The Divine Martial Stars

Chapter 333 - Uncle

Chapter 333 Uncle

In the windy and snowy weather, a Goddess of Martial Arts in light gray armor slowly came out.

Her long blond hair swayed in the wind like golden glows, and her red cloak seemed to be aflame. She looked a bit pale and breathed unstably, which obviously indicated that she was severely injured. A large yellow bow held in her hand radiated a sunlight-like glow, melting the surrounding snow, and the iron-blood spirit was filled in her armor. Her cold eyes, like two sharp arrows, were staring at the short figure on the back of the giant ice spider 100 meters away.

The freezing sound came.

Numerous pieces of snowflakes were collected together by the blasted claws of the giant spider.

“Just a trivial fight.” the Lord of the Spider Shrine said in his ghost-like cold voice, “Give me Heart Heavenly Shoot and I will allow you to live.”

“You don’t deserve it,” the Goddess of Martial Arts said concisely, and slowly stretched the Gold Sun Magic Bow.

She had returned with her ambition to change the fate of the herdsmen there.

In the beginning, everything went smoothly. However, as the conspiracy of the Spider Shrine was unfolded, she and her Wolf Warriors inevitably faced conflicts against the Spider Shrine, due to different views and ideas. Later, the conflict evolved into fights. Finally, the Lord of the Spider Shrine personally moved; her female Wolf Warriors were seriously injured or killed by him.

Anyway, the methods of the Gold Sun Magic Bow and the Heart Heavenly Shoot could not fall in the hands of the Spider Shrine.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Three golden arrows, carrying the strength of heaven and earth, shot through the falling snow towards the lord of the Spider Shrine.

“Stubborn.” The Lord of the Spider Shrine raised his hand.

The green cobwebs flew out and crushed the three golden arrows into pieces. With a non-stop momentum, it continued breaking the void toward Guo Qinyan.

Guo Qinyan leaped, and cut up the cobwebs with the Gold Sun Magic Bow, which had turned into two twisted golden knives which glittered in the snowy day.

Witnessing such event, the warriors of the Moon-shooting Tribe could not help but cheer.

Tie Muzhen, who had been rescued, was also relieved.

The lord of the Spider Shrine sneered.

Later, the spider threads were restored; like electricity, they pierced her left shoulder. Suddenly, green blood spurted. Since the spider threads were highly toxic, her face went black.

“Save the people.”

Tie Muzhen was really anxious.

The soldiers of the Moon-shooting Tribe rushed up like tides.

However, they were too weak to resist the enemy.

As the ice spider waved its spikes, numerous people were killed.

The Lord of the Spider Shrine, who was superior to the giant snowy spider slowly approached.

Tie Muzhen saved the Goddess of Martial Arts. At first glance, he found that her natural qi had been suppressed by the spreading green poison, which could still be gotten rid of. The current situation was quite terrible as numerous grassland tribes had been destroyed by the Spider Shrine. The Moon-shooting Tribe, although it was one of the most powerful tribes on the grassland, seemed to be in danger.

“Come to take the Virgin Goddess away.”

Tie Muzhen shouted to order his trusted guardians to leave the battlefield with the Goddess of Martial Arts as soon as possible.

Then he pulled out a long knife and rushed toward the Lord of the Spider Shrine with roars.

He could make others take away Guo Qingyan, but he couldn’t escape.

On the prairie, there were no patriarchs who would escape.

As the Lord of the Moon-shooting Tribe, he had to face any disaster, together with his warriors and people; even with the threat of death.

Blood was spilled in the snow.

The soldiers of the Moon-shooting Tribe died one by one.

The green spider threads entangled Tie Muzhen’s neck…

The long knife in his hands fell down naturally.

The toughest man’s neck was bleeding under such attack, and finally his head was cut off…

The Lord of the Moon-shooting Tribe died.

As his head flew in the sky, his eyes were looking in the direction where the Goddess of Martial Arts was being taken away.

The long blond hair and the red cloak gradually disappeared in the snow.

She was the woman whom he was deeply in love with. For her, he had risked sneaking into the enemy country alone, and even he was willing to do anything… However, he knew that he could not get her, because of another person she met on the trip to the Western Qin Empire.

He saw that his warriors died one by one.

That winter was quite freezing.

Tie Muzhen’s head fell down.

In the extremely cold weather, his body and head were freezingly stiff.

The owner of the Spider Shrine controlled the snowy spider and hunted them.

Those warriors, who protected the Goddess of Martial Arts, constantly turned to block the enemy. However, it did not help at all, since they were as weak as ants…

Soon, they were caught up.

The claws of the snowy spider, with cold light, hit toward the Goddess of Martial Arts and the others.

The Goddess struggled to hold onto the Gold Sun Magic Bow, but she could not activate it because she couldn’t support herself to fight again.

“If I kill you, I can also get the method of the Heart Heavenly Shoot from your soul and mind, huh, huh…You all will die.” The cold voice of the Lord was filled with contempt for life. He then started his massacre.

In the end, the spikes of the spider were stabbing toward her.

She, who suffered from poisoning, could no longer avoid the attack.

Thus, she let go of the magic bow in her hand and lowered her head, as her long blond hair swayed in the wind.

She had no regret nor guilt.

Only when the hair swept past her eyes, a face that had been forgotten emerged in her mind.

It turned out that the youth’s face was clear to her.

However, she would never meet him again.

Let it all be buried in the snow and blood.

She waited for her death.

Just then, an unexpected change happened—

The light shimmered.

A stream of red light quietly and suddenly spurred from the distance.

Heaven and earth, snow and blood, seemed instantly to be torn by the light.

Even before the Lord of the Spider Shrine reacted, the eight legs of the ice snow spider were cut off easily.

The red light drew a beautiful arc in the air, and in a sharp blade-like shape, it shot toward him.

“What?” His pupils were contracted, since he felt that the light flew quite fast, which was even invisible. Only through the spiritual force and fields of yuan Qi could he sense the terrifying destructive power.

He instinctively spit out a stream of green spider threads to block.


Under the impact, the spider threads turned into flying ash.

At the same time, the red flowing light exploded like flames.

The flames burned the giant spider; it screamed at the foot of the lord of the Spider Shrine until it became ashes.

In the flames, a flying knife flew back.

The Lord of the Spider Temple dispelled the swelling flames with his natural qi and then he felt relief, because he knew that such degree of flames was made by a full Natural Expert. It was not as terrible as the flowing light, so it wouldn’t pose a real threat to him.

“Who?” He looked up.

He noticed that there were two more figures beside Guo Qinyan, in addition to those from the Moon-shooting Tribe.

One was a short-haired young man in strange clothing, and the other a sturdy middle-aged man with a square face, bushy eyebrows and big eyes, who wore simple robes.

The young man seemed to be a full Natural Expert, with a flying knife moving around him. It was obvious that he was the person who had just moved, while the middle-aged man was quite similar to the people from the prairie, but did not have too strong a breath, as ordinary martial artists would. He seemed to be a servant of that short-haired teenager.

The lord retrieved information in his mind, but failed to find anything related to those two.

At that time, the Goddess of Martial Arts first recognized Li Mu.

In her beautiful eyes flashed there was surprise and then doubt.

“Why did he appear at this moment?”

“Why does he appear every time I am in danger?”

When the Goddess of Martial Arts looked at the square-faced middle-aged man, after hesitating for a while, she suddenly seemed to realize something, as she was completely stunned. Then, immediately, she became so excited that her body even shook a little, to the point that she forgot to suppress the poison in her body.

Guo Yuqing certainly noticed the Goddess of Martial Arts.

He sighed and moved a bit.

Before the remaining warriors of the Moon-shooting Tribe reacted, Guo Yuqing placed his palm on Guo Qinyan’s shoulder. Then, the poison visibly disappeared from her face, left arm and neck, which eventually floated out of the wound on her shoulder, forming a twisted and struggling green spider thread, like a poisonous insect.

Guo Qinyan instantly looked refreshed.

The injury on her body also disappeared at that moment, and she returned to an unprecedented peak state.

“Uncle…” The Goddess of Martial Arts knelt in front of Guo Yuqing. When she said that word, she could no longer speak. She couldn’t help crying, “You… finally came back.”

When Li Mu saw that scene and thought of the tattoo on Guo Qingyan’s shoulder, he confirmed that she and brother Guo were really from the same tribe.

“Child, huh… you have done a lot.” Guo Yuqing gently stroked her head. When she participated in the tribal torch festival at three years old, he once hugged her. In recent days, she, once a carefree girl, had to bear so many sufferings and responsibilities that should not be borne by her.

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