The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 327 - Who in the World Dared to Contend with a Sage?

Chapter 327 Who in the World Dared to Contend with a Sage?

The mysterious man glowing in golden light glanced at the pasture Wolf Cavaliers racing in his direction and felt much more composed. Even though Iron Sword Camp’s plan was nearly dashed by an unknown young man who simply jumped out from nowhere, now that the pasture Wolf Cavaliers were there, and the rear troop formed by the experts in the Spider Shrine also arrived promptly, the Longcheng Pass was bound to be seized by the assault.

Threads of light flashed.

Zhou An, the Commander in Chief of the Iron Sword Camp, landed in front of the mysterious man glowing in golden light.

“It’s you!” Zhou An yelled in astonishment. He just recognized that the young man with the amazing Broadsword-commanding Skill was precisely the boy he mistook as Caicai’s playmate at the girl’s place. But to his utter disbelief, that boy turned out to be such a formidable character.

Li Mu, however, took no notice of the two men before him.

He was eyeing condescendingly at the view outside the city.

At least fifty thousand Wolf Cavaliers were poised there, not to mention that a great number of experts in the Spider Shrine were mingled in the army.

“It seems that it’s impossible to keep a low profile and hide my identity any longer if I want to defend the Longcheng Pass.”

In an instant, Li Mu made up his mind.

“Who are you on earth?” Zhou An demanded, his eyes fixed on Li Mu. The fact that the plan tonight had fallen short of success was all because of the short-haired young man before him. Zhou An at first expected to make an outstanding contribution to the crown prince by the operation the very night. But so far, he not only did not gain him any credits but in turn rendered himself an infamous crook. Thus, he hated Li Mu to the marrow at that time.

Yet, the answer he got was a jet of broadsword light.

It was a gold-element flying broadsword.

Even the spider’s thread could not withstand the power of the gold-element flying broadsword, let alone Zhou An, a half-step Celestial Being. Although during the years Zhou An had kept some of his power to himself as he lived in Longcheng Pass, he still had a dim chance to escape Li Mu’s strike.

The broadsword light gleamed dreamily, then flashed at him in a fleeting moment.

Zhou An turned rigid in midair. Next second, his internal qi dissolved, his vigor drained, and his body was cut in two. The section was as smooth as a freshly chopped stump. By the time his broken torso hit the ground, Zhou An had long been dead.

The mysterious expert glowing in golden light attempted to come to his aid, but it was already too late.

“You…” He hissed through his tightly clenched teeth. He was shocked by the opponent’s strength, but more incensed by his brutality. After all, Zhou An was a pawn he had fostered for years, though he was not the key one.

Just at that moment, wolf howls were heard from the other side of the city walls.

Meanwhile, the experts from the Spider Shrine swooped upon the city from the sky like a large swarm of migratory locusts.

The barbaric pasture men had launched their attacks.

The air-raid defense, a star deployment over Longcheng Pass, had been severely destroyed by the rebellious Iron Sword Camp a while ago. So, it was already a miracle that Wu Beichen and his team managed to keep the city gate shut in the face of that kind of attack. But by that time, the pasture armies were still rushing to the city like raging tides. Left with merely ramshackle tactical deployments on the walls and a group of wounded soldiers, the current Longcheng Pass was not much better off than a city without any defense.

Grievous solemnity had surfaced on the faces of many frontier soldiers of the Western Qin.

The flames of hope that just rose in the heart of the Eight-armed Judge named Zong Wei, once again distinguished.

The enemy was a selected pasture army which had been armed to the teeth. Under the attack of those savage men, it was highly challenging to guard the city. In spite of the help of that short-haired mysterious expert, he reckoned it was almost hopeless to turn the tables unless a Sage turned up out of the blue.

But the Sages in the Western Qin were numbered in those days. Most certainly, that young man was not one of them.

Some other frontier officials perhaps held that view as well. Watching the enemies coming at them with overwhelming momentum, they looked stirred and heroic. Everyone clutched their weapons, ready to fight their last fight…

Only Wu Beichen did not show any trace of apprehension on his features, for he knew who Li Mu was.

He looked up at Li Mu in admiration, his heart swelling with hope.

In midair, Li Mu appeared to have not heard the roars of the barbaric army and the experts. Instead, he lowered his head to face Caicai, who was next to him and looked slightly frightened. “Don’t you want to know for what reason your father battled? Aren’t you determined to walk down the road your father took? Well then, you need to see all this. Remember this, all those who start a war and cause other people to die should be killed!”

Caicai nodded.

The reason why Li Mu killed Zhou An was not that he wanted to show his loyalty to the Western Qin Empire.

Instead, Zhou An’s betray and violence jeopardized too many innocent men in Longcheng Pass and led the pasture army into the territory of the Western Qin. He had ushered in a band of demons, including the pasture force under the command of the evil Spider Shrine.

Li Mu darted his eyes to that mysterious man glowing in golden light and said, “Aren’t you eager to know who I am?”

The latter nodded without thinking.

Li Mu smiled. He beckoned at the sky, and dozens of broadswords flew towards him like colorful butterflies. They gathered in his hand successively before transforming into a large broadsword shining like a peaceful lake. Eccentric beams of light were whirling on its blade, as though it was made of rotating spaces.

That was the Samsara Knife.

With one hand grabbing the handle of the broadsword and the other holding Caicai’s hand, Li Mu strode towards the east gate step by step.

After three strides, he already covered a hundred meters. Then, he leaped up and floated over the east gate.

At that time, innumerable cavaliers riding dark green wolves were racing up to the top of the walls. In the heavens, more experts were diving at him like flying locusts. The east gate could be engulfed by enemies at any moment.

At that precise second, Li Mu’s voice sounded.

“Lord Taibai of Western Qin, Li Mu, is here… Anyone who enters this gate… will be killed.”

The voice rumbled in the void like thunderclaps.

After that, he abruptly heaved up the huge broadsword that had been trailing at his heel and hacked.

A shaft of intoxicating broadsword light streaked across the dark sky.

Those Wolf Cavaliers that just clambered up the walls and the experts from the Spider Shrine that were zooming in the sky were annihilated the moment they were exposed in that light.

None of those who witnessed that scene could ever forget it.

Some of those Wolf Cavaliers who fought their way up the walls were instantly reduced to gravel as if they were made of dried mud; some became a pile of dust like a fully burnt wick; some turned into mist, which evaporated the next second; and some even had green twigs sprouted from their decayed bodies in a trice!

As to those flying experts from the Spider Shrine, they were instantly chunked into shapeless mince before falling from the sky like fresh tofu shredded by invisible threads… None of them was spared.

Outside the city, all the figures that came within a one-hundred-meter radius of the walls of Longcheng Pass were immediately destroyed, beheaded, or slaughtered.

Li Mu’s single hack made the world turn pale.

The starry night over Longcheng Pass grew unprecedentedly cold in that instant.

But it was unprecedentedly heated as well.

At that moment, the Wolf Cavalries that flooded to the walls like surging waves appeared to have bumped into an iron wall and had their heads smashed. The rest of the army at the rear—the most ferocious Dark Green Wolf Cavalry—shuddered in fear at that sight. Countless dark green wolves whimpered with trepidation, dropped to their knees, and wet themselves in terror.

Even the most fearless expert from the Spider Shrine backed away like a defeated dog at that moment.

Due to Li Mu’s hack, more than half of the Wolf Cavaliers were lost, and over a hundred experts above the Great Master Realm from the Spider Shrine were killed, too.

They were all the best of the elites.

But they were reduced to dust by one hack.

Inside Longcheng Pass, the Eight-armed Judge was raptured. His mind suddenly went blank, and he found he was lost for words. In that instant, it felt like a bolt of lightning just hit his brain, causing it to be numb.

The mysterious man glowing in golden light just stared at Li Mu unseeingly.

By that time, the words Li Mu said a moment ago were still echoing in the sky—

“Lord Taibai of Western Qin, Li Mu, is here… Anyone who enters this gate… will be killed.”

The voice lingered on. It shattered the low clouds looming over the enemies’ heads as well as their guts.

“Lord Taibai, Li Mu!”

“That short-haired young man is Western Qin’s Lord Taibai, Li Mu!”

When that remark finally sank in, comprehension suddenly hit loads of people. “It turns out that… such a great figure… has arrived.”

One month ago, only a few knew the name Li Mu. But by the time, a Lord Taibai called Li Mu had long resounded in the folks’ ears and become reputed among the masses.

Anyway, a figure who could capture a Semi-Sage like Huang Shengyi, the Fire Devil, without killing him, always shone and could not be neglected regardless of time or space.

Not to mention that such a figure was just a teen around fifteen.

He had made his name known in the world after that battle.

Yes, he was known by the whole world, not only by Chang’an or the Western Qin.

Even in the Northern Song, the Southern Chu, the vast pasture, and the witchcraft tribes in the extreme south, Li Mu’s stories were hotly discussed. In particular, those powerful nobles, high officials, sects, experts, tycoons, and top rogue cultivators would never overlook a Sage who came to the world out of nowhere.

The mysterious man glowing in golden light simply felt that his head was pounded by an iron hammer. His ears were disturbed by the buzzing noise, his eyes blurred and his head dizzy. In front of a Sage, he even was not bold enough to take his flight.

Outside Longcheng Pass, the Wolf Cavalries charging towards the city rapidly withdrew after they recovered from a panic that lasted for about ten minutes. Their Commander in Chief did not even bother to leave behind some bluffs but led the army away from the city right off…

The experts from the Wolf Temple also disappeared in the distant sky.

The war was ended the moment Li Mu revealed his identity.

Because that was just a common-sense issue.

With a Sage protecting the place, no armies or normal experts could get in.

Once the Sage was enraged, the land would be covered by thousands of corpses of men.

Unless there was another Sage to take on Li Mu, ordinary armies and experts… even numerous Celestial Beings were just as helpless as ants before him. Li Mu could easily stamp them to death.

No matter what price they had paid or how many hours they had devoted onto the plan, whether the victory was only an inch from their hands or how much the victory meant to them… all they could think of at that moment was when the one they were facing was a Sage, the only way out was to retreat.

The words of that young man, a Sage only one step away from entering the Void-breaking Realm, was the supreme law.

A Sage’s match was only another Sage.

When a man was only one step away from the Void-breaking Realm, who in the world dared to contend with him?

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