichen and his remaining soldiers were the exceptions.

They stood in the same place safely.

The flying light disappeared immediately.

As Wu Beichen looked at the young figure in the sky, he felt ecstatic. Seeing that Caicai was safe, he was relieved a lot. If this master took action, Longcheng Pass would certainly not be lost tonight.

“Master…” Wu Beichen said in trembling voice.

Li Mu waved his hand.

Zong Wei had been sent to the ground, and dozens of guards were protecting him.

Beside Li Mu, the flying knives were floating int the air as quietly as little birds, making it difficult for others to connect them with the previous scene of slaughter.

The figure in the golden light was armed to teeth and asked worriedly, “Who are you?”

“Are you from Western Qin?” Li Mu could tell this man was a Western Qin person from his Chang’an Mansion accent. Thus, he felt weird.

The mysterious man didn’t speak, but he slowly receded toward the eastern city gate.

Li Mu waved his hand.

22 knives in different colors formed ripples of air, and then they immediately shrouded the mysterious man. The man was trapped by the fluently-controlled natural qi of five elements.

At that time, the enemies had already reached the city walls.

The screams of the prairie barbarians were like the devil’s roars, joined by the howls of those wolves… Spider Shrine’s reinforcements finally arrived. It was as if the gate of hell was opened, from which countless demons rushed out.

People across the entire Longcheng Pass were trembling under such an occasion.

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